Saturday, July 19, 2008

7/19 Live Feeds: 5:00 AM-5:00 PM

BB didn't wake the HG up until around 10:15 AM this morning. Libra got into a fight with Jerry and Renny about calling them "the old people on her team" in the food competition. Libra claims that she never said anything of the sort, which she did. Libra told April to watch out for Michelle because she thinks that Michelle tells Jessie everything. (She's right.) Renny thinks that Jerry has been targeting her since he has been in the house.

Libra started crying because of the fight. She was mad at herself for resulting to fighting. Libra said that she will always defend herself in the house though. April and Keesha tried to comfort her. Dan is worried that his girlfriend will break up with him since he came into the house. Keesha and her boyfriend have been dating on and off for about a year and a half now.

7/18-19 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-5:00 AM

Pool was the activity of the night. The HG look thrilled, don't they?

Jerry and Renny have begun to bash Libra now. Her attitude is really starting to annoy everyone. Keesha hopes that Jerry will win HoH next week because he would nominate Libra. Memphis would rather wait a few weeks before targeting Libra. Steven has been working Michelle to use the PoV on him so Libra can be nominated. Michelle still isn't promising anything. Libra wants the men to all be evicted before the women. @@ - Like that ever happens.

Keesha, Libra, and Michelle still do not trust Angie. Memphis told Steven that he would vote him out this week if the nominations stand. Memphis told Libra that he still doesn't want Jerry or Renny in the jury house, so he wants them to be the next two evicted. Libra then warned Renny that some people want her evicted soon. Jessie was once again the last one asleep last night at around 2:45 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Friday, July 18, 2008

7/18 Live Feeds: 1:00-8:00 PM

Michelle doesn't know if she should use PoV or not. She is weighing her options before deciding anything. Apparently, Keesha won a slop pass in the PoV competition. Libra got upset with Keesha because Libra thought Keesha told Steven that she was sorry that she didn't win PoV for him. Keesha instead said that she was sorry that Steven didn't win.

Steven is still confused as to why Jessie is after him this week. Jessie again tells him that he nominated him because he was with Brian and Dan last week. Keesha wants a female to win HoH next week and change things up in the house. April says that she has already lost weight while being in the house because she hasn't been drinking. Memphis told Angie that Dan will be evicted this week. He also wants Jerry and Renny gone soon because they are floaters.

April and Keesha are starting to drift from Libra because they realize that Libra is too vocal, and people have begun to believe that the three of them are aligned. Keesha thinks that Libra is even targeting her. April says that she isn't planning on taking Ollie to the finals anymore.

7/18 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for almost two hours, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Michelle has won the PoV! I'll let you know if anything changes.

7/18 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

9:08 AM: BB wakes the HG up for the day.

10:38 AM: April, Keesha, and Michelle want to vote Steven out because of his bad attitude. April and Keesha cannot stand Jerry. Keesha doesn't want to live with him in the jury house.

10:42 AM: Jessie says that the house will still be able to evict Dan if Steven wins PoV. Jessie is nervous about Steven staying and winning HoH next week though.

10:59 AM: April and Libra think that they will be nominated if Angie wins HoH next week.

11:39 AM: Keesha thinks that if Steven wins PoV and doesn't use it to save himself, then the house will save him because of his bravery. @@ - Are you kidding me? Keesha then says that Michelle is a floater, which makes her a big threat. Keesha leaves, leaving April and Libra alone. April doesn't know if she can trust Keesha since she was throwing Michelle under the bus. April isn't sure if she can trust Ollie either. Michelle then enters, and April informs her about Keesha throwing her under the bus.

12:16 PM: Libra says that she was on "Wheel of Fortune" when she was in college.

12:24 PM: Steven warned Angie that she is making the house suspicious of her by hanging out with him.

12:27 PM: Jessie says that he will nominate Renny if someone is saved with the PoV.

12:37 PM: Michelle told Jessie that Keesha wants to keep Steven this week. Jessie is mad that Keesha is still hanging out with Steven. Michelle thinks that Keesha feels sorry for Steven.

