Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7 Live Feeds: 1:00-4:00 PM

For the most part, today was a snore. A lot of sunbathing and resting throughout the day, so I'm hoping something interesting happens tonight. The good news is the feeds aren't showing too much of Eric or Jen. Yay! Here's what's happened so far today.

Carol wants to cover all the cameras. God, will she ever shut up? It seems like the only time she talks is when she is complaining about the cameras. She talks to Jameka about religion and other stuff. They both think Daniele won't use the PoV. They also think the vote is a split decision. They are wrong - Amber clearly has the votes to stay.

A plane overhead started writing the HG a message, so of course BB ordered them inside. They used to be so lenient with that in the earlier seasons. They let them back out after some time. Carol complained some more about ther Chiefs (she cheerleads for them) not being able to bring her back since she had to quit. Waah.

Amber and Carol discussed the vote, and they both agreed it would be a 6-5 vote. After Carol leaves, Amber starts freaking out because some of the people Carol said she had Amber also thinks she had. She is sure she has the six votes she needs, but she is till very nervous about it. Carol also talked about why her and Jessica aren't friends anymore. Carol really didn't like Jessica's family which continued the separation of them.

Dick is worried about Daniele's weight. Dustin says that the slop has really gotten to her. Apparently, she hasn't eaten since she was put on slop with the exception of the pizza yesterday. Dustin said he also had some eating issues and that he used to weigh 180. He now weighs 155. Meanwhile, Daniele and Nick planned their "wedding." They spent most of the afternoon doing this. I'm having trouble staying awake.

Carol spent the rest of the afternoon predicting how the game was going to go. Eric thinks it's too early to predict. Carol can't believe she will probably be evicted. How so? Carol didn't start campaigning to stay until yesterday! Amber has been trying for days now. So much for Amber and Carol being close. Her and Jessica trashed Carol in the pool for quite some time. I enjoyed that. Jessica asked Joe if it was possible to tan underwater. Joe said yes, so Jessica wondered why all fish weren't tanned. Oh please.

Jen just came on the feeds. Great. I'll have more later.

7/7 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Even though BB woke the HG up earlier than usual today, hardly anything has happened. The HG complained a lot about the early rise, so apparently BB just started waking them up early. I'm guessing it's because us feeders get restless with their sleeping in, especially here on the east coast. Other than that, there's been a lot of sunbathing and general chit-chat, but game talk is rare. Here's the little news from this morning.

I'm really getting sick of Carol. She continued to complain about the cameras, proclaiming they are ALL on her. For some reason, I doubt that. She complained about Amber and Dick's snoring, saying that the snorers should sleep separate from everyone else. She went on about how her dad basically gives her whatever she wants. She's never worked, then she complains about how her cheer squad won't let her back on the team. She had to quit because of BB. Okay, enough about her.

Apparently, Eric and Joe had a confrontation last night because Joe's squealing woke Eric up. Eric had a brief spazz attack, complete with multiple explicitives. Eric appologized about his behavior this morning, and Joe said it was no big deal. Meanwhile, Mike told Kail that Daniele is not planning on using the PoV. Kail thinks it would be shocking if she did. Daniele told Mike that she has no idea what to say for the PoV ceremony and that the DR will have to coach her for an hour. Great, a long-ass feed block for the PoV ceremony, which is usually only supposed to be 30 minutes.

A LOT of small talk this morning. Jameka and Nick talked about their childhood. Jen talked with Kail about parenting, and Kail says her husband deals with them mostly now since her kids are teenagers. Carol complained some more, but nobody really cares anymore about her thankfully. The HG are mainly around the pool now, still just general small talk. As for the game, it is very likely Carol will be evicted. Most of the HG have already given Amber their vote because she has been campaigning ever since being nominated. Carol started too late, not doing anything until last night. As for next week, everyone seems to want Jen out, which I would LOVE.

That's pretty much it. Today looks to be a boring day. Great. The PoV ceremony is expected to be tomorrow. That will be the next big event it looks like.

7/7 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was a later night for most. Most of the guys stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, while the majority of the girls went to bed fairly early (for them). Here's what happened overnight.

