Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/17 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

I knew the afternoon would bring more news! Dick and Joe are scrambling for votes to stay, and it looks like things are starting to change, despite my wishes. Here's what has happened during the afternoon hours!

Jen wants to get the votes to get Dick out of the house. No! She talks with Kail, and they think they can get Mike, Nick, and Zach to vote with Kail. They would then only need one more vote because Jen would break the tie, evicting Dick. Kail then talked with Joe about the vote, and he says he has Jessica, which would be their fifth vote. Say it ain't so! Meanwhile, Eric tells Jen that Joe thinks he has the votes when he really doesn't. Or does he? I hope not. Joe thinks the vote may be 8-2 for him to stay. What? Did I miss something? He says the only people he doesn't have are Amber and Dustin. I'm starting to get nervous now. We must get Joe out!

Kail talks with each member of her alliance about voting Dick out. Zach says that he will not do it. Good! Kail tries to work Nick, saying that Dick is coming after her and Mike. Nick refuses to vote Dick out because of his relationship with Daniele. Kail continues to work him. Zach does not trust Joe at all, so he will vote him out no matter what. Kail tells him that he is going up next week, so he needs to win HoH. Zach gets angry with her (Him and I both!) and leaves. Kail moves on to Mike, and he is all for voting Dick out. He doesn't trust Dick or Joe but feels Dick is a bigger threat. Kail agrees.

Joe talks with Jameka and Jessica about the vote. The girls are both planning on voting Dick out since he is so negative. Joe really thinks he has the votes, and the girls agree. I really hope he doesn't. Jessica moves on to Eric, trying to get him to vote Dick out. She tells him that Daniele, Jameka, and Nick are all planning on voting Dick out and they need him too. They talks about various HG, and Eric doesn't trust the Mrs. Robinson alliance. He says Nick tried to get him nominated this week. Jessica wants to nominate Jen and Nick should she win HoH. Eric says after this week, it will be Jen, Kail, Mike, Nick, and Zach against everyone else. They need to get the house on their side to take down Mrs. Robinson. I like that idea!

Dustin and Zach talk about evicting Joe. They are sure they have Amber and Eric too, but they need two more to make it official. They hope to get Jameka and Nick, but they aren't sure. Zach says that Kail is trying to get Dick out this week. They are disgusted with the idea of Joe staying, as I am. Kail joins them and says Dick told her that he has the vote to stay. Dustin wonders why he blatantly told her that.

Jen, Kail, and Mike talked about the vote. They are very adamant about wanting Dick out this week. Jen is sick of Zach not wanting to do what the group wants. Kail says that Dick won't put her and Jen up if he wins HoH, but maybe Mike and Zach. Kail says they have for sure her, Jameka, Jessica, and Mike, but they need Zach to make it official. They think that working Nick might be easier than Zach.

So there you have it! It seems the vote might be closer than I thought, unfortunately. At this point, it is 6-4 for Joe to be evicted. I'm hoping it stays that way, but the HG don't vote until tomorrow afternoon. As for the show, it starts in five minutes here on the east coast, so I'm off for that! Expect a show recap soon!

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