Tuesday, December 4, 2007


And CBS announced it will run "Big Brother" three nights a week starting in February. Yes, that's right, the Mensas-in-a-house competition series originally developed as mind-numbing summer fare has been upgraded to ratings-sweeps programming in the teeth of the writers' strike.

"Big Brother" will replace "The Amazing Race," which will have wrapped another edition; "Kid Nation," which also will have concluded its first, and if there's a God in heaven its last, edition; "The Unit," which does not repeat well; and "Cane," which would not repeat well because it's not doing well in its initial telecasts.

CBS will debut its new comedy "The Captain" on Mondays in late January, replacing its most promising new comedy in a while, "The Big Bang Theory," which, sadly, ran out of episodes, and CBS will by late next month have repeated most of them. Plus "The New Adventures of Old Christine" will return to replace "Rules of Engagement," which is an act of mercy or we don't know what is.

And, saving the best for last, "Jericho" nutcases, um, fans -- it's back! Tuesdays at 10, starting Feb. 12. Get your blogs ready!