Saturday, March 8, 2008

3/8 Live Feeds: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM

Joshuah was the first one up this morning at around 9:10 AM. He hopes that Matt is evicted this week and Natalie wins HoH next week so she can nominate Ryan since she didn't agree to the "2 weeks" deal. Sheila wants to bring Sharon over to her side after the PoV ceremony, leaving Chelsia and Joshuah as her only targets. Ryan is worried about Chelsia targeting him next week, but Natalie and Sheila assure him that someone from their side will win HoH next week.

Chelsia says that if Ryan were to nominate James or Joshuah, it would be a good move for him. James tells her to never say that again. (Chelsia, James, Joshuah, and Sharon still think that Matt will be backdoored this week.) Chelsia started to notice how much Adam, Matt, Natalie, and Ryan have been hanging out. James thinks that she is paranoid and needs to relax. Chelsia says that she will not use the PoV unless Matt is nominated in her place. @@ - The PoV is used before a replacement is named.

3/7-8 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-9:00 AM

James wants to target Natalie and Sheila the two weeks that he promised Ryan safety. Joshuah really wants to nominate Natalie if he wins HoH next week. He and Sharon think that Matt and Natalie are their two biggest threats. Ryan says that he will nominate either James or Joshuah to replace Chelsia. Matt likes the idea of nominating James. Adam, Matt, and Ryan made a deal to be the final three. They plan on targeting James now.

Other than that, little happened last night. Matt was the last one asleep at just after 2:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. There seems to be two sides in the house: One side is Adam, Matt, Natalie, Ryan, and Sheila; the other side is Chelsia, James, Joshuah, and Sharon. Ryan's plan is now to nominate James at the PoV ceremony, with James being the target.

Friday, March 7, 2008

3/7 Live Feeds: 1:00-7:00 PM

It seems that some prizes and consequences were given during the PoV competition. Sheila has to wear a red unitard; Adam won a motorcycle; Sharon won a slop pass; Joshuah won a letter from home; and Ryan won $10,000. Ryan seems that he is still on board for backdooring Matt. Matt tried to figure out who Ryan was going to replace Chelsia with, but Ryan didn't give any names.

Sheila tried to convince Adam that Chelsia, James, Joshuah, and Sharon were sticking together and that they are targeting her and Adam. She told Adam that he is the only person she has in the game and asked him to work with her. He promised her that he would not ever vote her out, and she did the same to him. Sheila told Sharon of the plan to backdoor Matt this week. Adam and Matt agree that Ryan should nominate Joshuah since he is one of the leaders in the game. Sheila told Natalie of the plan to backdoor Matt. Neither of them want it to happen. Natalie thinks Ryan could be lying about this plan and is really plotting to nominate Joshuah.

Sheila convinced Ryan to nominate Joshuah instead of Matt. Ryan decided to stick with Adam, Matt, Natalie, and Sheila, and nominate Joshuah, with Joshuah being the target. Joshuah read his letter from his family. They said that they were working on their new house and having viewing parties for the show. They can also tell that he has lost weight. He got very emotional reading the letter.

3/7 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for about 100 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Chelsia has won PoV. I'll let you know if anything changes!

3/7 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 8:00 AM this morning. Joshuah told Sheila of his plan to get Matt backdoored this week, but she doesn't think it will work. She thinks that Ryan is afraid of Matt, which is why he didn't nominate him originally. Today is Joshuah's mother's birthday.

Adam, Joshuah, and Sheila were chosen to play for PoV. Adam says that he will throw this competition. Matt tells Adam that he should try to win the PoV and then remove Sharon to get Sheila nominated. Matt suspects that Ryan is planning on backdooring someone. Joshuah told Ryan of his plan to backdoor Matt, and Ryan seemed okay with it. He wanted to see who won PoV before making anything official though. Ryan then revealed that Natalie already leaked the plan to Matt, which really upset Joshuah. Chelsia was also upset once she heard. Sheila knew that Natalie would leak the plan.