Joe is trying hard to get Jen gone next week. He told Dustin that if he wins HoH next week, he will put him up with Jen, with the target being on Jen. Everyone in the house dislikes her except Kail, which is why Jen is always in the HoH room.

Daniele, Joe, and Nick talked outside about a possible alliance. They want to try to bring in Jameka, Jessica, and Zach as well. Joe really trusts Jameka and says that Amber and Dustin are really close. They all agree that Jen needs to be the next to go. Nick talks about his key being last pulled out at nominations. Daniele doesn't think that nominating Nick would be fair, since he couldn't play for HoH. After talking, they agree to not tell the other three yet and wait until later.

Joe leaves, and Daniele tells Nick that she doesn't trust Joe. Well, that alliance should work out then. The two continue to bedmouth Jen and Joe, saying that they are way too over-the-top. I agree, but Jen takes that to another level! Daniele thinks Jessica and Joe are really close, so they should watch out for them. Nick leaves to talk to Zach, and it's apparent they are in some sort of secret alliance. It's not secret anymore!

After everyone went to bed, Dick, Eric, and Mike talked about how over-the-top Joe is. It seems the house wants those two gone very soon. Dick was once again the last to settle down, going to bed at 5:40 AM. You think he would have learned his lesson after less than two hours of sleep yesterday!

Daniele was the only one up before the BB wake-up call. She arose at 7:30 AM. BB woke the HG up just after 8:00 AM. I'll have more info later once everyone else gets up and moving!

7/6 Live Feeds: 7:00-11:00 PM

Well, after the ever-so-fun clean-up, the HouseGuests finally got down to business, and some things started happening. Here's the lowdown from the evening.

The HG cleaned up the house for about an hour. I was surprised at how fast they got it done. The house was TRASHED. Dishes were everywhere in the kitchen. Clothes were EVERYWHERE. It looked like a tornado had swept through the house. But they got everything back in order pretty quickly. Props to them.

Carol cried. She feels that this is the first time where she has failed at something (winning PoV). Zach comforts her. Jen comes over and tells her to stop crying because people who cry get booted. Carol tells her that she isn't in her situation, so she has no idea. Jen storms off. Everyone seems to hate her. She's rude to everyone and doesn't hold anything back. I would love to see her gone next week.

Carol and Joe talk about the vote, and Joe says Amber has got the votes to stay. Carol knows, which is why they have to sway some of her people. Carol thinks she can get Daniele and Jen for sure, while the other guys are on the fence. Joe said he would vote for her even if everyone else was voting against her. Carol plans on getting Mike, Nick, and Zach, which would get her the six she needs. Things don't look good for her.

BB told the HG that the ones on slop must stay on slop, even though they were given pizza earlier. Joe confesses that he had some pineapple earlier. I think the ones on slop are Carol, Daniele, Eric, Jessica, Jameka, Joe, and Zach. BB was on a roll, yelling at the HG for having the slip 'n slide near the pool and for singing constantly. Carol is the worst offender of the singing this year. It seems waves cut in every few minutes because of her. Hopefully that will change after Thursday.

Mike and Jen had a date, much to everyone's dismay. Jen rambled during the entire event, talking about God knows what. Even Mike was clueless when she talked. They need to get rid of her before I get an even bigger headache. Meanwhile, Kail congratulated Daniele quite a bit, probably to make sure she would keep the nominations the same. Daniele told her that was her plan, and she had no intention of using the PoV. Kail agreed with her.

Carol went nuts. She talks with Dustin and is more depressed than ever. She then notices that ALL the cameras were on her and adjusted to her every move. She paraded around the house, and everyone pretty much ignored her. She's either deeply depressed or absolutely crazy! Her and Jen are really starting to get on my nerves.

Kail and friends badmouthed Jen in the HoH room. Yes! Apparently, Jen got into a stand-off with Dick during the HoH lockup, telling him to stay away from her because she hates smokers. They also feel bad for him because Daniele isn't giving him a chance to repair their relationship. They have witnessed Dick crying because of it. Me too - he cried most of last night while he was up by himself. He really wants her to do well in this game.

I believe everyone is still up, and it seems they might stay up longer than last night. I'm heading to bed, but I'll have more in the morning!

