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8/25 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Like I said, Eric has won the PoV! Will Jessica have Eric use the PoV this week so another HG can be backdoored or will the nominations remain the same? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Daniele is upset because she wanted to win her 4th PoV. Jameka felt like this was her week to win the PoV. Apparently, the competition was similar to the doll one where James and Janelle had a fight last year. Daniele said that Zach was very close to winning. Jameka says that she was close to winning as well. Apparently, it rained at the house today, which amazed Jameka. Amber complained to Jameka and Daniele about coming in 2nd place again during the PoV competition.

Jessica said that she was happy Eric won PoV so that the nominations will remain the same this week. Jessica says that Eric could change his mind so someone could be backdoored though. Jessica says that Zach will be sucking up to Eric since he won PoV. Jameka points out that Zach did pick him to play.
That does it for the afternoon! The HG spent much of the afternoon sleeping since BB woke them up before 9:00 AM today. As of now, Eric doesn't seem to want to use the PoV, but who knows what could happen in the next two days!
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Veto Winner

The feeds have returned and the winner of the PoV is Eric. Will America be able to tell Eric what to do with veto? It seems as of now nominations will stand- I guess we will see soon!

8/25 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

The PoV competition is just hours away! How will the HG plan for possibly the most important competition thus far? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Nobody awoke before the 8:50 AM BB wake-up call. The feeds were blocked for over an hour while BB tried to blare music and the like to wake the sleepy HG up. Eric and Jessica agree that it probably isn't a good idea to tell anyone that they were up until almost 8:00 AM. Jessica will try to pretend like she isn't tired. Everyone seems to think that the PoV competition will be an endurance one.

Amber hopes that Jessica is trying to backdoor someone this week and that she isn't the target. She says that she has to trust God, and things will work out. Amber tells Jameka that if she (Jameka) wins PoV, she doesn't know if she should use it because that would put a target on her back. Amber says that Eric is making the decision for Jessica this week.
That pretty much does it for the morning! The feeds have been blocked since about 12:20 PM for the PoV competition and will probably stay that way for the next few hours or so. I'll have the scoop as soon as the feeds return!

Power of Veto Announcement

The Power of Veto players have been announced. Players are Jessica, Amber, Zach, Daniele, Eric and Jameka! Dick will be the host I assume. We now have feed block for the PoV Competition. I will post once we know who won!

8/24-25 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was another long night for the HG despite a big PoV competition upcoming. How will the HG strategize for today's PoV competition? Here's the late-night events from inside the BB house!

Dick told Jameka that she was the "queen of the mhm." He said that she could go an entire day with just saying "mhm." Jameka didn't realize that she said it that much. Eric told everyone not to pick him to play for PoV tomorrow so that he could set a BB record by never getting selected to play a PoV competition until the final six. Daniele thinks the PoV competition will involve speed and maybe puzzles because they haven't done one like that yet. Daniele feels bad for Kail because she's probably losing her job as "mayor" because of BB and agrees that she won't be able to do any more reality shows. Dick points out that Jen could get her on Wheel of Fortune because of her connections with Vanna White though!

Jessica told Dick that she doesn't care who is evicted this week. Dick says that Zach will start freaking out about the vote if he doesn't win PoV this week. Dick says that he will tell him that he is voting how Jessica wants this week to keep Zach from taunting Dick about his vote. Dick goes on about how he got mad at Zach for acting like he was the reason Dick wasn't evicted two weeks ago. Jessica wants the nominations to stay the same, and Dick thinks that they will. Jessica doesn't know what she'll do if the vote is tied this week. Dick says that Zach will be sucking up to Jessica all week. Jessica says that Jameka was nervous that she was going to be nominated.

Zach was irritated that he had to talk to Jessica in front of Eric earlier. Zach thinks that Jessica is trying to backdoor Daniele or Dick this week and is confident that he is not the target. He feels that Jessica is his friend and doesn't have any deals with Daniele or Dick. Zach really doesn't want Daniele or Dick to win PoV and says that he will try to win it. Jessica says that Zach has a chance of staying if the vote is tied. Zach isn't happy about being nominated but agrees that it was a safe move for Jessica this week. He says that he will vote how Jessica wants this week if he is saved with the PoV. He continues to push for Daniele or Dick to be backdoored this week. Jessica apologized to Zach for nominating him. Zach says that it would suck if he was evicted before Amber. Zach hopes that he isn't evicted this week, and Jessica doesn't think he will be because nobody wants to be sitting next to Amber in the finals. Zach tells Jessica that she has a great chance to take out a strong player this week, and Jessica agrees.

Amber spent much of the night crying because of her recent nomination. Eric said it sucks that she is nominated again and says that Jessica was crying after the ceremony as well. He doesn't want to bother her if she wants to be alone and tells her to kick ass in the PoV competition. Eric says that Zach made a critical error in the game by waiting until the jury rounds before finally starting to talk to people. Amber says that if she is the one evicted, she is okay with that, but agrees that there are bigger threats in the house than her. Eric says that everyone can be perceived as a threat in different ways. Eric doesn't know who the house wants out this week.

Amber and Jameka also spent much of the night praying, crying, and the like. Jameka started crying after listening to a Carrie Underwood song from the CD that Jessica received when she got her HoH bedroom. Jessica tells Jameka that the game has become much harder than she thought it would be. They say that people are crazy for thinking that they wouldn't form friendships while being in the house. Jessica tells Jameka that Zach wants Eric to play PoV this week. Jameka wants to play if she can as well. Jessica tells Jameka that she will pick her if she draws a HG choice ball.

Daniele and Dick want to evict Jessica before Eric because people like Jessica, and Eric has rubbed some of the HG the wrong way. Dick wants to stick with their final four agreement with Eric and Jessica. Daniele wonders if Jameka and Jessica have a deal, but Dick just thinks that they like each other. Daniele will be mad if she doesn't get to play for PoV, but Dick thinks that she will. Daniele and Dick start discussing names for their alliance with Eric and Jessica, and Daniele says that her and Jessica are the ABA, Anti-Brunette Alliance.

Eric and Jessica had a very long private conversation. Eric says Jameka is freaking out about possibly being nominated if the PoV is used. They then start to talk/trash other house guests. Eric talks about how Amber compliments herself all the time and how Daniele was annoyed by it. Eric then switches the conversation to his girlfriend, he says there is no truth to it and his feelings to Jessica are 100% true. Jessica then says what she thinks about Eric ( This was VERY awkward. Finally the conversation switched to game related talk. If they win PoV tomorrow they will not use it but if one of the nominees wins it should they put up Jameka or Daniele or Dick? Eric says the could nominate Daniele or Dick and save them or put Jameka up and the other nominee would go home. It is all up in the air at this point. Finally after hours of conversing the go to bed. They were last to bed at 7:30 AM BB Time

All house guests are asleep as I post. There should be a wake up call around 10 or 11 BB time, so 1 to two hours. I will update when more occurs!

Ps How do you like the pictures?

Friday, August 24, 2007

8/24 Live Feeds: 6:00PM- 9:00PM

Oh BB, stir it up a little bit, please……Here is the “interesting” tid-bits from the past 3 hours in the Big Brother House

Feeds returned at about 7PM BB Time; As I stated earlier, Amber and Zach have been nominated for eviction. Amber went to her bed pulled out The Bible and began reading. Zach decided to work out and the rest went up to the HoH Room and talked

Daniele thought Zach would cry about being nominated. Jessica thinks Zach will hate her forever and thinks he will hold a grudge against her in the game. Jess then talks with Zach and he says he is fine and is over it.

Eric and Jess talk. Eric thinks they need to talk with Dick and Daniele and reassure them that the final 4 deal is still on. Eric is confident they can beat Dick and Daniele in the final 4 but not the others. Jessica seems to agree. Eric wants to have a 1 on 1 date with Jessica in the HoH room sometime this week… Eric brings up his girlfriend saying its up in the air and Jess says it’s no big deal.

Besides that everything else is boring chit chat about non-game related stuff! Just a note to readers- starting tomorrow I am going to try using more pictures in some updates. I am going to try it out and see how it works! Look for that tomorrow!