Josh confronted Natalie about this, but she denied saying anything. Chelsia told Ryan that she overheard Matt tell Sharon that he would try to keep her this week. Ryan was shocked by this and doesn't trust Matt anymore. Sheila says that Matt has told every girl in the house that he would have their back in the game. They all tried to get him to backdoor Matt this week. The feeds have been blocked since 12:15 PM for the PoV competition. I'll have the scoop when they return!

3/6-7 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

Joshuah thinks that Ryan may be trying to get him backdoored this week. Sheila thinks that Ryan's nominations were cowardly since he nominated two girls who are on slop this week. James told Chelsia that he would not use the PoV on her if he won it because she has the votes to stay. He would only use it if she absolutely wanted him to. Adam thinks that Joshuah will vote the way Ryan wants since Ryan didn't nominate him.

James now decides that he will use the PoV on Chelsia if he wins it. Ryan assures Chelsia that she will be safe no matter who is nominated next to her. Natalie says that if she wins HoH next week, she will nominate Matt because he is still treating her badly. Joshuah is thinking about asking Ryan to backdoor Matt in exchange for two weeks of safety. Natalie doesn't think that he will go for that since he and Matt are close.

The HG received an oversized pool table for what they think will be the PoV competition tomorrow. Some of them practiced during the night. Chelsia and Ryan seemed pretty good at it. Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila discussed how manipulative Matt has been lately and really want him out now. Sheila wants the girls in the house to stick together since the guys are doing the same. Natalie informed Matt of the plan to backdoor him. He was amused by it, saying that Ryan would never go for it. He really wants Sharon out now. Matt and Ryan agreed that if James tells asks them about this plan, he is on it, and cannot be trusted. Joshuah offered the deal to Ryan, but he also was not approving.

Chelsia, James, and Joshuah devised a plan to evict Matt this week. After the PoV is won, they plan on persuading Ryan to nominate Matt in exchange for two weeks of safety. They will tell him that the entire house wants that, so Ryan will feel obliged to follow the house's wishes. They named this plan "Operation C" (C standing for "Crooked Eye"). Chelsia and James do not trust Matt at all. They went to bed shortly before 3:00 AM after discussing this. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

3/6 Live Feeds: 2:00-7:00 PM

Natalie and Sheila are sick of Chelsia's whiny attitude and want her evicted. Sheila worries that Matt is still playing everyone, but Natalie assures her that he wants Chelsia out too. Meanwhile, Matt continued to tell Chelsia that she would be safe this week. Joshuah claims that he is being haunted by Allison because he keeps seeing her and hearing her voice. He is also ready for an America's Choice of some sort.

Chelsia is nervous that she will not be able to win the PoV. Natalie told Joshuah that she was personally attacked by Chelsia, so she will be voting her out if she remains nominated. She thinks that everyone likes Sharon more than Chelsia, so Chelsia is the target this week.

3/06 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds have returned after being blocked for nominations. It seems as if Ryan did as he planned and nominated Sharon and Chelsia for eviction. I will let you know if anything changes. PoV competition tomorrow.

3/6 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-2:00 PM

BB woke the HG up a little after 8:30 AM this morning. BB forgot to turn off the feeds for the food competition, so we got to see a little taste of it. The HG had to slide into a small pool and grab letters to spell out various foods. One team contained Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila. The other team had Adam, James, Matt, and Natalie. The team who spelled the most foods won food for the week, while the losers were on slop. Adam, James, Matt, and Natalie won the competition.

Matt thinks that Joshuah and either Sharon or Sheila will be nominated. Ryan said that Adam, James, and Matt would be safe this week. Ryan now wants to nominate Sharon and Sheila. Ryan doesn't feel threatened by Joshuah, but Matt tried to convince him otherwise, saying that if Joshuah wins PoV, he would take Sharon off, and both of them would be safe. James suggested nominating Chelsia as a pawn to get Sharon out. (The guys seem to want Sharon out this week.) Ryan is nervous about nominating Chelsia because he doesn't want her to be evicted.

Ryan told Chelsia that she would probably be nominated as a pawn. She wasn't happy with it but knows that they are playing a game and would be fine with it. So, it looks like Chelsia and Sharon will be nominated later today. I'll have the scoop once the nominations ceremony occurs later tonight.

