Thursday, July 5, 2007

7/5 Show Recap

It's here! Big Brother 8 has finally begun! Like last year, I will provide you with show recaps following the end of each show here on the east coast. I will blog the main events of every show as well as provide some of my thoughts every so often. With that said, let's get into the season premiere of Big Brother 8!

There are only THREE pairs of enemies! We have already seen the spoilers - the enemies are Carol/Jessica, Dick/Daniele, and Dustin/Joe. The HouseGuests each chose a bed when they entered the house. Obviously, the first four to enter chose the big beds, while the later HouseGuests were stuck with the smaller ones. Already one HouseGuest has gotten on my nerves - Jen - "Like, like, like..." SHUT UP! Thankfully, all the HouseGuests immediately thought she was annoying. Kail didn't care too much for Joe because of his being gay. She said she would be heartbroken if she found out one of her kids were gay. Jameka felt out of place already, being around ten other white people.

Dick, Dustin, and Jessica were kept in the HoH room aside from the other HouseGuests. They were informed that they could spy on the other HouseGuests for now. Joe is Dustin's ex-boyfriend. Carol and Jessica used to be best friends, but haven't talked to each other for three years. Daniele and Dick haven't talked for over a year. Julie told the 11 that three other HouseGuests are spying on them, which sent the 11 into a frenzy. Thy were also told the next HoH competition would be happening shortly.

For the first HoH competition, the HouseGuests went outside and had to choose a partner. Nick was left without a partner, so he could not compete. The competition was called "Mushroom Madness," and it involved true/false questions about the HouseGuests in the house. One partner was on a spinning mushroom while the other answered the question. Once the partner on the mushroom fell, they, along with their partner, were ousted from the competition. Yucky juice also was sprayed on the HouseGuests every so often. First out was Amber and Carol. Second out was Jen and Zach. Powder also sprayed on the HouseGuests spinning. Third out was Daniele and Mike. Hmm...wonder who will win?

Fourth out was Jameka and Joe. Eric and Kail were left standing! Julie informed the 11 that the three other HouseGuests would be safe this week and would decide who the winner of the first HoH competition would be. They decided on Kail, making her the first Head of Household. Nobody seemed to be comfortable with her winning HoH.

Julie informed the 11 that the other three HouseGuests were enemies of three HouseGuests in the house. Joe immediately burst out, saying that he was sure Dustin was in the house because he gave him gonorrhea, even though Dustin says that the test was negative. Daniele figures her dad is in the house. Carol seems oblivious. When the enemies arrived, they were not greeted well. The 11 seems completely against the three enemies...for now.

Time for America's Player! It's Eric! He is thrilled to be it and can't wait to do it well! Yay - I'm glad. He's a great game player - reminds me of James. Here's the deal: We tell him whatever to do, and for every five tasks he completes, he gets a bonus $10,000.

And that's it! Who will be nominated? Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Sunday!

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