8/24 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds have just returned after being blocked for almost an hour, and it seems evident that Amber and Zach have been nominated. I'll keep you posted if I see otherwise!

8/24 Live Feeds: 3:00-6:00 PM

With the nominations ceremony only a few hours away, will Jessica make a clear decision? How will the HG further try to sway her decision? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Zach thinks that either Daniele and Dick or Amber should be nominated. Zach told Jessica that she can trust him this week. He says that he will do whatever she wants him to do just like he did two weeks ago. He says that he has gotten close with the other HG, and they can use that to their advantage. He wants Eric and Jessica to ditch Daniele and Dick and team up with him. Zach tries to convince them that if they continue to keep Daniele and Dick in the game, then they will have a better shot at making the finals. Zach says that HG who win competitions are dangerous and points out how Jessica has already won two HoH's. Zach says that he isn't afraid of Dick, especially since he stood up to him when they were fighting about Jen leaving last week. Eric says that they won't be able to backdoor anyone after this week because then everyone plays for PoV. Zach says that he is scared of Eric because he knows so much about the game.

Daniele says that Zach sucked up to Jessica today. Dick is sick of Zach. Daniele is nervous about nominations today. She is worried that HG will try to make deals with Eric and Jessica so her and Dick get nominated this week. Dick isn't worried about it because Eric would have evicted him two weeks ago if he wanted him out. Jessica told Daniele and Dick that she would be nominating Zach today. Eric didn't like how Zach told him and Jessica that they were threats and hates how he always sucks up to whoever the new HoH is. Daniele doesn't care who is evicted between Amber and Zach. Jessica doesn't think that either of them would win the PoV. Eric says that whoever doesn't go this week should go next week. Daniele says that Zach told her that he would have nominated Amber and Jameka if he won HoH.

Amber told Jessica that she wouldn't be upset with her if she was nominated today. She will vote however Jessica wants her to if she isn't nominated though. Amber doesn't want to be backdoored and asks to be nominated if Jessica wants her out so that she can have a chance at winning PoV.

Daniele says that Jameka thinks that she is going to be nominated today, so she has been sucking up to Jessica as well. Daniele thinks that Zach will be upset with Jessica when she nominates him, but he shouldn't be since he hasn't been nominated yet. Dick thinks that it may be good if Amber of Zach were saved with the PoV this week. Daniele says that Zach will bug her to use it on him if she won PoV. Daniele and Dick agree that they need to win HoH next week and especially during the final four week. Daniele would rather see Amber go this week over Zach. Daniele wants to evict Jameka next week, then Zach the following week. She agrees that Jameka is a stronger threat than both Amber and Zach.

The feeds have just been blocked for the nominations ceremony. Expect them to return in about an hour with the results. I'll have another update as soon as I know who is nominated! (Expect it to be Amber and Zach though.)

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8/24 Live Feeds: 3:00AM- 3:00PM

What kind of day will we have in the Big Brother House? Lets find out!

Eric and Jessica were the lasts ones asleep after lots of chatter. They went to bed at around 3:30AM BB Time. Dick arose at 6:30 and sat by himself laughing saying he is so happy Jen is gone he cannot go back to sleep. Dick finally goes back to bed

The houseguests were finally awoken at 9:30AM and must have been told there would be a competition in 3 hours. There was a lot of general chit-chat with ABSOLUTELY no game talk. They talked about sushi, the memory wall, why people say "bless you", and skipping school/ school experiences. Interesting, right?

We got trivia at 12:30 for the competition which lasted one hour. It seems it was a LUXURY competition with the boys vs girls- as for the competition- no details have been spilled. When feeds returned the girls were trying on clothes which they must of earned in the luxury competition.

Zach asked Jessica if they could talk for a few. Jessica said sure but talked to Eric about things first. The discussed nominations and it sounds like Amber/Zach are still front runners. Eric warns Jessica how Zach will react when he is nominated. Zach then comes up and gives his "plea". He says he will throw, PoV, vote the way they wants, and not put them up if he wins HoH. Zach continues with saying they should get a big threat out like Daniele or Dick. Zach continues on and it becomes very repetitive. Zach says he doesn't know how the jury will percieve him.

Thats about it. Expect nominations very soon. I will post who is nominated once all is known!

8/23-24 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

With Jessica in power, who will she decide to nominate this week? How will the HG strategize in order to remain safe this week? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Eric said that Jen's speech was rude because it wasn't BB's fault that she broke the rules. Amber told Jameka that she told God to give Jessica the HoH instead of her this week. @@ She thinks that Jessica will nominate Daniele and Dick. Amber says that she could save Daniele with the PoV to cancel out their deal where Amber couldn't nominate Daniele if she won HoH. Amber thinks that Jessica may nominate her and Dick. Jameka says that she would save Amber with the PoV, so both of them would be safe in that case. Amber hopes that next week's HoH competition is endurance because she could have a chance to win since Jessica isn't playing. Amber and Jameka thanked God for not letting Daniele or Dick win HoH.

Jessica asked Amber about what Jen wanted to tell her after Eric left the house. Amber says that Jen told her to warn Jessica about Eric. She says that he does have a real-life girlfriend. Amber and Jessica don't believe her because Eric would have told Jessica if he had a girlfriend.

Daniele complained to Jameka about Dick again. She says that Dick says things to her that she wouldn't even say to her worst enemy. Jameka says that Dick has the right intentions, but he comes off abrasive because that is how he is. Daniele wants to discuss her and Dick's relationship but doesn't feel they should in the BB house. Daniele then goes on about how their relationship problems aren't her fault, but that is how Dick is making her feel. Daniele says that she doesn't get along with her brother because he is exactly like Dick. Jameka says that she has some of the same problems with her father, so she can relate to Daniele's situation.

Jessica received her HoH bedroom. She got pretty much some of the same stuff, in addition to a shirt that said "Boo-yah!" on it. She also got some feather boas, which Jameka had never seen before. Dick and Jessica talked about who to nominate this week, and they consistently referenced Amber and Zach. Dick left, and Jameka tried to influence Jessica to nominate Daniele and Dick. Jessica would rather see Daniele go over Dick but doesn't know how to make that work. Jameka says that Zach isn't a threat, and she has her, Amber, and Eric on her side this week. Jessica told Jameka that she wouldn't nominate her, and she is leaning toward nominating Dick and Zach.

Amber tells Eric that Jen told her that Eric's friends would kill him if he ever tried to talk to Amber. She then talks about what Jen told her to do regarding his girlfriend. Eric is nervous that Jessica is mad at her because of it. Eric says that his girlfriend cheated on him, but he didn't retaliate to it, so he has been waiting around for her for over a year. Eric says that Jessica told him that she would be hurt if he received a picture of his girlfriend when he wins HoH. Amber thinks that Eric and Jessica now have feelings for each other. Amber says that Jen told her not to trust him since he evicted Dustin two weeks ago. Amber also says that Jen told her that Daniele and Dick told Jen to get info from Jessica when she (Jessica) is HoH next.

It looks like America chose Amber for Eric to get nominated again. He told Jessica that he would love to see Amber and Zach nominated, but definitely Amber. He says that Amber and Zach are least useful and the least close to Jessica in the house. Jessica says that she is not nominating Jameka as a pawn. Eric congratulated Jessica for beginning to dominate the game. Jessica suggests nominating Dick, but Eric doesn't think that they should go against them, especially since they could both win against them if they were in the finals with one of them. Eric says that he doesn't have a chance to win, but Jessica does. Jessica decides that she will nominate Amber and Zach and wonders what to say to them before nominations tomorrow. Eric says that America thinks their alliance with Daniele and Dick is the best of all time. Eric tells Jessica that he lost his virginity when he was 20. Eric doesn't think Daniele would nominate them if she won HoH next week.

That does it for the evening! It looks like Amber and Zach will be nominated today, but I'll have the word for sure following nominations tonight!

