Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wrap Party Pictures

I have found some wrap party pictures courtesy of Carol's dad and others...

Wrap Party Pics

Wrap Party Pics

and i found this, quite hilarious

Big Brother Contestant evicted from Hyde

Thursday, September 20, 2007

We have moved

For those of you reading this, you know we changed URLS. If you could please tell anyone else you know that views this site about the change....that would be great. Our new site is

Daniele, Dick, and Nick talk with Laremy- A Superpass Exclusive

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank You!

Thank You to everyone who read this blog! This blog has grown so much since last year. We had over 1.5 million views, with countless readers. I love writing and watching the live feeds, and I couldn't have done it without you. Let the countdown begin, because I cannot wait for Big Brother 9, so I can watch and post live feed updates. I promise to be back next year, and promise that this site will be better than ever.

Bookmark this page, and save it for next year. ( I assume next years site will be but that is not for sure. I will post any post BB news here. Come back in a few days for the answers to the questions you guys wanted me to ask Mike. Also, interviews with Daniele and Dick on the early show, and houseguests interviews on the feeds.

Do not forget, Big Brother 8 Live feeds is rerunning. Sign up for a 14 day trial to watch feeds again!

Thanks Again, and see you next year :)

9/18 Show Recap

Who will win BB8? Let's find out!

Time to check in on the jury! Dustin would love to see Daniele or Dick join them. Everyone seemed to agree with him. Jen would like to see Dick since he is the worst person that she has ever met. Much to their disappointment, Zach joined the jury! Eric told him that he would have won 6-1 had he been in the finals. America chose DICK for Eric to vote to win BB8! Dustin says that voting for Dick to win will show to America that being an ass will win you $500,000. Jen says that she will never vote for Dick to win. Amber doesn't understand how Jen cannot vote for Dick to win because of his behavior when she called a truce with him. Dustin says that they need to look past Dick's attacks and look at his gameplay. Zach says that Daniele has tied Janelle's PoV record, so she should be shown for doing that. Amber says that Dick looked out for both him and Daniele, and look where it got them. Jameka says that Daniele was the "pimp" and Dick was the "ho" in their relationship.

Time for the jury questioning! Dick feels great sitting next to Daniele in the finals and sees him and Daniele as the best team in BB history. Amber asked Daniele about why she cheated on her boyfriend, and Daniele refused to answer it, saying that her personal life has nothing to do with the game. Dick says that he never visioned anyone in the finals with him other than Daniele. Eric asked Dick why any of the jurors should be in the final two. Dick says that Eric, Jessica, or Zach are the only ones that deserve to possibly be in the final two. Zach asked the final two what they will take away from each of the jurors once they leave the house. Daniele told Amber that she was "the mother of the house," through which Amber eyerolled. Dick told Jameka that she was the best-hearted person in the house. He told Jen that she is a person of real substance. Daniele says that her biggest moves in the game were nominating Eric and backdooring Jen. Dick said that being in the BB house with Daniele has began his future with Daniele. Daniele said that she would have never thought that she would have worked so well with Dick. She hopes that the jury will vote with their hearts, and she will be happy with that. Dick said that he has played the game from the beginning and never held anything back but does feel bad about turning on Eric and Jessica. Following the questioning, Daniele got mad at Dick for somewhat campaigning against her. Dick was annoyed.

Dick feels great being in the final two. Daniele has loved being with her father for the past week. Eric said that his vote was a clear-cut choice. Jameka said that her vote would be going to the more respectable player. Dustin said that his vote is based on strategic action in the game. Jen said that she has to vote for one of them unfortunately. Zach didn't really say anything before casting his vote. Amber based her decision strictly on the game. Jessica voted for the person that she enjoyed most in the house. Who will win though?

It's Dick's mother and son! His mother Charlotte says that Daniele and Dick make a great team and hopes that they will stay together following the game. His son Vincent says that Dick is the same way outside of the house. Time to see the first five evicted HG! Nick got to say hello to Daniele again. Daniele called the moment "awkward!" Joe loved watching Dustin fall apart in the game and congratulated him on a game well played. Dustin didn't want to say anything back. Mike was rooting for Zach to make the finals. Kail wasn't surprised at all to see Dick make the finals. Time to reveal the AP twist! The HG all had a good laugh over the newfound twist. Jessica was surprised that she couldn't figure the twist out since she has spent so much time with Eric. Dick was surprised that America was responsible for his safety, but he would have been ready to be evicted otherwise. Daniele knew she was right about Eric playing the prank and casting the votes! Dustin wasn't too sad about his eviction since he got to spend more time in paradise. Jameka knew that something wasn't right with Eric. Jen sees now why the prank was played on her. Eric told Amber and Dustin that he sincerely wanted them to stay in the house and told Jessica that he really wanted to tell her about the twist throughout the game.

