Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/21 Live Feeds: 2:00-8:00 PM

With such an early wake up call all the house guests decided it was naptime in the BB house. After 45 minutes some of the house guests woke up but not much went on. Over time everyone started wake up and the house was back to normal.

Dustin and Dick talked about PoV. Dustin was surprised when Dick dropped out of PoV. Dick said he did it because Mike was trying to hinder him and he told Mike if he wanted to go up—fine. Jen won PoV and now Mike is going up.

Dick talks to Daniele and Eric and then Amber and Jameka in the HoH Room. He pretty much gives the same speech about nominating Mike and voting him out but not telling Kail anything and go along with her thinking she is going home, so on Thursday she will be a wreck for the HoH Competition. They all agree to that and they also agree Zach must go next week per the house request.

Kail tried to get Daniele to believe Zach was accusing Daniele of being apart of every alliance, basically trying to get Daniele on the “Nominate Zach or Nick” bandwagon. Daniele wouldn’t say much and finally got up and went inside.

Kail then goes to talk to Mike. She tells him she thinks Daniele might try to convince Dick to nominate Zach. Mike says he can only hope. Mike says he would rather go early than get close and lose. He said the worst thing would be him becoming the 1st jury member. Kail is hopeful Dick will nominate Zach, giving her a chance—I hate to break it to you Kail—It isn’t going to happen!

Dustin told Dick that he would lose his integrity with the house if he tells everyone to vote Mike out, but Dick thinks that voting Mike out would be a better strategic move. I agree - Kail is an emotional mess right now, and she won't be threatening for the next few weeks at best. These last two weeks have torn her apart. Dick later tells Jameka that he trusts her and Jessica totally, while he semi-trusts Amber, Daniele, and Dustin (Daniele because of her relationship with Nick).

Kail talked to Amber about Zach being the main liar in the house. She tells him about him and Nick's "deal" (splitting the money - against the rules), and Amber seems shocked by it. Amber and Dustin want to vote Mike out this week as well. Amber is upset by how Dick is acting ever since he won HoH. He has been ordering her around and not treating her with the respect he gave her the first two weeks.

The HG have been doing a lot of laying around since the PoV competition. The mood of the house is overall a good one, despite a dramatic PoV competition. Expect more later as the evening progresses!

7/21 Live Feed Updates 1:00PM-2:00PM

Well, with Jen most likely taking her self off the block and now a presumed Kail eviction, what will happen in the BB House?


Kail is frustrated and wants her bags so she can pack today. She thinks she has no chance to stay and is going home. Dick however, has different plans. He is going to nominate Mike as a replacement and try to out Mike. Dick believes Mike will be hard to get out in the future, whereas Kail is easily rattled and they can get rid of her whenever neccessary.

Kail is trying to get people to feel sorry for her, stating Dick is twisting her words and being mean cussing her out etc. She has talked to Amber, Dustin and Jameka who haven't said a whole bunch. They tell her anything can happen and it isn't over til it's over.

Thats about it. I will update everyone in a few hours!

PoV Notice

The house guests were given a wake up call at 8:00AM and at 8:30AM BB announced PoV will be played in 2hours. We should get blocked in 2hrs for picking of players. I will come back when players are announced.

Update: After a brief feed block it seems players were chosen. Players are Dick, Jen, Kail, Zach, Nick and Jessica. Veto should be in one hour. I will update you if anything changes.

Update #2: Eric came out of the Diary Room dressed as the Mad Hatter. I took a screen cap but its rather blurry. The players had to choose numbers. Dick chose 6, Kail chose 3, and Jen chose 5 by this time the feeds went down and are currently blocked. More to come when feeds come back.

What could the PoV competition be? My guess would be something involving tea as Mad Hatter is known for "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party" What do you guys think?

Update #3: After almost 2hrs of block feeds came back. The winner of the PoV is Jen.

7/20- 7/21 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-6:00 AM

After Nominations the House guests were treated to lobster. They all ate together as usual and many also wished Jameka a Happy Birthday. They did not have cake and presents for her like years past- must of cut the budget.

After dinner some house guests stayed at they table and had a very interesting, yet odd conversation. They talked about what kind of wedding they would have, would they drink their wife's breast milk, where they would propose and many more odd topics, many of the related to dating and relationships.

Kail went to bed around 9:30 BB time. Dick went to check on her to see if she was OK and make sure she doesn't feel bad. They then begin to talk which turns into a length conversation. Dick tells Kail she has lost her alliance and has nobody. She says she has lost Nick and Zach but Mike is questionable. Kail questions Dick about his alliance with Amber. He says he doesn't have an alliance with her because she's too emotional. Dick tells Kail she needs to win PoV or she will be going home because it's the house consensus. Kail agrees and adds she should have never made an alliance on the first day. Dick suspects Kail has money and she somewhat fesses up to it. Finally Jameka interrupted telling them they were going to play Zuma Zuma.

Once Dick leaves Jen comes in and talks to Kail. Jen says she would be shocked if Daniele would vote for her to stay saying she would never vote for Daniele to stay no matter who she is up against. Kail agrees but says it is all about honoring the HoH's request. Mike then joins them and says if he won HoH he would save one of them. He tells them ED is on a power trip because he went from the bottom to the top. His ego is huge and he thinks he can control the game. Mike adds he can make all the threats he wants about using PoV but he will still use it. The three agree if they are the last three in the PoV competition that they will throw it to Mike who will save Kail.

Dick says "hi" to his son Vincent and ask Daniele to do the same. She refuses but asks Dick to write to her boyfriend in his HoH blog. Dick tells her she owes him one and then she says "hi" to Vincent and blows him a kiss.

A lot of general chit chat but one interesting conversation between Jessica, Jameka and Daniele. Note: Right before this Zach streaked across the backyard into the pool. They discuss how Zach's PeePee is so small and all they saw was a hairy patch. They said he shaves but they can't tell. Much more but I don't want to go into the details

Thats about it. All House guests are sleeping. Expect a wake up call within a few hours with PoV looming.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nominations #3

The feeds have just returned, and it seems clear that Jen and Kail have been nominated as expected. I'll update you if anything changes!

7/20 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Nominations are only hours away, so how will the HG attempt to sway Dick? Here's the scoop from the afternoon hours in the BB house!

Dick and Nick talked about all the BS Jen tried to feed Dick last week. She told him that Nick was with her and Dustin instead of Daniele. Nick promised again that he is not playing Daniele. Dick says that Daniele will kill him if he is. Nick says that he has no need to get on anyone's bad side yet. Dick tells Nick that Kail has been trashing Nick all day. Dick doesn't care that Nick didn't tell him about the MRA, since he told Amber and Daniele instead. Dick wants Kail gone this week, then deal with Jen later.

Dustin asks Dick who he is planning on nominating (again), and Dick replies with Jen and Kail. Dustin likes that because they both would use the PoV on themselves, which would cause tension in their relationship. So if nothing else, their relationship will be split this week. Dustin says Zach is nervous this week, so he has been hanging around him and Amber. Dick plans on making his key last to increase his nerves. He wants to nominate Mike if PoV is used. Dustin informed Dick that he is not alligned with anyone, despite what he heard about Joe linking him to Zach. Dick says that Jen and Kail are obviously alligned, since they wouldn't put each other up. Dick tells Dustin not to tell anyone about what they have talked about. Dustin agrees.