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8/23 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Jen called Daniele a liar for nominating her. Jameka was thrilled to see Jen nominated because she would probably be evicted this week. Daniele doesn't see Amber and Jameka as threats, and keeping Jen would be a bigger risk to her in the game. Jen told Dick that she would not vote for Daniele to win, and Dick said that she should try to focus on the game instead of being bitter. Daniele told Jen that she is her biggest threat because she wants Dick out of the house. Daniele tried to explain her case, but Jen really wasn't listening to her since she was still angry with her. Jen says that going to the jury house would kill her. Jameka doesn't understand why Jen is willing to walk out on the game just because she isn't going to win. Jen got mad at Dick for smoking near her again and proceded to start packing her stuff. Jen said that she was planning on eating even though she is on slop. Jameka told her not to, but Dick said that she didn't care what she does. Jen retreated inside, grabbed four cartons of cigarettes, and started destroying them. (This is why Jen hid her clothes.) Jen didn't care when Dick yelled at her for taking his cigarettes. In return, Dick found some of Jen's clothes and took it up to the HoH bedroom. Jen started to eat in front of Eric, Jameka, and Jessica. They started telling her to stop, but Jen wouldn't listen to them. Zach hates people who cheat or break the rules, which is what Jen has started to do. BB gave her a penalty vote for doing so. Dick started smoking in Jen's face again, which sent Jen into a tirade. She started fighting Dick over the cigarette and almost got burned a few times while doing so. Her and Dick exploded into an argument in which Jameka had to break up. It could have been much worse than it was, as they almost began to hit each other.

What happened during Amber and Daniele's trip? After taking a limo to the airport, they got to take a private jet to New York City! As for the Power of 10 game show, They each had a partner coaching them in the game. Nick came to help Daniele, and Amber's cousin came to help her. We can see them next Tuesday at 8:00 PM to see how they do! Time to talk with the HG! Amber says that the trip was good for her to clear her head and to get re-focused on the game. Daniele says that the trip allowed her to get some of her sanity back. Jen says that she broke her food restriction because she was mad at BB. Julie said that Eric had some serious explaining to do...regarding his dressing up as Jessica! Eric looked very nervous beforehand!

Time to talk with Daniele! Daniele says that she would love to sit next to Dick in the finals because she would probably win. (I missed the first minute of this segment because of the damn commercials!) Time for the live voting! Jen told the HG that she has always been positive and will be just as happy to leave as she was to enter the house. Jameka is honored and happy to still be in the game and hopes that people will keep her in the game because of her honesty. Jen already has a penalty vote, but here are the other votes: Amber - Jen, Dick - Jen, Eric - Jen, Zach - Jen, and Jessica - Jen. By a unanimous vote (first one!), Jen has been evicted from the BB house.

The HG celebrated following Jen's eviction. Julie congratulated Jen on being so compelling and different from the usual HG. Jen says that she is usually positive, but she acted a little different being under the circumstances of living in the house. Jen thinks that Dick's hurtful ways are inappropriate even if it is strategy. The HG mainly told Jen that she was competitive and apologized for her being evicted this way in their goodbye messages. Uh-oh, Jen gets to help in the HoH competition! This should be interesting.

Time for the HoH competition! Time to play "Tanks for the Memories!" This competition involved questions about previously evicted HG. A correct answer would keep you in the competition. An incorrect answer would send you plunging into the water tank below courtesy of Jen. Order of ousting: Eric, Amber, Zach, and Dick, making Jessica the new HoH!

Who will Jessica nominate? Find out Sunday!

8/23 Live Feeds: 3:00AM- 5:00PM

Well, I know most of you want a report of today's "news" but I hate to tell you there is very little considering Jen is most definately going for her actions this week. Here is a bulleted list of todays......highlights.

  • Amber and Jameka were last ones awake. They went to bed around 5:30AM BB time.
  • Amber and Jameka discussed who Amber should nominate should she win HoH. I believe they were eluding to a Jessica/Eric nomination with a preferred Jessica eviction
  • There was A LOT of general chit- chat
  • Jessica was first awake at 7:15AM BB time.
  • Everyone slowly arose with nothing going on
  • Eric and Jessica had a little conversation. Eric said if either of them win HoH they should nominate Zach/Amber with Jameka as the potential replacement.
  • They had an extremely long lockdown for no apparant reason

Thats about it. Feeds have been blocked since 2PM BB Time. Watch for a full recap of the live show following it, here on the east coast. Come join us in the chat room during the live show for updates such as evictee, HoH winner etc!

8/22-23 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Before my next update, it has come to attention that some want to know about Eric's current winnings. According to the CBS website, Eric has won $20,000, so I'm assuming that is correct. Here are the events from last night from inside the BB house!

The HG were put on an extended indoor lockdown, and they spent much of the evening wondering why. Jen thinks that BB could be throwing a party for her. She then says that something is happening to keep her in the game because the ratings would go down if she were to be evicted. @@ Soon after, BB let the HG return outside.

Amber asked Dick and Zach if they had jacked off since being in the house. They both say no, and Amber said Dustin did it three times. Jameka and Zach said he did it more than that, and Dick was a little distrubed that both of them knew that. Jameka asks Jen if she ever aligned with Daniele and Dick, and Jen claimed that she turned them down twice, both when Kail was still in the house. Jen thinks they wanted to align with her because they knew they could beat her in the end.

It seems obvious that Jen has caught on to something revolving AP. She said once again that America has probably gotten more involved in the game this season, during which Eric left the conversation. Jen then asked if he was afraid of her, and he said that he just wanted to get out of the pool. Dick is confused as to why Jen thinks all this random info. Dick thinks that Jen is America's favorite HG. (She's actually 2nd in popularity, right after Dick.)

Daniele and Dick argued about Daniele making a deal with Amber and not telling Dick about it. Dick says that he can't believe that Daniele won't tell him when she makes deals with other HG after he saved her last week. He calls her selfish, and Daniele tells him to leave. Dick says that Daniele has no relationship with her parents, grandfather, or brother, even though they all love her very much. Daniele doesn't want to hear any bit of it and tells Dick to leave again.

Dick tells Jameka that he is hoping for a double eviction this week to speed the game along. Jameka asks if he is ready to return to his normal life, and Dick says no and that he has enjoyed his time in here. He says that Jen being nominated this week is the best moment in the game thus far. Dick thinks that Jen is finally realizing that she will be evicted tomorrow, but Jameka isn't so sure. Jameka asked Daniele if she was nervous about the eviction, and Daniele is confident that Jen will be leaving because of her actions this week. Daniele is amazed that Jameka isn't mad at Jen for what she did this week. Dick later tries to apologize to Daniele, but she basically refuses to listen to him and doesn't reply to anything he says.

Amber is sick of everyone liking Jessica when she doesn't do anything around the house (cooking, cleaning, and the like). Daniele tells Amber about her latest fight with Dick, and Amber tries to console Daniele, giving her advice about the situation. Amber says that Eric freaks her out because he is such a good game player. Amber and Daniele agree that Jen is proud of what she did in the PoV competition two weeks ago, even though she is going against it this week. Amber and Daniele both think that tomorrow's HoH competition will be another trivia one. Daniele asks Amber if she would team up with her in the next food competition, and Amber says that she would. Daniele can't believe that she has been on the losing team for every food competition.

That does it for the evening! Everything looks to have remained the same regarding the vote. Expect a lot of feed block today in preparation for tonight's live show!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

8/22 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

It was another exciting afternoon in the BB house! With only one day left to strategize, will the HG stick with their decision to evict Jen this week? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Daniele and Jessica have a feeling that Jessica will win HoH next week. Eric is confident that he will win it though. Eric says that if the competition is endurance, he won't be able to win though. Jessica says that it would come down to her and Dick if it is an endurance competition. They don't think Amber or Zach would do very good at endurance, but Jessica thinks that Zach could do well in a "hold the button" type of competition.

Daniele received her HoH camera and spent much of the afternoon taking pictures with it. Jen asked Daniele if she could get her clothes that Dick hid in her HoH bedroom. Daniele says that she told Dick how she doesn't want to be part of their arguments. Daniele says that she told Dick to take her clothes out of her room yesterday. Daniele doesn't think that they are still in there. Jen continued searching and found some of her clothes in the cabinet by the pool. Dick told Jen that if she touched anything of his again, that he would throw her stuff over the backyard wall. Jen went inside, and her bikini top later fell off. (I posted a video of it at the bottom for those of you who want to [almost] see Jen's boobs.) Jen says that she is still missing two trash bags full of clothes. Dick says that he will give the rest of her stuff back five minutes before the live show. and she's luck that he didn't damage any of it. The DR later told Dick that he had to return Jen's stuff back, much to his dismay.

