Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/19 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Dustin was ecstatic that Joe was nominated in place of Daniele. Dick says that everyone will keep him because he is friendlier with the house more so than Joe is. Joe attempted to campaign for his safety, but it didn't seem to work. Eric received his next task, which was to get Joe evicted. Yay! Dick seems very sure that he will stay this week. Kail and Mike talked about voting Dick out instead of Joe. Kail complimented Daniele on winning PoV two weeks in a row while being on slop in addition to overcoming her feelings about her father. Kail informed Daniele that she is trying to get Dick out of the house, which was a huge mistake, considering Daniele immediately told her father about Kail's wishes. Kail overheard and immediately started freaking out to Mike. When Dick confronted Kail about this, Kail immediately tensed up, just like she did in the house. She did a lot of nodding as well as saying "Whatever." Dick continually referred to Kail as not being able to trust and that he will target her next week. After Dick left, Kail told everyone around to vote him out because of the drama he causes.

Julie talked to the HG about usual "Who cares" stuff, which basically just gagged me to none other, especially when they talked about Jen's leotard. The interesting part of this segment was the talk with Nate, the guy who came between Dustin and Joe. Nothing new really occurred here, but it was interesting to see what this guy had to say, including his HUGE ears! Live vote next!

Time for the live vote! Well, not yet. Julie has to talk with Jen. @@ Okay, now the live vote. The votes are as follows: Dustin - Joe, Daniele - Joe, Eric - Joe, Amber - Joe, and what's this? The rest when we come back? WHAT?! Grr...

Back to the votes: Kail - Dick, Jameka - Joe, Mike - Joe, Nick - Joe, Jessica - Joe, and Zach - Joe. By a vote of 9-1, Joe has been evicted. The only good thing that came during Joe's interview with Julie was when Joe was informed about the America's Player twist. He was quite surprised about it! HoH competition next!

HoH competition: "Getting Schooled." It involves a series of true/false questions about school-related subjects pertaining to the BB house. An incorrect answer will eliminate you from the competition. First out - Dustin. Second out - Eric, Jameka, Jessica, and Zach. Third out - Kail. Fourth out - Amber and Nick. Tiebreaker comes down to Daniele, Dick, and Mike. New HoH: Dick!

Who will Dick nominate? Find out Sunday!


KY said...

I voted my 10 times for Eric to try an get Kail on the block.

BBVIII said...

lol that would be an easy task. I think thats automatic

Anonymous said...

that's why we should vote help Eric get closer to that 10K!

KY said...

I agree everyone really needs to vote..

Anonymous said...

boring...ho hum