Dick (He's talking to everyone!) talked to Zach about pretty much everything. Zach basically tells him the truth about what he knew regarding last week's vote. He said that he wants Daniele gone from the beginning and never did he want Dick out. When Kail approached him about voting Dick out, he refused instantly and would only do it if Nick would. Nick wouldn't, so he wouldn't. They continue to go back and forth for the LONGEST time, but nothing new seems to have been said. Dick does continue to make Zach feel nervous about this week though. Zach does mention that he has a deal with Nick to split the money if either of them win though, which is against the rules. @@

Dick (again) told Amber and Dustin that Zach thinks they are alligned. Amber immediately starts crying and saying how ridiculous that assumption is. Dick agressively tries to calm Amber down, saying not to mess up his game. Amber runs off and tells Daniele about Dick's anger, and Daniele tells her just to ignore him. Amber thinks Dick hates her now. Oh please. @@

Kail thinks that Zach has done way too much sucking-up to Dick today. She thinks her and Zach will be nominated. Dustin tells her that she will probably go up, but he doesn't know who else. He tells her to threaten Zach so he will stop trying to save his ass. Kail wants Mike to talk to Dick too so that he stays safe this week. She then starts crying, and Dustin attempts to comfort her. She tells Dustin that she alligned with Mike, Nick, and Zach because they reminded her of her husband. She begins to wonder who she can get to vote for her and who she can campaign to. Dustin keeps telling her that she's jumping the gun because nominations haven't even occurred yet. Dustin tries to give Kail a pep talk about this week.

Amber and Daniele think that the main reason Kail is so emotional this week is because of Nick's betrayal. They are worried that Nick might do the same to them. They will see how this week pans out before deciding what they should do. Dick talked with Mike briefly, and they didn't really say anything new. In other news, BB gave the HG some of their food. Apparently, they received quite a bit of pasta. Yum.

The feeds have been blocked since around 5:40 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'm guessing they will be blocked for maybe another hour or so while the HG's comments fade. I'll have the report once I know who's nominated!

7/20 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Ahh, finally caught up. Thank you for bearing with me this morning, and I will try to make sure this doesn't happen more often. Back to the feeds! After a restless night last night, this morning is projected to be slow with little news. With nominations looming, will Dick's mind change about his big decision? Let's find out! Here's the scoop from this morning in the BB house!

BB woke the HG up just before 9:00 AM with the usual food competition warning. Jen is STILL wearing her leotard. BIG @@ there! Kail is also STILL talking about Nick and Zach betraying her and Mike. Another @@ here. She's complaining that everyone wants her out now. Dustin tries to calm her down by saying there are no alliances in the house, so she's not the only one who's alone. She's convinced she's going, no matter who is nominated next to her. Dustin tells her that Jen will go home if she is up next to her. I'd hope so!

Dick wakes up and warns everyone once again that Kail is doing everything she can to save herself this week. He tells them not to buy anything she says. He later wishes Jameka a happy birthday. Happy birthday Jameka!

That was about it for the morning. The feeds were blocked for nearly two hours for the food competition. They just returned, at around 12:45 PM. Just as the HG expected, this competition was a team effort that involved winning various food for the house throughout the week. It seems as if slop was not given out this week. They received a BBQ grill, beer, cereal and milk, chicken, eggs, fish, lunch meat, pasta, among other foods. Apparently, the competition involved diving into pasta? The HG are all taking showers, so the competition looks like it was a messy one.

Nominations should be taking place soon. I'll have another update once the feeds go down for them. Look for it!

7/19-20 Live Feeds: 11:00 AM-8:00 AM

Okay, catch-up post #2 coming! This post covers the events from my last update until the HG crashed for the night. Expect another post later on regarding the morning events!

Dustin informed Nick about Kail telling him about Nick (Getting all this?) betraying the MRA. Nick says that he was betraying them and had no intention of continuing on with them upon hearing that they were targeting Daniele. Anything he says to them is a lie he says. Dick joins them, and Nick tells him that he was a part of the MRA. Dick doesn't seem surprised, but he doesn't seem happy about it either. Nick lets Dick know that he was never really with them. They agree that the house is much calmer now that Joe is gone. Dustin asks who Dick is nominating, and Dick replies with that his nominations are of no secret.

Kail is worried that the house will bully her instead of consoling her once she is nominated. She is sure Amber and Dustin will tell Dick about what Kail told them regarding the MRA. Mike thinks that Zach is more trustworthy than Nick, but they both are shady in his opinion. Dick approaches Kail and tells her that there is no way she can save her ass this week. Kail tries to put the target on Nick and Zach, but really she is just digging herself an even bigger hole because she is selling her ex-alliance out, and Dick realizes this. Dick straight-up tells her that she will be evicted unless she wins PoV. Kail leaves and tells Mike to try and win PoV so he can save her, so Zach would have to go up. Umm, Dick was planning on nominating Mike next to Kail so that wouldn't happen. Kail is assuming Jen will be nominated alongside her. @@

Daniele wants Jen out next week. Me too! She's sick of how awkward she makes things in the house. Her and Nick flirt for a long time once again in the HoH room. Meanwhile, Dick begins to doubt Nick's feelings for Daniele. He wants to talk to them separately about the other to see if there are real feelings there. He then announces to most of the house that he is going to nominate Jen alongside Kail. Hmm...

Dick talks to Daniele about Nick. He is worried that he is with the MRA more so than he is with Daniele. He is worried that he is just getting info from Daniele to tell to the MRA. Daniele is completely disagreeing with him, saying that she never told them she was working with Dick and that he told her he was with the MRA last week. Daniele says that Nick would never have voted Dick out and that she trusts him more than anyone else in the house. Dick thinks that she should trust him the most, not Nick. Daniele really wants Jen out; she calls her and idiot. Dick says that Jen is smarter than she looks. @@ Daniele continues to say that Nick is trustworthy.

The HG stayed up WAY late, with most of them not going to bed until after 5:00 AM. Dick was once again the last one asleep at just before 6:00 AM. As for today's stuff, expect the food competition and nominations to block out most of today's feeds. They have been blocked since 11:00 AM regarding the food competition. I'll have another update later regarding the little that happened prior to the competition.

7/19 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-11:00 PM

Sorry about not doing an update last night. I fell asleep fairly early, so the latest info will be split into two posts. The first update will come now, and I will have another update soon regarding the late-night activities. Please bear with me! Here's the info from yesterday evening.

When the feeds returned, Amber and Daniele were seen celebrating Dick's HoH win. Dick thanked everyone in the house for keeping him this week. Dick tells Jen that this week will be very interesting. They both agree that Kail is in the worst spot this week. Jameka tells Nick that she voted for Dick to stay because Joe pressured her too much for his vote. Dick tells Kail that if she hadn't targeted him last week, she wouldn't be the one nervous this week. Amber tells Kail that if this is her last week, she wants it to be a good one for her. Jen is still wearing her leotard. @@

Dick is ecstatic that he won HoH; he mentions wanting to do cartwheels naked and jerking off in the HoH room. Nick and Zach both think Kail is regretting her moves from last week. Daniele says that the MRA will fall apart this week. Jen says that Dick told her last week that if he won HoH this week, he would nominate Kail and Mike and not her. She doesn't believe him though. I don't either! Kail thinks that her and Mike need to inform Dick that Nick was in the MRA too. They want to make him the target this week, since he really isn't with them. When asked about not voting Dick out, Mike said that he decided this morning and forgot to tell her. He blames Nick and Zach for not telling her. @@ Dick gets his HoH room, and it turns out to be the same room after all. Everyone goes to see it except Jen and Kail. Dick informs everyone else that he is nominating Jen and Kail and that he wants Kail voted out.

