Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/21 Live Feeds: 2:00-8:00 PM

With such an early wake up call all the house guests decided it was naptime in the BB house. After 45 minutes some of the house guests woke up but not much went on. Over time everyone started wake up and the house was back to normal.

Dustin and Dick talked about PoV. Dustin was surprised when Dick dropped out of PoV. Dick said he did it because Mike was trying to hinder him and he told Mike if he wanted to go up—fine. Jen won PoV and now Mike is going up.

Dick talks to Daniele and Eric and then Amber and Jameka in the HoH Room. He pretty much gives the same speech about nominating Mike and voting him out but not telling Kail anything and go along with her thinking she is going home, so on Thursday she will be a wreck for the HoH Competition. They all agree to that and they also agree Zach must go next week per the house request.

Kail tried to get Daniele to believe Zach was accusing Daniele of being apart of every alliance, basically trying to get Daniele on the “Nominate Zach or Nick” bandwagon. Daniele wouldn’t say much and finally got up and went inside.

Kail then goes to talk to Mike. She tells him she thinks Daniele might try to convince Dick to nominate Zach. Mike says he can only hope. Mike says he would rather go early than get close and lose. He said the worst thing would be him becoming the 1st jury member. Kail is hopeful Dick will nominate Zach, giving her a chance—I hate to break it to you Kail—It isn’t going to happen!

Dustin told Dick that he would lose his integrity with the house if he tells everyone to vote Mike out, but Dick thinks that voting Mike out would be a better strategic move. I agree - Kail is an emotional mess right now, and she won't be threatening for the next few weeks at best. These last two weeks have torn her apart. Dick later tells Jameka that he trusts her and Jessica totally, while he semi-trusts Amber, Daniele, and Dustin (Daniele because of her relationship with Nick).

Kail talked to Amber about Zach being the main liar in the house. She tells him about him and Nick's "deal" (splitting the money - against the rules), and Amber seems shocked by it. Amber and Dustin want to vote Mike out this week as well. Amber is upset by how Dick is acting ever since he won HoH. He has been ordering her around and not treating her with the respect he gave her the first two weeks.

The HG have been doing a lot of laying around since the PoV competition. The mood of the house is overall a good one, despite a dramatic PoV competition. Expect more later as the evening progresses!

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