Saturday, July 14, 2007

Evening Feeds

Since Dani, the new veto Queen, won the Power of Veto Jen has been debating who to nominate in her place, she said Joe before but apparently now she doesn’t want him up because people don’t like him so they would vote him out over Dick. Zach told her anyone would go over Dick, even Amber. Apparently Joe won a slop pass and ED won a plasma screen TV.

In the veto comp Jen picked Joe to win the slop pass and she has to wear a leotard, Amber and Kail are handcuffed together so they have to do DR’s together. I guess poor Kail won’t be able to escape Amber’s sickening sob stories.

People definitely want to split up Dani and Joe, Zach tried to convince Jen to put up Joe because Joe and Danielle would never align with her. He demonstrated with chess pieces that Joe is the best bet to take out to keep the house undivided. If Danielle leaves they lose Nick.

Jen said in the HOH room that she didn’t want the slop pass when asked about it and she wants to be on slop(yummy…?) Too bad Joe may not be here long enough to use it.

PoV Winner

After a short block the winner of the PoV for a second time is DANIELE!!!...

PoV Players

Joe,Mike, Amber, Daniele, Dick and Jen are the PoV players. PoV should begin soon I will come back with results as soon as possible

Pre Veto in Pictures

With Veto looming what are the houseguests doing?

Dick, Kail and some other houseguests are washing dishes while Jen and Mike talk votes and strategize

Nick and Joe are sleeping together-how sweet. Some Houseguests are waiting for BB to call Jen to the DR for veto to begin!

Kail and Zach relax in the kitchen but then Jameka leans over to whisper something to Kail.....
Veto should begin within an hour. Once we know who is playing I will let you know!

7/13-7/14 Overnight Feeds

After a tough Nominations what will happen in the Big Brother House?

Daniele finally told Nick she is not 21 but is only 20. They pinky sweared that he wouldn't tell anyone. In return Nick told her about his alliance with Kail, Mike, and Zach. Looks that alliance is over!

Jen said she nominated Daniele and Dick because they bring down the house(???) Her plan is to get rid of Daniele-according to Dick its because she wants to be the hot girl in the house---wouldn't surprise me--

Dick vows revenge on Jen. He also tells Joe he can have all his cigarettes if he leaves. Dick also flipped Jen off during the veto ceremony-haha.

Nick said he wouldnt use PoV if he won it. He told Dick his vote would be to save Daniele and Dick understood.

Supposedly there is supposed to be a 7am wake up call. Its 7 now but there has been no wake up call-guess we will see what happens

Amber doesn't know how she will vote. She wants to vote for Daniele but knows Dick has her back and likes her

Zach and Mike want Daniele gone. They think she won't be open on the jury whereas Dick will be and they are more likely to get his vote

Mike starts to eavesdrop on some of the houseguests however he gets caught. Could this cause Mike to get kicked out the front door? Uhoh

Well all houseguests are sleeping as I post. More to come later!

Midnight Feeds

After nominations Jenn starts telling people that Dick flipped her off at the nomination ceremony(dick doesn't give up does he?) I mean on top of all the stuff yesterday, today Jen came outside and Dick said "Oh I knew I smelled fish" It's not that smart to make fun of the HOH, even Howie quit that week when April won.

Aside from Dick trying to make Jen the most miserable bitch in the house, Jen talked to Joe about her key order, Jameka was first because she knew exactly what she would do with the money, then apparently Mike and Kail, then Zach. She told Joe that he was last because he needs to change his attitude. Then she made a BIG mistake and told him if veto was used he would go up, don't make three enemies if you don't have to ;-)

Nothing else big happened, apparently Kail, Mike and Zach would vote out Dani which may cause Nick to sway from the pack, and Amber and Dustin are after Kail, but we will see how it all pans out by the end of the week.

We will be back later!

Friday, July 13, 2007


After a LONG block feeds are back and....

Nominations are..

Daniele and Dick. More to come later.

7/13 Post Food Competition Updates

Well.... After almost 2 hours of feed block- the feeds came back to Daniele crying. Apparently Eric said something that offended her.

The houseguests on slop are: Joe, Jessica, Jameka, Kail, Daniele, and Amber. Its seems the competition dealt with determining ingredients?

Not much has happpened today. Dick is trying to get Jen to nominate only Daniele so he can win PoV and save her. He is trying to keep them both safe so he can work on his relationship with Daniele.