Mike knows that he will probably go up if PoV is used so he tries to socialize with everyone more. @@ The food arrives for the usual after-HoH feast, and everyone digs in. They discuss the upcoming food competition and agree that they should go after meats first if it's a competition like that. We are also informed that tomorrow (Friday) is Jameka's birthday. Dick thanks everyone for their congratulations. After dinner, Nick tells Dick that he would never be dishonest to Daniele and that he would lose the game for her. @@ Dick says that if they cannot get Kail out this week, that Jen must go. Nick agrees. Meanwhile, Kail is obsessing as usual. She asks Daniele who Dick is planning on putting up, which Daniele doesn't give her an answer. Kail thinks it will be her and Mike because Dick told Jen that she is safe this week. Kail will try to convince Dick that Nick and Zach are alligned and that he needs to watch out for them. Kail tries to use this information to win Amber and Dustin, but it doesn't seem to work. Dustin thinks she shouldn't have campaigned against Dick last week. Amber is proud that Nick turned on the MRA and plans on telling him about Kail's turning on him. Kail and Mike are very nervous now.

Amber tells Nick about Kail, and he laughs about it. He says that he has already told several people about the MRA and is sure the whole house knows it by now, which is why he doesn't want it to exist anymore. Nick says the reason he left the MRA was because they were going to target Daniele. Nick says that if he goes this week, he doesn't care and that he will willingly go before Amber, Daniele, and Jameka. Amber tells Nick that she has been lying to Jen, saying that Daniele and Nick really aren't close. Nick tells her to keep it up.

Daniele has been eating all night - yay! Kail continues to save herself to Dustin, but it doesn't seem to be working. Dustin continues to tell her that none of this would have happened if she had not campaigned against Dick last week. Kail tries her story to Amber, and that really doesn't work either. Basically, Kail's screwed.

Like I said, expect another update a little later reagrding the late-night info. I will update again in the afternoon regarding the morning activities as well. This should work out anyway because of the food competition and nominations feed blocks that accompany Friday feeds. More later!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/19 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Dustin was ecstatic that Joe was nominated in place of Daniele. Dick says that everyone will keep him because he is friendlier with the house more so than Joe is. Joe attempted to campaign for his safety, but it didn't seem to work. Eric received his next task, which was to get Joe evicted. Yay! Dick seems very sure that he will stay this week. Kail and Mike talked about voting Dick out instead of Joe. Kail complimented Daniele on winning PoV two weeks in a row while being on slop in addition to overcoming her feelings about her father. Kail informed Daniele that she is trying to get Dick out of the house, which was a huge mistake, considering Daniele immediately told her father about Kail's wishes. Kail overheard and immediately started freaking out to Mike. When Dick confronted Kail about this, Kail immediately tensed up, just like she did in the house. She did a lot of nodding as well as saying "Whatever." Dick continually referred to Kail as not being able to trust and that he will target her next week. After Dick left, Kail told everyone around to vote him out because of the drama he causes.

Julie talked to the HG about usual "Who cares" stuff, which basically just gagged me to none other, especially when they talked about Jen's leotard. The interesting part of this segment was the talk with Nate, the guy who came between Dustin and Joe. Nothing new really occurred here, but it was interesting to see what this guy had to say, including his HUGE ears! Live vote next!

Time for the live vote! Well, not yet. Julie has to talk with Jen. @@ Okay, now the live vote. The votes are as follows: Dustin - Joe, Daniele - Joe, Eric - Joe, Amber - Joe, and what's this? The rest when we come back? WHAT?! Grr...

Back to the votes: Kail - Dick, Jameka - Joe, Mike - Joe, Nick - Joe, Jessica - Joe, and Zach - Joe. By a vote of 9-1, Joe has been evicted. The only good thing that came during Joe's interview with Julie was when Joe was informed about the America's Player twist. He was quite surprised about it! HoH competition next!

HoH competition: "Getting Schooled." It involves a series of true/false questions about school-related subjects pertaining to the BB house. An incorrect answer will eliminate you from the competition. First out - Dustin. Second out - Eric, Jameka, Jessica, and Zach. Third out - Kail. Fourth out - Amber and Nick. Tiebreaker comes down to Daniele, Dick, and Mike. New HoH: Dick!

Who will Dick nominate? Find out Sunday!

7/19 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

Just a few hours left before the live vote and eviction! Have the votes changed? How are the HG preparing for tonight's show? Ahh, who cares? On to the info from this afternoon from the BB house!

According to Jen, BB has been redoing the HoH room today in preparation for the new HoH. Jen of course complained about BB not redoing it for her. @@ Meanwhile, Joe did some last minute campaigning in an effort to get Nick and Zach's vote. Zach said that if Nick would vote to evict Dick, then he would too. Joe talked to Nick about it, but I don't think he succeeded. Joe told Jen that he thinks he has the votes to get a tie (meaning he has Nick and Zach's vote).

Later, Nick is seen telling Zach to vote Joe out. I figured as much. Nick also stated that he is planning on throwing the HoH competition tonight. Meanwhile, Joe has begun to realize that he is probably going tonight. He thinks that Nick and Zach are stupid for keeping Dick. Jameka later tells Joe that she is also voting for Dick to stay since he won't be able to get the votes anyway. Since everyone is starting to feel that way, the vote may be unanimous after all. Since then, Joe has been sulking and warning everyone about Dick and his allies.

Other than that, little has happened this afternoon. Time to move on to tonight's show! It is a live show tonight, entailing the eviction and HoH competition. As always, I will have a show recap ready once the show concludes here on the east coast. Look for it!

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7/19 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-1:00 PM

As expected, this morning was beyond slow. There was a lot of feed blocks, lockdowns, and such in addition to the primping and cleaning the HG do in preparation for the live show. Here's the news from the morning inside the BB house!

Nobody woke up before the 8:30 AM BB wake-up call. BB locked the HG in the HoH room for around two hours for no apparent reason. My guess is that they would have sent them outside to get them out of bed but HoH is set up out there. Little happened this morning, mainly a lot of primping and thoughts about the live show.

Here's the little bit of news from the morning: Joe mentioned to Dustin that only him and Amber are voting to evict Dick. @@ Nick and Zach once again discussed what they should do. They want to evict Joe, but want Mike on their side for next week. They talk to Mike about it, and he says he will be a target no matter how he votes. I think he may decide to vote Joe out. Nick thinks that Joe will put up Kail and Mike if he stays and wins HoH next week. Zach says that he will not nominate Dick if he wins HoH next week, which Mike questions about. Zach doesn't want to get on his bad side and tells Mike to win HoH and nominate Dick himself if he wants him out so bad.

Other than that, little has happened this morning. Much of the same will continue into the afternoon. Expect a brief update just before the live show regarding the afternoon activities!

7/18-19 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-7:00 AM

Another night of feeds! Last night was quite eventful, but will tonight follow the same pattern? It's less than 24 hours until voting time, but who will have the edge going into it? Here's the info from last night!

Nick lied to Joe, telling him that he would vote to evict Dick. Joe relayed this information on to Jen, who told Kail as well. Kail thinks that Nick was lying, and Jen thinks that Nick and Zach need to be out of the MRA. Since when was Jen in it? @@ Jen tries once again to talk to Zach, and she fails by using his chess analogy and doing it badly. Zach says that if he wins HoH, he would put up Daniele and Dick, but I think he was lying once more.

