Saturday, August 30, 2008

8/30 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

It turns out that Memphis has won the PoV! In a conversation with Dan, he confirmed it.

8/29-30 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-5:00 AM

Keesha is seen here looking a little upset following last night's late PoV competition.

Renny thinks that Jerry wants to take Memphis to the finals with him. Dan told Jerry that if he stays this week, he will not target Jerry next week. Jerry says that he doesn't want anyone to feel safe this week.

Keesha and Renny drank some of Keesha's wine that she received for being HoH last week and got a little drunk. They told each other that they will never forget each other. Keesha told Renny that she would rather see Renny win the game over her. Keesha wants Renny to win the PoV so Renny can save her, and they both could be safe this week. Renny assures Keesha that Dan will be evicted if the nominations stay the same, so there is no reason for her to save her.

The feeds were blocked from about 12:00-3:00 AM for the PoV competition. When they returned, everyone looked upset except Jerry, who had already gone to bed. Therefore, I assume that Jerry won the PoV, but I'm not completely sure yet. I'll know for sure later today when the HG wake back up. Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 3:50 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Friday, August 29, 2008

8/29 Live Feeds: Nominations

After being blocked for just over an hour, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Dan and Keesha have been nominated for eviction. I'll let you know if anything changes!

8/29 Live Feeds: 3:00-5:00 PM

Nothing has happened since my last update, but I just wanted to inform you that the feeds have been blocked since around 4:10 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

8/28-29 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 PM

Some of the HG are seen here in the pool this afternoon.

The HG rehashed the double-eviction night. Renny thinks that there will be a luxury competition this week after all they went through with the double-eviction night. The HG packed Ollie's belongings since he was evicted unexpectedly. The feeds were blocked from around 7:50-9:00 PM for the HoH competition. When they returned, Jerry was seen wearing the HoH key, making it obvious that he had won.

Keesha was upset that she never got an HoH bedroom for winning HoH during the live show. The other four HG were all pretty miserable following Jerry's HoH win, and all of them think that they could be nominated. Memphis told Keesha that he hates everyone in the house except for her. Keesha then received some HoH gifts, just without the bedroom. She received a letter and diamond bracelet from her boyfriend in her gifts. Jerry also received his HoH bedroom.

Jerry told Dan that Dan would win the game if they made the finals together. Dan and Jerry seem like they want to bring Renny to the final three with them. Keesha thinks that she doesn't have a shot at winning, and Memphis thinks that Jerry has the best chance. Renny wants Jerry to nominate Dan and Memphis, but Jerry wants to nominate Keesha alongside Memphis instead of Dan because she would probably keep Dan and Memphis safe over Renny.Dan and Memphis want to get Renny evicted this week and then try to make the final three with Jerry.

Memphis approached Jerry about forming an alliance, and Jerry seemed interested. Memphis told Jerry that he trusts Keesha the most, so they could bring her in as a third. Memphis told Jerry that he wants Renny out this week because he is worried that Keesha will align with her over him. Jerry seems to want Dan and Renny nominated, with Renny being the target now. Jerry and Memphis were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:45 AM.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:20 AM this morning. Jerry told Keesha that he will probably nominate her alongside either Dan, but she isn't his target. Keesha says that Renny will vote to keep her, so if Jerry will break the tie in her favor, she will stay. Jerry hopes that Keesha will do her best to keep him safe next week if he protects her this week.

Jerry told Memphis that he really wants Dan evicted. He told Memphis that he will nominate Dan and Keesha, with Dan being the target. They promise to take each other to the finals. Jerry told Renny that he will keep her safe as long as she promises to vote Dan out. Renny is worried that Memphis will win the PoV and save Dan, so Renny would have to be nominated alongside Keesha.

8/28 Live Feeds: HoH Winner

The HoH competition was played last night, and Jerry won HoH!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

8/28 Show Recap

Time for a double eviction!