12:41 PM: Steven doesn't understand why he is nominated. He voted Brian out last week, yet he still is nominated this week. Libra thinks that he is nominated because he was hanging out with Brian last week.

12:56 PM: The feeds have become blocked for the PoV competition.

7/18 Live Feeds: 12:00AM-8:00AM

We have decided to go back to the old way of updating. Many people seem to like it better.

Jerry tells Angie to not to take things personally. He says America doesn't want to see a nice Angie but instead they want to see an Angie that can play the game. Jerry tells her Libra is leading the girls and Libra thinks people are oblivious how powerful Libra has become. Jerry tells Angie the other girls are jelous of her. Angie says she is closest to Michelle when it comes to girls. Jerry says he likes Angie a lot and he is available to talk whenever she wants.

Jerry then starts talking to Steven about alliances and who is in power. Steven says it's Libra and her gang and Jess and his gang. They think the other houseguests are not thinking about who they want in jury. Jerry says these people forget you are only in power for one week.

Keesha is campaigning hard for Steven. She doesn't understand why he is on the block.

As of 2AM all houseguests are asleep. They should be getting a wake-up call very soon! The PoV competition should play out sometime today.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/17 Live Feed Updates

12:12 AM: Steven informs some of the HG that he was fired from a previous job for being gay.

12:42 AM: It is apparent that Jessie, Memphis, and Michelle are in an alliance. Jessie says that he can win the competitions if Michelle plays the social game. He mentions bringing either Jerry or Memphis to their side. Both don't trust Libra because she plays the social game well. It seems that Jessie will nominate Dan and Steven for eviction. Jessie is worried about Dan staying this week though and would rather see Renny nominated. He is also worried about Renny making the jury because he couldn't stand living with her even after they are evicted. The three had an early alliance with Angie, but none of them trust her now because she tried to keep Brian in the house.

1:34 AM: Michelle told Angie that he alliance is worried about trusting her. Angie talks to Jessie and tells him that she was only aligned with Brian, not Dan or Steven. She says that she would have nominated Dan and Renny had she won HoH. Jessie says that he wants Steven evicted this week. Jessie then agrees to keep Angie in his alliance.

2:53 AM: Jessie is the last one asleep for the night.

7:06 AM: Renny is the first one up for the day.

9:09 AM: BB wakes the rest of the HG up.

9:39 AM: Memphis and Keesha learn that they live about 10 minutes from each other. Jessie lives about 20 minutes away from both of them.

10:38 AM: Renny thinks that April and Libra are the two biggest threats in the house. Keesha was annoyed by April jumping into Jessie's arms when he won HoH.

11:13 AM: Steven doesn't think that he will be nominated. He thinks that Renny will be nominated next to either Angie or Dan.

12:17 PM: The feeds have been blocked for the food competition.

1:36 PM: The feeds return. April, Jerry, Keesha, Libra, Memphis, and Renny all appear to be on slop this week. Libra is pretty upset losing the competition and being on slop for a second week in a row. She complained about having the two oldest people in the house on her team.

4:08 PM: Jessie and Ollie notice that one of their fish has died. They want to give it a funeral.

4:29 PM: Memphis says that his real name is Robert. People started to call him that when he left his hometown of Memphis to model in Atlanta when he was 19.

4:44 PM: Dan told Jessie that he voted to keep Brian because he wanted to stay true to their alliance. Dan says that he won't target Jessie in the future if Jessie keeps him safe this week.

5:28 PM: The feeds become blocked for the nominations ceremony.

7:18 PM: The feeds have returned. It appears that Dan and Steven have been nominated for eviction.

7:28 PM: Dan tells Jessie that he understands his decision and still will not target him in the future. Jessie assured him that Steven is his target this week. Jessie does think that Dan will be evicted if Steven wins PoV though.

7:51 PM: April is mad that Angie wasn't nominated. Keesha complained about the stinky ashtray.

8:30 PM: Apparently, Jessie's reasoning to nominating Steven was that Steven didn't see his HoH bedroom with the rest of the HG. Steven found that excuse annoying.

