Friday, August 29, 2008

8/28-29 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 PM

Some of the HG are seen here in the pool this afternoon.

The HG rehashed the double-eviction night. Renny thinks that there will be a luxury competition this week after all they went through with the double-eviction night. The HG packed Ollie's belongings since he was evicted unexpectedly. The feeds were blocked from around 7:50-9:00 PM for the HoH competition. When they returned, Jerry was seen wearing the HoH key, making it obvious that he had won.

Keesha was upset that she never got an HoH bedroom for winning HoH during the live show. The other four HG were all pretty miserable following Jerry's HoH win, and all of them think that they could be nominated. Memphis told Keesha that he hates everyone in the house except for her. Keesha then received some HoH gifts, just without the bedroom. She received a letter and diamond bracelet from her boyfriend in her gifts. Jerry also received his HoH bedroom.

Jerry told Dan that Dan would win the game if they made the finals together. Dan and Jerry seem like they want to bring Renny to the final three with them. Keesha thinks that she doesn't have a shot at winning, and Memphis thinks that Jerry has the best chance. Renny wants Jerry to nominate Dan and Memphis, but Jerry wants to nominate Keesha alongside Memphis instead of Dan because she would probably keep Dan and Memphis safe over Renny.Dan and Memphis want to get Renny evicted this week and then try to make the final three with Jerry.

Memphis approached Jerry about forming an alliance, and Jerry seemed interested. Memphis told Jerry that he trusts Keesha the most, so they could bring her in as a third. Memphis told Jerry that he wants Renny out this week because he is worried that Keesha will align with her over him. Jerry seems to want Dan and Renny nominated, with Renny being the target now. Jerry and Memphis were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:45 AM.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:20 AM this morning. Jerry told Keesha that he will probably nominate her alongside either Dan, but she isn't his target. Keesha says that Renny will vote to keep her, so if Jerry will break the tie in her favor, she will stay. Jerry hopes that Keesha will do her best to keep him safe next week if he protects her this week.

Jerry told Memphis that he really wants Dan evicted. He told Memphis that he will nominate Dan and Keesha, with Dan being the target. They promise to take each other to the finals. Jerry told Renny that he will keep her safe as long as she promises to vote Dan out. Renny is worried that Memphis will win the PoV and save Dan, so Renny would have to be nominated alongside Keesha.

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