Friday, July 20, 2007

7/20 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Nominations are only hours away, so how will the HG attempt to sway Dick? Here's the scoop from the afternoon hours in the BB house!

Dick and Nick talked about all the BS Jen tried to feed Dick last week. She told him that Nick was with her and Dustin instead of Daniele. Nick promised again that he is not playing Daniele. Dick says that Daniele will kill him if he is. Nick says that he has no need to get on anyone's bad side yet. Dick tells Nick that Kail has been trashing Nick all day. Dick doesn't care that Nick didn't tell him about the MRA, since he told Amber and Daniele instead. Dick wants Kail gone this week, then deal with Jen later.

Dustin asks Dick who he is planning on nominating (again), and Dick replies with Jen and Kail. Dustin likes that because they both would use the PoV on themselves, which would cause tension in their relationship. So if nothing else, their relationship will be split this week. Dustin says Zach is nervous this week, so he has been hanging around him and Amber. Dick plans on making his key last to increase his nerves. He wants to nominate Mike if PoV is used. Dustin informed Dick that he is not alligned with anyone, despite what he heard about Joe linking him to Zach. Dick says that Jen and Kail are obviously alligned, since they wouldn't put each other up. Dick tells Dustin not to tell anyone about what they have talked about. Dustin agrees.

Dick (He's talking to everyone!) talked to Zach about pretty much everything. Zach basically tells him the truth about what he knew regarding last week's vote. He said that he wants Daniele gone from the beginning and never did he want Dick out. When Kail approached him about voting Dick out, he refused instantly and would only do it if Nick would. Nick wouldn't, so he wouldn't. They continue to go back and forth for the LONGEST time, but nothing new seems to have been said. Dick does continue to make Zach feel nervous about this week though. Zach does mention that he has a deal with Nick to split the money if either of them win though, which is against the rules. @@

Dick (again) told Amber and Dustin that Zach thinks they are alligned. Amber immediately starts crying and saying how ridiculous that assumption is. Dick agressively tries to calm Amber down, saying not to mess up his game. Amber runs off and tells Daniele about Dick's anger, and Daniele tells her just to ignore him. Amber thinks Dick hates her now. Oh please. @@

Kail thinks that Zach has done way too much sucking-up to Dick today. She thinks her and Zach will be nominated. Dustin tells her that she will probably go up, but he doesn't know who else. He tells her to threaten Zach so he will stop trying to save his ass. Kail wants Mike to talk to Dick too so that he stays safe this week. She then starts crying, and Dustin attempts to comfort her. She tells Dustin that she alligned with Mike, Nick, and Zach because they reminded her of her husband. She begins to wonder who she can get to vote for her and who she can campaign to. Dustin keeps telling her that she's jumping the gun because nominations haven't even occurred yet. Dustin tries to give Kail a pep talk about this week.

Amber and Daniele think that the main reason Kail is so emotional this week is because of Nick's betrayal. They are worried that Nick might do the same to them. They will see how this week pans out before deciding what they should do. Dick talked with Mike briefly, and they didn't really say anything new. In other news, BB gave the HG some of their food. Apparently, they received quite a bit of pasta. Yum.

The feeds have been blocked since around 5:40 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'm guessing they will be blocked for maybe another hour or so while the HG's comments fade. I'll have the report once I know who's nominated!

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