Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/19 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-1:00 PM

As expected, this morning was beyond slow. There was a lot of feed blocks, lockdowns, and such in addition to the primping and cleaning the HG do in preparation for the live show. Here's the news from the morning inside the BB house!

Nobody woke up before the 8:30 AM BB wake-up call. BB locked the HG in the HoH room for around two hours for no apparent reason. My guess is that they would have sent them outside to get them out of bed but HoH is set up out there. Little happened this morning, mainly a lot of primping and thoughts about the live show.

Here's the little bit of news from the morning: Joe mentioned to Dustin that only him and Amber are voting to evict Dick. @@ Nick and Zach once again discussed what they should do. They want to evict Joe, but want Mike on their side for next week. They talk to Mike about it, and he says he will be a target no matter how he votes. I think he may decide to vote Joe out. Nick thinks that Joe will put up Kail and Mike if he stays and wins HoH next week. Zach says that he will not nominate Dick if he wins HoH next week, which Mike questions about. Zach doesn't want to get on his bad side and tells Mike to win HoH and nominate Dick himself if he wants him out so bad.

Other than that, little has happened this morning. Much of the same will continue into the afternoon. Expect a brief update just before the live show regarding the afternoon activities!