Ollie is very upset at Dan for breaking his word to him. Dan thinks that he has caused chaos in the house through the PoV ceremony. Jerry thinks that Ollie was stupid for believing Dan in the first place. Jerry plans on laying low for the remainder of the week so Michelle will be the one evicted. Michelle cannot believe that she could have been screwed like she was this week. Ollie believes that Dan is a "plant" because nobody could play the game as shady as Dan has played.

Michelle and Ollie confronted Dan about being a plant, so Dan just walked away from the situation. Ollie proceeded to inform Keesha and Memphis about the entire deal, which they already knew about. Ollie just wanted to let them know what kind of a person that they are aligned with. Ollie asked Dan why he embarrassed him like he did by turning on him, but Dan just said that he was playing the game.

Ollie is on a rampage! He broke several objects in the house and threw things around because he was so upset. Michelle doesn't understand why Dan nominated her instead of Ollie if he wanted to turn on them since he was the one who made the deal.

Votes: Keesha - Michelle, Memphis - Michelle, Ollie - Jerry, and Renny - Michelle. By a vote of 3-1, Michelle has been evicted from the BB house.

HoH competition: Julie read the HG a series of headlines that America voted for online by giving two choices. HG had to choose which headline was the one that America chose by choosing "Up" or "Down." If they chose correctly, they earned a point. The HG with the most points won HoH, which ended up being Jerry and Keesha, so a tiebreaker was presented. The winning HG was Keesha!

Nominations: Keesha nominated Jerry and Ollie for eviction.

PoV competition: HG had to search haystacks for two Veto medallions. The first HG to retrieve both medallions would win PoV, which was Dan!

PoV ceremony: Dan chose not to use the PoV.

Votes: Dan - Ollie, Renny - Ollie, and Memphis - Ollie. By a unanimous vote, Ollie has been evicted from the BB house.

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!

8/27-28 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-5:00 PM

Keesha is seen here after waking up this morning.

Keesha wants to win HoH next week so she can see pictures of her boyfriend. Dan wishes that he had nominated Ollie instead of Michelle but isn't sure if Keesha and Renny would have voted Ollie out. Dan and Memphis are worried about their safety if Renny wins HoH next week. Ollie again tried to convince Keesha to vote Jerry out by saying that Michelle will not target her or Renny if she wins HoH next week, and evicting Michelle is only beneficial for Dan and Memphis.

Ollie tried to convince Renny to keep Michelle as well, but Renny told him that he needs to forget about Michelle and start playing for himself. Memphis told Keesha that she will be safe next week because if Jerry or Ollie win HoH, they will nominate Dan and Memphis. Dan thinks that both Keesha and Renny will turn on them if they win HoH next week. Michelle again tried to convince Keesha to keep her and thinks that she may have gotten through to her.

Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 2:30 AM. BB woke the HG up this morning at around 8:45 AM. Keesha wants to break Dan and Memphis up either next week or the week after so her and Renny do not have to go against them in the final four. The feeds have been blocked since around 2:00 PM in preparation for tonight's live show.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8/26-27 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-6:00 PM

I know there has been somewhat of a lack of updates recently, but that is because hardly anything new has occurred in the house lately. Towards the end of each week (especially as the season winds down), there isn't much new information to update. (You can see the thrilling events in this picture.) I try to keep the unimportant stuff out of this blog, so this results in little new information being posted each day. Therefore, rather than making three smaller posts, I have combined them all into one. Just thought I'd let you know!

Ollie is worried that Michelle will get into a fight with Dan. Jerry and Michelle hope that there is a double eviction next week (not tomorrow). Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie all agree that they would vote for Renny to win if she made the finals. Jerry told Michelle and Ollie that he wants them to win the game for him if he is evicted. Dan cannot believe that Jerry hasn't approached his alliance to see if they are voting to keep him or not. Dan is also surprised that Michelle hasn't tried harder to stay, but Keesha thinks that Michelle is waiting until the last minute to campaign.

