Sunday, August 24, 2008

8/24 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Ollie felt horrible when April was evicted since she was one of the closest people that he has ever gotten to. Keesha was thrilled when April was evicted since she is the person that Keesha argues with the most. Renny is glad that the HG followed her wishes by evicting April. Dan turned down April's deal because he is here to play for $500,000 instead of $5,000. Keesha doesn't know how Ollie will be able to handle the game without April. Ollie knows that he needs to step up his game now that he is alone in the house.

Memphis wants either him, Dan, or Keesha to win HoH. Ollie thinks that he is against the house now, so he needs to win HoH. Michelle feels safe if either her or Ollie win HoH. Memphis was getting sore by getting thrown into the wall so many times. Keesha enjoyed throwing water balloons located on the wall at the other HG. Dan compared the HoH competition to a theme park ride that he could never get off.

Jerry felt really uncomfortable in the groin area because of the rope he was attached to. Dan realized that if he kept his legs straight, he could keep blood flowing to them. Jerry dropped after 41 minutes. He complained about his legs really hurting him. Michelle was mad when Memphis tried to throw a water balloon at Ollie and it hurt her instead. Memphis didn't understand what the big deal was. Keesha dropped after 65 minutes. She too complained about her legs hurting.

Memphis was upset that Keesha didn't give more of an effort. Keesha really hoped that Dan and Memphis could pull through for her. Michelle felt like she was hitting the wall the hardest each time. Michelle dropped after 119 minutes and claimed that her foot got caught in the wall which caused her to drop. Ollie knew that he had to win HoH if he wanted to be safe this week. Memphis thought that he and Dan would be able to outlast Ollie.

Memphis began to feel really sharp pains in his legs. This caused him to drop after 199 minutes. Dan doesn't feel safe if Ollie wins HoH, so he knew that he needed to win. Ollie wants the HG that evicted April to pay for what they did, so he knew that he needed to persevere. Dan feels confident because Ollie has been shivering from being in the cold rain. Dan really wants to see a picture of his girlfriend, which is more motivation for him to win HoH.

Dan tried to make a deal with Ollie to get him to drop. Dan first offered safety for Ollie, but Ollie didn't take the deal. Dan offered to protect another HG, but Ollie didn't want anyone else safe. Dan then offered for Ollie and another HG to be safe, Ollie to choose a nominee, and Ollie to choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used. Ollie chose Michelle to be the other HG safe this week. Keesha knows that Dan and Ollie were making a deal, but she didn't know what it was.

Ollie finally dropped, but he figured that he wins HoH this week since he calls almost all of Dan's shots. However, technically Dan wins HoH! Dan knows that he probably made one of the dumbest deals ever, but he had to in order to win HoH. Keesha is worried about whatever deal Dan made with Ollie. Ollie informed Michelle of the deal he made with Dan. Michelle feels grateful to Ollie since he got Dan to keep her safe in addition to himself.

Dan told Memphis that he made a bad deal with Ollie, but he didn't give the details of it. Memphis doesn't understand why Ollie would get the better half of the deal when Dan was the one making it. Renny doesn't know what Dan did in order to win HoH. Memphis isn't sure how well he can trust Dan now since he made such a poor decision.

Dan received his HoH bedroom, along with pictures from his friends and family, a T-shirt reading "Taken" from his girlfriend Monica, as well as a letter from Monica. Dan read the letter and pretended to cry in order to seem weak to the other HG. Renny thinks that a man's best quality is his ability to show emotion.

Renny asked Dan a question about how many women that Dan has dated, and Dan didn't know what she meant by "dated." Renny didn't understand why Dan couldn't just answer the question. Dan says that he loves fighting with Renny when she asks him questions because it really ticks her off.

Dan will probably nominate Jerry since everyone expects him to after all the names that Jerry has called him. Ollie told Dan that he wants Memphis nominated. Dan isn't sure if he wants to nominate Memphis since he is Dan's closest ally. Dan told Memphis that he allowed Ollie to choose one of Dan's nominees, and he chose Memphis. Memphis thinks that Dan basically just let Ollie win HoH without physically giving him HoH.

Dan needs to make sure that he has the votes for Memphis to stay so he can feel comfortable nominating him. Keesha isn't sure if Renny would vote for Memphis to stay. Dan wants to make a formal four-person alliance consisting of him, Keesha, Memphis, and Renny. Renny doesn't trust Memphis though. Dan tried to convince Renny that they need Memphis in order to make the final three. Renny agreed to trust Memphis as long as he is the first to be evicted out of the four of them. Memphis doesn't think that Dan should follow through with the deal because Memphis would have never nominated Dan had he won HoH this week.

Jerry hopes that Dan doesn't nominate him because he of the names he called him a few weeks ago. Michelle isn't sure if she can trust Dan and won't be able to until he keeps her safe this week. Memphis will target Dan if he nominates him. Ollie won't be able to trust Dan unless Michelle is safe and Memphis is nominated. Dan knows that he will be upsetting people no matter who he nominates.

Order of keys: Ollie, Renny, Keesha, and Michelle, leaving Jerry and Memphis nominated for eviction. Dan nominated Memphis because he doesn't know where he stands in the game. Dan nominated Jerry because he targeted Dan earlier in the game. Jerry doesn't like being nominated two weeks in a row but hasn't given up yet. Ollie doesn't think that HG know how much power Dan gave him this week. Dan is glad that he nominated Memphis because it continues to keep his alliance with Memphis secret. Memphis isn't sure if Dan's plan to save him will work.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jerry or Memphis from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


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OMG I just found this on youtube it is hilarious go check it out

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I went to that youtube site and
it said the video was not avaiable.
What was it ? was it about BB10 ?

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That was funny anon 4:25. yeah a little it was this little cartoon,with Keeshas rants as a voice over. the link worked for me anon 2:42. you have to copy and paste the link in your browser