8:35 PM: Ollie says that he got kicked out of a movie theater while watching "Radio" because he and his friends were making fun of the character Radio.

7/16 Live Feed Updates

12:02 AM: Michelle says that April is very sorry about the fight with Keesha. April thinks that she might get kicked out of the house for it. Michelle thinks that she will be targeted if Brian stays this week. She is planning on laying low for a while.

12:11 AM: Keesha is very upset by the fight and doesn't want to talk to April for a while.

12:14 AM: Jerry thinks that Steven is playing everyone in the house. Jerry wants Steven out soon after Renny.

12:45 AM: April and Keesha finally make up after their fight. Everyone cheered.

12:49 AM: Angie wants Steven to win HoH so he can nominate April and Libra.

1:19 AM: Keesha tells Libra and Renny that they need to watch out for Michelle.

1:39 AM: Earlier, Ollie got upset with April for starting a fight for no apparent reason. After he learned the situation, he understands and apologized to April for doubting her. He encouraged her to win HoH this week. April says that she would nominate Angie if she wins it. Both want to win the competition.

1:59 AM: Jessie and Michelle agree that Angie, Dan, and Steven need to be the next three evicted.

2:07 AM: April tells Libra and Ollie that she is loyal to them in the game. April is worried about Keesha winning after their fight. Michelle joins them and says that Steven told her that he would nominate Jessie and Memphis if he wins HoH next week. April thinks that Renny would nominate her and Jessie if she won HoH next week.

3:38 AM: Jessie is the last one in bed for the night.

9:33 AM: BB wakes the HG up for the day.

10:29 AM: Jessie told Michelle that Steven needs to be evicted next week. The two "Jedi Drill" each other for the HoH competition tonight.

1:08 PM: Jessie complained about Brian and Dan not cleaning the house in preparation for tonight's live show. Ollie says that the two have accepted their fate and don't want to help out anymore.

1:54 PM: The pictures on the Memory Wall have changed to action shots of the HG competing.

2:27 PM: Trivia has returned to the feeds. They are blocked until after the live show.

8:47PM: Ollie tells Jessie to nominate Angie and Dan and then replace one of them with Steven. Steven would be the target.

9:00PM: Jessie says everyone wants Angie up but Jessie doesn't think she should be nominated. He wants Angie to come talk to him and offer him something.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/16 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

We have a live audience for every live show this year! Brian knew that he would be nominated as soon as Jerry started talking. Dan is shocked at Brian's nomination. Jerry didn't want to nominate Brian, but he decided to sacrifice Brian in order for the house to continue to trust him. Jerry informed Brian that Ollie was the one behind Brian's nomination. Brian was shocked and couldn't wait to tell the house about how good Ollie's word is. Brian told Dan, who was even furthered shocked. Brian and Dan confronted Ollie, but Ollie says that he had to out the alliance because April, Keesha, and Libra already knew. Dan says that he would never break his word just to get further in the house. April and Ollie have been getting close and even started kissing! Brian has noticed how close April, Keesha, and Libra have gotten and knows that they need to be broken up.

Some of the HG put on a puppet show. Brian planned the event in order to make the house like him more. The show was quite entertaining! Brian's plan worked because Steven instantly suggested Brian's safety this week. Angie also enjoys having Brian in the house and tried to work on Keesha. April overheard Angie and informed Libra about her attempt to keep Brian. April went on to tell some of the other HG, and Keesha thought that she was talking about her. A huge fight instigated between April and Keesha because of it. April felt bad and started crying.

Time for the live voting! April - Brian, Libra - Brian, Michelle - Brian, Ollie - Brian, Dan - Renny, Jessie - Brian, Keesha - Brian, Memphis - Brian, Steven - Brian, and Angie - Brian. By a vote of 9-1, Brian has been evicted from the BB house.

