Saturday, July 21, 2007

PoV Notice

The house guests were given a wake up call at 8:00AM and at 8:30AM BB announced PoV will be played in 2hours. We should get blocked in 2hrs for picking of players. I will come back when players are announced.

Update: After a brief feed block it seems players were chosen. Players are Dick, Jen, Kail, Zach, Nick and Jessica. Veto should be in one hour. I will update you if anything changes.

Update #2: Eric came out of the Diary Room dressed as the Mad Hatter. I took a screen cap but its rather blurry. The players had to choose numbers. Dick chose 6, Kail chose 3, and Jen chose 5 by this time the feeds went down and are currently blocked. More to come when feeds come back.

What could the PoV competition be? My guess would be something involving tea as Mad Hatter is known for "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party" What do you guys think?

Update #3: After almost 2hrs of block feeds came back. The winner of the PoV is Jen.


Anonymous said...

I hate that Jen got the POV. I have Jen altogether, Now we have to put up with her for another week.

Anonymous said...

I mean I hate Jen

KY said...

Sheww If I heard right..Dick now wants to get Mike out...what happened to getting Kail out? I think hes gone crazy

Anonymous said...

lol well that just means kail is gone but if he puts up mike........i dont know. dont know much about mike. hes been in the backlight alot i would rather get rid of kail. and shes not helping muck trying to act like amber boo hooing and trying to make ppl feel forry for her. bye bye kail!!!!!!