Amber, Eric, and Jameka talked about who got on their nerves the most in the house. They all agree on Jen, Joe, Kail, and Zach. Jameka also adds in Mike because he doesn't talk to anyone. Amber leaves, and it seems evident that Jameka has shifted her vote to Joe now because her and Eric both agree that Joe will be evicted this week. Eric reminds Jameka not to vote for Dick anyway because it wouldn't matter. They both agree that Daniele and Nick are a threat to watch out for. Jameka says the only people she trusts are Eric and Jessica because they aren't liars. Eric tells Jameka that Jen wants the floaters (Amber, Dustin, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica) out of the house as soon as possible.

Daniele and Nick did a LOT of flirting tonight, which gagged me to no other. Gamewise, Nick told Daniele that he is voting to evict Joe, even if it hurts him next week. Meanwhile, Dick and Dustin talked about quite a bit of stuff. Dick asks Dustin about the gonorrhea fiasco, and Dustin says that Joe did not get it from him because Dustin tested negative for it. They both agree that they are closest with Amber and Eric. They are worried about Zach playing both sides. Dick wants to nominate him and Kail next week. Not Jen?! Someone will, hopefully! Dick says that his situation with Daniele is very emotional and hard to deal with. They both are thrilled that Jen's plan this week to split up Daniele and Dick was foiled. They agree that Nick is potentially a great ally and that Mike may be homophobic (because of his disgust at Joe's flirting). Amber appears shortly and tells them that Jameka is on the fence again now. Oh geez.

Jen tells Dick that if he nominates her next to Kail, then she will fight for Kail to stay. Good - let's get your ass out the door! They basically argued with each other for the longest time about the decisions Jen made. Jen is replying with even stupider remarks just to get Dick fueling. Jen thinks that Daniele is stupid for flirting with Nick when she has a boyfriend. Dick defends her situation, saying that she has never been there before with someone. Jen is clueless! @@

So there you have it! Dick was once again the last one asleep at just before 6:00 AM. Today is of course the live show day, so expect plenty of primping, cleaning, and feed blocks to accompany it. I'll have another update regarding the morning activities, if there even is any.

Evening Feeds

Danielle and Nick are flirting in the hammock, they are talking about BB's wake up songs and Nick asks Dani what she wants in her life. Dani tells him she wants to get married and not divorce. Later on Nick tries to convince Dani to marry him lol, he tells her ED's ideal wedding would be him and her, Dani says that ED wouldn't be invited to her wedding... wow... so much for making up lol

Kail is definitley "digging herself in a hole" as she would say. As Jen and her were talking about votes they both came to the same conclusion... they don't have them. Kail is mad at Zach for not changing his mind. Jen thinks they should get him out. Kail says that Nick is lying to Joe when he tells him he has his vote to be safe.

And in other news, I think before this game ends, ED will drive Kail CRAZY. Jam tries to tell her to not let him get to her, ED is big, but God is more powerful. She should respect that Dick was honest to her about targeting her next, but not focus on him or she will loose it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7/18 Live Feeds: 1:00-7:00 PM

Despite a somewhat eventful morning, the day brought little excitement for us feed watchers. There was a lot of picture taking and even a game of dodgeball. Here's the little news from the afternoon!

Nick is upset that everyone has been pushing him to evict Dick. Zach says that he has been threatened by Jen, Kail, and Mike about voting Dick out. They are both fed up with everyone and wonders why he can't do what he wants in the game. Zach says that he refuses to vote Dick out no matter how it hurts him in the game. They both need to talk to Mike to make sure they are safe with him next week since they are going against the MRA (Mrs. Robinson Alliance) this week.

Zach expresses his concern about Jen and Kail to Mike. Zach thinks Joe is a bigger threat, while Mike insists that Dick is. Zach continues to push Mike to leave Jen and Kail for him and Nick. Mike continues to make the case for Kail and has no reason to leave her or Jen. The two do a lot of pushing for the other to stay (Zach for Dick to stay and Mike for Joe). Zach is worried that everyone knows about the MRA, so they should just drop it. Mike says he doesn't care that everyone knows. Zach continues to use chess analogies and talking about the final two (Kail will drop the guys) in an effort to work Mike. Later, Mike relays this information to Jen, who isn't surprised that Zach still hasn't changed his mind yet.

Other than that, little has happened today. Jen got her HoH camera, and the HG spent most of the day taking pictures and such. Jen also mentions typing her HoH blog. Like I mentioned earlier, tomorrow will be a live vote which is unusual this early in the season. Perhaps a twist? I guess we'll find out on the show tomorrow!


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7/18 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

After a night of game talk last night, this morning had relatively the same atmosphere. It only takes one HG to flip, and the vote completely changes! Or has it already happened? Here's the news from the morning.

Mike was the first one up at around 8:25 AM. Kail arises a short time later, and the two talk about why Daniele was crying last night. They think it was because of Dick or something. Kail thinks Daniele is pulling Nick away from them. She is also worried that Dick knows she has been campaigning against him, which is why he has to go this week. She starts freaking out because Dick will do everything in his power to stay this week and put her up if he wins HoH. She is nervous that Amber has swayed Jameka to vote Joe out. She is also worried that Jen knows about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Uhh, Nick told her about this before nominations Kail! They then talk about Jessica, saying she waited until this week to finally start playing the game. They also agree that Daniele and Dick are much closer than what people think.

Nick wakes up, and Kail immediately gets on his case about voting Dick out. She says that Nick and Zach HAVE to vote with her and Mike. @@ Kail is nervous that her alliance is falling apart and that she may have to put Nick and Zach up if they don't vote Dick out this week. Kail thinks Nick has been telling Daniele who has been telling Dick about their alliance. She continues to freak out. Jen tries to calm her down, but it doesn't work. She is convinced that Nick has been betraying her, so she wants to get him out as soon as possible.

Nick told Dick that he is voting to keep him, so Joe should be evicted. Last night, Nick was the swing vote, but he seems clear now that he will vote out Joe. They talk about Daniele's crying last night, and Dick informs her that she was crying because she doesn't know what to do about her boyfriend Chris because she likes Nick too.

Kail talked with Joe, and he is confident he has the votes to stay. He tells Kail not to worry about Jameka and that Amber was just talking to her about the Bible last night. Jen is worried about how close Daniele and Dick are. She is disgusted with them because they hate each other one minute and love each other the next. She continues to say how they have to be split up very soon. Joe says he can use that to his advantage, especially since most of the house notices their closeness.

Dick confronts Kail about her plotting against him. He repeatedly calls her a liar in front of most of the house. Kail just says he is worried about the vote, so he is belittling her. He says she should be the one worrying, not him. Kail looks very nervous and just ignores him. After Dick leaves, she tells everyone present that he will argue with them all if he continues to stay in the house.

Other than that, a lot of the usual continued. Nobody seems to have flipped their vote though. It still looks like it will be 6-4 for Joe to be evicted. Nonetheless, this vote will be the closest yet, and I'm excited to see what will happen!

7/17-18 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-8:00 AM

What a night! This vote may be the closest yet, so how exactly will things go down? It seems other drama as arose during the night, and I have the details! Here's the scoop from last night!

Jen thinks the vote will be either a tie or 6-4 to evict Dick. If it is a tie, she will evict Dick. She is assuming she has Eric though, which probably won't happen. According to Eric, this week will have a live vote, which usually doesn't happen until the jury rounds. Jen has been threatening Zach about voting Dick out as well. Eric tells her that threats don't work well in the game. It is clear Jen is drunk, so she is being very unreasonable with Eric. Her, Eric, and Kail have a long talk about the vote, but it was basically Jen repeating herself over and over again. Jen repeatedly says that Daniele and Nick don't like each other, but they are acting like they do. Right, Jen. @@ Jen says that Nick is the fifth wheel of the Mrs. Robinson alliance. I love how this alliance is so free with letting everyone in the house know about them! Jen offers Eric a place in it, but Eric refuses because he would then become the low man on the totem pole. Eric tries to convince Jen that Dick winning HoH is a long shot because he isn't very good at competitions. Jen isn't buying it and keeps calling Dick a liar. They continue for what seems like forever.