Nominations are to occur tonight sometime. My guess is it will be in a few hours. If anything is said I will post more. As for now all houseguests are trying to predict who will be nominated and trying to convince Jen not to nominate them.
Well, with a new HoH how will the houseguests respond?

Dick, Jameka, Amber, and Daniele believe Julie had 2 answers to the tiebreaker and chose the one that favored a Jen Win. This would make sense because earlier in the day Jen was telling people that she had already won HoH?? Coincidence?

It’s pretty obvious that Jen is going to put up Dick. After their little argument she feels she has to. Jen said she is leaving the HoH door open for deals. Hopefully Daniele or Dick goes up there and strike a deal

Dick finally figured out that Kail is not only in an alliance with Mike but also Zach. Could this stir something? I have a feeling this Mrs. Robinson alliance is slowly crumbling.

Lots of people are against Zach. They were talking smack about him in the backyard. Shockingly, those people included Nick-who is supposedly in an alliance with him

Jen got her HoH Room. However, absolutely nothing has changed-only the pictures. Jen complained about the pictures again because they were only of her family and not friends

It looks like Jen is going to nominate Dick and Daniele. However anything could change. Perhaps she just said that because she was talking to Kail. I guess we will see.

Dick and Amber were the last ones to go to bed at just after 5 bb time. They discussed nominations and who should win veto etc. Dick said he wants Nick or Jessica to win and take off Daniele.

Daniele and Jen are now up talking about nominations. I think Daniele is pleading not to be nominated. As I post that’s all that’s happening. There should be a Food Competition today and Nominations

I will post those results immediately when they are available.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evening Feeds

Dick is definitley trash talking Jen, the HOH, oops I guess it sucks Dick that your going up now. Oops is that a perverted pun?

Zach asked Dick what he would do if Jen was his daughter, Dick said he would feel ashamed that he raised a girl that was so obsessed with herself, Zach told him "who knows, you may end up dating her" Dick said he'd rather stick his little ED in a meat grinder. Ahh the joys of family television. Well, when Dick isn't offering his own contribution to our wonderful US meat processing industry, he's yelling at Jen and telling her he's going to make her the most miserable bitch in the house, thanks Dick, all we need is another Nicole.

Other than that fight nothing huge went on, Danielle asked Joe if he would keep her over her dad if they were nominated together, he said yes.

Jameka is giving Jen cornrows tonight, and Joe doesn't think he's the favorite anymore after the smile comment he said on the live show...?

Jen's HOH room just opened, Dick didn't go see it, again she's upset with her pictures, they aren't of her kids(nanny), I mean ffs what's up with this girl and her hatred of pictures? Next time they should just give her pictures of an eliptical, she loves those!

Well keep ya updated later!!!!!!!

Tonight's Live Show Recap

Tonight was the live eviction, Julie asked most of the houseguests questions as she does always. When asked how hard this week’s eviction was Jen could not find an answer, and replied “Oh, I didn’t think I would get a question” and she chuckled in nervous laughter. Dick and Danielle both said it was awkward to be with each other in the house. Jessica told Julie that if Carol left she had nothing to do with it, Carol told Julie that having Jessica in the house with her is just the same as having another stranger in the house because she changed so much. Joe and Dustin had to say nice things about each other and they gladly praised each other’s “bright smiles” and “winning personalities”

In Kail’s private interview she told Julie that aligning with the men was not what she planned on doing coming into the house, it was based solely on the fact that Zach came to her first, and the women of the house were much younger than she. She told Julie she thought Eric confided in her because she was the older person in the house and it was easier for him.

America, you voted to evict Carol making the vote 10-1, so sadly for me Carol was evicted from the Big Brother House tonight. She left the house with her housemates applauding her, or was it that they were happy she was leaving? And as soon as the door shut on her she said “oh, I hope I grabbed the right bag” best part of the night! Lol

During Carol’s interview, she said she lied about Jessica changing and that she’s the exact same person but she wouldn’t go that deeply into the conversation. Luckily though, Julie had video footage to change her mind! (YAY! Incentive!) After watching Jessica say that Carol is not loyal, and that she would die if she went before Carol, Carol said that’s the way Jessica has always been, fake.

This weeks HOH competition is called Majority Rules, they will be asked questions about there houseguests and they must answer the way they think the majority would answer. The competition went like this…

Question 1- In the butter me up competition who would you rather lather up with butter?

Danielle or Jenn

Majority: Danielle

Out: Zach

Who would you not let your little sister go out on a date with?

Nick vs Mike

Nick was the majority answer

Dick, Danielle, and Nick are out.