Friday, July 6, 2007

7/6 Live Feeds: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

Well aside from the trivia, the feeds weren't all that bad today. Like I said, Daniele did win the PoV in a competition that invovled each HG hiding a veto symbol. Each HG then tried to find a veto symbol. The last veto symbol left standing would win the Power of Veto, which happened to be Daniele. Here's the other info from today.

Dick has been avidly trying to keep Daniele off of everyone's mind. He seems to want her in there as long as possible so they can patch up their relationship. Amber talked to Daniele about it, and she wants no part of her father. She says he's more of a friend than a father figure, and nothing will change that. She tells Amber not to tell anyone that Dick is trying to keep her. Amber agrees and wants to stay close with her.

Amber talked to Nick before the PoV competition, and she told him that Jen makes her nervous, since she is hanging around all the guys. Nick tells her not to worry, and nothing Jen says can change the way he plays this game. Everyone keeps telling Amber that she has the votes to stay this week. I agree with them. Amber plans on keeping everyone that votes to keep her safe in the future.

Like I said earlier, the feeds were blocked for nearly five hours for the PoV competition. During that time, the HG not playing were locked in the HoH room. Some slept while the others played games to pass the time. The feeds returned to everyone eating pizza outside. The house is a complete mess from the competition, and the HG are not looking forward to cleaning the mess up for the rest of the night. BB just let the HG back in.

Other tidbits from the outdoor lockdown: Carol refuses to campaign for her to stay, but Dick thinks that is a stupid idea. I do too, considering her chances are slim already. Since Daniele is on slop, she has refused to eat for the past few days. The HG told her to eat a lot of pizza, and she has been.

The HG are now back inside the house, and they are beginning their clean up. At this point, it seems very likely that Carol will be evicted this week. However, we are still six days away from the eviction. Who knows what could change?

PoV Winner

Dustin just confirmed that Daniele has won the Power of Veto.

The Never-Ending PoV

Well, the feeds have returned, but it seems the PoV competition is STILL going on. Everyone not playing PoV is locked in the HoH room, with the exception of Jessica, who I guess is hosting the affair. I'll let you know whenever this competition decides to end.

UPDATE (5:30 PM): The feeds are once again blocked, this time with waves. I'm guessing the PoV competition is over now, and the results are being given.

UPDATE (6:00 PM): The feeds have returned, showing the HG sitting outside eating pizza. Nobody is wearing the PoV medal, so I still don't know who won. The competition is definitely over though. Apparently, it involved hiding and looking for things. Daniele says the house is a complete mess.

7/6 Live Feeds: 8:00-10:00 AM

Ahhhhhh - the trivia has returned! Remember that awful repeating trivia BB gave us for EXTRA-LONG feed blocks? Well, it's back along with the LOUD BB theme music. Grr! I thought they would change that! I'm guessing the PoV competition is going on now, which is the reason for the trivia. A little talk went on before the block. Here's what I picked up.

BB woke the HG up at around 8:30 AM, a bit earlier than last year. Jen and Kail were the only two up before then. Dustin and Jen talked for a little bit, and Jen thinks one of the first four evicted HouseGuests will return like in BB6. Dustin thinks people are taking the game too seriously too early. I don't mind the early game talk! Dick assured Amber that Carol would be going if PoV is not used. Carol is nervous about the competition.

Other than that, hardly anything has happened this morning. Expect the feeds to be blocked for the next few hours. I'll have the PoV winner up as soon as I know.

UPDATE (11:30 AM): The feeds returned, and PoV has not been played yet. Amber, Carol, Daniele, Jameka, Kail, and Nick are all playing for PoV.

UPDATE (2:30 PM): It has been almost three hours of trivia, and the feeds still have not returned. Sigh.

UPDATE (4:30 PM): Okay, the feeds have returned after nearly FIVE HOURS of trivia. Some of the HG are in the HoH room talking. I should know the PoV winner shortly.

7/6 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

With the exception of Dick, it was an early night for everyone. Not a whole lot was said, but here's what I have picked up from last night.