Kail moves on to Eric, and she is once again threatening him about voting Dick out. They know they can't get the votes otherwise I guess! She says that because it's a live vote, they easily figure out who voted for who. How is this easier than normal? @@ Eric refuses to say who he is voting for (because he doesn't know) despite Kail's wishes. What I don't understand is that if Kail already has gotten the votes (She says she has), then why does she care about Eric? This girl is really starting to bug me. She's becoming more like Jen every second. Eric continues to say that Dick is not likely to win the next HoH and that they can get him out next week if it doesn't happen this week. Kail keeps saying how everyone wants Joe out, so voting Dick out is harder than it looks. She's right! Joe's an asshole!

Daniele told Dick that Kail has been campaigning for his eviction. Dick is shocked, and when Dustin asks if he has talked to Kail, he lets him know about Kail's campaigning. Dustin is also shocked. Dick stays calm for the most part though. Meanwhile, Kail is telling Joe that he has the votes to stay: Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Kail, and Mike. Jen will break the tie for him to stay. She's wrong about this; Daniele won't vote Dick out. Apparently, Kail has been playing the threat game too, which is a dumb move on both her and Jen's part. Kail then says that Dick is in love with her, so she has to get him out. @@

Zach told Joe that his view of him has changed this week. He used to despise Joe, but now he likes him because he doesn't act invincible anymore. Joe says being nominated has forced him to change his attitude in the house. Joe says that if he stays and wins the next HoH, he would target the floaters in the house because he was one of them before this week. So you're targeting your friends? Interesting. They continue to bond, saying they each are close to only one person in the house. Joe is closest to Jessica, while Zach is closest to Nick. Joe says that if he stays, he wants to stay close with Zach because he sees him as a potential ally. They are gagging me out.

Just as I figured, Zach's talk with Joe was total BS, as he moves to truthfully speak with Amber and Dick. Zach tells them that he told Joe that he has his vote. Dick lets Zach know about Kail plotting against him, which Zach already knows about. They know Joe is a bigger threat, yet Kail seems very fixated on Dick leaving. Zach thinks that Kail is scared of Dick. They then talk about Daniele and Nick's relationship. Dick doesn't know her situation with her boyfriend, but he doesn't think it's going good since Daniele seems free with Nick. Meanwhile, a brief feeds shot occurred of two people doing a LOT of moving in a bed. It looked like Daniele and Nick, but five minutes later, Daniele was seen talking with her dad. I guess we'll never know.

I'm thinking the bed shot was of Daniele and Nick, because Daniele is seen crying with Dick a short time later. After saying Eric is on the fence and that they need to talk to him, Daniele starts crying because of her situation with Nick. She has a boyfriend and doesn't want that to be broken, yet she really likes Nick. She doesn't know what to do. Dick tries to comfort her, but she just keeps crying. Dick tries to talk game with her, but Daniele isn't responding. Dick starts to get nervous about the vote because they figured they had Eric. They have a long talk about Daniele's situation, which I really could care less about.

Other than that, there was a lot of scrambling for votes. At this point, here's how the vote looks: For Dick to stay: Amber, Daniele, Dustin, Eric, Nick, and Zach. For Joe to stay: Jessica, Jameka, Kail, and Mike. However, Nick seems to be on the fence, and if he votes with Kail and Mike, then Dick will be evicted. The HG went to bed earlier than normal, Dick the last one in at around 4:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post!

Evening Feeds

Kail is still working for votes, but Jameka apparently won't budge because they don't have the majority. Kail asks Jessica if she can get Eric's vote(why don't you ask America? :P) Jessica says they would still need 2 more votes for ED to go. Kail is getting furious/terrified, she told Jess that if she rats her out, she'll rat her out as well.(ahh! Taking the ED approach to obtaining lovely friends)

Jess immediately goes to Jameka and tells her what Kail is doing, they realize they need to keep Dick because Kail is terrified of him. Jameka told Jess to tell Kail she tried to get Eric's vote but it didn't work, and she tells her to let it go, Joe is leaving and Kail and ED will start to go after each other. Jess tells Eric about her talk with Kail and made him promise not to tell a soul.

It looks like Joe's goose is cooked, as well as Kail's in future weeks. We'll see how her extroverted strategy affected her soon tho.

Oh yeah, and this girl Jen says the most outlandish crazy off the wall things...


I have an idea...and it's not an idea at all, it's a thought"

Ok, I'm going to bed, and I'm not even going to bed at all, I'm going to sleep @@

We'll Update you later!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/17 Show Recap

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save either Daniele or Dick? Will America's Player complete his next task? Let's find out!

The HG thought Jen's "negative" nominations speech was total BS, as did I. Daniele said the only reason she was nominated was because of her situation with Nick. Amber cried once again after nominations because two very close people to her are nominated again. God, she is really bugging me. Hold it together for God's sake! Dick said that it is too early for his relationship with Daniele to be broken. Daniele said that she is still going to fight even though she is nominated next to her dad. Nick told Daniele about the Mrs. Robinson alliance but plans to allign with Daniele more so than them. Daniele says that she trusts Nick even more now. Nick confesses to Daniele that he has true feelings for her and wants her to stay like none other. Daniele then told Nick that she is really 20. How sweet - gag me please. Mike and Zach are worried about Nick because of his relationship with Daniele. They should be.

Eric received his next task, which was to "sleepwalk" into another HG's bed, which was Joe. Unfortunately, he couldn't complete it. He walked into his bed, stayed there for about a few minutes, then left. What a shame. Time to pick the PoV players! Jen picked Mike (HG choice), Daniele picked Joe (random), and Dick picked Amber (random). Jen chose Dustin to host. Amber cried AGAIN about playing for PoV. She wouldn't know what to do if she won. Jen told Amber that if she uses the PoV, that she would nominate Dustin. Amber then cried some more. Jen gave the same warning to Joe, but Joe wondered who he's close to. Jen didn't have an answer for him. Amber told the HG about Jen threatening her, and she cried AGAIN! Jesus Christ! Daniele and Dick then went off on Jen upon hearing Amber. Joe then went off on Jen because of her being negative. Jameka went off too, and Zach confronted her about not talking until now. Drama in the house!

Time for the PoV competition! It's Christmastime! The backyard was turned into a complete winter wonderland. The competition was called "Cutthroat Christmas." It was a game of curling, and based on each HG's performance, they would win a prize. If you curled the farthest away from the red line, you were eliminated and got to choose a gift. As each HG was eliminated, they would either choose a gift already chosen or unwrap another one. The prizes were as follows: Joe - one-week slop pass, Jen - red leotard she must wear for the rest of the week, Mike - backyard date with a HG of his choice, Dick - plasma TV, Amber - handcuffed to Kail for 24 hours, and Daniele - Power of Veto!