Time for the HoH competition! Julie asked the HG a series of questions about each other. HG had to answer with the majority. If they didn't, then they would be eliminated. Order of ousting: Memphis, Renny, Keesha, Dan, Michelle, April, and Angie. Time for a tiebreaker! Jessie got closest to the number, thus winning HoH!

Who will Jessie nominate? Find out Sunday!

7/15 Live Feed Updates

12:22 AM: Ollie says that he never had a girlfriend until he was 27.

12:24 AM: Dan misses his girlfriend from home. Keesha misses her dog.

12:58 AM: Angie, Brian, Memphis, and Steven made sock puppets of some of the HG using nail polish and other personal tools. They later acted out this week's live show using the puppets.

2:50 AM: Brian and Dan want to surprise Jerry with a tied vote.

2:58 AM: Brian and Dan are the last ones in bed for the night.

8:50 AM: Jerry is the first HG up. Jessie and Renny wake up shortly later.

9:43 AM: BB wakes the rest of the HG up.

11:21AM: Keesha cries because she is unable to "go"

11:55AM: Brian and Dan head upstairs to play a little chess and talk game. Brian is unable to concentrate on the game because he has a lot on his mind. He is afraid he won't have a job when gets home and also he wants to get back with his ex but his ex is seeing someone else. They want to force a tie and then promise Jerry a couple weeks.

11:58 AM: Brian cannot stand listening to Keesha and says that she sounds like "nails on a chalkboard."

12:45 PM: Michelle got mad at Jessie because he hasn't been doing his part in doing the dishes. Michelle then got mad at Steven for the same thing. Renny agreed. Libra tried to settle the argument. Michelle then apologized and agreed that she needs to think before she speaks. Steven says that he will need therapy after the game from all the drama.

1:25 PM: April is suspicious of Angie because she has been hanging around Dan a lot recently.

2:19 PM: BB gave the HG pizza.

3:52 PM: Brian says that if he gets evicted this week, he will be able to attend his sister's wedding in August.

4:40 PM: Michelle tells some of the HG about a Portuguese tale that if you eat watermelon and drink wine at the same time, you will die. She also believes that you will get bad luck if you put your shoes on the table.

Between 5:00PM and 10:00PM nothing happens. Houseguests play games and tell random stories.

10:30PM: April and Keesha have a fight in the backyard! Keesha hates April because every time she turns around April is talking shit about her. April runs inside and begins to cry. She says she is being embarrassed on national television! After a while April announces she is on her period and is very emotional.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7/15 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jessie or Renny from eviction? Let's find out!

Brian was pleased with Jerry since he honored his deal. Jerry is glad that he could use HoH to align with Brian until the end. Renny was surprised that her incident caused her to be nominated. Jessie blamed Renny for his nomination. Renny called Jessie a "punk," someone who doesn't know anything. Jerry tried to explain the Bible story of King Solomon to show the situation in the house, which really confused Jessie. Brian is very pleased with how the game is moving thus far. Renny apologized to Jessie for waking him up the other night. Jessie was annoyed that it took her a day and a half to so, but Renny fired back by saying that she apologized the night that it happened. She called him a liar for doing so. Brian thinks that Renny will self-destruct, causing her eviction at any time. Therefore, he is thinking about evicting Jessie instead and proposed his idea to some of the HG. Angie thinks that Brian is intimidating. Memphis wasn't too receptive to Brian's idea, and Brian noticed that.

April thinks Ollie is very good-looking and could see herself dating him. Ollie feels the same about April. Time to pick PoV players! Memphis, Michelle, and April were the other three chosen. Angie was selected to host. Jerry wanted to win to keep his nominations as is. Renny feels alone in the house and needs to win in order to stay. Jessie wanted to win in order to prove himself. The competition took place at night on a ginat bed. HouseGuests had to search the bed and its pillows for five bears that matched the color of their outfit. However, they had to cross a honey bridge in order to get to and from the bed, which proved to delay everyone severely. Renny got off to a slow start. Memphis was the first on the board, with Jerry close behind. Michelle thinks of herself as a tough competitor and started to catch up to the others. Brian thinks that Memphis is the toughest competitor in the house. Jessie caught up fast though and won the PoV! Jerry was worried about nominating someone else from eviction. Brian thinks that he can convince Jerry to nominate someone else beneficial to him.