Zach told Jen that he wasn't mad at her but doesn't like that she broke the rules. Jen complained about how the DR let Dick hide Jen's clothes, but they wouldn't let her destroy his cigarettes. Jen says again that she ate because she was mad at BB, not because she was nominated. Zach says that she should still go to the jury house because being on the jury is a very important aspect of the game. Zach says that she is selfish if she is going to back out of the game just because she didn't make the finals. He says that if she is really a true competitor, then she should prove it by going on the jury. Jen says that Daniele and Dick are the only two that have done anything in the game, and she complains about how Daniele is a liar since she backdoored her.

Zach says that Jen is getting comfortable in the house because she knows that she is leaving. Dick says that he and Nick both knew that they were leaving, but they didn't act like Jen. Zach then says that isn't true, but Dick storms back saying that he thought he would be evicted until last Wednesday night. They continued their argument over such a little thing! @@ Dick stormed out, saying that Zach was taking credit for Dick still being in the house when it was really Eric that was the deciding vote. Dick then returns a few minutes later and apologizes to Zach, saying that they saw the same situation in a different way. Dick says that he has been on edge ever since he had an another argument with Daniele last night.

That does it for the afternoon! In other news, "Power of 10" announced that Amber and Daniele would be on the show next Tuesday at 8:00 PM. Be sure to watch that!

Here is the Jen wardrobe malfunction:

8/22 Live Feeds: 1:00 AM-1:00 PM

What a busy morning it was for the HG! With Amber and Daniele returning to the house, how will they react about Jen's latest behavior? Here's the late-night and morning events from inside the BB house!

Jen is mad that she didn't vote Dick out last week. Jen tells Amber that Jessica told Jen that you can't be honest throughout the game if you want to win. Jen is mad because they had two chances to evict Dick, and they failed both times. Jen says that everyone is letting Daniele and Dick run the game. Jen tells Amber that she will say hi to Dustin for her if BB makes her go to the jury house. She says that she needs to speak with her agent before getting the OK to go though. @@ Jen starts to cry because she doesn't want her responsibilities in life to be affected by the game. She warns Amber to watch out for everyone in the house.

Jen starts to tell Amber info, like Daniele and Zach being aligned. Jen says that Daniele nominated her because she wouldn't work with Dick. Jen says that her, Amber, and Jameka are the most honest in the game. Jen also says to watch out for Eric and that Jessica is extremely fake. Jen says that Amber will be nominated again next week and that people are trying to Jameka out the week before she can play for HoH again. Jen tells Amber to get close with Zach.

Jessica doesn't think that Jen planned on hurting Jameka by eating this week. She thinks that Jen knew she was going home, so she ate because a penalty nomination wouldn't matter. Jessica doesn't understand why Jen has given up because she is such a competitor. Jameka doesn't understand why Jen is on the show if she doesn't need the money. Jessica says that Jen wants the competitiveness of the game, but she doesn't understand why she gave up so much in the PoV competition two weeks ago.

It looks like America voted to evict Jen because Eric promised Jameka his vote this week. Jameka says that she trusts him and Jessica. Eric thinks that Daniele and Dick are a bigger target than him and Jessica. Amber tells Jameka that she will nominate Dick and Eric if she wins HoH next week, but she would have to nominate Daniele if PoV is used, and that could be a problem since she promised Daniele safety next week. Amber says that Eric wants Amber and Jameka nominated again next week. Amber then decides that she will nominate Eric and Jessica with the intention of backdooring Dick if she wins HoH next week. Amber then says that Eric should be the next one to go. Amber doesn't know what to do now.

Jameka was the last one asleep at around 5:35 AM. Jen was the first one up today at around 10:55 AM. Dick awoke shortly after, but he was the only other HG up before the 11:30 AM BB wake-up call. Jen decided that she was going to swim 440 laps in the pool because that equals one mile. The other HG made fun of her for doing so. Eric hopes that she gets an ear infection from doing it. Amber and Jameka don't think that anyone will want to keep Jen after going back on her slop promise this week.

That does it for the last 12 hours! Nothing much has changed with the vote, and it still looks to be Jen evicted tomorrow. Good riddance I say - she's beginning to annoy me dearly.

8/21-22 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-1:00 AM

It was an exciting evening in the BB house! Will Amber and Daniele return from their trip today? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

According to Dick, Jen is allowed to play in next week's PoV if she stays this week. (This is why everyone wants her out again.) He agrees with that penalty but doesn't agree with her getting an extra vote this week. He doesn't understand what point that makes. Dick thinks that BB probably had to change Jen's punishment since they heard him and Zach talking about getting Jameka out this week. Dick told Zach that they will get Jen out this week and go after Amber and Jameka again next week.

Amber and Daniele returned from their trip at around 11:50 PM. The HG questioned them about their trip, but Amber and Daniele could only say that they went to New York. They said that they had to wear headphones and sunglasses while in the limo. Amber says that she found out that Michael Vick did something bad, but she doesn't know what. Eric informed them about Jen's actions, saying that she lit herself on fire, hid her clothing, stole and destroyed cigarettes, ate food, and has a penalty vote. Jen was trying to interrupt him, saying that BB will have to offer her a lot for staying in the jury house, and not just money. @@ Amber says that she was depresses on the way back because she didn't want to go back to the house.

Amber told Jen that she was rude for eating when she is on slop. Jen claims that she ate because she was mad at BB because they told her she couldn't destroy cigarettes when they told her she could at the beginning of the show. Eric and Dick say that she ate because she knew she was going this week. Jen is upset because she wanted to be in a luxury competition or America's Choice. She then goes on about how she didn't even know about the BB house before the show and how the producers BEGGED her to be on the show. @@ She told Jameka that she (Jameka) had an easy week this week. Jameka then went off to pray. Daniele told Jameka that she respects her so much for respecting the game and being the bigger person this week. Daniele thinks that Kail is pissed because of the way Jen has been acting.

Jen doesn't understand why Jameka is upset with her. Amber is yelling at Jen because Jameka saved her three weeks ago. Jen apologizes for eating and says that she didn't know people would care that she ate this week. Jessica told Jen to look at her situation as a compliment because Eric was backdoored too since he was a good competitor. Jen feels like everyone has been avoiding her this week, but Eric claims that he has always supported her in the house. Jen disagrees with him. She says that she didn't mean to hurt Jameka by eating and says that she has a problem with speaking before she thinks. Jen then goes on about how Daniele and Dick have tried to align with everyone, and Jameka says that they haven't approached her.

That's it for the evening! As for Jen's penalty, it seems that her PoV power is back on for next week, so everyone wants her out for sure this week. She has already received a penalty vote from BB, in case other HG try to flip the vote.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8/21 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Amber or Jameka? Let's find out!

Jameka doesn't know how Daniele can consider her a threat because she is nice to people. Amber is filled with rage and will fight to stay this week. Eric told Jameka that he thought he would be nominated, and Jameka felt that he was slapping her in the face by saying that. Daniele thinks that Jameka took her nomination harder than she should have. Jen cannot believe that the house has kept Daniele and Dick in the game twice now. Jen thinks that Daniele might be planning on backdooring someone again this week. Jessica isn't sure. Jessica likes guys that wrestle, and Eric was giving her some pointers on his old wrestling days. Zach thinks that Eric doesn't have game with the girls in the house, so he has been interrupting him whenever he tries to talk to Jessica alone. Amber is sick of Eric and Jessica. She thinks that Jessica is selfish and sneaky. Jameka says that the odds are against them this week. Amber says that Jameka is a pawn to get Amber out this week. She says that she had a vision that she would win PoV this week and still be there with Jameka next week. Amber says that she is done crying and will start to fight for herself in the game.