Who would be more likely to cheat on a significant other?

Joe vs Dustin

Joe is the majority answer

No one is out

Who would hold a grudge the longest?

Danielle vs Dick

Danielle is the majority

Jameka is out

Who would be the best person to cheer them up if they were depressed?

Eric vs Jessica

Eric is the majority answer

Amber is out

Who is more likely to turn $500,000 into five million?

Zach vs Kail

Zach is the majority answer

Jessica and Mike are out

Who is more likely to help old lady cross the street?

Jameka vs Amber

No one is out

Tie Breaker

How many gallons of water does the spinning tea cup in the backyard hold?

Jenn- 41


Eric- over 400

Dustin- IDK, over 90

The answer was 9 gallons

Jen has won the HOH!!! The production crew needs to make the nomination box lighter or she won’t be able to carry it down the stairs unless she eats TWO carrots a day. @@

Who will Jen nominate? Who will America vote on for Eric to target? We will update you all more later on.

7/11-7/12 Live Feed Updates

What an eventful night in the Big Brother House.........not

Eric and Jen discussed some game. Jen said that she had already won HoH because she know so much about Carol. Whats that mean? I have no clue-I guess we will see tonight

Eric and Dick agree Kail must go. She thinks she knows what is going on but she doesn't. They also agree they must go after Kail, Mike, and Jen-The people they think are a part of the Robinson alliance

Dick talked to himself a lot. He said it was for us Live Feeders because he watched live feeds before and knew how boring it got when no one spoke.

Kail was the first one up this morning-working out. Then at about 8:15 BB woke up everyone with music. They are getting ready for the live show-make up, cleaning etc.

Wednesday Evening

Jameka made dinner tonight, and Joe began a discussion on what the houseguests would do if they won the money. Surprisingly it was an interesting convo…

  • Jessica would pay off college debts, move out, and throw a party.
  • Kail was very quiet, they started asking her if she would buy a new house, or remodel her old home. She finally told them that she loved her house so she wouldn’t remodel and finally decided to tell them she would travel to the Midwest. Evil Dick actually spoke for her at some point.
  • Nick wants a monkey and a motorcycle.
  • ED spoke for Eric as well; apparently Eric would get a girlfriend, move to Manhattan and start a business
  • Dick wants to get tattoos from all across the world while he travels.
  • Zach would invest in a clothing line.
  • Jameka told what she would do with the money down to the very last cent, I couldn’t get all of it, but $35,000 would go to charity, $35,000 would go to savings, she went too fast for me to type it all lol.
  • Jen took what I would call a Chill Town approach, apparently, winning half a million dollars will ruin her life(don’t worry, just pay your taxes and you won’t end up like Hatch :P ) but the house definitely questioned why she was here in the first place if she didn’t want to win, she said it would be a cool experience, she told everyone she got her motorcycle license for the same reason, it was fun. Still, it sounds like what Will Kirby would say.
  • Mike would invest in real estate back in Wisconsin.
  • Amber would give her mom retirement money.
  • Joe joked around and told them all that he would either buy a $500,000 hooker, or five $100,000 hookers, he then told everyone that his sister had cancer, the house didn’t take to that very well because it came off as disrespectful, Joe then told them his sister wanted him to do it because she admired Johnny Fairplay’s strategy.
  • Danielle would go back to college, buy a car, and do something big for her grandmother.
  • Dustin would pay off college debts for him and his brother.
  • Carol would pay for her princess wedding, but she wasn’t really asked, so this may be the final clue that it is her that is going home, she also said that it would be fun to kick there asses when she comes back in the next 5 weeks.

Later that night, Jameka and Eric were sitting in the BY, Joe comes out acting like he’s pregnant and telling Eric that he is the father, Jameka was cracking up! Eric definitely looked embarrassed. Joe also took this time to apologize for the cancer comment.

We’re back to waves, or whatever that blue stuff is. Another update in the morning

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7/11 Late Afternoon Live Feed Update

Here's some bits of information from the house:

Nick and Daniele's relationship is not exactly stable. Nick really likes Daniele and wants to go further but Daniele doesn't really want to. She seems to be non responsive to any of Nick's questions but said she does trust him

Some houseguests are now worried about Zach being a threat. Supposedly he is a floater but a big threat. He is trying to turn alliance pairs on each other( ie Dustin and Amber)

Houseguests are joking around about Carol leaving. It seems to be obvious that she is leaving but you never know. My guess is it will be 8-3 or 9-2. We will see.....however I could care less since it is so early in the game

Nick said his dad thinks he is gay. I think it stems from his dad catching him giving some guy a blow job...I personally think Nick is bi however maybe he is stuck in the closet

Thats about it........Will probably be an early night and a borning day tomorrow.