Brian and Dan agree that Memphis showed how competitive he was, so he needs to be evicted this week. Brian told this to Jerry. Jerry was nervous about nominating him because he thinks that Renny will be evicted. Brian and Ollie assured April, Keesha, and Libra that they would be safe this week. The women were suspicious about Brian and Ollie being so controlling with them. They think that Brian, Dan, and Ollie are aligned. April is surprised by that because she figured that Ollie would inform her of that. Libra told April not to trust Ollie because his alliance will pick them off once they get rid of Jessie and Memphis. April and Libra confronted Ollie about it. Ollie was shocked that April wasn't trusting him. April and Libra think that Brian is trying to turn Ollie against them. Ollie agrees and wants Brian out now.

Ollie told Memphis that Brian and Jerry have an alliance and are trying to backdoor him. Memphis told this to Jessie. Keesha, Libra, and Ollie agreed to inform the house about Brian and to convince Jerry to backdoor him. The house informed Jerry that Brian has been aligning with everyone. They promised him safety next week if he backdoored Brian. Jerry was sure if he could believe them though.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Jessie thinks that alliances will start to be exposed after the ceremony. Jerry doesn't want to nominate Brian because of his experience in the service. Brian hopes that Jerry honors his agreement to nominate Memphis. Jessie decided to save himself with the PoV. In his place, Jerry nominated Brian. Dan was shocked. Ollie felt bad about lying but knows that he had to do so to stay in the game. Libra knew that Brian was a snake, so she is pleased with how the week will end. Brian knows that he got played, but he isn't giving up yet.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

7/14 Live Feed Updates

12:01AM: Big Brother gave the houseguests beer and wine. All houseguests made a toast that slop is over.

12:07AM: Everyone is in the kitchen talking. Memphis says he doesn't eat carbs and that he used to be a model. Memphis, Dan, and Steven have a beer chugging contest. Steven wins and proclaims, "the homo wins it."

12:37AM: Brian, Dan and Steven talk game in the backyard. Steven says the "colored" girl (Libra) got no power. Supposedly Libra made some kind of move earlier in the day. Steven says he's going to do everything in his power to geyt Libra out.

12:40AM: Steven tells Brian he is not devestated that Brian is leaving. It does not ruin his game. So as of now it looks like Brian will be this season's first evictee.

12:45AM: Angie joins the guys in the backyard and the guys quickly change the subject. Not long after Angie leaves. The guys wonder if they just "awkwarded" out Angie and wonder if she'll flip. Steven tells Brian not to worry.

1:05AM: Libra and Angie have a heart to heart in the back yard. They talk about how the gave up their jobs to be on the show. They discuss how they miss their families.

1:59AM: April and Ollie are in bed together. They are already making out and it is only day 7!

2:00AM: All houseguests are fast asleep.

9:15AM: Big Brother wakes the houseguests up for the day.

10:03AM: The houseguests are up and milling about. Some are in the bathroom and others are in the kitchen eating

10:15AM: Jerry and Jessie discuss how Jerry was Brian's puppet. They think Steven and Dan will stick by Brian. They are comparing notes and trying to figure out alliances etc.

10:27 AM: Angie says that she tried out for Survivor, but CBS asked her to be on BB instead. Jerry says that he couldn't eat all the odd foods they eat on Survivor.

10:40 AM: Angie claims that she will go to bed much earlier tonight since the HG has such an early wake-up call this morning. @@ - 9:15 AM is soooo early.

10:45 AM: Memphis wants Brian to be evicted this week, then Dan, Renny, and Jerry. Everyone seems to want that as well since they are the four who cause the most conflict in the house.

11:00 AM: Brian and Ollie agree that Libra is too bossy and needs to tone her emotions down. Brian claims that he isn't mad about being nominated this week.

11:08 AM: Keesha claims that Jerry has been threatening everyone, saying that he will target them if they do not vote the way he wants this week.