Everyone seems to want Carol out more than Amber, just because Amber wants to stay more. I don't think anyone has said they were planning on voting out Amber yet. The HG all seem to want Daniele out next because she's pretty much clueless about the game. It seems that Mike and Zach are pretty close, and they want to pull Dick on their side once Daniele goes. However, Dick seems to be pretty close with Amber, Eric, and Joe. The only problem here is that Amber is even closer with Dustin, but Dick and Joe (obviously) don't trust him.

So here are some possible alliances: Amber/Dustin/Dick/Eric, Dick/Eric/Joe, Jameka/Jessica/Joe, Jen/Kail/Mike/Nick, and Mike/Zach. Carol and Daniele seem to be out of the loop, which is fine with me. Hopefully Jen gets to be that way too. Bleh.

That was pretty much it for the night. Most of the HG went to bed at around 1:00 AM, but Dick stayed up until after 7:00 AM! Sheesh! Kail woke up a few minutes ago and is taking a shower now. I'll post another update later on once more HG arise.

7/5 Live Feeds: 9:00-11:00 PM

The feeds have begun! They came on right on time - at exactly 9:00 PM BBT. Almost immediately we discovered the two nominees - Amber and Carol. Other topics worth discussing are as follows.

Carol and Dustin had a long talk about the nominations. Amber and Dustin are "bed buddies," so Dustin told Carol he is going to keep Amber over her. Carol says she understands and repeatedly calls Amber her "girl" and hates to be nominated next to her. She hopes one of them wins the Power of Vetoi so Kail can nominate someone else. The enemies have thought about alligning together, but Dustin feels Daniele would never agree to allign with her father. Carol says her and Jessica are cool now, especially since their relationship wasn't that dismantled to begin with, besides the fact that they haven't spoken since grade school. Both are worried about Zach because he seems to be studying everyone. I think he resembles Kaysar in so many ways - he is a graphic designer from California and he's the strategist this season.

Meanwhile, the other HG are outside, either around the hot tub or playing some oversized golf game similar to last year's. Later, Jameka and Jessica are seen talking about who to keep. The plan was to evict Carol, but today she started acting like she wanted to stay more. Jameka already told Amber she would vote to keep her. It seems that unless Carol wins PoV, she will be evicted. Jessica thinks Zach would go up should PoV be used, since he was next to fall off the mushroom. Apparently, Kail nominated Amber and Carol because they were the first two out of the HoH competition.

BB gave the HG body paint - they think it could be for the PoV competition tomorrow. Amber, Dick, Dustin, and Zach were talking outside, and it seems they are together. They all agree that Joe has been completely over the top and harrassing Dustin about the whole gonorrhea thing. Amber says that Carol considered using the PoV on Amber if she'd won it. Amber and Dick seem very close, and Dick is very avid on getting Carol out this week.

Some other things I gathered: Eric extremely resembles James, especially with his cussing. I swear he says the f-word every other word. Daniele is pretty skinny, almost too skinny. I cannot stand Jen, and most of the other HouseGuests dislike her too. Apparently, Nick didn't lose his virginity until a few years ago, and he has only slept with a few girls (according to Amber). Nick said his dad thought he was gay until he had a steady girlfriend because his dad caught him giving a guy a blow job. Umm...enough said. Dick is shocked when Amber tells him all this. Another thing I found odd was Jen being in the HoH room, which is pretty cool and futuristic looking by the way, alone. She was looking at the spy cam, but Kail was no where to be found. I wonder if she knows this...

Currently, I'm watching Amber, Dick, and Eric talk. I think I'm going to head to bed soon, but I'll have more tomorrow morning. It seems most of the HG plan to go to bed early (whatever that means) because they have had a few late nights lately. That sounds good to me.


Dustin and Carol were in the gym talking, and they have confirmed that her and Amber are nominated. Also, the PoV competition is tomorrow.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Live Feeds Coming....

Live Feeds should be on in a little over an hour. Once they begin I will begin uploading screen-caps and hopefully video caps too. To see the screen caps click on the picture of the camera at the left. That will take you to my photo album-where I will upload all Images. I hope to upload Episodes too. More to come on that later.
While we wait, us feed watchers get a water screen, an OK change from last years fire however we still have lovely LOUD BB theme music. Hopefully they change that in the future!

