Sunday, July 15, 2007

7/15 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Sunday is usually the most boring day of the week, so we shouldn't expect much from the HG today. Let's see if Jen will stick with her wanting to nominate Nick, or maybe she will switch again? Here's the news from the morning today.

Zach was the first one up at 9:15 AM today. BB gets into a bad habit of letting the HG sleep all day on Sundays. Some of the house still is not awake as of now. Mike woke up around 10:00 AM. Zach told him that Amber and Dustin are definitely with Dick. He's right, of course. Mike thinks that Dick would put him up should he win HoH next week. I would think Dick would nominate Jen and Joe, not Mike. He then goes on to say that he trusts Dick more than Nick. Huh? Then why does he think Dick will put him up? Then he says that he would vote Dick out. So according to Mike, Dick will put him up if he is HoH, Dick is more trustworthy than Nick, and he would vote Dick out. Oh please.

The two continued to talk about various alliances and "What would happen if...?" situations. They think Jen will put up Nick, but they don't want Nick to go yet. Apparently, Jen is in the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but she "doesn't know she's in it." Huh? Then how is she in it? These two are more confusing that a group of Aprils. They both would like to see Joe go up instead of Nick. They think the game will be easier and less dramatic without him. I agree. Zach is nervous about Eric and Jameka's thoughts on him, so he wants to work on them this week. They then go back and forth about who they should vote out this week. Zach wants Joe up and out this week, while Mike wants to get Dick out because he thinks Daniele and him are closer than they think.

After talking for over two hours, Nick wakes up, and him and Zach talk. Zach tells him that he might be in danger of going up. Nick is shocked, saying that Jen told him he would be completely safe this week. He gets nervous because whoever goes up will probably be evicted, since everyone wants the drama Dick brings to stay.

Jen wakes up, and Nick decides to talk to her. Jen flat-out tells him she is planning on putting him up. She told the truth?! Who is this bitch? Nick tells her that whoever goes up will be evicted, so she needs to put up someone who she feels comfortable with being evicted. He tries to convince her to put up Joe, and she seems okay with that. Nick really sells himself to her, even telling her that he is part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Jen is shocked and wonders why Kail didn't tell her about it. They are still talking as of now.

The HG are planning a Strongest Man competition later this afternoon once everyone gets up. How exciting...not. The rest of today should be a snore. At this point, it looks like Joe may go up. It will most likely be either him or Nick though. We will know tomorrow. Again, don't forget about tonight's show at 8:00 PM. It should entail the food competition as well as nominations. I will have a recap following tonight's show here on the east coast. Look for it!


Anonymous said...

Excellent synopsis!

KY said...

Strong Man Competition Scheduled For 3 Pm Bb Time

KY said...

For some reason its not letting me sign in...but heres some updates..

I sure hope EvilD doesn't join in on the Iron Man...since he doesn't wear underroos..LOL
Geee Dani just said shes lost 5 ponds since yesterday..LOL about nine all together..Someone better feed this girl or shes gonna fall over..they wont have to worry about voting her out..LOL..

Whelp Nick is ready with his hair all slicked back.Zach has his horny hat on..LMAO They will each be coming froma different country..someone asking Zach if his helmet is posed to be Norway.

Jen is using ketchup on the back of the slop lids to do round cards..hmm go figure..LOL

OK..Round 1..She has silver heels on with a red leotard..LOL..shes the card girl I guess
Someone telling Mike to put his speedo on since he don't have any tighty whities..LMAO i cant type for laughing..
Dustin is down with it but they have to make the finale call..Dustin has his hair spiked and has a headband on,sunglasses an his Diagnus( sp?) shirt on with the wizards hat..LMAO too funny..I hope they show this on TV..

Zach an Nick in the storage room, grabbing things an stuffing..LMAO
Zach is using an avocado..

EvilD saying do u have an avocado in your pants or are u happy to see me?

Zack now stuffing to add to the junk.

Their all getting ready to go outside....

BBVIII said...

why doesnt it let you login?

BBVIII said...

you have to check your email and accept the invite

BBVIII said...

you can do updates in the shout box on the side