Saturday, September 8, 2007

9/8 Live Feeds: 2:00-6:00 PM

Like I said, Daniele has won the PoV! How will the HG react? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

The PoV competition didn't start until about 2:35 PM. The feeds were blocked until about 4:10 PM before returning to Dick celebrating Daniele's PoV win. Apparently, Dick also came very close to winning the competition. Daniele says that she ran straight to Dick after winning the competition. Jameka was very upset since she will be evicted on Tuesday. Dick wishes he could get Zach out this week because he is sick of his cocky attitude. Dick is sure that either he or Daniele will win the game because nobody on the jury will vote for Zach to win the game.

Dick and Zach spent much of the afternoon going off on each other. Apparently, Zach said "That was very white of you" to Jameka, so Dick called him out on being a racist. @@ Zach says that he doesn't have a good chance at winning the game now, and Jameka tried to cheer him up be saying that nothing is impossible. Zach doesn't know who he would take to the finals if he won HoH next week. Jameka says that he should take Daniele because she doesn't want to see Dick winning any money. Zach thinks that Dick did most of the work for Daniele and that she just won competitions.

Daniele and Dick continued to celebrate. Dick thinks they are the most dominate duo in BB history because Mike and Will never got to the finals together. They agree that they are better than Danielle and Jason too because they turned on each other late in the game, while they (Daniele and Dick) will never go against each other. Daniele says that they have always pulled through when the pressure has been on. Dick is sure that him and Daniele will make the finals by beating Zach next week. Dick apologized to Jameka for celebrating at her expense, but Jameka says that they deserve it, plus she wouldn't even be in the house had it not been for them, so she is fine with being evicted this week.

Daniele is worried that Zach won't take her to the finals if he wins next week's HoH, so she is still nervous for next week's HoH competition. Dick apologized to Zach for throwing Daniele's PoV win in his face, but Zach says that he didn't have a shot at winning that competition anyway. Zach confronted Daniele, saying that if he had his father in the house, then they would probably dominate the game too. @@ Zach thinks that Daniele carried Dick throughout the entire game. That sent Dick off into another tirade. (Zach should just let the situation be. Otherwise, the next few days are going to be hell for him.) Zach says that he will take Daniele to the finals if he wins next week's HoH competition.

Daniele and Dick agreed to combine their earnings and split the money between them, no matter what happens from here on out. Dick told Jameka that he would have Zach evicted this week if he could, but Jameka understands that it is her time to go this week. Jameka has no idea who the jury would choose to win between Daniele and Dick. She points out that even though Dick is an ass, Daniele has been "flying under the radar" in the game. @@ - And winning seven competitions is DEFINITELY flying under the radar! Dick continued to celebrate throughout the afternoon.

That does it for the evening! It looks like Jameka will be evicted on Tuesday with Daniele winning PoV!

9/8 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for about 100 minutes, the feeds have just returned, and Daniele has won the PoV!

9/8 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-2:00 PM

It could spell eviction for the HG that do not win the PoV today. How will the HG prepare for the biggest competition thus far? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Dick was the first one up today at around 7:00 AM. Jameka awoke shortly later, and BB woke the other two HG at around 9:40 AM. Dick told Jameka that he knows she has a deal with Zach and will be evicted this week unless she or Zach win the PoV competition. He wished her good luck, and she did the same. Dick says that they deserve to be evicted if they cannot beat Jameka and Zach. Daniele told him not to say that. Dick said that they will win the game if they win the PoV competition today.

BB informed the HG that the PoV competition would be taking place shortly after 1:00 PM. After that, the HG began preparing themselves for the competition. Jameka and Zach prayed intensely before doing some jedi drilling. Daniele and Dick also drilled each other. The HG all wonder what the competition will be like. (Usually it is something that involves major events in the game that the HG have to place in order. Last year, this PoV competition was the star competition.) It's going to be a battle for the PoV competition!

That does it for the morning! The feeds still have not been blocked for the PoV competition. Expect them to be blocked soon and be back within the next few hours. I'll have the scoop!

9/7-9/8 Live Feeds: 5:00PM-7:00AM

With the most important and final PoV looming, how will the HG strategize? Let's find out!

Daniele and Dick talked for a long time. They discussed everything from other house guests to what they think PoV might to whether or not they can beat Jameka in the finals. Dick believes Zach has absolutely no chance at winning this game, no matter who he takes to the finals. They discussed previous competitions and how the rules could have been changed in some. Dick asked Dani if she thought she could win against Jameka in the finals and Dani said she didn't know if she could but knows Dick could. They continuously mocked Zach''s nominations speech quoting" We were hired for a job, to play a game" and I have regained my faith because of Jameka.