Wednesday- Feed Updates-If thats what you call 'em.

Well if you are at all familiar with the feeds you know that Wednesday is picture taking and voting day. Kail did get her camera and has been taking pictures. The diary room has been calling people in to vote.

Heres the few tidbits from todays feeds:

Mike wants to be seen as a floater not as part of the Mrs Robinson alliance. Thats probably why we haven't seen much of him. He wants to be unnoticed!

Kail and Dick seem to be the hardcore players this year. Kail is kind of like Kaysar or Danielle. She is forming an alliance that can hopefully take her to the end(ie sov 6, Legion of Doom.) Dick seems to be the strategic player-picking people's brains and planting seeds as the Dr says.

Kail says her number one target is EvelDick. She thinks he is a loose cannon but a good player. She also thinks they need to go after Dustin. She believes he could blow the cover on the Mrs. Robinson alliance.

It seems that Nick and Danielle have made some sort of an alliance. Perhaps a "I wont nominate you if you dont nominate me" alliance. They have been flirting for the past week, however Daniele has a boyfriend and probably won't give that up for Nick

Mike and Zach have been talking a lot of game. They talked about who to nominate if they win hoh etc.

Thats about it. The houseguests are getting ready to vote and or just chit-chatting. Today and tomorrow will be slow on the feeds. Thursday's are usually primping for the live show and cleaning!

Also- Starting next week I am going to attempt to post every 2 hours. This will make it easier on me and more frequent updates for you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday- 7/10/07

Amber is telling Danielle that the vote will be 6-5 for Carol to go. Nick and the girls now think that Carol is nuts, Amber also complains that Carol doesn’t do housework(WOW, who knew this game turned into who wants to be a desperate housewife?)

As all this talk continues, Carol is still campaigning for votes, she’s been working on getting a vote from Mike. Carol says she has votes from Jen, Jessica, Joe, Zach, and Eric to stay, Mike told her as of now he would also vote for Carol to stay. Mike appears to be the swing vote.

Dani and Dick start a father/daughter chat in the round bedroom, Dani asks Dick who he thinks are together, Dick says Kail, Mike and Jenn, and Dani agrees(Did I miss something? Lol) Dani begins to see Kail as a threat because she can’t read her. She tells Dick that if Jenn won HOH she would go up because Jenn hates her, she believes Mike would too. Dustin apparently saw them together so they started argueing about Vicent’s(the brother/son) Birthday coming up.

It seems as if voting changes every hour, but it will definitely be close. We will update you more later.

7/9-7/10 Through the Night

Zach and Mike almost decided to try to flip the vote to get Amber out but have now decided to evict Carol and next week target Joe.

It looks like Mike is taking over the cleaning duties of George. He seems to be somewhat of a "neat freak". Wouldn't that make you think he was gay? If anyone watched the episode of Gay, Straight or Taken he was on you would remember is ultra clean car.

Finally Jen let the cat out of the bag. She knows Mike Boogie! She also commented that she met Drew from Season 5. Joe told her he hated Mike Boogie.

All the house guests are still discussing how annoying Jen is. However most everyone is thinking of a Joe eviction next week. If it were up to me I would want Jen out ASAP!

Daniele and Nick keep getting closer and closer. Could this be our first showmance of the season? However, Daniele has a boyfriend- so hopefully she doesn't fall for Nick.

We had a new "last to go to bed" house guest. It was Mike. Dick actually went to bed at a reasonable time: 3:00am! Jen and Mike talked and talked until Jen bored Mike to sleep.

As I post, all house guests are sleeping!

Names Released

Kail Harbick
Jameka Cameron
Eric Stein
Nick Starcevic
Carol Journey
Joe Barber II
Amber Tomcavage
Zach Swerdzewski
Jessica Hughbanks
Dick Donato
Jen Johnson
Dustin Erikstrup
Daniele Donato
Mike Dutz

Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday 7-9-07

This day has not progressed strategically, Joe is still trash talking Dustin(get a new hobby dude @@) He’s now saying he will never pay 20 questions with Dustin because he does impossible things like love, and dissolvable water salt. I really think Joe should take a chill pill, you already told America he gave you a disease isn’t that enough trouble?