Time to reveal the votes! The votes are as follows: Eric - Dick, Jameka - Daniele, Dustin - Dick, Jen - Daniele, Zach - Dick, Amber - Dick, and Jessica - Dick, making Dick the winner of BB8 by a vote of 5-2!

BB9 starts in July!

9/18 Live Feeds: Say Goodbye

Sadly, the feeds have ended! The feeds have been blocked all day, and it doesn't look like they will be coming back. That is, until 10:00 PM tonight! Yes, BB has decided to replay the BB8 live feeds like they did last year. Although I will not blog these feeds again, those who are Superpass subscribers can see the live feeds air all over again over the next 81 days. Sit back and enjoy!

Who will win BB8? Find out in two hours!

9/18 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

It's the last day of BB8! How thrilling will the feeds be on this last day? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Daniele and Dick went through all of the former HG and expressed their thoughts on them. (This could have been planned by BB for footage for tonight's show.) They rehashed the season for most of last night. Dick thinks that he has had the hardest game this season. Daniele and Dick cannot wait to go on the Internet to chat with all the BB fans online. Dick says that he will probably spend two entire days just watching the show after he gets out of the house. The final two continued to talk before hitting the sack at around 6:40 AM.

The feeds have been blocked since about 10:15 AM, so this could be the last update of the season! I'll let you know before tonight's finale if anything new has happened. Otherwise, don't forget about tonight's show! The BB8 finale airs tonight at 9:00 PM. Expect a show recap from me following it!

9/17-18 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

It's the last day of BB8! How will the HG enjoy it? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Daniele hopes that BB will let her host a competition next year. Daniele can't wait to see everyone's HouseCalls shows when she gets out of the house. Dick can't wait to see the strategy sessions of the MRA. Daniele and Dick agree that the worst part about watching the show back will be seeing Jen. Dick told Daniele that her first words as a baby were "Hi Dad" because Dick came home from work one day, and Vincent told Dick "Hi Dad" a few times, so Daniele repeated him. Dick thinks that people should have 2-3 kids and then get "fixed." Daniele and Dick agree that "The Wizard of Oz" would be a good theme for next season's show.

Daniele and Dick continued to rehash the season throughout the night. They are both still up as I post this!

Monday, September 17, 2007

9/17 Live Feeds: 1:00-7:00 PM

We're down to the last few hours of BB8! How late did the final two sleep in today? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Dick woke up at around 2:20 PM. Daniele cannot wait to finally see some different people tomorrow night. She also cannot wait to see some animals and comments that she goes to Petco every week to pet the animals there. Daniele and Dick hoped that Janelle did a DR session when she was in the house. Daniele also cannot wait to get her cell phone back. Daniele colored Dick's hair in preparation for tomorrow's finale. The final two continued to rehash their favorite moments of the season. Daniele returned to bed at around 5:30 PM.

Currently, Dick is up by himself playing solitaire. Expect much of the same for the rest of the season!

9/17 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

It's the last full day in the house! How will the final two spend it? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

The feeds returned from the watching of this season's gag reel at around 4:00 AM. Daniele and Dick think that Eric should host HouseCalls next year instead of Gretchen. Daniele wants a new car if she wins the game but will have to settle for a used car since she is sure that she will be getting 2nd place. Dick says that his most fun week in the house was week 6, but Daniele says that was her worst week. Daniele and Dick jokingly agree that they were the most normal people in the house. Dick applauded BB for getting quite a cast of characters for the show.

Daniele and Dick stayed up all night rehashing the season. Dick made Daniele breakfast this morning. They finally went to bed shortly before 8:00 AM. Daniele was the first one up today at around 12:15 PM.

That does it for the morning! Expect a lot of laying around today since the HG didn't go to bed until this morning.

9/16-17 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

It's been a day full of sleeping in the house. Will the HG ever wake up? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick got back up at around 5:35 PM. He had another cigarette and commented that he needed to quit smoking. Daniele got up about an hour later and started talking to Dick. She was crying and saying that she wants to go home. Daniele talked about how Amber said that she would vote based on strategy when she was the only juror to ask a personal question. Dick tried to make some dinner but ended up setting his tacos on fire! It was only minor, and BB was able to take control of the situation rather quickly.

Daniele told Dick what was on her mind about Dick campaigning against her during the jury questioning. Dick says that he never meant to campaign against her and was only answering each juror's question honestly. Daniele hates how the jury was so rude to her and only asked her personal questions about her life and Nick. Daniele thinks that the vote will be 6-1 for Dick to win, but Dick thinks that it will be close.

The HG spent the night rehashing some of their favorite moments of the season and talked about each of this season's HG. BB gave the HG another feast and showed them a gag reel of the season, during which the feeds have been blocked since about 12:35 AM.

That does it for the evening! The feeds are still blocked as I post this.