Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7/14 Live Feed Updates

12:01AM: Big Brother gave the houseguests beer and wine. All houseguests made a toast that slop is over.

12:07AM: Everyone is in the kitchen talking. Memphis says he doesn't eat carbs and that he used to be a model. Memphis, Dan, and Steven have a beer chugging contest. Steven wins and proclaims, "the homo wins it."

12:37AM: Brian, Dan and Steven talk game in the backyard. Steven says the "colored" girl (Libra) got no power. Supposedly Libra made some kind of move earlier in the day. Steven says he's going to do everything in his power to geyt Libra out.

12:40AM: Steven tells Brian he is not devestated that Brian is leaving. It does not ruin his game. So as of now it looks like Brian will be this season's first evictee.

12:45AM: Angie joins the guys in the backyard and the guys quickly change the subject. Not long after Angie leaves. The guys wonder if they just "awkwarded" out Angie and wonder if she'll flip. Steven tells Brian not to worry.

1:05AM: Libra and Angie have a heart to heart in the back yard. They talk about how the gave up their jobs to be on the show. They discuss how they miss their families.

1:59AM: April and Ollie are in bed together. They are already making out and it is only day 7!

2:00AM: All houseguests are fast asleep.

9:15AM: Big Brother wakes the houseguests up for the day.

10:03AM: The houseguests are up and milling about. Some are in the bathroom and others are in the kitchen eating

10:15AM: Jerry and Jessie discuss how Jerry was Brian's puppet. They think Steven and Dan will stick by Brian. They are comparing notes and trying to figure out alliances etc.

10:27 AM: Angie says that she tried out for Survivor, but CBS asked her to be on BB instead. Jerry says that he couldn't eat all the odd foods they eat on Survivor.

10:40 AM: Angie claims that she will go to bed much earlier tonight since the HG has such an early wake-up call this morning. @@ - 9:15 AM is soooo early.

10:45 AM: Memphis wants Brian to be evicted this week, then Dan, Renny, and Jerry. Everyone seems to want that as well since they are the four who cause the most conflict in the house.

11:00 AM: Brian and Ollie agree that Libra is too bossy and needs to tone her emotions down. Brian claims that he isn't mad about being nominated this week.

11:08 AM: Keesha claims that Jerry has been threatening everyone, saying that he will target them if they do not vote the way he wants this week.

11:28 AM: Jessie told Libra that she is the kind of woman that he is attracted to. Jessie is worried that Renny will target him if she wins HoH next week. Ollie thinks that she will forget about Jessie if he votes to keep her this week. Ollie says that he would have sex with April if there were no cameras in the house.

11:48AM: Angie says the plan is to have Brian, Dan, Jerry, and Renny be the first four evictees. She is afraid that if all the arguing continues the plan won't work.

12:52PM: Libra tells Keesha that she does not trust Steven. Keesha says she's not stupid and does not trust him either. Libra, Keesha, and April seem to be mad at Michelle for an unknown reason.

1:21PM: Ollie, Renny, and Libra talk about Brian and how he lies so much. They need to squash all rumors before next week so their plan works. Supposedly Ollie had said he liked Brian making people think he would keep Brian. They think the vote will be 9-1 with Brian being evicted of course.

2:04PM: Renny and Jerry headed to the HoH bedroom to discuss eviction. Renny wanted to know about the supposed military swear Jerry had with Brian. Jerry said he was "caught with his pants down" and Brian got what was coming for him. Renny just wants to be sure Brian will be leaving and not her.

2:17PM: Dan and Steven talked in the backyard. They commented about how the house is split and a lot of people are in multiple alliances.

2:31PM: Brian said he doesn't know if he is said to leave the house or be the first one evicted.

2:51 PM: April, Libra, and Keesha appear to be aligned. Libra says that Jerry was upset to find out that Angie was aligned with Brian and Dan. April wants to bring more people into their alliance. She doesn't know if she can trust Ollie. Libra wants either Angie, Michelle, or Ollie to be their fourth. The women think that Angie and Michelle could be aligned. Keesha is afraid of Dan winning HoH but knows that he will be nominated if he doesn't. Libra says that she hates Dan. April is more scared if Angie wins HoH. The women think that they can trust Michelle, but they think that she is pretty close with Jessie.

3:30 PM: April dreads going into the DR.

3:44 PM: Brian and Memphis want Keesha to make a saran-wrap bathing suit for herself. @@

3:49 PM: Keesha suggested that she and April pose for Playboy as the blonde reality stars. Ollie scolded April for wanting to do that since posing for Playboy isn't better than doing porn. Renny says that serial killers are the ones who look at porn. @@

4:29 PM: Ollie says that they will be voting live this week. He asked Keesha if she was aligned with Steven, and she said no.