Jen showed off her red leotard. Oh please. Amber and Kail weren't that upset about being handcuffed together. Amber stressed the fact of both of them being mothers, so it wasn't that bad. Eric tried once again to get Jessica nominated since Daniele will use the PoV on herself. Jen didn't seem to budge. Nick and Zach hope that Joe will be nominated, and they would both vote for Dick to stay. Zach talked to Jen about getting Joe nominated. They both feel Joe is very manipulative, and Jen feels he is closest to Daniele. Jen is sick of everyone telling her to nominate Joe, since she wants to put Nick up. She goes downstairs, looks at Daniele and Nick, goes upstairs, and announces her decision to nominate Nick. Wonder what she'll do?

Time for the PoV ceremony! Daniele says it's hard being nominated next to her dad because she trusts him the most in the house. Daniele did decide to use the PoV on herself. Jen told Daniele that she is sweeter than she originally thought. She then nominated Joe because it would be the best thing for the house. Joe vowed to take Jen down should he stay this week. Jen said that she nominated Joe because of him being so manipulative. Dick realizes how selfish he has been this game because of Daniele's speech.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

7/17 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

I knew the afternoon would bring more news! Dick and Joe are scrambling for votes to stay, and it looks like things are starting to change, despite my wishes. Here's what has happened during the afternoon hours!

Jen wants to get the votes to get Dick out of the house. No! She talks with Kail, and they think they can get Mike, Nick, and Zach to vote with Kail. They would then only need one more vote because Jen would break the tie, evicting Dick. Kail then talked with Joe about the vote, and he says he has Jessica, which would be their fifth vote. Say it ain't so! Meanwhile, Eric tells Jen that Joe thinks he has the votes when he really doesn't. Or does he? I hope not. Joe thinks the vote may be 8-2 for him to stay. What? Did I miss something? He says the only people he doesn't have are Amber and Dustin. I'm starting to get nervous now. We must get Joe out!

Kail talks with each member of her alliance about voting Dick out. Zach says that he will not do it. Good! Kail tries to work Nick, saying that Dick is coming after her and Mike. Nick refuses to vote Dick out because of his relationship with Daniele. Kail continues to work him. Zach does not trust Joe at all, so he will vote him out no matter what. Kail tells him that he is going up next week, so he needs to win HoH. Zach gets angry with her (Him and I both!) and leaves. Kail moves on to Mike, and he is all for voting Dick out. He doesn't trust Dick or Joe but feels Dick is a bigger threat. Kail agrees.

Joe talks with Jameka and Jessica about the vote. The girls are both planning on voting Dick out since he is so negative. Joe really thinks he has the votes, and the girls agree. I really hope he doesn't. Jessica moves on to Eric, trying to get him to vote Dick out. She tells him that Daniele, Jameka, and Nick are all planning on voting Dick out and they need him too. They talks about various HG, and Eric doesn't trust the Mrs. Robinson alliance. He says Nick tried to get him nominated this week. Jessica wants to nominate Jen and Nick should she win HoH. Eric says after this week, it will be Jen, Kail, Mike, Nick, and Zach against everyone else. They need to get the house on their side to take down Mrs. Robinson. I like that idea!

Dustin and Zach talk about evicting Joe. They are sure they have Amber and Eric too, but they need two more to make it official. They hope to get Jameka and Nick, but they aren't sure. Zach says that Kail is trying to get Dick out this week. They are disgusted with the idea of Joe staying, as I am. Kail joins them and says Dick told her that he has the vote to stay. Dustin wonders why he blatantly told her that.

Jen, Kail, and Mike talked about the vote. They are very adamant about wanting Dick out this week. Jen is sick of Zach not wanting to do what the group wants. Kail says that Dick won't put her and Jen up if he wins HoH, but maybe Mike and Zach. Kail says they have for sure her, Jameka, Jessica, and Mike, but they need Zach to make it official. They think that working Nick might be easier than Zach.

So there you have it! It seems the vote might be closer than I thought, unfortunately. At this point, it is 6-4 for Joe to be evicted. I'm hoping it stays that way, but the HG don't vote until tomorrow afternoon. As for the show, it starts in five minutes here on the east coast, so I'm off for that! Expect a show recap soon!

7/17 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-1:00 PM

Being Tuesday, BB let the HG sleep in today; therefore, not a whole lot happened this morning. The HG have started to open up this afternoon, and I'll have more on that later in the day. Here's the latest news!

Jen was the first one up at just before 10:00 AM. Her and Kail talked for a bit. Kail says that she doesn't want to win the next HoH, but she is afraid to throw it because other HG will come after her. Her and Jen agree that Zach would be the best person to win HoH and hopefully break up Daniele and Dick. Jen then says that she wants to win HoH again the following week. Hopefully she won't last until then. Kail does not want to win HoH until Dick has left because she wants him out but doesn't want to nominate him. Kail says that if she does win the next HoH, she would nominate Dick and Jessica. Jen thinks that Jessica would be an easy out; instead she really wants Daniele up, but Kail doesn't want to nominate her. Jen really wants Daniele and Dick broken up since they would be the only enemy pair remaining after this week. I'm surprised at how smart Jen is gamewise! After a long push from Jen, Kail finally agrees to nominate Daniele and Dick if she wins HoH next week.

Nick and Zach talked briefly as well. They wonder if BB will bring someone back this year, like in BB6, but Zach doesn't think so. They seem to want to nominate Amber and Dustin next because it would really break up their relationship since they would both vote for the other to stay.

Joe talks to Nick about the vote this week, and he thinks he will stay. Oh, how wrong he is. He says he has Daniele, Eric, Jameka, Kail, Mike, and Nick. Out of those six, he may have Daniele and Jameka, but definitely not the rest. Surely America will tell Eric to evict Joe tonight!

Other than that, hardly anything has happened this morning. Like I said, there will be more to come as the day goes on. I think some of the HG are still asleep! In other news, don't forget about the show tonight! It is at 9:00 PM, and as always, I will have a show recap following it here on the east coast. Expect the PoV competition, PoV ceremony, and the recent America's Player task to be shown on it.

7/16-17 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-7:00 AM

We had a very eventful night tonight, at least for Amber, Dustin, Joe, and Nick. They are pretty much the focus of tonight's update. I guess BB thought they needed some attention, much to my dismay. Here's the scoop from last night.

Dustin and Kail talked about the applying process for the show. Kail has applied two previous times, while Dustin was accepted on his first attempt (because of the enemy twist). Dustin wonders if Kail will hold that against him since she has tried harder to be on the show. Meanwhile, Amber has been doing some major damage control to make sure she won't be nominated in the near future. She again told Zach about her drug problems. I'm getting sick of her. She should hang low after being nominated, not speak up more!

Amber moves on to Nick, and the two of them have a long talk on the hammock. Nick has been telling all about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. He even says that he will nominate Kail and Zach if he gets HoH, then Mike if PoV is used. I doubt that, unless he wants to be strongly targeted the following week. They agree that they like Mike the best out of the three and Kail the worst because she is so shady. They both hate Jen, which is no news to me. Nick wants someone who deserves the money to win the show, either Amber or Jameka. Amber hopes that the HG don't think she needs the money because of all the crying she did last week. Oh please, then don't try to get sympathy! @@

Nick has been telling pretty much everyone that they deserve to win the money. He told this to Amber a number of occasions. He even told her that Daniele doesn't need the money since she is just a pretty girl. Hmm...I wonder if she knows about this! Amber and Nick continued to talk about the money for a long period of time. Nick tells Amber that he will look after her and Jameka the most. Amber reminds him to keep an eye on Zach too. They both like Dick, and they plan to vote Joe out this week. Nick then says that he will look after Daniele too. Sheesh. They both think that Kail is stupid for sitting in the HoH room all last week, saying that's not a good way to start the show off. I agree.

