Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7/17-18 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-8:00 AM

What a night! This vote may be the closest yet, so how exactly will things go down? It seems other drama as arose during the night, and I have the details! Here's the scoop from last night!

Jen thinks the vote will be either a tie or 6-4 to evict Dick. If it is a tie, she will evict Dick. She is assuming she has Eric though, which probably won't happen. According to Eric, this week will have a live vote, which usually doesn't happen until the jury rounds. Jen has been threatening Zach about voting Dick out as well. Eric tells her that threats don't work well in the game. It is clear Jen is drunk, so she is being very unreasonable with Eric. Her, Eric, and Kail have a long talk about the vote, but it was basically Jen repeating herself over and over again. Jen repeatedly says that Daniele and Nick don't like each other, but they are acting like they do. Right, Jen. @@ Jen says that Nick is the fifth wheel of the Mrs. Robinson alliance. I love how this alliance is so free with letting everyone in the house know about them! Jen offers Eric a place in it, but Eric refuses because he would then become the low man on the totem pole. Eric tries to convince Jen that Dick winning HoH is a long shot because he isn't very good at competitions. Jen isn't buying it and keeps calling Dick a liar. They continue for what seems like forever.

Kail moves on to Eric, and she is once again threatening him about voting Dick out. They know they can't get the votes otherwise I guess! She says that because it's a live vote, they easily figure out who voted for who. How is this easier than normal? @@ Eric refuses to say who he is voting for (because he doesn't know) despite Kail's wishes. What I don't understand is that if Kail already has gotten the votes (She says she has), then why does she care about Eric? This girl is really starting to bug me. She's becoming more like Jen every second. Eric continues to say that Dick is not likely to win the next HoH and that they can get him out next week if it doesn't happen this week. Kail keeps saying how everyone wants Joe out, so voting Dick out is harder than it looks. She's right! Joe's an asshole!

Daniele told Dick that Kail has been campaigning for his eviction. Dick is shocked, and when Dustin asks if he has talked to Kail, he lets him know about Kail's campaigning. Dustin is also shocked. Dick stays calm for the most part though. Meanwhile, Kail is telling Joe that he has the votes to stay: Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Kail, and Mike. Jen will break the tie for him to stay. She's wrong about this; Daniele won't vote Dick out. Apparently, Kail has been playing the threat game too, which is a dumb move on both her and Jen's part. Kail then says that Dick is in love with her, so she has to get him out. @@

Zach told Joe that his view of him has changed this week. He used to despise Joe, but now he likes him because he doesn't act invincible anymore. Joe says being nominated has forced him to change his attitude in the house. Joe says that if he stays and wins the next HoH, he would target the floaters in the house because he was one of them before this week. So you're targeting your friends? Interesting. They continue to bond, saying they each are close to only one person in the house. Joe is closest to Jessica, while Zach is closest to Nick. Joe says that if he stays, he wants to stay close with Zach because he sees him as a potential ally. They are gagging me out.

Just as I figured, Zach's talk with Joe was total BS, as he moves to truthfully speak with Amber and Dick. Zach tells them that he told Joe that he has his vote. Dick lets Zach know about Kail plotting against him, which Zach already knows about. They know Joe is a bigger threat, yet Kail seems very fixated on Dick leaving. Zach thinks that Kail is scared of Dick. They then talk about Daniele and Nick's relationship. Dick doesn't know her situation with her boyfriend, but he doesn't think it's going good since Daniele seems free with Nick. Meanwhile, a brief feeds shot occurred of two people doing a LOT of moving in a bed. It looked like Daniele and Nick, but five minutes later, Daniele was seen talking with her dad. I guess we'll never know.

I'm thinking the bed shot was of Daniele and Nick, because Daniele is seen crying with Dick a short time later. After saying Eric is on the fence and that they need to talk to him, Daniele starts crying because of her situation with Nick. She has a boyfriend and doesn't want that to be broken, yet she really likes Nick. She doesn't know what to do. Dick tries to comfort her, but she just keeps crying. Dick tries to talk game with her, but Daniele isn't responding. Dick starts to get nervous about the vote because they figured they had Eric. They have a long talk about Daniele's situation, which I really could care less about.

Other than that, there was a lot of scrambling for votes. At this point, here's how the vote looks: For Dick to stay: Amber, Daniele, Dustin, Eric, Nick, and Zach. For Joe to stay: Jessica, Jameka, Kail, and Mike. However, Nick seems to be on the fence, and if he votes with Kail and Mike, then Dick will be evicted. The HG went to bed earlier than normal, Dick the last one in at around 4:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post!