4:39 PM: April says that her alliance with Keesha, Libra, Michelle, and Ollie is the strongest in the house.

5:23 PM: Earlier, Steven saw Michelle's vagina by accident and didn't tell her but instead told some of the other HG. Michelle was offended by this and confronted him about it. Steven apologized.

6:41 PM: Brian wants to nominate April and Libra next week. Brian wants Dan to align with Angie and Steven should be be evicted this week. If Dan has Steven, then he has Keesha as well. Brian says not to nominate Jerry, Michelle, or Renny.

6:51 PM: Steven says that he hates drama and doesn't want to be in the house if there is going to be a lot of drama. He confronted Libra about her bossy ways. Libra started crying and didn't realize that people thought she was being rude. She thinks that being on slop put her in a bad mood this week. Steven understands and comforted her.

7:17 PM: It appears that Jessie and Michelle are aligned. Jessie told her that he wants Jerry and Renny out soon. Michelle wants Steven out next because he has been lying a lot. Both want Brian out this week. Jessie told Michelle to be confident in the game but not to be too cocky so that she becomes a target.

7:22 PM: April wants Steven nominated next week.

7:55PM: Angie and Michelle talk game in the sauna. Angie lied to Steven and told him that he would not be the next person on the block. Jerry told Michelle the others wanted her in their alliance.

8:15PM: Jerry told Dan it would be great if he won but if he doesn't he has a family to go to. Dan says he has to answer only to his students. Jerry wants Dan to win HoH next week. Jerry says Brian screwed him up completely. Jerry and Brian have a lengthy conversation. Brian knows he is going home and tells Jerry he made a great move.

8:50PM: The houseguests were given beer and wine once again. They decided to play charades in the back yard which quickly turned into the telephone game.

9:32PM: Angie is crying in bed because supposedly Jerry called her a "psycho." Some of the houseguests are trying to comfort her including Brian....most likely to earn a vote.

10:01PM: Libra tells Angie that Jerry was just joking and that they don't really think that she is a pyscho. Libra convinces Angie to come outside and socialize.

10:42PM: Jessie is pissed that Brian thinks he is king "shit" and Michelle is pissed Angie let Briand talk to her but not Michelle.

11:08PM: Jerry apologizes to Angie but seems disappointed she got upset.

11:22PM: April, Keesha, and Libra talk about Jerry. They think he is a great person but he gets on their nerves.

11:23 PM: Jerry claims that he is a streetfighter when it comes to business, meaning that he likes to get things done.

11:24 PM: Ollie wants to be the first guy to have a breakdown in the house. Keesha and Libra think that Steven will break down first.

11:26 PM: Renny has three stepchildren from a previous marriage and has two children of her own. She doesn't like her oldest stepson because he is a jerk and said something "really nasty" to her daughter.

11:33 PM: Michelle was engaged for two years but just broke up. She claims that she hasn't had sex in nine months. Jessie joked that she shouldn't be telling the youngest guy in the house that.

11:50 PM: Libra hasn't touched her key since she has been in the house because she thinks that would bring her bad luck.


Anonymous said...

I think these HG would be stupid not to get rid of Remmy first. She is the most annoying, but not the biggest threat right now. I don't understand how Dan can be a big threat at this point either though

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't earth shattering but does anyone know why they don't have a microwave??

Anonymous said...

the kitchen is suppose to be a 70s diner, so they don't have the "modern day" things

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.......makes sense.


Anonymous said...

What I don't quite understand is the fact that the HG were given Microwave popcorn but there is no microwave. I also read somewhere that there was a microwave in the storage room with the only clock in the house but it was taken out before the HG were let into the house....can anyone explain????

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a clock on the stove?

Anonymous said...

so many eye rolls already this season, you know it's gonna be good!

Anonymous said...

At first I thought Jerry was a waste because he voted exactly how Brian told him. But reading the blog, I am glad he woke up and nominated Brian after winning POV.

He should have called out Brian at the nominations and told everyone that Brian wanted Jess and Remy nominated. To take away the target off him.

Anonymous said...

Not too many comments on this site. Am I missing something? Did everyone go somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Not too many comments on this site. Am I missing something? Did everyone go somewhere else?

This BB season JUST STARTED give it some time and I am sure the BB fans will be fighting over the HG very soon

Anonymous said...

There is hardly anything to comment about so far! We have only seen 1 episode and that was a feww days worth of stuff jammed into about 43 minutes! Just wait for the exciting stuff...

I don't have live feeds or after-dark, so I really appreciate the blogger's work here.

Thank You!