Time for the next AP task! America chose JESSICA for Eric to give the woobie to! Eric easily gave the stuffed animal to Jessica, and she thanked him for it. Eric used the task to become closer with Jessica, which he loved. Daniele seems like they have been in here forever. Zach says that he cannot even remember what Carol looks like. Daniele is sick of Dick being around, Amber and Jameka moping around, Jen's voice, and so on. Daniele and Zach can't believe that Jen is still here when everyone wanted her out first. Time to pick the PoV players! Daniele reveals that the top two finishers in the PoV competition would receive a mystery trip outside the BB house. Daniele picked Dick (HG choice), Amber picked Jessica (random), and Jameka picked Zach (random). Eric was furious that he was not chosen to play AGAIN. Daniele chose Eric to host the competition AGAIN. Amber says that her or Jameka have to win the PoV in order for them to be saved this week. Jameka says that this PoV competition will be harder because everyone wants to win the prize, and greed is a problem in the house.

Time for the PoV competition! The HG enter the backyard with six motorcycles in front of them. Welcome to the BB Speedway! The competition involved a series of questions regarding polls online viewers voted on. The HG who was the farthest away from the answer would be eliminated. There would be five questions. Question 1: What percentage of those polled think that Kail would be a good politician? The answer was 19%, and Dick was eliminated by guessing 78%. Question 2: What percentage of those polled think that life in the BB house is easy? The answer was 14%, and Zach was eliminated by guessing 62%. Question 3: What percentage of those polled think that Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe? The answer was 47%, and Jessica was eliminated by guessing 67%. Question 4: What percentage of those polled would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike? The answer was 70%, and Jameka was eliminated by guessing 87%. Question 5: What percentage of those polled said that Zach was the sexiest bunny in the house? The answer was 35%, and Daniele won the PoV with an answer of 46%!

Daniele wants to make a deal with Amber to take her off with the PoV if she would not nominate her or Dick if she won HoH next week. Amber is confused as to why she saw a vision of her winning PoV. Jameka told Amber to accept a deal with Daniele if she approaches her. Amber says that she would accept a one-week deal but not a final four deal. Daniele says that she would use the PoV on Amber if she kept her safe for one week if Amber won HoH next week. Amber went off on a tangent then by swearing on her daughter's life that she would keep Daniele in as long as she could if she used the PoV on her this week. @@ - After she just told Jameka that she wouldn't do any of that. Dick thinks that he, Daniele, Eric, and Jessica should be the final four. Dick wants to backdoor Jen this week, but Eric isn't sure about it. He would rather see Zach nominated this week, but he is willing to compromise for the sake of their alliance.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Jameka says that she knows Daniele has a plan since she has won both HoH and PoV this week. Amber says that she would love to come off the block and says that this week has been hard without Dustin, being on slop, and being nominated. Daniele says that there are major competitors in the house which she finds threatening. She decided to use the PoV to save Amber from eviction. Daniele nominated Jen in her place. Daniele says that Jen doesn't seem to want the money, so she doesn't want to see people in the game that don't want that opportunity. Jameka refuses to give up and hopes that something big will happen soon. Jen is sure that she will stay this week and vows to take down Daniele and Dick. Amber and Daniele get to be on the Power of 10 for their mystery trip! They were thrilled.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

8/21 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Just a note before the next update: Jen did burn herself with Dick's cigarette when she was fighting with him about it last night. I re-watched it again and saw what really happened. Thanks to everyone that brought that to my attention! Now, on to the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

BB had a meeting with the HG about Jen's actions this week. The feeds were blocked except for leaking a statement made by Eric saying that this is their show, and the last thing he would want to do would be to destroy the integrity of it. Jen is still going about eating, so it doesn't seem that any further action was taken on her. Dick says that the only difference the meeting brought was that Jen would be voted out 6-0 instead of 5-0 (seems like BB has given her a penalty vote this week). Jessica thinks that Jameka should eat this week as well, but Eric says that she won't lower herself to Jen's standards. Dick wonders why Jen is still in the house.

Jen told Eric, Jessica, and Zach that she won't be voting for any of them to win because Daniele and Dick played the game the best by playing all them. Eric stormed back at her, saying that nobody cares about what she has to say to them. Dick found another pack of his cigarettes and says that he will have to carry them around until Jen is evicted.

Zach told Jameka that he would vote to keep her this week. He says that he doesn't understand some of her choices in the game but cannot stand Jen acting like a cheater this week and breaking BB rules (going against her slop agreement). Zach goes on about how much longer they still have to go in the game. Jameka thanks Zach for his vote and says that she misses Amber and Daniele.

That does it for the afternoon! The HG spent much of the afternoon sleeping and talking amongst themselves. It looks like the vote has shifted back to Jen this week since Dick has said nothing about voting Jameka out today. Next up is tonight's show! Expect a show recap from me in about an hour!

8/20-21 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-1:00 PM

What an exciting night/morning! Jen breaks the rules and sends the whole house into a daze! Here's the late-night and morning events from inside the BB house!

Jen laughed about being penalty nominated next week. Jen asks Eric if someone has ever been penalty nominated before, and Eric says no. Jen is so proud of herself. @@ Dick went off on her again about how stupid she has been acting. Jen ignores him for the most part. Eric tells Jessica to ignore Jen as well. Dick wants everyone to make Jen's last week in the house miserable. Jameka is pretty upset about the whole thing because she thinks she might get voted out this week since Jen can easily go next week. Jessica disagrees with Jameka because she has her guaranteed votes already (her, Amber, and Eric).

Jameka asks Jen if she meant to be targeted next week by getting penalty nominated. Jen says that she didn't, but that is how Dick thinks. Jameka doesn't seem to believe her. Jen continued to eat throughout the night because BB never told her to stop. Jameka thinks it's ridiculous that Jen is still breaking the rules. Dick and Jameka agree that a penalty nomination will ruin the future HoH's strategy. Dick thinks that Jameka needs to complain to the DR about it.

Dick and Zach talked about the possibility of Jameka being evicted this week instead of Jen since Jen will be nominated again next week. Zach wishes that Daniele had saved Jameka now because neither Jameka nor Jen are threats to them. Dick and Zach seem okay with the idea of evicting Jameka instead this week. Dick says that they can evict Jen next week with no problem. Dick says that Jameka has made huge mistakes in the game, including giving up five HoH's as well as saving Jen two weeks ago. Dick says that Jameka will hate herself after this week. Dick says that Jameka has to go this week because they will have made the final six. Dick then says that they will throw the next HoH to Amber since Jen will be evicted anyway; therefore, Amber will be evicted the following week. Dick and Zach celebrate over the new plan.

Eric and Jessica talked about how Jen told them that Daniele told her (Jen) that Eric and Jessica had promised her (Daniele) that they would vote to evict Jen this week. They agree that Amber, Jameka, and Zach can't knows about that. Eric thinks that the penalties for Jen eating should be more severe since she will continue to eat for the rest of the week. Eric wants to see either Daniele or Dick evicted next week but not because of them. Jessica tells Jameka that the DR said that they would address Jen's punishments tomorrow.

Eric was the last one in bed last night at around 4:15 AM. Dick was the first one up today at around 9:05 AM. Jen was the only other HG that arose before the 11:05 AM BB wake-up call. Eric yelled at Jen for still eating. He is upset that she is breaking her agreement to eat slop for 30 days, so Jameka should be able to play in the HoH competitions she gave up. Jen doesn't reply to him.

That does it for the last 15 hours! Amber and Daniele left on their trip last night and have been gone ever since. BB still hasn't told the HG about Jen's punishment, so she has continued to be stubborn about eating. As things are, Jameka looks to be evicted this week since Jen has a very good chance of going next week. We'll see what happens!

8/20 Live Feeds: 6:00-10:00 PM

Jen has decided to turn the heat up for her last week in the house! Will Amber and Daniele ever get to go on their trip? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

The DR told Amber and Daniele that they would be leaving within the next 24 hours. Jen says that if she gets evicted, she doesn't want to be part of the jury so America would vote in her place. (She read this in the BB rule book.) She would also have to give up her stipend if she left the game. Jameka cannot believe that Jen is really considering that. Everyone is getting tired of Jen. Daniele says that she has hated her from the moment she first saw her. Amber then starts talking about how shocked she was when Dustin was evicted and that Daniele could have told her beforehand, which immediately shuts Daniele up.