11:28 AM: Jessie told Libra that she is the kind of woman that he is attracted to. Jessie is worried that Renny will target him if she wins HoH next week. Ollie thinks that she will forget about Jessie if he votes to keep her this week. Ollie says that he would have sex with April if there were no cameras in the house.

11:48AM: Angie says the plan is to have Brian, Dan, Jerry, and Renny be the first four evictees. She is afraid that if all the arguing continues the plan won't work.

12:52PM: Libra tells Keesha that she does not trust Steven. Keesha says she's not stupid and does not trust him either. Libra, Keesha, and April seem to be mad at Michelle for an unknown reason.

1:21PM: Ollie, Renny, and Libra talk about Brian and how he lies so much. They need to squash all rumors before next week so their plan works. Supposedly Ollie had said he liked Brian making people think he would keep Brian. They think the vote will be 9-1 with Brian being evicted of course.

2:04PM: Renny and Jerry headed to the HoH bedroom to discuss eviction. Renny wanted to know about the supposed military swear Jerry had with Brian. Jerry said he was "caught with his pants down" and Brian got what was coming for him. Renny just wants to be sure Brian will be leaving and not her.

2:17PM: Dan and Steven talked in the backyard. They commented about how the house is split and a lot of people are in multiple alliances.

2:31PM: Brian said he doesn't know if he is said to leave the house or be the first one evicted.

2:51 PM: April, Libra, and Keesha appear to be aligned. Libra says that Jerry was upset to find out that Angie was aligned with Brian and Dan. April wants to bring more people into their alliance. She doesn't know if she can trust Ollie. Libra wants either Angie, Michelle, or Ollie to be their fourth. The women think that Angie and Michelle could be aligned. Keesha is afraid of Dan winning HoH but knows that he will be nominated if he doesn't. Libra says that she hates Dan. April is more scared if Angie wins HoH. The women think that they can trust Michelle, but they think that she is pretty close with Jessie.

3:30 PM: April dreads going into the DR.

3:44 PM: Brian and Memphis want Keesha to make a saran-wrap bathing suit for herself. @@

3:49 PM: Keesha suggested that she and April pose for Playboy as the blonde reality stars. Ollie scolded April for wanting to do that since posing for Playboy isn't better than doing porn. Renny says that serial killers are the ones who look at porn. @@

4:29 PM: Ollie says that they will be voting live this week. He asked Keesha if she was aligned with Steven, and she said no.

4:39 PM: April says that her alliance with Keesha, Libra, Michelle, and Ollie is the strongest in the house.

5:23 PM: Earlier, Steven saw Michelle's vagina by accident and didn't tell her but instead told some of the other HG. Michelle was offended by this and confronted him about it. Steven apologized.

6:41 PM: Brian wants to nominate April and Libra next week. Brian wants Dan to align with Angie and Steven should be be evicted this week. If Dan has Steven, then he has Keesha as well. Brian says not to nominate Jerry, Michelle, or Renny.

6:51 PM: Steven says that he hates drama and doesn't want to be in the house if there is going to be a lot of drama. He confronted Libra about her bossy ways. Libra started crying and didn't realize that people thought she was being rude. She thinks that being on slop put her in a bad mood this week. Steven understands and comforted her.

7:17 PM: It appears that Jessie and Michelle are aligned. Jessie told her that he wants Jerry and Renny out soon. Michelle wants Steven out next because he has been lying a lot. Both want Brian out this week. Jessie told Michelle to be confident in the game but not to be too cocky so that she becomes a target.

7:22 PM: April wants Steven nominated next week.

7:55PM: Angie and Michelle talk game in the sauna. Angie lied to Steven and told him that he would not be the next person on the block. Jerry told Michelle the others wanted her in their alliance.

8:15PM: Jerry told Dan it would be great if he won but if he doesn't he has a family to go to. Dan says he has to answer only to his students. Jerry wants Dan to win HoH next week. Jerry says Brian screwed him up completely. Jerry and Brian have a lengthy conversation. Brian knows he is going home and tells Jerry he made a great move.