The final four continued talking ALL night. Daniele and Dick did a group DR, be looking for that on Sunday or Tuesday. Zach told Jameka if he isn't in the position to win PoV he will either help her win it or make them lose it. Jameka cant wait to hug Zach and say "We Did it!"

Daniele tells Dick to rattle Zach tomorrow. Telling him to pester Zach about his ex girlfriend, his lucky shell etc. Uh oh- the 'old' ED is back, get ready for it tomorrow! They quiz each other about previous competition and PoV winner order. Dick as some trouble with it but grasps it somewhat.

Dick and Daniele strategize again. Dick thinks it may be some kind of puzzle and that they have to win. Daniele says she has to or she has to join the jury with Eric, Dustin, Jen, Jessica etc. and she doesnt want to go through that.

The HG got arts/and crafts. Daniele and Jameka made a BB painting of some sort and also made candles. I don't think this has anything to do with tomorrow's competition, however I guess we will find out very soon.

Well that's about it. All House guests were asleep by 3AM. The PoV competition should occur sometime today!

Friday, September 7, 2007

9/7 Live Feeds: Nominations

After being blocked for nearly two hours, the feeds have returned, and it seems that Daniele and Dick have been nominated for eviction this week. More later!

9/6 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

The feeds were a little exciting despite there being only four HG left. Will Zach stick to his plan to nominate Daniele and Dick this week? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Dick reminded Zach that they have a final three deal and breaking that could spell trouble for him. Zach started to disagree, so Dick ended the conversation. The two went their separate ways and started trashing the other by themselves. Such mature HG we have...

Zach says that Daniele and Dick have been trying to keep him in the game since it began, but Jameka disagrees. She says that they only started helping him once he won HoH two weeks ago. Zach says that this is a game, and Daniele and Dick shouldn't take anything in the game personally, yet they always do. Jameka tells Zach that if she wins the final three HoH competition, then she will take him to the finals with her. Zach says that he will do the same and that Daniele and Dick will take each other if they both are still there next week. Zach regrets not using the PoV to save Eric last night. Zach thinks that he will have a better shot at winning PoV this week if the competition isn't physical. Zach will dread the rest of the game if Dick wins PoV tomorrow.

Dick received an HoH basket for winning the first HoH competition last night. He received a letter from his son Vincent but received a different brand of cigarettes from what he usually has. He also received black nail polish, ice cream, and some CD's.

That does it for the afternoon! The feeds have been blocked since about 4:05 PM for the nominations ceremony. Expect Daniele and Dick to be nominated, but I'll have the scoop when the feeds return!

9/7 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

Strategizing abound! Will Zach go against his word and nominate both Daniele and Dick this week? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Zach hopes that Jameka will win the PoV by not nominating her. He reminds her that if Daniele or Dick win PoV, she will be evicted this week. If the nominations stay the same, he would like to think that Jameka would evict Daniele. Zach also says that she has a better chance at beating Dick than Daniele in the finals.

Daniele hopes that Will will host the next PoV competition. Her and Jameka both think that there was more to Carol and Jessica's rivalry. The two talked for a quite a while, but nothing gamewise, before finally going to bed at around 6:40 AM.

Dick was the first one up today at around 9:45 AM. The HG still don't have hot water, even though it has been eight days since last week's HoH competition. Dick asked Zach not to nominate him next to Daniele. Zach claimed that it didn't matter, but Dick doesn't want to win PoV and leave Daniele nominated.

Daniele asked if Zach was planning on nominating her and Dick this week, and Zach said that was one of his possibilities. Daniele warned Zach that if he keeps Jameka this week, then he will not be able to beat her when it comes down to the finals. Zach said that neither Daniele nor Dick would take him to the finals, so he would rather get 2nd than 3rd place. Daniele stormed out and told Dick that they are done with Zach since he is on Jameka's side now. She also said that they will be nominated this week. She wants Dick to go off on Zach to make them feel better this week. Dick thinks that he would beat Zach if they were in the finals together. Daniele cannot believe how Zach thinks that he has played the best game when he has thrown over half the competitions.

That does it for the morning! It looks like Zach will be nominating Daniele and Dick later today. I'll have the scoop once the nominations occur!