Saturday, August 16, 2008

8/15-16 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-6:00 AM

Dan is seen here laying in bed wearing the PoV.

April cried about being nominated. Renny told Jerry that he is not her target this week. She only nominated him because he nominated her when he was HoH. Ollie doesn't think that April will be evicted, but April knows how badly Keesha's group wants her out. Ollie plans on saving her with the PoV if he wins it. April wants to win PoV but knows that Ollie will be nominated if she saves herself.

Renny told Keesha that she didn't nominate Ollie because she likes him too much. Renny thinks that the new sides of the house will be men against women after April is evicted. She wants to keep Dan and Jerry on her and Keesha's side so they have the numbers against Memphis, Michelle, and Ollie. Keesha and Michelle complained about the bigger fish beating up on the smaller fish in the fish tank. They think that is why so many fish have been dying lately.

April thinks that anyone who watches the feeds all day long is creepy. PoV players: April, Dan, Jerry, Keesha, Ollie, and Renny. Michelle was selected to host. Memphis was mad that he wasn't selected to play. Keesha and Memphis are worried about Ollie winning PoV and saving April. Dan doesn't think that Renny will nominate Ollie even if PoV is used. Memphis doesn't understand why Renny wants to keep Ollie safe when he isn't on their side. Memphis thinks that he or Dan will be nominated if PoV is used.

The feeds were blocked from about 12:40-2:40 AM for the PoV competition. The competition seemed similar to the "Voodoo doll" one from seasons past. Dan won the PoV and couldn't believe it since this is his first competition win. Keesha is thrilled that Dan won. Dan doesn't plan on using it but wants to talk to some of the HG about his decision. April and Ollie think that Dan owes them because they have always kept him safe. Ollie assured April that Jerry will be the one evicted.

Ollie wants April to try to bribe Dan with some of her money in order for him to save her with the PoV. April and Ollie were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:40 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

8/16 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

BB held another late-night PoV competition last night, and Dan won the PoV!

Friday, August 15, 2008

8/15 Live Feeds: Nominations

After being blocked for over 90 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that April and Jerry have been nominated for eviction. I'll let you know if anything changes.

8/14-15 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Sorry for the lack of updates today! My schedule has been crazy, and this is the first time all day where I have had a chance to update.

Memphis loves that Renny won HoH this week. April and Ollie hope that one of them is nominated alongside Jerry so the other can win PoV and save the one nominated. Dan, Keesha, and Memphis all feel safe this week and believe that April will be evicted unless she wins PoV. April and Ollie hope that Jerry isn't around them all this week like he was last week. Dan told Keesha about being approached by both Libra and Ollie last week in an effort to vote out Keesha.

Keesha and Memphis are glad that their side handled their HoH win with class, unlike April's side last week. April thinks that Renny's best move would be to nominate Dan and Jerry. @@ - The best move for you April! Meanwhile, Jerry made a point to tell Keesha and Michelle that he kept his word to them by voting Libra out last week. @@ - Jerry, you only kept your word because Dan and Michelle weren't going to break it with you.

Michelle is upset that Libra didn't say goodbye to her after she was evicted. April is planning on informing Renny that Jerry wanted Keesha out last week in an effort to get him nominated. April claims that BB loves her and will do anything to keep her safe this week. @@ - Need I say more? April went on to say that Renny is close with Ollie, and she will probably nominate Jerry because of all the drama he has caused in the house.

Ollie says that he will tell Renny anything in order to stay this week. Renny told Keesha that she is worried that Memphis is only using them in order to make it further in the game. Renny received her HoH bedroom and cried when she saw a picture of her mother. April also received her designer dresses. April gave Michelle one pair of earrings that she received with the clothes. Michelle told Renny that she won't nominate her if she wins HoH next week. Renny told Michelle that she would vote for her to win the game. Renny also told Michelle that if Michelle turns on her, she won't forget it.

Renny is upset that some HG perceive her as a floater in the house. She plans on making a statement this week and is glad that she has proven herself as a competitor. Renny talked to Michelle about Memphis, and she told Renny that she trusts him. Renny seems to want April out this week. Michelle told April that she knows that her, Jerry, and Ollie were trying to get Keesha out last week, but Michelle acted like it was Jerry's idea. April agreed. @@ April and Michelle were the last ones asleep last night at around 2:15 AM.