Dick asked Zach if he made any deals with Jen, and Zach of course denied doing anything of the sort. Jen paraded around the house, claiming that she would start eating food and the like because she's leaving Thursday anyway. Jen packed all her stuff in trash bags and hid them around the house. Jen started destroying some of Dick's cigarettes, but BB stopped her before she could do any real damage. Dick wants BB to replace them right away since he is starting to run low on them. Dick then starts to find Jen's stuff, so he hides some of it in the HoH bedroom. BB reminded him not to destroy Jen's belongings but that he could hide them.

BB did replace the cigarettes Jen destroyed, and Jen cried about that. @@ She started eating food while complaining about BB some more. Dick went off on Jen for taking his cigarettes. He says that she will never get her clothes back that he took and that everyone can't wait to see her evicted. Dick started to smoke again, and Jen told him not to smoke in her face. He then burned her with his cigarette. Jen was then called to the DR and was told that she has received a penalty nomination for eating. If she stays this week, she will automatically be nominated again next week regardless of the PoV. Therefore, she continued to eat.

That does it for the evening! Jen knows that she will be evicted, so she is going out with a bang I suppose. Fine by me - it makes the feeds more interesting!

Monday, August 20, 2007

8/20 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Luckily, the outage didn't seem to affect the blog at all. Comments and views were still occurring, which is a good thing! Anyway, here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Jen warned Amber about not trusting Daniele since Daniele lied to Jen about having her back until the end. Jen says that she (Jen) wouldn't trust Dick, so that is why Daniele nominated her. Jen thinks that Daniele saved Amber so that Amber would feel like she has to owe Daniele. Jen regrets voting Dick to stay last week now. Amber hopes that the trip isn't awkward since she is going with Daniele. Jameka doesn't understand why, and Amber says it's because she is so much older than Daniele. Amber then goes on about a dream she had that she received a phone call, and Eric was still in the house.

Amber and Daniele were told that they would be leaving for their trip either today or tomorrow. They were asked to pack a bag of clothes and makeup, so it looks to be an overnight trip. Later, Daniele was informed that they would be spending the night somewhere tonight and to pack a hat, jacket, pajamas, and sunglasses. Jen became jealous of the two, but Daniele is nervous about it. Daniele started going on and on about what the DR told her regarding the trip, and BB yelled at her a number of times to stop talking about her DR sessions.

Dick told Eric and Jessica that Amber knew she would be saved with the PoV this week. Eric and Jessica seemed surprised by that because Amber acted like she didn't know what was going on this week. Eric asked if they made a deal, and Dick says that Daniele didn't tell him if they did or not.

Daniele told Jen that Jen's not wanting of the prize money caused her to be nominated this week. Daniele says it's good that Jen doesn't need money, but Daniele does because she can't even pay her bills right now. Daniele also nominated Jen because she would have nominated Dick had she won HoH this week. Jen doesn't understand why Daniele didn't inform her before the PoV ceremony about her nomination. Jen denies telling people that Daniele was aligned with Dick and Dustin. Jen says that Dick will end up playing for himself in the game and screwing Daniele over. Jen started to cry because she doesn't know why Daniele nominated her over Eric or Jessica. Daniele says that Dick would have been evicted had it not been for Eric, so she couldn't backstab him like that. Daniele says that she nominated Jen for strategic reasons because Jen was playing both sides from the beginning of the game. Jen asks Daniele if she knows how the votes will go, and Daniele says that she doesn't know. Jen is sad because she doesn't know if she will stay or go this week.

That does it for the afternoon! The vote still seems to be for Jen to be evicted on Thursday, even though I would love to see her stay to stir up the house. We'll see what happens!

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8/20 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

Like I said, Jen has replaced Amber as a nominee this week. How will the HG strategize with the new nominee now? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Last night, Daniele said that Jen would be mad at her for nominating her since she (Daniele) told her that she had Jen's back until the end. Dick asked her why she tells people stuff like that, and Daniele says that she was desperate last week since Dick would have been evicted. Dick says that Jen told several lies about other HG last week to save herself, so she cannot be trusted anymore.

America chose Jessica for Eric to give the woobie to. Eric said that his mother gave it to him before he left, so he is giving it to Jessica as a way to protect her from Zach. @@ Jessica says that she doesn't know what she would have done if Eric was evicted two weeks ago.

Dick and Jen were the last ones asleep at around 5:05 AM this morning. Amber was the first one up today at around 9:35 AM. She was the only HG awake before the 9:50 AM BB wake-up call. Amber and Jameka talked about possible replacement nominees, and they agree that Jen would probably be nominated. Jameka states that the GPA could reunite if Jen was nominated this week.

The feeds were only blocked for about 20 minutes before returning after the PoV ceremony. Dick was seen telling Jen that she kept saying she wasn't here for the money. Jen said that she wouldn't vote for either Daniele or Dick in the finals. Dick says that she will definitely be evicted if she continues to be bitter to them.

Eric wants to tell Jen that Zach is the deciding vote so that she will bother him all week. Daniele told Jameka to tell everyone that she isn't a threat because she can't win HoH for three more weeks. She warns her not to be arrogant though because that was Dustin's flaw. Daniele says to let Jen do the campaigning so people will want her out more. Daniele tells Jameka to let Jen think that she (Jameka) is nervous about the eviction so that Jen thinks she has a chance. Jameka thanked Daniele for her advice.

Amber tells Jameka that she will stay no matter what Eric does because she has Amber, Dick, and Jessica voting to evict Jen. Amber feels that it was God's plan to take five HoH's away from Jameka. Amber says that God will test her next week by letting her win HoH. @@ She doesn't know who she would nominate, and Jameka suggests herself and Zach. Amber doesn't want to do that, but Jameka says that she might have to if she doesn't want to nominate Daniele and Dick or Eric and Jessica. Amber says that she could nominate Jessica and Zach because they haven't been nominated yet. Amber still thinks that Daniele, Dick, Eric, and Jessica have a final four deal.

Jessica thinks that Amber is ecstatic about being safe this week. Dick says that Jameka should to, but Jessica claims that Jameka is nervous about the vote. Dick says that Jameka is an idiot if she is concerned because everyone in the house wants Jen out this week.

That does it for the morning! It seems pretty evident that Jen will be evicted on Thursday, but anything can happen in three days' time!

8/20 Live Feeds: POV Ceremony

After about 30 minutes of feed block feeds came back and it seems as expected Amber has been taken off and Jen has been put up. Jen just told Dick that she wont vote for Dick or Daniele in the finals.

Morning Update coming soon!

8/19-20 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-3:00 AM

The feeds became more exciting as the night went on last night. Will Daniele change her mind about her upcoming PoV ceremony decision? Here's the late-night events from inside the BB house!

Daniele had her birthday party! Daniele received a card from her friends Lindsey and Paul, a picture of Lindsey's new baby, and some other gifts. Daniele was upset that she didn't receive anything from her boyfriend though. Jessica thanked Daniele for inviting her to the party. Dick blew Daniele's cover by saying this would be her last "landmark" birthday for a while, which Jen picked up right away. Dick again asked Jessica about her feelings regarding Eric, and Jessica says that he is the closest person to her in the house. Dick also asks her to talk to Daniele because he knows she is upset about not receiving anything from Kris.

Jessica asked Eric if he was nervous about the PoV ceremony, and Eric said that he would be a fool not to be worried. Jessica says that he doesn't have anything to worry about. Eric thinks Daniele and Dick are trying to make a deal with Amber, which confuses him because he thought Jameka was the pawn, not Amber. Eric tells Jameka that if Amber is saved with the PoV, that she will be safe because she will have his, Amber's, and Jessica's vote. Eric thinks that he and Jessica are America's favorite HG.

Amber is glad that she made a deal with Daniele, but she knows that she would have been saved regardless. She thinks that Daniele will nominate Jen because Jen will nominate Daniele and Dick if she wins HoH next week. Amber says that whoever is nominated tomorrow will be evicted because nobody wants to evict Jameka. Jameka briefly spoke with Daniele and told her that she respects whatever decision she makes, although she would like to not remain nominated this week.

Zach tells Eric that he is playing both sides in the game. He claims that he can win against Dick in the finals but not against Daniele. Daniele said again that Jen will be furious after she is nominated tomorrow. Zach promised Daniele that he would vote to evict Jen this week. Daniele says that it will be obvious that Jen will be evicted because she will be nominated next to Jameka. Daniele says that Eric is a smart player, but Zach doesn't respect him because he talks too much.

