Sunday, August 24, 2008

8/23-24 Live Feeds: 1:00 PM-6:00 AM

Dan seen here reading his letter from home in his HoH bedroom last night.

Dan is glad that Memphis won PoV so it will definitely be used. Memphis wants Ollie nominated instead of Michelle though because he is worried that Renny will continue to keep Ollie safe should she win HoH next week. Michelle is worried that Dan is going to go back on his deal and nominate her instead of Renny. Memphis suggested that he save Jerry with the PoV in exchange for the money that April gave him ($4,000). The four on Dan's side (Dan, Keesha, Memphis, and Renny) would then split that money.

Jerry thinks that he will be evicted, so he wants to talk to everyone before he leaves so he can get an idea of who to vote to win the game. Memphis doesn't like how much of a sore loser Michelle is when she loses a competition. Renny thinks that Jerry is aligned with Michelle and Ollie, so he would nominate HG from the other side if he won HoH next week.

Ollie tried to convince Dan to nominate Keesha in place of Memphis. Dan told Ollie that he was trying to get Memphis not to use the PoV, but Ollie reminded him that he gets to decide who the nominations are (based on their deal), and he wants Keesha nominated. Ollie also wants Dan to vote to keep Jerry if the vote is tied. Ollie continued to remind Dan that he has nothing to worry about if he follows through with the deal because he has three HG playing for him in the next HoH competition.

BB informed the HG that America chose a HG to win a phone call from home. Ollie thinks that Dan is stupid for making such a bad deal (in his part) with Ollie. Michelle thinks that karma will allow one of them to win the game. @@ Michelle thinks that she will win the phone call since she has had a hard time in the house lately, especially by wearing the unitard. She also thinks that Memphis won't win the call since he has already won a car.

Michelle told Dan that Keesha is aligned with everyone and will probably break her word to Dan like she did April. Michelle thinks that Keesha and Renny are as close as April and Ollie were. Michelle tells Dan that he can definitely trust her, Jerry, and Ollie, while he can possibly trust the other three HG. Dan tells her that he is still thinking about what to do regarding the PoV. Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 1:35 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

Dan should tell Memphis to use the POV on himself and then shake things up and nominate Ollie.  That was a really bad deal he made and he can explain it at the end if he even makes it that far. Also the house guests have to know that a double eviction is coming.

Anonymous said...

I agree, or he should put up Michelle. He would be soooo stupid if he kept to the deal, heck he should have just dropped and gave up HOH if he is going to act like an HOH. Now if he does it and he is side can win HOH for the double eviction and they can get Ollie out and his side still believes he is on their side, he could come up looking like the hero....we will far no one has had the "balls" to really play the game!!!

Anonymous said...

Correction to my posting..he should have dropped if he is NOT going to act like the

Anonymous said...

Michelle has had that pathetic sense of entitlement since she walked in the door. Mabye if she actually did something she wouldn't have to worry about having it handed to her.

Anonymous said...

He better break that deal.l Ollie wants Keesha out and Dan is supposed to be aligned with her. HE BETTER BREAK IT or I will lose any respect for him I had!!

Anonymous said...

If Dan were smart, he would nominate Ollie, and send him packing. F his deal with him.