Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/17 Live Feed Updates

12:12 AM: Steven informs some of the HG that he was fired from a previous job for being gay.

12:42 AM: It is apparent that Jessie, Memphis, and Michelle are in an alliance. Jessie says that he can win the competitions if Michelle plays the social game. He mentions bringing either Jerry or Memphis to their side. Both don't trust Libra because she plays the social game well. It seems that Jessie will nominate Dan and Steven for eviction. Jessie is worried about Dan staying this week though and would rather see Renny nominated. He is also worried about Renny making the jury because he couldn't stand living with her even after they are evicted. The three had an early alliance with Angie, but none of them trust her now because she tried to keep Brian in the house.

1:34 AM: Michelle told Angie that he alliance is worried about trusting her. Angie talks to Jessie and tells him that she was only aligned with Brian, not Dan or Steven. She says that she would have nominated Dan and Renny had she won HoH. Jessie says that he wants Steven evicted this week. Jessie then agrees to keep Angie in his alliance.

2:53 AM: Jessie is the last one asleep for the night.

7:06 AM: Renny is the first one up for the day.

9:09 AM: BB wakes the rest of the HG up.

9:39 AM: Memphis and Keesha learn that they live about 10 minutes from each other. Jessie lives about 20 minutes away from both of them.

10:38 AM: Renny thinks that April and Libra are the two biggest threats in the house. Keesha was annoyed by April jumping into Jessie's arms when he won HoH.

11:13 AM: Steven doesn't think that he will be nominated. He thinks that Renny will be nominated next to either Angie or Dan.

12:17 PM: The feeds have been blocked for the food competition.

1:36 PM: The feeds return. April, Jerry, Keesha, Libra, Memphis, and Renny all appear to be on slop this week. Libra is pretty upset losing the competition and being on slop for a second week in a row. She complained about having the two oldest people in the house on her team.

4:08 PM: Jessie and Ollie notice that one of their fish has died. They want to give it a funeral.

4:29 PM: Memphis says that his real name is Robert. People started to call him that when he left his hometown of Memphis to model in Atlanta when he was 19.

4:44 PM: Dan told Jessie that he voted to keep Brian because he wanted to stay true to their alliance. Dan says that he won't target Jessie in the future if Jessie keeps him safe this week.

5:28 PM: The feeds become blocked for the nominations ceremony.

7:18 PM: The feeds have returned. It appears that Dan and Steven have been nominated for eviction.

7:28 PM: Dan tells Jessie that he understands his decision and still will not target him in the future. Jessie assured him that Steven is his target this week. Jessie does think that Dan will be evicted if Steven wins PoV though.

7:51 PM: April is mad that Angie wasn't nominated. Keesha complained about the stinky ashtray.

8:30 PM: Apparently, Jessie's reasoning to nominating Steven was that Steven didn't see his HoH bedroom with the rest of the HG. Steven found that excuse annoying.

8:35 PM: Ollie says that he got kicked out of a movie theater while watching "Radio" because he and his friends were making fun of the character Radio.

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