8:50PM: The houseguests were given beer and wine once again. They decided to play charades in the back yard which quickly turned into the telephone game.

9:32PM: Angie is crying in bed because supposedly Jerry called her a "psycho." Some of the houseguests are trying to comfort her including Brian....most likely to earn a vote.

10:01PM: Libra tells Angie that Jerry was just joking and that they don't really think that she is a pyscho. Libra convinces Angie to come outside and socialize.

10:42PM: Jessie is pissed that Brian thinks he is king "shit" and Michelle is pissed Angie let Briand talk to her but not Michelle.

11:08PM: Jerry apologizes to Angie but seems disappointed she got upset.

11:22PM: April, Keesha, and Libra talk about Jerry. They think he is a great person but he gets on their nerves.

11:23 PM: Jerry claims that he is a streetfighter when it comes to business, meaning that he likes to get things done.

11:24 PM: Ollie wants to be the first guy to have a breakdown in the house. Keesha and Libra think that Steven will break down first.

11:26 PM: Renny has three stepchildren from a previous marriage and has two children of her own. She doesn't like her oldest stepson because he is a jerk and said something "really nasty" to her daughter.

11:33 PM: Michelle was engaged for two years but just broke up. She claims that she hasn't had sex in nine months. Jessie joked that she shouldn't be telling the youngest guy in the house that.

11:50 PM: Libra hasn't touched her key since she has been in the house because she thinks that would bring her bad luck.

Monday, July 14, 2008

7/13 Live Feed Updates

And the feeds ARE UP!

9:00 PM - Live Feeds are on!

9:06 PM
- The houseguests are getting ready for dinner!

9:10 PM - The camera zooms in on the memory wall to reveal that Jerry has won the PoV.

9:19 PM - Some HG are in the backyard chit-chatting.

9:34 PM - Dan and Brian discuss votes in the backyard. They seemed to be worried that someone is wavering...not sure who.

9:41 PM - Dan wants everyone to know that he thinks this year's twist is that America is the 14th houseguest. Everyone minus Dan and Brian are talking in the Kitchen while preparing dinner. Brian and Dan think that Jerry is easily manipulated by the women in the house. It appears that Jerry decided to save Jessie with the PoV to backdoor Brian.

10:08 PM - Steven thinks that April, Libra, and Ollie think that they are in control of the house. Steven says that Memphis is mad at something, but Brian thinks that he should be happy since he went from being an enemy (because of winning the car) to one of the most liked in only a week. Brian thinks that he will be evicted this week, so he has been giving Steven tips, like to watch out for the alliance of Jessie and Memphis. It appears that Steven told everyone he was gay.

10:26 PM - The HG make fun of Renny. They make fun of her giving out weird shout-outs to places like Wal-Mart and Walgreen's.

10:36 PM - Dan told Jerry that he made a mistake by nominating Brian. Jerry was mad at Brian for not telling him about his alliance with Dan and Ollie.

10:44 PM - It appears that the slop-eaters are off slop beginning tonight. Brian, Keesha, and Libra have all lost quite a bit of weight while on slop. BB restocked the storage room, and the HG received alcohol as well. Libra notices that they have microwave popcorn but no microwave. Keesha was excited about all the candy they received.

10:49 PM - Libra demanded that the alcohol stay in the refrigerator until after midnight so everyone can partake in it, which annoyed Steven. Keesha agrees and doesn't like how Libra is running the house.

10:55 PM - Ollie claims that he doesn't know how to cook and has never prepared dinner for himself.

11:06 PM - Michelle claims that Jessie told her that she is threatening. Michelle told Angie that Renny has been annoying her.

11:11 PM - Jerry says that all the women in the house are hot. Libra told Keesha that she looks like Daniele (BB8).

11:18 PM - Memphis claims that the sun sweats when he looks at it because he is so hot. @@ Michelle thinks that she is hotter.