The HG spent a good part of the night painting Eric's body with the water paint BB gave them. Other than that, the night was an overall calm one with a lot of small talk and the like. All HG still seem to be awake as I post this. As it looks, expect Amber to be saved and Jen to be nominated at the PoV ceremony later today!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

8/19 Live Feeds: 5:00PM- 8:00PM

Well the night is just getting started in the BB House, with Jen likely going up and Daniele's Birthday tomorrow will any deals be struck and will Daniele have a party?

Eric sat in the hot tub and talked to Jen. They talked about if Daniele would use the PoV and if so who the replacement would be. Eric said there is no point in asking because Daniele will lie. Eric tells Jen not to worry about it until tomorrow. Jen believes she might be going up because its the only way to get Jen out. Jen says Dick is being nice to her because he needs her vote in the finals. Jen says she can't win the game and second is the best she can get. Eric believes he can't win either.

Eric then runs to Dick and tells him about his conversation with Jen. Dick says he cannot wait for Jen to be miserable.

Amber talks to Daniele. She tells her about what Eric told her- not trust Dick/Daniele because they lie and like to backdoor people. Daniele then says she can offer Amber a deal- Daniele will take Amber off if Amber does not nominate Daniele next week. Amber swears on her daughter's life and says she won't nominate Daniele for 3 weeks and beyond. Amber also says she will vote however Daniele wants. Daniele says that Amber won't evict Jameka but Amber says if that's what you want, I will. Amber tells Daniele she wont tell anyone but.....Amber tells Jameka everything

Right now all HG are on outdoor lock down, they are thinking it is for Daniele's Birthday party. More to come later

8/19 Show Recap

Who will Daniele nominate? Let's find out!

Amber and Jameka were shocked that Dustin was evicted. Jameka sobbingly congratulated Dick on staying. Jameka thinks that something is up with Eric. She thinks he has some sort of deal with Daniele and Dick, and this eviction proves it. Jessica acted confused. Daniele was thrilled to win HoH on her birthday week. She thanked Eric and Jessica for keeping Dick last week and assured that she would keep them safe this week. Eric is glad that Dustin is out of the house and agrees that it was a great game move to make. Daniele was thrilled to receive a letter from Nick in her HoH bedroom. The letter was very pink and girly, and Eric thought it was odd how it was fron Nick. Amber told Daniele that she would vote the way Daniele wanted her to if she kept her safe this week. Daniele says that she wants this week to be more fun than last week, so she will tell her what's up with her decisions.

Amber is confused as to what some words like "charismatic," "outed," "perceived," and the like mean. She was also confused as to what "the peanut gallery" pertained to. Dick thinks that Amber's vocabulary level is the same as that of her daughter's. Eric told Amber that getting Dustin out was strictly strategical and not personal. Eric said that Dustin's eviction was very last-minute and not pre-determined. Amber isn't sure what the situation with GPA is. Amber says that she can forgive Eric, but she won't forget what he did to her. The HG have been having loads of fun with beer pong. Eric lost two bets: one to wear Jen's booty shorts and the other to wear one of Jessica's dresses. Zach thought he looked good in the dress for a guy. Right... Dick said that he acted rudely to everyone last week to get everyone to vote him out over Daniele. Dick said that he wanted Dustin out because of his arrogance since he won HoH. Dick says that Dustin was an idiot for volunteering to be nominated last week. Amber thinks that Eric and Jessica made a deal with Daniele and Dick to get Dustin out last week. She is sure they are aligned now. Jameka is surprised.

Time for the food competition! Togas, anyone? Zach claimed that he looked the best in his toga. The HG head outside to a life-size version of beer pong! Eric was thrilled. The HG were split into two teams: Amber, Daniele, Jameka, and Jen VS Dick, Eric, Jessica, and Zach. The competition was called "Slop Pong," and it was played exactly like beer pong. Teams would throw large ping pong balls into buckets. If both teams threw their balls into the "Feast" bucket, then the entire house would earn a feast for the week, including the people on slop. The feast was earned thanks to Jameka and Zach! The team consisting of Dick, Eric, Jessica, and Zach won food for the week after a very close game. The HG received a smaller table! Jameka was overwhelmed that the game was coming to an end. Daniele is upset that she is STILL with all her enemies in the house.

Dick wanted Eric to kiss Jessica. He thinks they really like each other, but Jessica denied it. Jen asked Daniele if she was going to nominate her. Daniele said no of course, but said that she does not trust Jen at all in the DR. Time for the next AP task! America chose AMBER for Eric to get nominated! He decided to plead his case to Daniele and Dick. Eric says that he would love to see her nominated just because she has floated since her week 1 nomination. He was very harsh with wanting Amber to be seen nominated. Time for the NEXT AP task! To who should Eric give this childhood woobie? This should be interesting.

Nominations time! Amber is really nervous that she will be nominated because she gets along with everyone in the house and is a threat in the finals. Jen is a little nervous even though Daniele has told her that she would be safe. Jameka doesn't feel good this week but knows that anything can happen. Eric hopes that Daniele would keep him safe just for one week for evicting Dustin last week. Daniele wants to be careful with her decision because everyone who's evicted goes to the jury house now. Daniele thinks that certain HG don't deserve to win the game. Daniele says that this week's nominations were hard to make, but they were made strategically. Order of keys: Jessica, Jen, Dick, Zach, and Eric, leaving Amber and Jameka nominated. Daniele says that Amber and Jameka get along with everyone, and that poses a threat to her regarding the finals. Jameka feels that everything happens for a reason, so she is optimistic this week. Amber isn't nervous because of course GOD has told her that she will win PoV and make the finals with Jameka. @@ Daniele says that Jen is the real target this week.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Amber or Jameka from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

8/19 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

The feeds slowly got more exciting as more HG arose from their sleep. Will Amber use today to her advantage in an effort to stay in the house this week? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Jen is glad to be on slop again so that she can lose some weight. Daniele says that Jen's life will be Hell inside the BB house after she is nominated tomorrow. Zach talks about how much he has eaten in the house since he has been so bored. Dick says that Zach needs to work on his abs. Zach said that he has lost 30 pounds since he broke up with his girlfriend. Amber and Zach cannot believe they have been in the house for almost two months.

Other than that, hardly anything has happened this afternoon. The HG have been talking a lot amongst themselves and sleeping, as per their usual Sunday routine. Hopefully things will elevate as the day wears on! In other news, don't forget about the show tonight! It should entail the food competition and the nominations ceremony. As always, expect a show recap from me following the show here on the east coast!

8/19 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Talk about boring! NOTHING has happened on the feeds since my last update with the exception of two HG getting up. Zach was first up at 12:25 PM, with Jen waking up about 20 minutes later. They haven't spoken a word, so there is nothing to discuss in this update! More later.

CBS Mobile, Verizon Wireless and MediaFLO USA Team Up to Stream Footage from Big Brother 8 House to V CAST Mobile TV 24/7

LOS ANGELES, BASKING RIDGE, N.J. and SAN DIEGO - August 17, 2007 - Contestants on Big Brother 8 may be housebound, but fans of the hit TV show can follow the drama of this season's final four weeks live, wherever they are. Marking the first time content from a primetime television show has aired live and continuously on mobile handsets in the U.S., CBS Mobile, Verizon Wireless and MediaFLOTM USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), have teamed up to provide a new channel dedicated to Big Brother 8. The channel will air a real-time, 24/7 feed of the activity inside the Big Brother House from August 19 through the season finale on Sept. 18, 2007 (note: programming is subject to change). In total, hundreds of hours of live programming will air on the Big Brother service, which is available at no additional charge to V CAST Mobile TV subscribers.

"We are thrilled to provide Big Brother's passionate and digitally savvy fans with yet another way to keep connected to the show 24/7," said Cyriac Roeding, executive vice president, CBS Mobile. "CBS Mobile is about innovation and creating truly made-for-mobile experiences. This Big Brother channel is both - a first in the U.S., and the most mobile entertainment possible - allowing you to ‘live' with the Big Brother houseguests on your phone 24/7."