Renny was the first one up today at around 8:50 AM, and BB woke the rest of the HG up shortly later. Renny still wants April out this week, but she seems to want to backdoor her. Renny is worried that if she nominates April, she will end up staying and target Renny. She plans on nominating Jerry and a pawn, possibly either Dan or Memphis.

The food competition was played today, and America voted for the HG to receive giant lollipops this week. The competitions entailed eating strange foods, including crickets, pigs' ears, and slop. It seems that April, Dan, Jerry, Keesha, and Memphis are on slop this week. The feeds have been blocked since around 5:10 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

8/14 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Libra doesn't understand why Jerry feels that he has to honor the HoH's wishes each week. Renny thinks that Jerry made himself look worse than Dan through his PoV ceremony speech. Memphis can't believe that Jerry has set yet another comment that he will regret at the end of the game. Dan loves that Jerry has attacked him so much that the other HG are now comforting him. Libra knows that it will take a miracle for her to stay this week.

April wants to evict Keesha this week because she is making Libra take the heat for Jessie's eviction even though Keesha was the one that gathered the votes. Memphis wants to align with Dan since he knows that Keesha and Renny are aligned. April, Jerry, and Ollie are all thinking about voting Keesha out this week instead of Libra. April thinks that they can get Dan to do the same since he turned against his alliance last week, so he might do it again this week.

Ollie told Libra to talk to Dan to ensure her safety this week. Libra knows that this is her only chance to stay this week, so she has to get Dan's vote. Dan is worried about evicting Keesha because she would become the first juror. However, if he keeps Libra, then the target will remain on her instead of him.

BB talked with Libra's family. Libra's husband Scott encouraged her to go on the show for the experience of doing it. Libra has a great support system at home, especially because of her mother helping to take care of her three children. Scott knows that Libra is missing her family while she is in the house. Scott thinks that Libra took the Hawaiian trip so that she and Scott can spend some quality time together. Scott is floored about Michelle's comments regarding Libra getting her kids taken away from her because she took the trip instead of a letter from home.

Votes: Renny - Libra, Memphis - Libra, Jerry - Libra, Dan - Libra, Ollie - Libra, and April - Libra. By a unanimous vote, Libra has been evicted from the BB house.

Time for the HoH competition! Julie read a quote from one of the first four evicted HG that was said in their DR. The first HG to buzz in would answer. A correct answer keeps you in and allows you to eliminate another HG. An incorrect answer eliminates you. Order of ousting: April, Jerry, Ollie, Memphis, Dan, and Keesha, making Renny the new HoH!

It's America's Vote! Which food item would you like to give the HG for this week? Giant lollipops, coconuts, or bologna? Text or go to for free voting.

Who will Renny nominate? Find out Sunday!

8/13-14 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-5:00 PM

Memphis is seen here in one of the bedrooms this afternoon.

April thinks that Craig Ferguson is getting higher ratings because of the HG's weekly appearance on his show. @@ April says that she is the biggest female threat when it comes to physical competitions. Another @@ here - April wins one physical competition and she thinks she is the best, and Keesha wasn't even playing in that! Memphis cannot wait to see April and Ollie nominated together and wonders if they would still sleep together if pitted against each other.

April, Jerry, and Ollie tried to convince Michelle that Keesha was the one responsible for Jessie's eviction and not Libra. Michelle still wants Libra to be evicted. Dan told Michelle about Libra telling him that she already had three votes to stay this week. Michelle told Dan that Libra still needs to be evicted, so he should vote that way.

Memphis hopes that Renny wins HoH next week. Michelle thinks that Renny would nominate April and Ollie if she won. Memphis thinks that he would be evicted if he was nominated next to Keesha next week. Michelle hates that she cannot play for HoH next week. Keesha doesn't think that anyone would take her to the finals because she would win. Libra and Renny were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:40 AM.

BB woke the HG up about six hours later. April and Michelle think the HoH competition will involve questions about each other. Michelle quizzed April to help her prepare. Jerry flirted with Renny quite a bit this morning, which annoyed April. The feeds have been blocked since just after 2:00 PM in preparation for tonight's live show.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM

Some of the HG are seen here in the backyard.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:30 AM this morning. Michelle received her HoH camera to take pictures with. April fell asleep while napping outside on the hammock and got bit by a spider. Michelle doesn't want April, Jerry, or Ollie to win HoH next week. Ollie wants someone to vote Keesha out this week so Keesha's group will fight over who it was, but Jerry doesn't think that is necessary.