3/5-6 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

Sheila is excited to be able to sleep by herself now. Adam and Matt want to align themselves with James and Ryan. They think Joshuah and Sharon will be nominated this week. Ryan received his HoH bedroom along with pictures of him and Jen, beer, and some other items. Matt thinks that Sheila and Natalie will align with Joshuah and Sharon, leaving the other four HG on his side. Chelsia and James agreed to stick together since they still trust each other. Chelsia told Adam that he looked like a floater when he was coupled with Sheila, which made Adam nervous.

The HG don't suspect another HG returning to the house. Joshuah said that he would commit suicide if Allison returned. Sheila got upset because she has no other girlfriends in the house besides Allison, who is now evicted. She thinks that her and Adam will be targeted this week. James told Joshuah that he is bisexual. Ryan revealed to Adam and Matt that Allison is a professional gambler. Chelsia thinks that Adam and Matt will be nominated. Sheila doesn't think so, saying that Matt could easily win PoV if he is nominated next to Adam. She doesn't think Ryan will even target Matt because he is afraid of him.

As for the sleeping arrangements, everyone seems to have remained in their same beds, except for Adam and Sheila. Chelsia, James, Joshuah, and Sharon are in the red bedroom. Adam, Matt, and Natalie are in the pink bedroom. Sheila is alone in the boat bedroom, and Ryan is alone in the HoH bedroom. Chelsia and James were the last ones asleep at just before 2:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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3/5 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Sheila doesn't like being nominated. Allison is happy to be nominated next to Sheila because she no longer trusts her. Matt isn't sure who he wants to vote out yet. Sheila is very scared about the impending siren. Natalie thinks that a couple may return to the house. Matt doesn't think that BB would split the couples up. Allison isn't confident about staying this week. Ryan trusts Matt, but Allison isn't so sure. Matt promised Ryan that he would do everything he can to keep him in the house this week, but Matt is really playing both sides to avoid any confrontation. Allison now believes that Matt/Natalie will vote to keep her. She tried to convince Chelsia/James to do the same. By talking to both Allison and Sheila, James figured out that Matt promised both couples that they would have his vote. He called Matt out on it, and Matt claimed that he was just playing the game, and lying is a huge part of it.

BB talked with friends of Matt/Natalie to discuss their relationship. Natalie's co-workers say that Natalie is free spirited but lets the men she falls for tend to control her. Her sister doesn't think that Matt cares for Natalie and is only in the relationship for the game. Matt's friends think that Matt is focused on the money and not Natalie. Julie informed us that when the evicted couple is about to head out the door, the siren will blare. Ohh... this should be REALLY good.

Julie informed us that the HG will play the game as individuals once the siren blares, and only one member of the evicted couple will actually be evicted. By a vote of 2-0, Allison/Ryan have been evicted from the BB house... or have they? The siren has sounded, and Julie reveals the twist. The HG were all thrilled to now be playing as individuals. Either Allison or Ryan will be evicted from the house, and the HG will vote live to do so. Allison didn't look too happy.

Time for the live voting! Adam - Allison, Chelsia - Allison, Matt - Allison, Sheila - Allison, Natalie - Allison, and James - Allison. By a vote of 6-0, Allison has been evicted from the BB house.

Time for the HoH competition! Julie asked a series of true/false questions about the order recent events have happened in the BB house. If you answer incorrectly, you are eliminated. The last HG standing would win. 1st out - James and Natalie. 2nd out - Chelsia, Matt, and Sheila. 3rd out - Adam. Ryan wins HoH!

Time for an America's Choice! Which previously-evicted HG would you like to see return to the house? Anyone except Neil may be chosen. Get voting America!

Who will Ryan nominate? Find out Sunday!

3/5 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-5:00 PM

Josh got out of bed at around 3:40 AM. He seemed nervous and waiting for the siren to sound. After about 40 minutes of pacing the house, he returned to bed. BB woke the HG up this morning at around 8:00 AM. Chelsia/James told Sheila that they will be voting to keep her tonight. Allison seems to know that she will be evicted tonight, so she had a lot of attitude this morning and got on everyone's nerves. Matt told Allison that she is being evicted because she cannot keep her mouth shut.

