Thursday, August 23, 2007

8/22-23 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Before my next update, it has come to attention that some want to know about Eric's current winnings. According to the CBS website, Eric has won $20,000, so I'm assuming that is correct. Here are the events from last night from inside the BB house!

The HG were put on an extended indoor lockdown, and they spent much of the evening wondering why. Jen thinks that BB could be throwing a party for her. She then says that something is happening to keep her in the game because the ratings would go down if she were to be evicted. @@ Soon after, BB let the HG return outside.

Amber asked Dick and Zach if they had jacked off since being in the house. They both say no, and Amber said Dustin did it three times. Jameka and Zach said he did it more than that, and Dick was a little distrubed that both of them knew that. Jameka asks Jen if she ever aligned with Daniele and Dick, and Jen claimed that she turned them down twice, both when Kail was still in the house. Jen thinks they wanted to align with her because they knew they could beat her in the end.

It seems obvious that Jen has caught on to something revolving AP. She said once again that America has probably gotten more involved in the game this season, during which Eric left the conversation. Jen then asked if he was afraid of her, and he said that he just wanted to get out of the pool. Dick is confused as to why Jen thinks all this random info. Dick thinks that Jen is America's favorite HG. (She's actually 2nd in popularity, right after Dick.)

Daniele and Dick argued about Daniele making a deal with Amber and not telling Dick about it. Dick says that he can't believe that Daniele won't tell him when she makes deals with other HG after he saved her last week. He calls her selfish, and Daniele tells him to leave. Dick says that Daniele has no relationship with her parents, grandfather, or brother, even though they all love her very much. Daniele doesn't want to hear any bit of it and tells Dick to leave again.

Dick tells Jameka that he is hoping for a double eviction this week to speed the game along. Jameka asks if he is ready to return to his normal life, and Dick says no and that he has enjoyed his time in here. He says that Jen being nominated this week is the best moment in the game thus far. Dick thinks that Jen is finally realizing that she will be evicted tomorrow, but Jameka isn't so sure. Jameka asked Daniele if she was nervous about the eviction, and Daniele is confident that Jen will be leaving because of her actions this week. Daniele is amazed that Jameka isn't mad at Jen for what she did this week. Dick later tries to apologize to Daniele, but she basically refuses to listen to him and doesn't reply to anything he says.

Amber is sick of everyone liking Jessica when she doesn't do anything around the house (cooking, cleaning, and the like). Daniele tells Amber about her latest fight with Dick, and Amber tries to console Daniele, giving her advice about the situation. Amber says that Eric freaks her out because he is such a good game player. Amber and Daniele agree that Jen is proud of what she did in the PoV competition two weeks ago, even though she is going against it this week. Amber and Daniele both think that tomorrow's HoH competition will be another trivia one. Daniele asks Amber if she would team up with her in the next food competition, and Amber says that she would. Daniele can't believe that she has been on the losing team for every food competition.

That does it for the evening! Everything looks to have remained the same regarding the vote. Expect a lot of feed block today in preparation for tonight's live show!


Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in Jameka and Amber, who are supposed to be so compassionate.

Jen is walking around the house barely dressed in a skimpy bikini looking for clothes that Dick hid from her, and none of the women in the house even offered to give her something to wear.

Jeez, they could of at least given her a shirt or something.

Jameka claims to be so holy, so where is her compassion for other people.

I did not see what everyone else saw before about her praying being trumped up for the show, but now I seriously have questions about her authenticity.

I would have offered Jen something of mine to wear.

Why are women so mean to each other?

Anonymous said...

Dick & Daniele should be both evicted and have some reconciliation time together at the Jury House. Besides, these ex-con and spoiled brat doesn't deserve to be awarded any amount of money. It will just be a total waste.

Anonymous said...

It there is a double eviction, I hope Dick goes. Obviously even Daniele is getting sick of him.

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to like Jen, but with the comment about BB throwing her a party because she is leaving? @@ come on! Can you say "I love ME" She's still way more tolerable then Dick the DICK!!! Get him out of that house!

Anonymous said...

What fight did Dick and Danielle have?

Anonymous said...

Listened to the audio with Dick and Danielle arguing. Very interesting....very interesting. I guess when you've done enough drugs and alcohol as Dick proclaims that he has can't remember what you say and how you treat other people. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm giving Danielle a sermon on how to treat people....where does he get off?? Really??? Dick ... you are WHACK!!
End of story. Practice what you preach buddy....PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!!!

Sue S said...

BB Party for Jen??? It's official, she is deranged!

Dick D. said...

A lot of hate towards Dick in the last group of comments!

He stirs the pot, right or wrong he is playing a TV game show and his antics and abuse are the reason people keep watching. What does it say about America's society when he is voted the most popular player in fan poll after fan poll?

Yes CBS is enjoying the ratings no doubt. If Dick would have been evicted a few weeks back all the shows would probably be shots of everyone sitting around, no talking and CBS would just dub in some cricket sounds for the hour.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

This is straight from the BB website:

EPISODE 4 | 07.12.2007

Of the remaining HouseGuests, who should Eric try to get nominated?

This isn't true... He never got Jessica nominated!! This shouldn't count

Anonymous said...

What is a Mrs. Robinson's alliance?

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows! CBS pays everyone a small stipend when they are evicted! Just because they don't have jobs and probably left there jobs to be on this show CBS gives them money to live on after they leave the house. The longer you stay the more you get. The winner gets $500,000 and thats their stipend.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I am watching the live feed today...why are Amber, Eric, Jameka & Zach all sleeping in the HOH room?? I thought that was against the rules????

Today has been pretty boring for the most part!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on AP Eric's winnings. I didn't think he had successfully completed 10 tasks, but oh well.

I am hoping that Jameka will be voted off today and not Jen. I believe it is in the best interest of the house stratigically.

Gotta love Dick.

Anonymous said...

Yes Eric has completed 14 so far for a total of 20,000
he needs one more (which i believe will be tonights and he will be at 15 for 30,000

Anonymous said...

if jameka is going to walk the walk she needs to talk the talk and be a witness for christ and be different from everyone else showing christs love

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Dick but he's a good game-player. I'd vote for him to win over his selfish, negative daughter. As far as Amber goes, I can't take anymore of her crying!! And she thinks she has the makings of a model? Gimme-a-break!

grace said...

On they said Eric is up to 30K after the Woobie

Anonymous said...

What was the fight between Danielle and Dick?

Anonymous said...

Please update fast after tonights show because we have the Chiefs on tonite and they are showing it so Big Brother will be on at midnight.
How mean to put it on when we are watching shotime!!!Thanks

Tim Schroeder, C.S. said...

According to Wikipedias task listing I agree with their verdict and Eric has 13 completed tasks, and tonight will be 14.

Anonymous said...

for the record, eric's winnings are now up to 30,000, with 15 out of 20 tasks completed.