Michelle and Ollie continue to believe that Dan is a "plant." They have even pointed out that the outfits he has worn in competitions (flower, farmer) prove that he is a plant. @@ Michelle thinks that if someone calls Dan out on being a plant, then he will be disqualified from the game, so she plans on doing it soon. Michelle and Ollie were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:00 AM.

BB woke the HG up at around 10:00 AM this morning. Michelle told Keesha that if she and Renny vote to keep her, then she will keep them safe if she wins HoH next week. Michelle told Keesha that Dan had tried to get Memphis not to use the PoV, so he probably wanted Memphis evicted this week. Keesha asked Memphis about this, but Memphis told her that Dan never asked him not to use the PoV, so they wondered why Dan would tell Michelle that.

Dan received his HoH camera. Michelle told Memphis that Jerry is targeting him and that if he votes to keep her, then she will keep him safe if she wins HoH next week. Michelle reminded Memphis that he shouldn't trust Dan since Memphis could have been evicted if he didn't win the PoV. Michelle told Keesha and Renny that Jerry will nominate them both if he stays and wins HoH next week.

Renny thinks that Jerry or Ollie would nominate Dan and Memphis if either of them won HoH next week. Renny knows that either her or Keesha would be nominated if PoV was used though. Michelle is still upset about being nominated because she wasn't the one that made the deal. Memphis doesn't understand why she is so upset because it is just a game. Ollie thinks that Dan nominated Michelle instead of him because he was too afraid to nominate Ollie.

Jerry and Ollie quizzed each other in preparation for the next HoH competition.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8/26 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jerry or Memphis from eviction? Let's find out!

Ollie is thrilled that Dan has followed through with the deal so far. Memphis hates that Dan likes the deal he made with Ollie. Jerry is a fighter and will not give up, even though he is nominated. Dan is okay with nominating Memphis since it keeps their alliance hidden, but he knows that it is a risk.

Dan informed Memphis of the entire deal that he made with Ollie, which really upset Memphis. However, Dan does not plan on letting Ollie choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used, and Ollie is stupid for believing that he would have that kind of power. Memphis doesn't care how many times Dan tells him that he is safe because Dan doesn't have a vote this week.

Keesha doesn't think that Dan's plan is going to work. Dan told Keesha and Renny that Ollie wanted Michelle safe this week, so Keesha pointed out that Michelle and Ollie are obviously aligned. Dan told them that he will nominate Michelle if PoV is used because he isn't going to nominate Keesha or Renny. Ollie informed Michelle and Jerry that he gets to choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used. Jerry doesn't think that Ollie made a good deal because Dan has already turned on him once, so he might do it again.

BB informed the HG about America choosing one of the HG to receive a phone call from home. Keesha hopes that she can talk to her parents. Michelle got emotional at the thought of possibly receiving a phone call from her mother. She claims that she is the loneliest HG in the house, so she probably deserves the call the most. Even Jerry got emotional, and he hopes that he can hear from his wife that she is okay. The phone rang, and the call was for Jerry! He talked with his great-grandson and wife. Michelle was upset that she didn't receive the call. Jerry wished that everyone could have received a call though.

Memphis thinks that Michelle is definitely aligned with Jerry and Ollie and would probably vote Memphis out this week. Dan realizes that he needs to get Michelle evicted this week. Dan hoped that Michelle wasn't selected to play for PoV since she could not be backdoored if she won PoV. PoV players: Dan picked Renny, Memphis picked Keesha, and Jerry picked Michelle (HG choice). Jerry picked Michelle because she would save him if she won PoV. Ollie was upset that he did not have the chance to control his fate this week.

Time for the PoV competition! The backyard had been turned into a planet! Dan was thrilled since he has always wanted to be an astronaut. HG had to collect puzzle pieces in order to complete a 12-piece puzzle. Some pieces were not used, so the HG had to choose their pieces carefully. The competition was played in two heats: Dan, Keesha, and Michelle competed in the first heat, while Jerry, Memphis, and Renny competed in the second heat. The winners of each heat would then face off in the end for the PoV.

