Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/16-17 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-7:00 AM

We had a very eventful night tonight, at least for Amber, Dustin, Joe, and Nick. They are pretty much the focus of tonight's update. I guess BB thought they needed some attention, much to my dismay. Here's the scoop from last night.

Dustin and Kail talked about the applying process for the show. Kail has applied two previous times, while Dustin was accepted on his first attempt (because of the enemy twist). Dustin wonders if Kail will hold that against him since she has tried harder to be on the show. Meanwhile, Amber has been doing some major damage control to make sure she won't be nominated in the near future. She again told Zach about her drug problems. I'm getting sick of her. She should hang low after being nominated, not speak up more!

Amber moves on to Nick, and the two of them have a long talk on the hammock. Nick has been telling all about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. He even says that he will nominate Kail and Zach if he gets HoH, then Mike if PoV is used. I doubt that, unless he wants to be strongly targeted the following week. They agree that they like Mike the best out of the three and Kail the worst because she is so shady. They both hate Jen, which is no news to me. Nick wants someone who deserves the money to win the show, either Amber or Jameka. Amber hopes that the HG don't think she needs the money because of all the crying she did last week. Oh please, then don't try to get sympathy! @@

Nick has been telling pretty much everyone that they deserve to win the money. He told this to Amber a number of occasions. He even told her that Daniele doesn't need the money since she is just a pretty girl. Hmm...I wonder if she knows about this! Amber and Nick continued to talk about the money for a long period of time. Nick tells Amber that he will look after her and Jameka the most. Amber reminds him to keep an eye on Zach too. They both like Dick, and they plan to vote Joe out this week. Nick then says that he will look after Daniele too. Sheesh. They both think that Kail is stupid for sitting in the HoH room all last week, saying that's not a good way to start the show off. I agree.

Amber and Nick (told you it was long!) continue with everything but the kitchen sink. Amber says she threw the PoV and that she could have beaten Daniele so easily. I'm sure, considering her strong performance last week. @@ Amber asks how Daniele and Nick are doing with their relationship. Nick says they haven't done anything yet, and he's not expecting anything following the show, though he hopes there's something there. He keeps forgetting that Daniele HAS A BOYFRIEND, not to mention him seeing all this! These two are driving me nuts! After well over an hour talking, Nick says he has a headache (me too!) and leaves. Amen!

Nick and Zach talk now. Zach doesn't know who should go up, and Nick says Eric and Jessica. Zach is worried about Daniele, but Nick says that he can make her stay away from them four. They agree to vote Joe out this week (I'm sure it will be unanimous). They are both worried about Kail since she hardly ever talks to them anymore. Nick asks if Jen is in their alliance, and Zach says she is their easy out when they need one. Hopefully it happens soon.

Dustin and Joe have another argument about the fall-out of their relationship. These two won't quit it will they? It's Day 18 for crying out loud! Joe wants Dustin's vote, but he won't try to get it unless the vote will be close. Dustin basically tells him that he won't vote for him to stay no matter what, and Joe freaks out. The two go back and forth for well over an hour, fighting about everything.

Other than that, the rest of the night was pretty boring. Dick stayed up well past everyone else, saying that he really wants Amber, Dustin, and Kail out. Hmm...interesting. He finally went to bed just before 6:00 AM. All HG are still asleep. More to come later!


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