Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/17 Show Recap

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save either Daniele or Dick? Will America's Player complete his next task? Let's find out!

The HG thought Jen's "negative" nominations speech was total BS, as did I. Daniele said the only reason she was nominated was because of her situation with Nick. Amber cried once again after nominations because two very close people to her are nominated again. God, she is really bugging me. Hold it together for God's sake! Dick said that it is too early for his relationship with Daniele to be broken. Daniele said that she is still going to fight even though she is nominated next to her dad. Nick told Daniele about the Mrs. Robinson alliance but plans to allign with Daniele more so than them. Daniele says that she trusts Nick even more now. Nick confesses to Daniele that he has true feelings for her and wants her to stay like none other. Daniele then told Nick that she is really 20. How sweet - gag me please. Mike and Zach are worried about Nick because of his relationship with Daniele. They should be.

Eric received his next task, which was to "sleepwalk" into another HG's bed, which was Joe. Unfortunately, he couldn't complete it. He walked into his bed, stayed there for about a few minutes, then left. What a shame. Time to pick the PoV players! Jen picked Mike (HG choice), Daniele picked Joe (random), and Dick picked Amber (random). Jen chose Dustin to host. Amber cried AGAIN about playing for PoV. She wouldn't know what to do if she won. Jen told Amber that if she uses the PoV, that she would nominate Dustin. Amber then cried some more. Jen gave the same warning to Joe, but Joe wondered who he's close to. Jen didn't have an answer for him. Amber told the HG about Jen threatening her, and she cried AGAIN! Jesus Christ! Daniele and Dick then went off on Jen upon hearing Amber. Joe then went off on Jen because of her being negative. Jameka went off too, and Zach confronted her about not talking until now. Drama in the house!

Time for the PoV competition! It's Christmastime! The backyard was turned into a complete winter wonderland. The competition was called "Cutthroat Christmas." It was a game of curling, and based on each HG's performance, they would win a prize. If you curled the farthest away from the red line, you were eliminated and got to choose a gift. As each HG was eliminated, they would either choose a gift already chosen or unwrap another one. The prizes were as follows: Joe - one-week slop pass, Jen - red leotard she must wear for the rest of the week, Mike - backyard date with a HG of his choice, Dick - plasma TV, Amber - handcuffed to Kail for 24 hours, and Daniele - Power of Veto!

Jen showed off her red leotard. Oh please. Amber and Kail weren't that upset about being handcuffed together. Amber stressed the fact of both of them being mothers, so it wasn't that bad. Eric tried once again to get Jessica nominated since Daniele will use the PoV on herself. Jen didn't seem to budge. Nick and Zach hope that Joe will be nominated, and they would both vote for Dick to stay. Zach talked to Jen about getting Joe nominated. They both feel Joe is very manipulative, and Jen feels he is closest to Daniele. Jen is sick of everyone telling her to nominate Joe, since she wants to put Nick up. She goes downstairs, looks at Daniele and Nick, goes upstairs, and announces her decision to nominate Nick. Wonder what she'll do?

Time for the PoV ceremony! Daniele says it's hard being nominated next to her dad because she trusts him the most in the house. Daniele did decide to use the PoV on herself. Jen told Daniele that she is sweeter than she originally thought. She then nominated Joe because it would be the best thing for the house. Joe vowed to take Jen down should he stay this week. Jen said that she nominated Joe because of him being so manipulative. Dick realizes how selfish he has been this game because of Daniele's speech.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

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