Dan hoped that Keesha could win the first heat so he wouldn't have to be seen as an even bigger threat. Michelle knows that she can win PoV so she doesn't have to rely on Dan's word. Michelle struggled with the competition, much to Dan's happiness. Keesha seemed to have no problem and won the first heat!

Memphis knew that he had to win the PoV in order to stay in the game. Jerry felt the same way. Renny loves dressing up in competitions because they remind her of Mardi Gras. Therefore, she was more focused on her outfit than her performance in the competition. Jerry felt somewhat confident since he is pretty good at puzzles. However, Memphis won the second heat!

Therefore, Keesha and Memphis faced off in the final heat, which contained yet another puzzle to complete. The first HG to complete it would win the PoV. Ollie was thrilled since both Keesha and Memphis would use the PoV to save Memphis. Dan was also thrilled. Memphis completed the puzzle first, so he won the PoV! Memphis loves that he was able to save himself so Michelle could be nominated. Ollie thinks that either Keesha or Renny will be nominated, so that alliance will fall apart. However, Dan has other plans, and the shock will be from Ollie's group instead of his.

Dan and Memphis celebrated following Memphis' PoV win. Both of them still want Michelle evicted this week since she is a stronger competitor than Ollie. They are worried about how upset Michelle and Ollie will be. Dan informed his alliance that he was supposed to nominate Keesha or Renny if PoV is used (as part of the deal), but he isn't going to follow through with that.

Ollie told Dan that he wants Keesha nominated in place of Memphis. Ollie is worried that Dan won't follow through with the deal, so he reminded Dan that he will have Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie all keeping him safe next week. Dan thinks that Ollie is crazy for thinking that he will actually nominate Keesha.

Get involved in the game America! Go to to find out how!

Dan knows that no matter who he nominates, someone will be mad at him following the PoV ceremony. Dan plans on asking each HG who they would nominate if they were in his position to cause drama in the house. Dan talked to everyone prior to the PoV ceremony to try to get everyone to say a different name. He got Michelle to say Keesha, Ollie to say Renny, Keesha to say Michelle, and Renny to say Ollie. Renny didn't really understand the point of the activity.

Memphis plans on saving himself with the PoV and assumes that Dan will nominate Michelle in his place, which will cause a lot of drama in the house. Ollie feels like he is HoH this week even though he isn't and hopes that Dan follows through with the deal. Dan knows that he can cause a lot of tension in the house directed away from him through his PoV ceremony speech.

Memphis did decide to save himself with the PoV. Dan went along with his activity, and everyone said who they told Dan they would say. Dan then nominated Michelle and told Ollie that he lost a bet this week. Michelle is shocked that she got backdoored by a deal that someone else made. She also believes that Dan is a "plant" because nobody would play the game and shady as he has. Dan loves that he started drama and can now hide in his HoH bedroom for the rest of the week. Ollie plans on getting revenge before he is evicted.

Who will be evicted? How will the double-eviction night unfold? Find out Thursday!

8/25-26 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-6:00 PM

Michelle is seen here sitting in her bedroom this afternoon.

Dan knows that nobody will believe him anymore since this is the second time that he has broken his word. Renny thinks that the only way Dan or Memphis will win the game is if they make the finals together. Jerry and Ollie agree that they would nominate Keesha and Memphis if either of them won HoH next week. Their goal is to evict Memphis, but if he wins PoV, then they will backdoor Dan.

Keesha and Memphis were the last ones asleep last night at around 2:00 AM. BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM this morning. Ollie tried to work Renny for a vote to keep Michelle, and Renny said that if Keesha also votes Jerry out, then she will do the same. Renny told her alliance about Ollie asking her for her vote but says that she is still voting Michelle out. Michelle told Renny that she will be the first one out of her alliance of four, while she could go to the final three with Michelle and Ollie.

Monday, August 25, 2008

8/25 Live Feeds: 12:30-8:00 PM

Dan and Memphis are seen here playing chess this evening.