Zach takes Dustin aside and tells him to watch out for Joe because if he won HOH he would nominate him(Dustin) and Jenn because people don’t like Jenn. They pick on her a lot. Zach said Joe wants to do that because people would know Jenn wouldn’t last long at all in the game.

Nick has gotten a lot of screen time today, he’s been flirting with Dani a lot, and he told her he’s 1-5 on his girls list. He also has a guy’s list, Dick and Zach laughed at that for a while. Nick chatted with Kail about crying during movies, Go Fish being one of them. Nick then told Kail the entire plot of a movie and I seriously thought the feeds would turn off, thank goodness they didn’t lol.

The biggest discussion to date though is Jenn being the butt of today’s jokes. She admitted that her nickname was porky in high school because she wanted to be tan like bacon, Danielle jokingly says that it’s because she was fat. Now Jenn is on the treadmill and she won’t get off till she burns 1500 calories or passes out, now if you don’t know, the less you weigh the less calories you burn every hour, if someone doesn’t stop her soon she’s going to pass out long before she burns those calories. Jessica told the BY group that she thought it was rude of Jenn to skip a dinner that someone made for her. Joe is definitely worried, he thought he would be the one made fun of this year…? Lol It appears Jenn is made fun of by everyone but Kail and Mike.

The BY group of Joe, Jessica and the others were discussing live feeds and said $40 for three months was a crazy price to pay for feeds… Thanks guys lol You two paint eating scatterbrains make us feel so dumb lol

We shall update you more later J

7/9- Live Feeds Updates-Into the morning through the afternoon

Sorry for such a late update. I have been busy all day and haven't had much time to get to feed updates. While I am on the subject, if anyone has feeds and is willing to help with the blog please leave a comment. You can get a free 14 Day trial to watch the feeds. I might be able to hook someone up with feeds if necessary

Kail and Jen were as always the first people up. Zach, Nick, Dustin, Carol and Daniele follow them in waking up. They were on indoor lockdown for awhile but it wasn't for anything important.

It seems Kail was chosen for Eric's task. He tells her some story about a girlfriend in high school with an eating disorder trying to compare her to Daniele.

Jameka thinks people will throw the HoH competition. She thinks people don't want power do to the pressure and it being only the second week. People don't want enemies so early in the game.

The houseguests aren't doing much today. They are just spread out around the house chatting. Amber straightened her hair and told BB to make sure she didn't have to get wet in the Food competition because it took forever to get it straight. A lot of houseguests have been out in the sun getting a tan. Amber and Dustin are talking strategy in the backyard-it's hard to hear or I would tell you what they are saying. And of course Mike is no where to be seen.

It is predicted that a food competition will occur today. I will post later with updates!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

7/8 4:00PM- 9:00PM

Amber and Jameka were talking in the BY on the porch. Amber suggested that Nick and Danielle had an alliance, and that no one that talks that much could not discuss the game at some point. Amber then tried to tell Jameka that her and Dustin never talk about the game(is that a paradox?) I don’t believe Jameka bought into Amber’s dumb scheme, she told Amber that even if they didn’t talk about the game, they still both knew that they had each others backs. Amber had to agree, Jameka 1, Amber 0. :P

Zach was teaching Mike how to play chess upstairs.

Danielle and Jessica are discussing that they must win HOH, there only threats are Mike and Jenn. They want Jenn out because she “causes too much drama”. The girls said that Amber was 100% safe this week. Strategy talk turned into talk of the next food comp, Jessica thought that they would not take the food away this week and instead they would fight for a certain meal for each day because “when they are hungry they're boring.”

Amber definitely tries to sway votes by all her stories, she told the house that she flew her niece’s boyfriend to Las Vegas, the father couldn’t find a job so she took them in and she is supporting them. Also her sister has a skin disease so she can’t work. She also discussed her thyroid surgery (gosh this girl has so much bad luck she’s a shoo in for first evicted) she was so weak that her boyfriend had to do everything for her. Eventually Dick told her to "stop with the sob stories" "no one cares" "we could all use a little extra money.”

Joe and Jessica were discussing saving Carol, it’s a slim chance and Joe thinks it’s not worth it. Joe was annoyed with Carol telling people she had his vote, Jessica was surprised she thought Daniele would save her too.

Zach and Mike were again discussing the possible enemy alliance of 6 and why that is a good reason to get Carol out.

