Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on Past HGs

Somebody left a comment asking about how certain Season 8 relationships are doing so I will tell you all that I know.

Daniele/Nick - They are no longer dating. I believe they are still good friends but as we all expected the relationship did not work out. On an unrelated note Daniele said her best friend was dating Jessica's brother.

Eric/Jess - Last news I heard was they were still a couple. This could have changed, however. Eric has been to Kansas and Jess has been to New York.

Daniele/Dick - They seem to be fine with eachother. I know they took a Europe trip for a couple weeks after leaving the show. Dick also bought Daniele a new car - I believe it was a 2008 Eclipse. I recieved all this information from an interview the two did. They could be acting like they like eachother just for the cameras- who knows.

If you have any other relationships you would like me to tell you about please leave a comment and I will try to update