Of course, Michelle and Ollie ranted and raved after Michelle's surprise nomination. Ollie went on about how Monica is probably fake and that Dan is aligned with everyone. @@ Dan can't believe that Ollie actually thought he would follow through with the poor deal he made. Ollie then tried to reveal the deal to Keesha and Memphis (thinking that they didn't know), but Keesha and Memphis told Ollie that they already knew about the deal.

Ollie continued to rant about how Dan "stole his manhood" and made a fool out of him in front of America. Michelle and Ollie think that Dan is a "plant" that BB put in the house because a real HG wouldn't lie as much as Dan has. @@

Ollie told Renny that he never wanted her nominated (apparently he said her name when Dan asked him who he wanted nominated at the PoV ceremony); Ollie only wanted Keesha nominated. He claims that he didn't even want Memphis nominated. Renny actually believed Ollie and confronted Dan about it. Dan was shocked that Renny would believe Ollie over him. Dan now thinks that Renny will align with Jerry and Ollie after Michelle's eviction.

Ollie threw yet another fit by knocking over objects in the house and even breaking one of the light poles in the backyard. Ollie told Michelle that her best chance for a vote this week is Memphis. Michelle told Memphis that she would do anything for his vote this week, and that if she stays and wins HoH next week, she will nominate two people that Memphis wants nominated, even Ollie.

Michelle and Ollie hope that the house will all vote to keep her and go against Dan this week. They tried to work Keesha for a vote, but she didn't seem to budge.

8/25 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

After being blocked for about 40 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Memphis did save himself with the PoV. In his place, Dan nominated Michelle. I'll let you know if anything changes!

8/24-25 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-12:30 PM

Keesha is seen here laying in her bedroom waiting for the PoV ceremony to begin this afternoon.

Jerry has been really tired ever since entering the house and wants to go back to being retired at home. Jerry and Keesha claim that they haven't lied since being in the house, but Keesha told Jerry that he has lied because he told her that he, Dan, and Ollie were aligned when they really weren't. Jerry claims that he never said that. (This wasn't that big of a deal, but the two of them blew it way out of proportion.)

Jerry thinks that Keesha and Memphis are using Dan and Renny to get further in the game. Jerry tried to get Dan to turn on Keesha by saying that she instigated the "fight" with Jerry earlier. Jerry points out that Keesha is the only person keeping Memphis and Renny together, so if he gets Keesha out, then Memphis and Renny will be lost. Ollie told Dan that he will be safe even if Memphis wins HoH because they will have the votes to keep him. Ollie says that he would nominate Keesha and Memphis if he won HoH next week.

Dan told Keesha that he isn't nominating her, regardless of what anyone tells him. Dan and Memphis want to bring Keesha to the final three. Keesha was the last one asleep last night at around 1:50 AM. BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM this morning. Dan is planning on asking everyone at the PoV ceremony who they would nominate if they were in his position. He wants the majority of the HG to say "Michelle," so he can then nominate her.

Ollie told Dan that he wants Keesha nominated at the PoV ceremony. The feeds have been blocked since around 12:15 PM for the PoV ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

8/24 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Ollie felt horrible when April was evicted since she was one of the closest people that he has ever gotten to. Keesha was thrilled when April was evicted since she is the person that Keesha argues with the most. Renny is glad that the HG followed her wishes by evicting April. Dan turned down April's deal because he is here to play for $500,000 instead of $5,000. Keesha doesn't know how Ollie will be able to handle the game without April. Ollie knows that he needs to step up his game now that he is alone in the house.

Memphis wants either him, Dan, or Keesha to win HoH. Ollie thinks that he is against the house now, so he needs to win HoH. Michelle feels safe if either her or Ollie win HoH. Memphis was getting sore by getting thrown into the wall so many times. Keesha enjoyed throwing water balloons located on the wall at the other HG. Dan compared the HoH competition to a theme park ride that he could never get off.

