Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8/25-26 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-6:00 PM

Michelle is seen here sitting in her bedroom this afternoon.

Dan knows that nobody will believe him anymore since this is the second time that he has broken his word. Renny thinks that the only way Dan or Memphis will win the game is if they make the finals together. Jerry and Ollie agree that they would nominate Keesha and Memphis if either of them won HoH next week. Their goal is to evict Memphis, but if he wins PoV, then they will backdoor Dan.

Keesha and Memphis were the last ones asleep last night at around 2:00 AM. BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM this morning. Ollie tried to work Renny for a vote to keep Michelle, and Renny said that if Keesha also votes Jerry out, then she will do the same. Renny told her alliance about Ollie asking her for her vote but says that she is still voting Michelle out. Michelle told Renny that she will be the first one out of her alliance of four, while she could go to the final three with Michelle and Ollie.

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