Amber and Nick (told you it was long!) continue with everything but the kitchen sink. Amber says she threw the PoV and that she could have beaten Daniele so easily. I'm sure, considering her strong performance last week. @@ Amber asks how Daniele and Nick are doing with their relationship. Nick says they haven't done anything yet, and he's not expecting anything following the show, though he hopes there's something there. He keeps forgetting that Daniele HAS A BOYFRIEND, not to mention him seeing all this! These two are driving me nuts! After well over an hour talking, Nick says he has a headache (me too!) and leaves. Amen!

Nick and Zach talk now. Zach doesn't know who should go up, and Nick says Eric and Jessica. Zach is worried about Daniele, but Nick says that he can make her stay away from them four. They agree to vote Joe out this week (I'm sure it will be unanimous). They are both worried about Kail since she hardly ever talks to them anymore. Nick asks if Jen is in their alliance, and Zach says she is their easy out when they need one. Hopefully it happens soon.

Dustin and Joe have another argument about the fall-out of their relationship. These two won't quit it will they? It's Day 18 for crying out loud! Joe wants Dustin's vote, but he won't try to get it unless the vote will be close. Dustin basically tells him that he won't vote for him to stay no matter what, and Joe freaks out. The two go back and forth for well over an hour, fighting about everything.

Other than that, the rest of the night was pretty boring. Dick stayed up well past everyone else, saying that he really wants Amber, Dustin, and Kail out. Hmm...interesting. He finally went to bed just before 6:00 AM. All HG are still asleep. More to come later!

Evening Feeds

Dustin is telling Kail that since Joe has been nominated he feels more comfortable in the house, Kail says that Joe has 3 votes against him(Amber, Dustin and herself).

Kail tells Zach that people are catching on about him being in the "Ms Robinson" alliance, but they think he is the fourth wheel. They continue and say they need to start talking to others to hide the alliance.

Eric was telling Jen that he thinks Dani and Jameka have a secret alliance because BB keeps telling them to put on there microphone at the same time. He thinks they are trying to have secret conversations.

Dick hears that Kail wants him gone, he tells her that she does not have the numbers to mess with him, and that he and some others have talked about going after her(good plan, directly tell her your strategy so she can use it against you @@)

It seems as if Kail and her boy toys cannot rally the votes yet, but we will see how the week turns out later. Good Night!

Monday, July 16, 2007

7/16 Live Feed Updates Through the Day

Sorry for such a late update. I've been busy most the day and haven't had time to make a post. Before I start I will confirm Joe has been nominated in replace of Daniele and is the favorite to go home

Now on to news about who's voting for who etc

Right after the veto ceremony Joe goes to Daniele for her vote. He begs, he pleads but Daniele says nothing. Joe takes it as she isn't voting to keep him

Kail starts sucking up to Daniele. She tells her what a good person she is. Daniele tells her Jen's speech was untrue and that her and Dick are completely different

Kail tells her gang that they need to get rid of Evel. She believes Joe won't go after them but Dick will. Mike is good with it. Mike then goes around trying to get votes- but barely gets any commitments

Joe and Jameka talk votes and who he needs to get to stay in the game. They need Eric, Daniele and perhaps Dustin.

Kail Mike and Jen continue to talk. Jen tells Kail even if she, Mike and Nick vote to get rid of Dick it wont be enough votes. Kail says she will vote with the house so not to expose anything

Amber tells Joe she has to keep Dick. She knows he can be an A-hole but has to keep him. Amber then cries because Joe will be leaving and she thinks he is a good person @@

There has been some random talk but not much other game talk. Joe is trying to get votes to no avail. It's almost guaranteed a Joe boot unless a twist occurs

If anything happens I will be sure to post.

Eric decides to sleepwalk

Whose bed did America tell Eric to sleepwalk into?

watch this video to find out

If you can't tell he is sleeping with JOE!

7/16 Live Feed Updates- Into the Morning

Well after a day of competition and dates here's a summary of some of the game talk in the house:

Dick and Daniele talk. He tells her that she needs to get people like Jessica for him. She says she can influence everyone but Jen, Kail, Mike and Zach. By the looks of it Joe is going up and he should go home by a vote of 9-1, or 10-0.

Daniele asked Amber who she would nominate if she won HoH. Amber said she didn't know- probably Zach and Kail. In return Daniele said she would nominate Zach and Jen. Jameka told Amber she should nominate Zach and Jen and leave Kail to be a replacement nominee

Amber and Jen have a long conversation. Amber tells Jen she won't vote to keep Joe. They continue to talk about Nick's feelings towards Daniele and how they might not be real. They talk and talk and talk about Amber's boyfriend, her speed days etc. Joe notices how long she was up there and doesn't like it

Joe talks to Jen about nominating Zach but Jen isn't going for it. He asks her why she would nominate someone who is honest with her (Joe) but not someone who lies to her (Zach)

Thats about all the game talk. Here is some of the non-game talk

Amber thinks that Mike likes her a lot after their backyard date. I haven't seen Mike confirm or deny this yet - I guess we will see

Daniele is worried about Nick and Jen. She wonders if Nick really likes her or if he is playing her. She thinks Jen might have something going on with Nick

Joe thinks if he continues to pester Dustin he might get free sex- hehe. That would definitely be a BB first

Well Dick was last one asleep after his nightly Dick at Night show. All houseguests are sleeping right now- but should get a wake up call in a couple hours for PoV Ceremony!

Evening Feeds 7-16-07

Tonight Amber and Mike went out on a date. Amber discusses her past drug use with him, she tells him that she has done speed and spent $300- $400 a week on it while supporting her family. She said that she lost alot of weight from it and couldn't blame it on her hyperthyroid. She said it was hard to tell her doctor about it, but when sh did he told her "why don't you get high off your daughter?" She quit that day. Amber is basically talking a mile a minute on this date, ffs she's turning into Jen. After her talk about the drug "speed" she moves right along to how she got ito a wreck because she always used to speed to be on time to places. Mike just stares at her, seriously though, how can someone have as many problems as her at her age? That's all she's been talking about for a week and she still has more problems in her life to discuss.

Jameka is explaining to Zach her religion, Zach is asking alot of questions, it's been going on for a while now.

Daniele(with 1 L :) ) and Nick are discussing nominations, Amber and Dustin apparently told Nick they wouldn't evict him so Nick thinks he won't be nominated. Amber told Nick and Daniele the story of how Jen came to the thought of nominating Nick, they come to the fact that Jen is jealous/catty.

Nick told Dick that Dick winning HOH would boost the ratings of the show because they want to see everyone in fear of him. Jameka then told Dick that if they were down to the final two for HOH, she would drop down and give it to him.

The Veto ceremony should be tommorow, we will find out who Jen will nominate soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big Brother 8 Fantasy League

If you want to join a Big Brother Fantasy league, Email I will then add you to the list! The league will begin with Eviction # 2. You will get points based on correct picks. Points will be updated weekly. There are no prizes unfortunately but it is a lot of fun. If you think you know what's going to happen join

Points Work as Follows-

Head of Household=15 points
Each Nominee=5 points
Power of Veto Winner=15 points
Will Veto be used=5 points
Replacement Nominee=5 points
Evictee=10 points

I will accept sign ups until Thurs July 19th at 8 EST

7/15 Live Feeds 1:00PM - 6:00PM

Well all thats happened since 1:00PM has been the Strong Man Competition-Here are the results!