Jerry felt really uncomfortable in the groin area because of the rope he was attached to. Dan realized that if he kept his legs straight, he could keep blood flowing to them. Jerry dropped after 41 minutes. He complained about his legs really hurting him. Michelle was mad when Memphis tried to throw a water balloon at Ollie and it hurt her instead. Memphis didn't understand what the big deal was. Keesha dropped after 65 minutes. She too complained about her legs hurting.

Memphis was upset that Keesha didn't give more of an effort. Keesha really hoped that Dan and Memphis could pull through for her. Michelle felt like she was hitting the wall the hardest each time. Michelle dropped after 119 minutes and claimed that her foot got caught in the wall which caused her to drop. Ollie knew that he had to win HoH if he wanted to be safe this week. Memphis thought that he and Dan would be able to outlast Ollie.

Memphis began to feel really sharp pains in his legs. This caused him to drop after 199 minutes. Dan doesn't feel safe if Ollie wins HoH, so he knew that he needed to win. Ollie wants the HG that evicted April to pay for what they did, so he knew that he needed to persevere. Dan feels confident because Ollie has been shivering from being in the cold rain. Dan really wants to see a picture of his girlfriend, which is more motivation for him to win HoH.

Dan tried to make a deal with Ollie to get him to drop. Dan first offered safety for Ollie, but Ollie didn't take the deal. Dan offered to protect another HG, but Ollie didn't want anyone else safe. Dan then offered for Ollie and another HG to be safe, Ollie to choose a nominee, and Ollie to choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used. Ollie chose Michelle to be the other HG safe this week. Keesha knows that Dan and Ollie were making a deal, but she didn't know what it was.

Ollie finally dropped, but he figured that he wins HoH this week since he calls almost all of Dan's shots. However, technically Dan wins HoH! Dan knows that he probably made one of the dumbest deals ever, but he had to in order to win HoH. Keesha is worried about whatever deal Dan made with Ollie. Ollie informed Michelle of the deal he made with Dan. Michelle feels grateful to Ollie since he got Dan to keep her safe in addition to himself.

Dan told Memphis that he made a bad deal with Ollie, but he didn't give the details of it. Memphis doesn't understand why Ollie would get the better half of the deal when Dan was the one making it. Renny doesn't know what Dan did in order to win HoH. Memphis isn't sure how well he can trust Dan now since he made such a poor decision.

Dan received his HoH bedroom, along with pictures from his friends and family, a T-shirt reading "Taken" from his girlfriend Monica, as well as a letter from Monica. Dan read the letter and pretended to cry in order to seem weak to the other HG. Renny thinks that a man's best quality is his ability to show emotion.

Renny asked Dan a question about how many women that Dan has dated, and Dan didn't know what she meant by "dated." Renny didn't understand why Dan couldn't just answer the question. Dan says that he loves fighting with Renny when she asks him questions because it really ticks her off.

Dan will probably nominate Jerry since everyone expects him to after all the names that Jerry has called him. Ollie told Dan that he wants Memphis nominated. Dan isn't sure if he wants to nominate Memphis since he is Dan's closest ally. Dan told Memphis that he allowed Ollie to choose one of Dan's nominees, and he chose Memphis. Memphis thinks that Dan basically just let Ollie win HoH without physically giving him HoH.

Dan needs to make sure that he has the votes for Memphis to stay so he can feel comfortable nominating him. Keesha isn't sure if Renny would vote for Memphis to stay. Dan wants to make a formal four-person alliance consisting of him, Keesha, Memphis, and Renny. Renny doesn't trust Memphis though. Dan tried to convince Renny that they need Memphis in order to make the final three. Renny agreed to trust Memphis as long as he is the first to be evicted out of the four of them. Memphis doesn't think that Dan should follow through with the deal because Memphis would have never nominated Dan had he won HoH this week.

Jerry hopes that Dan doesn't nominate him because he of the names he called him a few weeks ago. Michelle isn't sure if she can trust Dan and won't be able to until he keeps her safe this week. Memphis will target Dan if he nominates him. Ollie won't be able to trust Dan unless Michelle is safe and Memphis is nominated. Dan knows that he will be upsetting people no matter who he nominates.

