Monday, March 3, 2008

3/2-3 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

James told Joshuah that even though Matt is planning to vote out Adam/Sheila, James will vote out Allison/Ryan, so he has nothing to worry about. Joshuah says that the best-case scenario for next week is Chelsia/James winning HoH. Allison is worried about Matt because he seems like he is playing both sides. Joshuah thinks that the siren will be some sort of competition to guarantee a couple immunity until the final two.

James told Allison/Ryan that Matt is planning on voting them out. Allison told Ryan that he needs to talk to Matt because Chelsia/James will vote the same way that Matt/Natalie do. Natalie overheard this and now thinks that some sort of alliance is going on between Allison/Ryan and Chelsia/James. She informs Joshuah/Sharon about this, but they don't care since they only need one vote to send Allison/Ryan out (Joshuah/Sharon will break the tie). Natalie is also grossed out by Allison and Chelsia making out.

The HG got alcohol, and Natalie got upset since she didn't get as much as everyone else. Chelsia told her that she didn't get as much because she's the smallest HG. This made Natalie even more upset. James told Matt that if he votes out Adam/Sheila, then he will break down Natalie. Matt told him that if he does anything to make her upset, he will fight him. James told him to, saying that would guarantee him a spot in the finals, since Matt/Natalie would be removed from the house if Matt did start a fight. Matt then apologized, saying that he would never hit James, even outside of the house.

Chelsia is afraid that the vote will be tied and she will be blamed for it. Natalie and Sheila agreed that if one of them wins HoH next week, then they will nominate Chelsia/James. Matt told Ryan that he no longer trusts James after what he said to him regarding Natalie. Adam was the last one asleep tonight shortly before 3:00 AM.

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