Allison still has some hope that the siren will save her this week. Ryan doesn't think so, and he bickered with Allison some more, saying that she is the reason they will be evicted this week. Allison thinks that they would have gotten Chelsia/James' vote had they aligned with them immediately following the nominations ceremony this week. Allison says that if they do return to the house, they need to be more united as a team. Ryan still trusts Matt/Natalie, but Allison believes that they are the reason for their eviction.

Allison told Ryan and Sheila that she is a professional gambler and has won thousands of dollars off it. She told Sheila that she will be the only one she trusts if she returns to the house. Other than that, there has been a lot of speculating about the future of the game, especially with regards to the siren. Speaking of which, don't forget about the show tonight, which starts shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the eviction and HoH competition. As always, I will have the recap up following it!

3/4-5 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Allison overheard Chelsia tell Sheila that she would let her "borrow" something to wear for the show tomorrow, so she is sure that Chelsia is voting Allison/Ryan out. She told Matt this, and Matt told her that he would be voting Adam/Sheila out. Allison believes that even if she is evicted, then she will be returning to the house. Allison also thinks that the eviction might not happen this week because presidential debates are blocking out TV. Allison and Sheila are upset that the voting couples are not revealing who they are voting out. Natalie says that she doesn't want drama tonight, which is why she is keeping quiet.

Sheila thinks that when the siren sounds, something will happen that will tear the couples apart, hence the "Til Death do You Part" name of the game. Allison still thinks that Matt will vote Adam/Sheila out, so she wants him to tell Chelsia/James so they can do the same. Matt doesn't care how Chelsia/James vote because he is targeting them next week. Allison still pressed him on his vote, so he started to argue with her. He told her that she is getting herself evicted by continuing to annoy HG about their vote.

Joshuah is very worried about the siren going off tonight. He thinks the eviction will go as planned this week, but he is worried about another couple returning to the house. BB took the spy TV remote out of the HoH bedroom, which also freaked Joshuah out. Natalie made quite a few notes about the game on a napkin using nail polish. She showed this to Matt, and the two studied for a while. Sharon accidentally broke the picture of her and Jacob she received this week. She seemed freaked out by it, since she broke that one of all the ones she received. James has just gone to bed, and all HG are still asleep as I post this.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/4 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Matt/Natalie from eviction? Let's find out!

Matt was not happy about being nominated again. Joshuah's target this week is solely Allison. Allison isn't surprised about being nominated. Chelsia and Ryan think the whole house is against Allison/Ryan. Chelsia wants Matt/Natalie out because they are her biggest threat. Joshuah thinks that everyone in the house thinks that he is the "hothead" of the house. Adam was thrilled to avoid nomination this week. Matt doesn't like how Natalie has gotten so much more attached to him after he kissed her. Allison claims that Matt/Natalie "owe" them since they convinced the house to vote Amanda/Alex out last week. Natalie hopes to win PoV and flip the game around.

Adam/Sheila were the fourth couple chosen to play PoV. James was selected to host. Couples were positioned in a pulley system. One member would run out and grab pieces to a puzzle while hoisting their partern in the air to position the pieces. Once a couple solved their puzzle correctly, they would win PoV! Allison claimed that she was good with puzzles. Sheila doesn't think that her and Adam work together because Adam wants to do everything himself. Allison figured out the puzzle shape soon but had trouble positioning the pieces the way she wanted. Allison/Ryan and Matt/Natalie were neck-and-neck all the way to the end. Allison was very into the competition, but Matt/Natalie finished first, thus winning the PoV! Sheila knows that her/Adam will be nominated and is nervous. Chelsia was not happy about Matt/Natalie winning.