Order of keys: Ollie, Renny, Keesha, and Michelle, leaving Jerry and Memphis nominated for eviction. Dan nominated Memphis because he doesn't know where he stands in the game. Dan nominated Jerry because he targeted Dan earlier in the game. Jerry doesn't like being nominated two weeks in a row but hasn't given up yet. Ollie doesn't think that HG know how much power Dan gave him this week. Dan is glad that he nominated Memphis because it continues to keep his alliance with Memphis secret. Memphis isn't sure if Dan's plan to save him will work.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jerry or Memphis from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

8/24 Live Feeds: 6:00 AM-5:00 PM

Michelle is seen here laying out in the backyard this afternoon.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:00 AM this morning. Jerry received the phone call from America. He heard from most of his family during the call but primarily from his wife. Of course, Michelle was upset and didn't even congratulate Jerry on receiving the call. Everyone thinks that Jerry is America's favorite HG now. Renny thinks that America hates her since she doesn't like Jerry. Renny was upset that Jerry didn't tell his wife that he loved her at the end of the call.

Keesha thinks that she and Renny will be safe no matter who wins HoH next week, but Renny thinks that HG see them as a threat because they are a pair. Renny doesn't like how Jerry once again thinks that he is safe this week even though he is nominated. Ollie thinks that America likes him and Michelle since they are with Jerry. @@ - Do these people really care that much about whether or not America likes them?

Memphis thinks that he couldn't have won the phone call since he doesn't know anyone with a landline. Ollie thinks that Dan will definitely follow through with the deal since he wants to be on Jerry's side since Jerry is America's favorite HG. @@ Jerry won't vote for Dan to win the game if he screws him over this week. Jerry wants Ollie and Michelle to target Dan and Memphis if Jerry is evicted.

8/23-24 Live Feeds: 1:00 PM-6:00 AM

Dan seen here reading his letter from home in his HoH bedroom last night.

Dan is glad that Memphis won PoV so it will definitely be used. Memphis wants Ollie nominated instead of Michelle though because he is worried that Renny will continue to keep Ollie safe should she win HoH next week. Michelle is worried that Dan is going to go back on his deal and nominate her instead of Renny. Memphis suggested that he save Jerry with the PoV in exchange for the money that April gave him ($4,000). The four on Dan's side (Dan, Keesha, Memphis, and Renny) would then split that money.

Jerry thinks that he will be evicted, so he wants to talk to everyone before he leaves so he can get an idea of who to vote to win the game. Memphis doesn't like how much of a sore loser Michelle is when she loses a competition. Renny thinks that Jerry is aligned with Michelle and Ollie, so he would nominate HG from the other side if he won HoH next week.

Ollie tried to convince Dan to nominate Keesha in place of Memphis. Dan told Ollie that he was trying to get Memphis not to use the PoV, but Ollie reminded him that he gets to decide who the nominations are (based on their deal), and he wants Keesha nominated. Ollie also wants Dan to vote to keep Jerry if the vote is tied. Ollie continued to remind Dan that he has nothing to worry about if he follows through with the deal because he has three HG playing for him in the next HoH competition.

BB informed the HG that America chose a HG to win a phone call from home. Ollie thinks that Dan is stupid for making such a bad deal (in his part) with Ollie. Michelle thinks that karma will allow one of them to win the game. @@ Michelle thinks that she will win the phone call since she has had a hard time in the house lately, especially by wearing the unitard. She also thinks that Memphis won't win the call since he has already won a car.

Michelle told Dan that Keesha is aligned with everyone and will probably break her word to Dan like she did April. Michelle thinks that Keesha and Renny are as close as April and Ollie were. Michelle tells Dan that he can definitely trust her, Jerry, and Ollie, while he can possibly trust the other three HG. Dan tells her that he is still thinking about what to do regarding the PoV. Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 1:35 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.