Saturday, February 2, 2008

Big Brother 9 Houseguests

It is speculated that the Big Brother 9 Houseguest's names will be released on Monday, February 4th. Perhaps it will be on the early show, like seasons past, or it could just be in a press release. House photos and the website should be up soon. Houseguests should be going into sequester soon. They should enter the house next Saturday, with the show being brodcasted on Tuesday at 8pm of course.

Stay tune for more information!

BBTalk's Survivor: Pigeon Island

Big Brother Talk: Survivor is back for another season! After a successful premiere season, BBTalk's online version of Survivor is back for a second season! In season one, Survivor: Bonaire, Abbie thought he was out of the game when he was voted out prior to the jury rounds. However, in a surprise twist, he returned to the game and managed to win in the end! Do you want your chance to play? If so head over to Pigeon Island and apply! Applications will be accepted until February 23. The site is If you would like to check out the first season, go to