Allison apologized to Ryan for putting him in the situation they are in. Matt told Ryan that he would do anything he could to make Ryan stay this week. Matt tried to pep Allison up, saying that she can do anything in the game with her manipulating. Sheila doesn't like how Adam disagrees with her every time they play in a competition. Allison thinks that Adam just gets stressed out. James thinks that Adam/Sheila's bickering is funny. Matt talked to Sharon about his relationship with Natalie. He then felt the sudden urge to kiss her, and they both seemed to enjoy it. Matt claims that he is playing her though. Unfortunately for him, Sharon doesn't buy it. Joshuah walked in and laughed at them.

Matt tried to explain his feelings for Natalie to her. Natalie claims that Matt has been treating her worse than anyone else since they "hooked up." All Natalie wants is to talk to Matt, and Matt hasn't been realizing that. He promised to be nicer to her from here on out. Natalie still believes that Matt is her soulmate, and God put them both there for a reason. Allison tried again to see why Joshuah hates her so much. Joshuah claims that Allison has started too much drama in the house, but Allison says that Joshuah is starting more drama by hating her for no reason. The HouseGuests were informed that when they heard a certain sound (it is a sound from the BB7 "wake-up call" PoV competition), they are to gather in the living room for an announcement. They were all excited.

Joshuah is very nervous about the "siren." The HG continued to speculate about the twist. Matt called Allison "a self-destructing time bomb." Matt/Natalie decided to use the PoV to save themselves from eviction. Joshuah/Sharon nominated Adam/Sheila to replace them. Sheila really wants to stay in the house. Allison claims that she is a survivor and will try her hardest to stay this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

3/4 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-6:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 8:30 AM this morning. Natalie told Joshuah that her/Matalie are definitely voting Allison/Ryan out. The two voting couples had a chat about which couple is better to vote out, and they seemed to agree on Allison/Ryan. Sheila is convinced that more HouseGuests will be entering the house since she was informed the show would last until the end of April.

Other than that, there has been quite a bit of happiness in the house since this is the last full day of the week. Allison/Ryan seem to know that they will be evicted now, so they haven't been talking a whole lot of game today. Don't forget about the show tonight, which begins shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the PoV competition and ceremony. I'll have the recap up shortly after!

3/3-4 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

James called Matt out on telling both couples that he would keep them this week. Matt told him that is the way you play BB - trying to cover your tracks. He claims that he didn't want to talk to either couple about the vote, so he told them both he would vote for them. Chelsia then starts up and starts screaming at him for the same apparent reason. Matt told James that if James told Matt how he was voting, Matt wouldn't have to tell both couples that he is voting for him. James says that he refuses to tell anyone how he is voting. This upset Sheila, saying that the voting couples should tell everyone who they are voting for to stop the stress of the week. Chelsia claims that her/James aren't making deals without telling others about them. @@ Natalie then asks why she nominated her last week when they promised not to. Chelsia told her that she knows why, but Natalie still doesn't understand why they put her under the pressure of having to win PoV last week.

Matt told Adam and Ryan that he wants the vote to be unanimous this week, so he needs to talk to James before confirming who he is voting out. Joshuah really wants the vote to be tied so he can personally evict Allison. Natalie promised him that her/Matt will be voting Allison/Ryan out. Sheila thinks that Chelsia/James want to keep Allison/Ryan since they can beat them in the finals, so Matt/Natalie need to vote Allison/Ryan out and let the vote be tied.

James was the last one asleep tonight, just checking into bed as I post this. All HG are now currently asleep.

Monday, March 3, 2008

3/3 Live Feeds: 3:00-7:00 PM

Allison/Ryan think that they can convince Chelsia/James to vote to keep them by stressing how little Adam/Sheila have contributed to the game. Allison thinks that the "alarm" will keep them in the game and also thinks that they are America's favorite couple since they are the center of all the drama. Sheila is fed up with everyone not cleaning up after themselves in the house. James says that keeping Allison/Ryan would be a smart move since they have the worst chance at winning the game based on the couples remaining in the house.

Other than that, the HG have been chatting amongst themselves and speculating about the "alarm" twist. Sadly, the feeds don't look to be too much more exciting until after this week's live show.

3/3 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-3:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM this morning. Allison and Joshuah confronted each other again about Allison's lies. Nothing new was discussed, and nothing still has been resolved. Matt told Allison that both voting couples are planning to keep her this week. Allison claims that Chelsia/James won't, and Matt says that James has been avoiding him lately.