7/5 Show Recap

It's here! Big Brother 8 has finally begun! Like last year, I will provide you with show recaps following the end of each show here on the east coast. I will blog the main events of every show as well as provide some of my thoughts every so often. With that said, let's get into the season premiere of Big Brother 8!

There are only THREE pairs of enemies! We have already seen the spoilers - the enemies are Carol/Jessica, Dick/Daniele, and Dustin/Joe. The HouseGuests each chose a bed when they entered the house. Obviously, the first four to enter chose the big beds, while the later HouseGuests were stuck with the smaller ones. Already one HouseGuest has gotten on my nerves - Jen - "Like, like, like..." SHUT UP! Thankfully, all the HouseGuests immediately thought she was annoying. Kail didn't care too much for Joe because of his being gay. She said she would be heartbroken if she found out one of her kids were gay. Jameka felt out of place already, being around ten other white people.

Dick, Dustin, and Jessica were kept in the HoH room aside from the other HouseGuests. They were informed that they could spy on the other HouseGuests for now. Joe is Dustin's ex-boyfriend. Carol and Jessica used to be best friends, but haven't talked to each other for three years. Daniele and Dick haven't talked for over a year. Julie told the 11 that three other HouseGuests are spying on them, which sent the 11 into a frenzy. Thy were also told the next HoH competition would be happening shortly.

For the first HoH competition, the HouseGuests went outside and had to choose a partner. Nick was left without a partner, so he could not compete. The competition was called "Mushroom Madness," and it involved true/false questions about the HouseGuests in the house. One partner was on a spinning mushroom while the other answered the question. Once the partner on the mushroom fell, they, along with their partner, were ousted from the competition. Yucky juice also was sprayed on the HouseGuests every so often. First out was Amber and Carol. Second out was Jen and Zach. Powder also sprayed on the HouseGuests spinning. Third out was Daniele and Mike. Hmm...wonder who will win?

Fourth out was Jameka and Joe. Eric and Kail were left standing! Julie informed the 11 that the three other HouseGuests would be safe this week and would decide who the winner of the first HoH competition would be. They decided on Kail, making her the first Head of Household. Nobody seemed to be comfortable with her winning HoH.

Julie informed the 11 that the other three HouseGuests were enemies of three HouseGuests in the house. Joe immediately burst out, saying that he was sure Dustin was in the house because he gave him gonorrhea, even though Dustin says that the test was negative. Daniele figures her dad is in the house. Carol seems oblivious. When the enemies arrived, they were not greeted well. The 11 seems completely against the three enemies...for now.

Time for America's Player! It's Eric! He is thrilled to be it and can't wait to do it well! Yay - I'm glad. He's a great game player - reminds me of James. Here's the deal: We tell him whatever to do, and for every five tasks he completes, he gets a bonus $10,000.

And that's it! Who will be nominated? Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Sunday!


According to my sources, 6 houseguests will have enemies. That means only 2 people wont have enemies. Who do you think have enemies? Who doesnt?

Finallly, the premiere is here!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tonight is the premiere........finally. Dont forget to catch the action tonight at 8pm in your area. See what happens when enemies meet up. Also, find out who will become the first HoH and what if any alliances will form.

Then jump back over here for around the clock live feed updates. Updates will begin as soon as live feeds come on. I am not sure whether these will come on after the East show or the west.

If anyone is willing to help in any way just leave a comment with a way for me to get ahold of you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Before We Begin...

Hello everyone! As you all know, Big Brother 8 begins tomorrow at 8:00 PM. I will blog all shows and then post a show recap after it is over at 9:00 PM here on the east coast. Also, live feeds begin tomorrow! Like last year, I will do about five or so updates a day, roughly five hours apart. You can keep checking back to the blog for these updates or you can subscribe to this blog where the updates I post automatically get e-mailed to you. Just enter your e-mail address in the subscribe section on the right side of the blog. Other Big Brother links and archived posts can be found on the right side as well. I'm looking forward to another great season of Big Brother, which kicks off in less than 24 hours!


I have decided to move my updates blog to a site in line with my forum bb8talk. I will be posting Live feed updates here and you can go over there to chat with other Big Brother fans about anything and everything Big Brother.