Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/15 Live Feed Updates

12:22 AM: Ollie says that he never had a girlfriend until he was 27.

12:24 AM: Dan misses his girlfriend from home. Keesha misses her dog.

12:58 AM: Angie, Brian, Memphis, and Steven made sock puppets of some of the HG using nail polish and other personal tools. They later acted out this week's live show using the puppets.

2:50 AM: Brian and Dan want to surprise Jerry with a tied vote.

2:58 AM: Brian and Dan are the last ones in bed for the night.

8:50 AM: Jerry is the first HG up. Jessie and Renny wake up shortly later.

9:43 AM: BB wakes the rest of the HG up.

11:21AM: Keesha cries because she is unable to "go"

11:55AM: Brian and Dan head upstairs to play a little chess and talk game. Brian is unable to concentrate on the game because he has a lot on his mind. He is afraid he won't have a job when gets home and also he wants to get back with his ex but his ex is seeing someone else. They want to force a tie and then promise Jerry a couple weeks.

11:58 AM: Brian cannot stand listening to Keesha and says that she sounds like "nails on a chalkboard."

12:45 PM: Michelle got mad at Jessie because he hasn't been doing his part in doing the dishes. Michelle then got mad at Steven for the same thing. Renny agreed. Libra tried to settle the argument. Michelle then apologized and agreed that she needs to think before she speaks. Steven says that he will need therapy after the game from all the drama.

1:25 PM: April is suspicious of Angie because she has been hanging around Dan a lot recently.

2:19 PM: BB gave the HG pizza.

3:52 PM: Brian says that if he gets evicted this week, he will be able to attend his sister's wedding in August.

4:40 PM: Michelle tells some of the HG about a Portuguese tale that if you eat watermelon and drink wine at the same time, you will die. She also believes that you will get bad luck if you put your shoes on the table.

Between 5:00PM and 10:00PM nothing happens. Houseguests play games and tell random stories.

10:30PM: April and Keesha have a fight in the backyard! Keesha hates April because every time she turns around April is talking shit about her. April runs inside and begins to cry. She says she is being embarrassed on national television! After a while April announces she is on her period and is very emotional.


Anonymous said...

OMG....Michele is the most annoying girl. Nobody can have a conversation with her because she never shuts up and won't stop interupting them. I am appalled that Angie felt like she needed to explain why she "talked" to Brian and not her. The nerve of that girl. Such entitlement!

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of WAAAAMBER FROM BB8.. Everything about her annoying ass.

Anonymous said...

I argree...can't wait until Michelle is GONE!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Michelle either, I agree she reminds me of Amber as well. I would love for Dan, Renny, Kesha,or Jerry to win the next HOH. I would love to see either Michelle, Libra, or Jessie Nominated and evicted.