Friday, October 12, 2007

Big Brother's Mike Finally Responds

Mike? Who is that? I know it has been awhile, but Mike finally answered some of the questions asked by blog readers

Thank You for your time

1.Are you planning on staying in Wisconsin or did you catch the Hollywood bug?
Well, Ive already been living in LA for 3 years now, and I plan on staying.

2.Hey Mike, Cindy from Texas.
I was just wondering how your friend in Canada is doing? I really hope some lucky lady will be going with you to the wrap party. How did that pan out?

A lucky young woman was able to attend the wrap party and she was delighted. The ill fan in Canada has passed on. But visiting the ill fan brought happiness to him which in turn brought happiness to the young woman who was able to attend the wrap party.

3.If you had to describe yourself with one word, what would that word be?? and Why?
Intelligent-because I have a vast knowledge base

4.What was the interview process like for being a potential HG for BB8? In terms of that process, would you have done anything differently?
It was like a job interview to me. I just answered questions with confidence and always had some answer to give and always expanded a little extra on everything. I wouldnt have done anything differently because what I did do obviously got me on the show.

5.Do you think it was a wise choice to form an alliance from day one. And now would you have selected the same people to align with?No, it was not wise. It was a pressured choice. Kail approached me to be in an alliance and she said she wanted Zach (who was with Nick) because Zach approached her. I felt if I said no, I would be targeted week one. I probably would not have selected the same people to align with. I would have remained solo for as long as possible.

6.Mike I noticed you as a contestant on Lifetime's "Gay Straight or Taken" and they listed you as an actor/model (I believe) not a painter from Wisconsin. What is your true occupation?Hmm, interesting, on the show I know I said I was a painter and club promoter. Both of those were true at the time. I no longer promote clubs. I do however hold a painting contractors license. So I do paint. I also use to be a jet mechanic for United Airlines. And yes, I do model. I just have my hands dipped in a number of things, and the entertainment side has taken over and kept me very busy.

and last question...

Who do you want to win BB8 and why? Dick or Daniele?
Well I didn’t agree with all of Dick malicious attacks so I guess Daniele.
Thanks Mike!