Other than that, little has happened so far today. The votes still don't seem to be in Allison/Ryan's favor, but anything can change over the next 48 hours. Hopefully the feeds liven up as we head into the evening.

3/2-3 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

James told Joshuah that even though Matt is planning to vote out Adam/Sheila, James will vote out Allison/Ryan, so he has nothing to worry about. Joshuah says that the best-case scenario for next week is Chelsia/James winning HoH. Allison is worried about Matt because he seems like he is playing both sides. Joshuah thinks that the siren will be some sort of competition to guarantee a couple immunity until the final two.

James told Allison/Ryan that Matt is planning on voting them out. Allison told Ryan that he needs to talk to Matt because Chelsia/James will vote the same way that Matt/Natalie do. Natalie overheard this and now thinks that some sort of alliance is going on between Allison/Ryan and Chelsia/James. She informs Joshuah/Sharon about this, but they don't care since they only need one vote to send Allison/Ryan out (Joshuah/Sharon will break the tie). Natalie is also grossed out by Allison and Chelsia making out.

The HG got alcohol, and Natalie got upset since she didn't get as much as everyone else. Chelsia told her that she didn't get as much because she's the smallest HG. This made Natalie even more upset. James told Matt that if he votes out Adam/Sheila, then he will break down Natalie. Matt told him that if he does anything to make her upset, he will fight him. James told him to, saying that would guarantee him a spot in the finals, since Matt/Natalie would be removed from the house if Matt did start a fight. Matt then apologized, saying that he would never hit James, even outside of the house.

Chelsia is afraid that the vote will be tied and she will be blamed for it. Natalie and Sheila agreed that if one of them wins HoH next week, then they will nominate Chelsia/James. Matt told Ryan that he no longer trusts James after what he said to him regarding Natalie. Adam was the last one asleep tonight shortly before 3:00 AM.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

3/2 Show Recap

Who will Joshuah/Sharon nominate? Let's find out!

Matt called Alex/Amanda's eviction bittersweet since he didn't want to see them go, but he was glad to stay. James was thrilled that "Operation Condor" was successful. It was revealed that Joshuah/Sharon were told just one hour before eviction to vote Alex/Amanda out. Sharon was very upset to see Alex/Amanda evicted. Joshuah was very offended about Allison lying about being a lesbian and then changing her vote about the eviction this week. He pumped Sharon up by telling her to beat Allison. Allison overheard, so Ryan pumped her up, telling her not to listen to them. Joshuah/Sharon were thrilled to win HoH. James was also happy because he trusts them totally. Allison was not too happy, especially since they rubbed it in everyone's face. Joshuah got in Allison's face, saying that he will make Allison's life Hell this week. Ryan thinks that Joshuah is psychotic because this is the second time he has exploded on someone. Allison told Matt that she is the reason he is still in the house. She then broke down, saying that everyone has been attacking her since the beginning. Ryan tried to comfort her, saying that Joshuah wants to break her down.

Allison blamed Matt and Ryan for not sticking up for her. Time to see Joshuah/Sharon's HoH bedroom! Sharon was thrilled to be able to strategize in private. Allison went to bed while everyone else saw the bedroom. Sharon was thrilled to see her family since she has never been away from them for this long. Unfortunately, BB gave her a picture of her and Jacob, which angered her. Joshuah received his "Princess of the Day" tiara from his job, which made Chelsia and Matt chuckle. Joshuah is still upset about Allison's lesbian lie. Sheila claims that she was just joking, but Allison was acting serious about it. Ryan could not make any sense about the lie. He confronted Allison about it, but she didn't care about it and claimed it was Sheila's idea.