11:21 PM - Jerry told everyone that Brian tried to use the fact that he was in the military in order to earn Jerry's trust. Brian was in another room listening to the conversation and muttered that Jerry better watch himself if Brian stays. He also wanted Ollie to stop sucking up to Jerry.

11:40 PM - Keesha and Steven are annoyed by all the know-it-all's in the house, especially Jerry and Libra. Steven told Dan that when Jerry starts talking that he should just agree with him. Steven wonders how everyone found out he was gay. Keesha says that Libra told her, which surprised Steven since Libra told him that she wouldn't tell anyone about it.

11:53 PM - Keesha says that marriage scares her.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/13 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

As usual, BB introduced us to the new house, which is decked out in different eras of time. We then saw the HG introductions when everyone received their keys. When everyone gathers in front of the house, Julie informs them that they will actually be voting for the first HoH. Each HG voted for who they wanted to see win HoH except for themselves. After they voted, everyone entered the house. April voted for Renny since she looks like the "mother of the house," but she then had second thoughts after seeing how rude she was. Angie didn't like Renny either. Keesha voted for Jerry. Everyone then sat in the living room for the usual introductions. Steven avoided telling everyone that he was gay to avoid being singled out as the gay guy. Jessie isn't fond of Renny either. Dan is content with committing sins while in the house because he can just go to Confession after the show. April told everyone to feel her boobs since she claimed they were real. Even Jerry took part, which Renny found very inappropriate since he is a father.

Julie informs the HG that they will compete for something other than HoH tonight. Jessie volunteered to sit out for the first competition since even teams were neccessary. Memphis thought that was a stupid move because he would never refuse to compete. The HG split up into two teams of six and entered the backyard for the competition. Two cars were upside down high above the ground, while two classic cars lay below. Julie tells us that one of these cars will be awarded to someone, which upset Jessie. For the competition, each team had to climb into one of the upside-down cars and move themselves to the other side to collect gas cans. Each time they grab a gas can, one team member had to drop out of the competition. The team who grabs all their gas cans first will win food for the week as well. The last person standing for the winning team would get to choose the car of their choice. The team consisting of Angie, Dan, Memphis, Michelle, Renny, and Steven won, and Memphis chose the 1969 Camaro. Jessie also won food for the week.

Julie then revealed the HoH winner. Renny placed second with three votes, but Jerry won with four votes! Dan wants to align with one person throughout the game, so he approached Brian about it. Brian agreed but wanted to bring in a third, so they chose Ollie. After talking with Ollie, Dan knew that he could trust him by the look in his eyes. Time to see Jerry's HoH bedroom! He received pictures of his wife. Everyone seemed very happy for him. Jerry thinks that he has a good chance of succeeding in the game since everyone likes him so well.

Renny continued to annoy people by screaming in the dark because she thought that she had locked herself in. @@ Her laugh really set Jessie off, who was trying to sleep. He approached Renny, but she told him to just lighten up. She thinks that Jessie is a baby and is acting like one of her kids. The guys really don't like Renny at all. Brian and Dan want her and Jessie nominated. Brian approached Jerry about nominating them, but Jerry wanted him to commit to an alliance with him. Jerry would rather see Dan nominated instead of Jessie but agreed with Brian's deal. Brian says that he isn't loyal and doesn't plan on sticking to the alliances he makes.

Jerry says that his nominations this week are tough. Order of keys: Michelle, Angie, Memphis, Libra, April, Brian, Steven, Keesha, Ollie, and Dan, leaving Jessie and Renny nominated for eviction. Jerry nominated them because of the conflict they had started the night before. Jerry thinks that he will be safe next week because Jessie and Renny will explode and make the house hate them.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jessie or Renny from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

Some last minute tidbits and videos

House Tour

Just a couple tid bits of info that may or may not be true...

1. There may be a secret room this season. According to Allison Grodner there is a room in the house that has never been used.

2. The only clock in the BB house is on the microwave. The only problem is the microwave is not in the house when the houseguests enter....

3. Slop may not be the only food restriction this season. According to Allison Grodner viewers shouldn't be surprised to see alternatives to slop used.

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