Jenn and Zach are talking in the hammock, discussing the vote. Zach will go with the group but Jenn notices that everyone says that and no one is really making a direct move and the vote will be split down the middle. They also discuss that Danielle or Dick need to go soon because they will vote for each other in the end if one makes jury.
We shall get back to you with more of the convo.

Veto Ceremony should be in progress

This morning hasn't been very eventful, BB didn't wake the houseguests up until a tad after 11 telling them the veto ceremony would take place in 2 hours.

During the last two hours not much has occurred. The only interesting tid bit was Carol telling Jessica if she helped her she would help Jessica. Jessica didn't say much. About the only thing she said was "ok"

Except for that its been small talk; Talking about anything from finding bottles with messages in the ocean to cooking turkeys in the microwave.

We have had block for 15 minutes now meaning the PoV ceremony should be in session. I will post more when feeds come back.

Update: After about 85 minutes of feed block the feeds came back with Jameka and Amber talking in the backyard. Daniele didnt use veto of course and nominations stand.

7/7-7/8 Through the Night into the Morning

It looks like the hamsters are following previous season's footsteps. They are going to bed later and later and getting up later and later. The last person to go to bed was as always Dick-going to bed a little after 7!

Carol continued to campaign last night while Amber still thinks she is staying. Carol talked to Zach who said he didn't know how he was voting. He said if she could get 3 votes he could probably pull 3 more. Carol said she had Joe, Jen and Eric.

The alliance speculation continues. Joe said Kail, Mike and Jen have an alliance and they are trying to get Eric. Dustin thinks Joe and Nick are tight but Dick isn't buying it. Dustin says Nick is working all the girls and even Joe. Dustin and Amber believe Mike and Kail have a secret alliance. They call it the "Mrs. Robinson" Alliance.

Nick is way into Daniele. However I don't think Daniele is as much into him. Nick told Dick(ha-ha) that you can't find many people that are good looking and have a good head of their shoulders. Dick says he love Daniele to death.

Eric continues to blow up. He seems to have the short fuse this year. He said people don't want to mess with him. He will explode on them. He says they haven't seen what he is capable of. Daniele said he blew up on her 2 times today. Amber comments that she hasn't seen anything and wonders where she’s been during everything.

Like always Dick was the last one up. He continued to talk to the cameras. He said he has a 'date' with Mrs. Robinson tomorrow (Kail). He was in the bathroom for quite a long while until he came out saying that he had just S*** a twin. Dick golfs, smokes and decorates the plants before going to bed.

The first one up was Kail-nothing new. She read her bible and then went downstairs to make coffee. Dustin is now up and is talking with Kail, nothing serious. Carol is up in the bathroom putting on make up. I dont believe anything is going on today.

Expect a slow day with Houseguests waking up really late.

7/7 Live Feeds- 4:00PM-10:00PM

After little strategizing yesterday, It seems the houseguests are starting to form alliances right and left. Carol is mad because Eric and Jessica are campaigning for her to go when Amber is using her family(her daughter) to get votes. Amber says she isn't trying to get sympathy votes but should stay because she wants to stay unlike Carol.

On a funny note, Eric compliments Jen(AHHHHHH) on wearing clothing all day! Unlike other days when all she wears are the tiny bikini's. Jens still being Jen. Using the word "like" EVERY other word. Its annoying's kind of like Julie Chen's- "But First"

Eric thinks he, Kail, Zach, Jameka, and Dick will be the Final 5. Joe told Jessica he almost wants to vote out Amber because she is so close to Amber. However, he then confirms he will keep Amber and if he wins HoH he will nominate Jen and Dustin......YAY!

Amber continues to campaign from all angles. She says her and Nick met months ago at auditions. Also, she said she is going to flirt with Mike and try and get his vote. It still looks like Amber is staying however with 5 days until eviction-anything can change

This batch of houseguests seem to believe in dates in the BB House. Mike is going on his second date, this time with Amber. Dustin and Nick have a yoga date tonight. Im still trying to figure out if Nick is gay, straight or bi. My guess he is curious but who knows. Will we see our first gay relationship in the house?

Zach and Kail talked for awhile in the HoH Room. They think Amber is more of a threat then Carol and perhaps the should evict her. Kail says next week they need to go after the Twist 6. They aren't sure who to target first but believe EvelDick should go before Daniele. They are going to try to sway people like Jen and Daniele their way.

Right now some houseguests are sitting around outside chit chatting nothing gamewise. It still seems Carol will go, but as Ive said before things can change on a dime and frankly I things might change in the next few weeks.

Show tomorrow at 8pm!