Matt/Natalie finally kissed. Natalie is still confused as to why Matt doesn't like to spend time with her. Time for the food competition! Adam/Sheila do not want to be on slop for two weeks in a row. The males of the house dressed in overalls, while the females dressed in asparagus outfits. The males had to guess how much their female partner weighs by putting the respective amount of asparagus in a large basket. Each couple would be responsible for a food group. If a male guessed their partner's weight correctly, then the house would earn a certain food group for the week. Chelsia weighs 117, and James guessed 113, thus winning beverages and snacks. Sheila weighs 131, and Adam guessed 140, thus winning veggies and fruits. Natalie weighs 116, and Matt guessed 99, thus failing to win carbs and feasts. Allison weighs 120, and Ryan guessed 110, thus winning meats and cheese.

Natalie painted a picture of Joshuah with nail polish. Sheila thinks that Allison is hypocritical because she keeps trying to fight with Joshuah even when he has dropped the situation. Sharon told Joshuah to stop provoking Allison. She told him to gather everyone except Allison/Ryan in the HoH bedroom for a meeting. Joshuah announced that he will not talk to Allison anymore and wants her out this week. Everyone agreed and told him to nominate her instead of backdooring her. Matt doesn't want to be the pawn to get Allison out though. Allison wants to try and settle things with Joshuah. Joshuah told her that he is mainly mad at her for starting a lie about her being a lesbian. Allison had no idea that Joshuah would take that personally. Allison said that she would do whatever Joshuah/Sharon want if they keep her this week, but they seemed to be ignoring her.

Time for the nominations ceremony! Allison thinks that she will be nominated this week. Adam knows that Allison/Ryan are the target but is worried about being a pawn. Matt is also nervous because he is one of the better competitors in the game. James is also worried since being HoH last week made him a pretty big target. Joshuah wants to put an end to all the manipulating going on in the house. Order of keys: Adam/Sheila and Chelsia/James, leaving Allison/Ryan and Matt/Natalie nominated for eviction. Sharon feels that those are the two strongest couples in the house. Matt was upset about being nominated for the second week in a row. Ryan says that it is Allison's fault for his nomination. Allison wants to win PoV and turn Joshuah's plan around. Joshuah cannot wait to send Allison home this week.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Matt/Natalie from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

3/2 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

Sharon told Sheila that she isn't aligned with Chelsia/James because Allison thinks that she has Chelsia/James' vote. James says that if Matt/Natalie vote for Allison/Ryan to stay this week, then he will make their life Hell next week. Matt told Adam that he will vote to keep him this week. He says that one of them needs to win HoH next week so they can target the other two couples. Adam told Matt that if Allison/Ryan stay, then they will target him. Natalie told Sheila that if the vote is tied, then Chelsia/James voted for Allison/Ryan to stay.

James says that he doesn't trust Matt whatsoever. Allison told Chelsia/James that she only needs their vote because she thinks Matt/Natalie will vote for her to stay. James doesn't think so and doesn't want to be the only couple voting for them. Allison tried to use the "nobody will vote for me in the end" approach, but they still didn't budge. Don't forget about the show tonight, which begins shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the food competition and Joshuah/Sharon's nominations. Expect a show recap from me shortly after.

3/2 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

After being blocked for about 40 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Matt/Natalie did use the PoV to save themselves, with Joshuah/Sharon nominating Adam/Sheila as the replacement. I'll let you know if anything changes!

3/2 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 9:20 AM this morning. Joshuah/Sharon agree to nominate Adam/Sheila today. Sharon told Joshuah about Matt possibly having a secret alliance with Allison, so she doesn't trust Matt anymore. Chelsia assured Sheila that just because she made out with Allison, she will not vote to keep Allison.

Allison and Sheila fought again. Sheila thinks that Allison is desperate since she is making out with other HG for votes. Allison claims that she has kissed Chelsia/James before and hasn't just started to do so for votes. Adam told Sheila that they need to stay calm so they don't become the target. Allison/Ryan still think that Chelsia/James will be nominated. Ryan thinks they are screwed because Adam/Sheila will surely vote against them this week. Ryan got mad at Allison for fighting with Sheila again.

Chelsia assured Joshuah that she/James are still with him and will vote Allison/Ryan out. Allison and Sheila attempted to work things out again, and they seem to be civil with each other for now. The feeds have been blocked since 12:30 PM for the PoV Ceremony. I'll have the scoop once they return!