First off Players are Nick, Zach, Dustin and Mike

Round 1: Drunken Maiden- Contestants must run an obstacle course

Zagnus (Zack) -- 15 seconds (3pts)
Cragnus (Nick) -- 16 seconds (2pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 16 seconds (2pts)
Magnus (Mike) -- 25 seconds (0pts)

Round 2: Boulder Roll- Somersault from one point to another

Heat 1: Cragnus (Nick) defeats Zagnus (Zack)
Heat 2: Magnus (Mike) defeats Diagnus (Dustin)

Bronze Final: Zagnus (Zack) defeats Diagnus (Dustin)
Gold Final: Cragnus (Nick) defeats Magnus (Mike)

Cragnus (Nick) -- 1st (3pts)
Magnus (Mike) -- 2nd (2pts)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 3rd (1pt)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 4th (0pts)


Cragnus (Nick) 5pts
Zagnus (Zack) 4pts
Diagnus (Dustin) 2pts
Magnus (Mike) 2pts

Round 3: Hot Grass Dance

Cragnus (Nick) -- 1st (3pts)
Magnus (Mike) -- 2nd (2pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 3rd (1pt)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 4th (0pts)


Cragnus (Nick) 8pts
Magnus (Mike) 4pts
Zagnus (Zack) 4pts
Diagnus (Dustin) 3pts

Round Four: Weight Retrieval: They must retrieve weights from deep end.

Cragnus (Nick) -- 1st (3pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 2nd (2pts)

Magnus (Mike) -- 3rd (1pt)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 3rd (1pt)


Cragnus (Nick) 11pts
Magnus (Mike) 5pts
Zagnus (Zack) 5pts
Diagnus (Dustin) 5pts

Round 5: Obstacle Course

Magnus (Mike) -- 1st (3pts)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 2nd (2pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 3rd (1pt)

Cragnus (Nick) -- 4th (0pts)


Cragnus (Nick) - 12
Magnus (Mike)- 8
Zagnus (Zack) - 7
Diagnus (Dustin) - 6

FINAL ROUND: Arm Wrestling between Nick and Mike

After some time they call it a tie and Nick and Mike share first place.

Final Results

4th place. Diagnus - 6
3rd place. Zagnus - 5
2nd place. Magnus - 8
1st place. Cragnus - 12

Magnus and Cragnus get the king piece of the chess board as their trophy. Zagnus gets the queen for 2nd, and Diagnus gets the rook for 3rd

Not much else. If i can find video of the events I will be sure to post it!

7/15 Show Recap

Of course like every show they start with a recap about Carol leaving and Jen winning HoH etc. First they discuss Jen talking about herself and who she might put up. Now its on to her HoH Room. As you probably know she complains about the pictures once again.

Joe attempts to get Jen to put up Dustin-I don't think Jen is going for it. Now they have a segment of Nick and Daniele flirting. Nick gave her the key to his heart( the key to his suitcase lol)

Kail and Jen talk strategy. Jen doesn't want girls up because they are down in the numbersl Kail doesn't want Nick up and suggests Jessica.

Food Competition!

Houseguests are split into two teams , the guys against Joe and the girls. The name of the competition is "Name that Pie" name the two ingredients in the pie in a specified number of bites. Jameka thought she could name hers in five. Bacon and banana on first try. Right now they're tied.Daniele misnames the last pie thought it was pickle and tofu,when it was pickle and clam. The guys win. The girls and Joe are on slop for the week.

Eric is told that America wants him to get Jessica put up. He goes up to Jen with the idea and she seems to agree with him but hasn't decided. Jen tells Nick she is going to put people with negative attitudes up.

Uhoh! Dick blows up at Jen for rudely waking him up from his nap. He tells her he will make her the most miserable bitch in the house-Jen just smiles.

America's Player will develop sleepwalking. Whose bed should he sleepwalk into?

On to nominations

Dick is positive he will go up but isn't worried. Jessica isn't worried at all about going up.

Key order: Jameka, Kail, Mike, Zach, Nick, Jessica, Amber, Dustin, Eric, and last Joe.

Nominees are Dick and Daniele. Jen tells them she nominated them because the cause a negative atmosphere and she doesn't want that.

Eric apologized for not securing a Jessica nomination. He said he'd continue if the veto is used.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save one of the nominees? And will America's player complete his tasks? Find out Tuesday @ 9

7/15 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Sunday is usually the most boring day of the week, so we shouldn't expect much from the HG today. Let's see if Jen will stick with her wanting to nominate Nick, or maybe she will switch again? Here's the news from the morning today.

Zach was the first one up at 9:15 AM today. BB gets into a bad habit of letting the HG sleep all day on Sundays. Some of the house still is not awake as of now. Mike woke up around 10:00 AM. Zach told him that Amber and Dustin are definitely with Dick. He's right, of course. Mike thinks that Dick would put him up should he win HoH next week. I would think Dick would nominate Jen and Joe, not Mike. He then goes on to say that he trusts Dick more than Nick. Huh? Then why does he think Dick will put him up? Then he says that he would vote Dick out. So according to Mike, Dick will put him up if he is HoH, Dick is more trustworthy than Nick, and he would vote Dick out. Oh please.

The two continued to talk about various alliances and "What would happen if...?" situations. They think Jen will put up Nick, but they don't want Nick to go yet. Apparently, Jen is in the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but she "doesn't know she's in it." Huh? Then how is she in it? These two are more confusing that a group of Aprils. They both would like to see Joe go up instead of Nick. They think the game will be easier and less dramatic without him. I agree. Zach is nervous about Eric and Jameka's thoughts on him, so he wants to work on them this week. They then go back and forth about who they should vote out this week. Zach wants Joe up and out this week, while Mike wants to get Dick out because he thinks Daniele and him are closer than they think.

After talking for over two hours, Nick wakes up, and him and Zach talk. Zach tells him that he might be in danger of going up. Nick is shocked, saying that Jen told him he would be completely safe this week. He gets nervous because whoever goes up will probably be evicted, since everyone wants the drama Dick brings to stay.

Jen wakes up, and Nick decides to talk to her. Jen flat-out tells him she is planning on putting him up. She told the truth?! Who is this bitch? Nick tells her that whoever goes up will be evicted, so she needs to put up someone who she feels comfortable with being evicted. He tries to convince her to put up Joe, and she seems okay with that. Nick really sells himself to her, even telling her that he is part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Jen is shocked and wonders why Kail didn't tell her about it. They are still talking as of now.

The HG are planning a Strongest Man competition later this afternoon once everyone gets up. How exciting...not. The rest of today should be a snore. At this point, it looks like Joe may go up. It will most likely be either him or Nick though. We will know tomorrow. Again, don't forget about tonight's show at 8:00 PM. It should entail the food competition as well as nominations. I will have a recap following tonight's show here on the east coast. Look for it!

7/14 - 7/15 Live Feed Updates

With a Veto Ceremony looming, what will happen in the BB House?

Jen goes up to HoH and tells Amber, Dustin and Kail she has decided to nominate Nick. She says he's the closest to Daniele and will cause Daniele's alliance problems

They try to convince her to nominate Joe or a pawn-she isn't falling for it. Hopefully by Monday someone can get to her and convince her to nominate Zach or Joe.

All night Jen goes and tells people she is putting Nick up. Eric then goes to Dick and asks him would he have the votes against Nick and Dick catches on that Nick is going up

Dustin tells Joe everything is good and that they will be safe. However, Joe doesn't know that Nick is going up-he thinks Zach is going up

Dick and Eric have a long conversation about nominations etc. Dick tells Eric not to believe Jen because she lies a lot.

They were the last ones up and everyone is sleeping as I post!