Ryan Hughes, vice president of programming, Verizon Wireless, noted, "With Big Brother 8 from CBS, Verizon Wireless demonstrates our commitment to deliver the most compelling, exclusive programming available on mobile handsets."

"Big Brother 8 enjoys an avid following, and we are excited to provide fans with 24/7 access to the Big Brother house on their own terms - wherever they are and whenever they want," said Mike Bailey, vice president of programming, MediaFLO USA. "This is a great example of the innovative programming opportunities only MediaFLO USA's FLO TVTM service can provide."

Since its premiere earlier this summer, Big Brother 8 has been available to fans on multiple platforms including online, on the phone, on Showtime Networks and, of course, on the CBS Television Network. Mobile offerings available in addition to the new 24/7 mobile TV channel include downloads, special video clips, photos, live breaking house alerts and daily insider summaries sent straight to cell phones. In addition to this new channel, subscribers are able to view full episodes of Big Brother 8 on the CBS Mobile channel.

The dedicated Big Brother 8 channel will supplement regular programming from CBS Mobile, one of the eight regular services available on FLO TV, which is available to consumers on V CAST Mobile TV from Verizon Wireless. Other services include Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile, FOX Mobile, MTV: Music Television, NBC 2Go, NBC News2Go and Nickelodeon.

V CAST Mobile TV is live in more than 30 markets from coast to coast, including Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. For a complete list and map of available markets, please visit More information on FLO TV can be found at

BIG BROTHER 8 follows the relationships and conflicts of players who live together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. One by one, the houseguests will vote each other out of the house. At the end of three months, the last remaining houseguest will receive the grand prize. BIG BROTHER 8 is executive produced by Emmy Award winner Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, in association with Endemol U.S.A.

To preserve the drama for BIG BROTHER 8 television viewers, CBS may block or delay the mobilecast for a limited number of real-time events that transpire in the house.

8/18-19 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

As the night went on, the feeds became more exciting and eventful! Will Amber finally discuss her possible safety this week with Daniele? Here's the late-night events from inside the BB house!

Zach talks about how obsessed Jen was with Nick. He then says that Jen has been really annoying him lately. Dick says that the house will be so much more peaceful with both Dustin and Jen gone. Jen joins them and asks who they should vote out this week. Dick says Amber will obviously be voted out since Jameka can't play for HoH for the next three weeks. Jen laughs at how they never said Amber would win a competition, and she came in second twice this week. Jen then goes on about how nice she has been to everyone except for Daniele. @@

Daniele talked about how evil Jen used to be to her by staring her down and pushing her out of the way. Daniele thinks that Jen nominated her because she saw her in bed with Nick. Zach says that Jen was still obsessed with Nick even after he started hating her. Zach says that Jen is attractive, but something is very wrong with her.

Eric says that he doesn't care that he hasn't participated in a PoV competition yet. Dick talked about how meaningless this PoV competition was to him. Dick says that he can't wait to see Jen's face when Daniele uses the PoV. Eric says that Jen will know she is going home when she is nominated. Eric goes on about how Amber thinks she is the one going home this week.

Jameka would love to see Amber win the show because it would change her life. Jessica says that Jameka needs to start worrying about herself. Jameka says that she hopes she can stay through the final four so she can compete again. Eric joins them and says that Zach threw the PoV competition to Dick last week. Jameka is sure that Dick and Zach are aligned then. Eric thinks that they have been together since Nick was evicted. Eric doesn't feel threatened by Zach and says that he (Zach) is the biggest liar in the house. Eric doesn't understand why Zach is on the show because he isn't funny or anything. Jameka says that her and Zach have a date on Thursday. Jameka says that Zach doesn't want everyone to think that he is with Daniele and Dick even though he really is.

Jameka doesn't know if she should talk to Daniele. She says that she doesn't see herself as a threat, but she doesn't know how people will be voting. Jameka thinks that Jen would be nominated if PoV was used. She says that Amber will probably be evicted if the nominations stay the same. Jameka likes how Dick has become much more pleasing to be around since last week. Eric says that he wants credit for allowing Dick to stay last week. Jameka says it's obvious that Dick and Eric are aligned, but she understands that it is for gameplay reasons. Eric really wants Zach to be nominated very soon. He says that Jen is the best-case replacement nominee this week. Jameka says that Jen would win if her and Daniele were the final two. Eric says that he would commit suicide if that happened. @@ Eric says that he would vote for Dick to win if he was next to Daniele in the finals.

Jameka says that Daniele will leave her nominated as a pawn to get someone else out. Jessica says that Jameka has her and Eric's votes if she is still nominated after the PoV ceremony. Eric says that Jameka will stay if Jen is nominated but doesn't know if she would stay if he (Eric) was nominated. Jameka wants Eric to talk to Daniele about Jen being nominated.

Eric says that him and Jessica need to choose to align with either Amber and Jameka or Daniele and Dick after this week. Eric thinks that they should convince Daniele and Dick to target Zach next week, so if they don't go for it, they will know that they are aligned with Zach. Eric thinks that if Amber wins HoH next week, he would be able to convince her on who to nominate. Eric and Jessica stayed up for hours longer than the other HG making loads of small talk.

Eric and Jessica finally went to bed just a few minutes ago. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

8/18 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

As the evening went on, the feeds became more exciting! Will Amber and Jameka cut some sort of deal with Daniele in an effort to be safe this week? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Zach is surprised at how well Jen has taken Dick's outbursts towards her. Dick says that she must like being abused. @@

Amber prayed to God again, forgiving (yes, she's forgiving God @@) him for not letting her win PoV. She was thankful for the trip but doesn't know what to do if Daniele approaches her with a deal this week. Amber doesn't know what to do following the game but knows that opportunities will open for her. Dick then joins Amber and says that PoV didn't mean anything to him today, so he didn't try for it. Dick then goes on about how good of a competitor Daniele is and compares her to Janelle. He congratulated Amber on winning both a feast and a trip. Amber says it's hard being nominated, and Dick agrees because he thought he was going to be evicted last week. He says that anything can happen and that Amber has a 50/50 shot at staying this week.

Amber talked to Jameka about her conversation with Dick. Amber thinks that Dick really likes her, even though he attacks her on occasion. Jameka thinks that Daniele will save one of them with PoV and nominate Jen in their place. Jameka then says that Eric would be nominated instead since Jen is on slop for the rest of the month. Amber doesn't think Daniele would use PoV since she is so selfish. Jameka says that Daniele would use it if Amber offered her a deal. Amber doesn't want to talk to Daniele alone and suggests that she and Jameka talk to Daniele together. Jameka didn't seem to like that idea though. They seem to both want Eric out this week. Amber decides that she won't make a deal with Daniele because God has everything planned out this week. @@ Amber can't stand how fake Jessica is since she used to hate Dick and now she loves him again. Amber says that if Daniele and Dick were smart, they would get Eric out this week. Amber tells Jameka that Zach voted Dustin out last week because Jessica freed him of his word to her.

Apparently, Amber and Daniele hugged after the PoV competition, and Amber said that hug was real since Amber threw her PoV. @@ - I doubt that she threw the competition. Amber goes on about how good of a position Jameka is in now because she isn't a threat to anyone. Amber says that she will be evicted if the nominations stay the same, so she asked Jameka to leave her a good goodbye message. Amber warns Jameka about how smart Dick is. She says that Daniele and Dick are brutal competitors together. Amber thinks that next week will feature endurance competitions, much to her dismay. Amber continues to say that she knows her and Jameka will stay this week. Amber then goes on about life after the game, and Jameka tells her that she doesn't see modeling in Amber's future. She sees her more of a teacher. They go on for the longest time before Amber brings up her shock regarding Dustin's eviction again.

Jameka says that Dustin's eviction was wrong because he didn't know that he was going. Jameka says that Eric wants everyone out and doesn't understand how he is still here. Amber wants to visit Jameka after the show so she can see her (Amber's) daughter. Jameka says that she will see pictures of her next week. @@ Amber goes on about how "fine" her daughter's father is.

That does it for the evening! It mainly consisted of Amber and Jameka blabbing, as you can tell. Who knows if Amber will ever get the courage to ask Daniele for a deal this week. If she doesn't, she will probably be joining Dustin in the jury!