April told Ollie that if she is evicted next week, she wants him to evict the person responsible for her eviction so that she can see them arrive at the jury house. Michelle thinks that Libra will be evicted by a 6-0 or 5-1 vote if AP is involved. Libra told Dan that she has three votes to stay this week but needs another. Dan wasn't too interested and wanted more information before agreeing to vote Keesha out. Libra told Ollie that she doesn't think Dan will vote to keep her. Ollie thinks that Dan is aligned with Keesha and cannot be trusted.

Jerry thinks that he and April will be nominated if someone from Keesha's group wins HoH next week. Michelle asked Jerry if he would be voting Libra out, and Jerry hinted at the plan to keep Libra this week. Michelle told Jerry that the plan cannot work because Libra needs to be evicted. Jerry says that Keesha is running the other group and not Libra. Michelle doesn't care because Libra is a stronger competitor than Keesha. Jerry says that he will nominate Keesha and Memphis if he wins HoH next week.

Ollie and Michelle think that Dan and Libra could be co-AP's. Dan is the good one, and Libra is the evil one. Ollie mentions that Dan has never been asked a question by Julie, which could also mean that he is AP. Jerry thinks that he is the oldest person ever to appear on a reality TV show. (Rudy from Survivor was also 75 when he was on All-Stars.) April doesn't understand why America would vote Jessie out if Dan is AP. @@ Memphis wants America to vote for the next HoH. Jerry didn't like when Dick yelled at Jameka for her religion in BB8. @@ - But you can do the same to Dan, Jerry?

8/12-13 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-8:00 AM

Some of the HG are seen here enjoying their half-way party.

BB gave the HG the usual "half-way" party to celebrate the HG being in the house for 40 days. Jerry announces that he has lost 2 more pounds today, bringing his total loss to 12 pounds since entering the house. Michelle doesn't think that Libra will vote for her to win the game. Dan thinks that Libra will vote based on game play and not personal issues. Michelle hopes that Libra didn't take her nomination personally, but she thinks that she did.

April, Ollie, and Jerry agree to vote Keesha out this week if they can get Dan's vote. Jerry thinks that Libra should get Dan's vote, not them. Keesha began looking for her dog toy that Dan hid earlier today. While looking through Ollie's drawers, Keesha found a condom, but Ollie claimed that it wasn't his. @@ Renny found the toy near the fish food. Keesha put some of Dan's underwear in the freezer as revenge.

Keesha and Renny agree that the only way to split April and Ollie up is to nominate them together. Keesha knows that she will be nominated if April wins HoH next week. Memphis wants Keesha to win HoH next week so April can feel nervous. Keesha still seems nervous about her safety this week. Memphis assures her that he, Dan, and Renny will vote to keep her, so the worst thing that could happen would be a tied vote, and Michelle would keep Keesha as well.

Renny says that she has never trusted April or Libra. Memphis wishes that Michelle had nominated April alongside Libra. April claims that 25% of the numbers in her phone are of professional athletes. @@ Ollie was the last one asleep last night at around 1:45 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/12 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Keesha or Libra from eviction? Let's find out!

Keesha thinks that she was nominated because she voted Jessie out last week. She thinks that April convinced Michelle to nominate her though. Libra isn't surprised because she made Michelle wear a unitard, took her Hawaiian vacation, and voted her best friend out. Dan is shocked that he wasn't nominated and knows that Michelle thinks he is weak, so she didn't nominate him. Jerry believes that Dan wouldn't betray him like he did last week unless he is AP. Michelle wanted Keesha and Libra to feel like her alliance has for the past few weeks: campaigning against an ally.

Keesha is upset that Michelle pulled April's key first at the nominations ceremony. Keesha doesn't understand how April and Michelle can be so close all of a sudden when April nominated Jessie in the first place. Libra told Keesha that she will not campaign against her this week. Michelle assured Keesha that her target is Libra this week because she has had a hand in everyone's eviction thus far. Keesha is thankful that Michelle doesn't realize that Keesha orchestrated Jessie's eviction and not Libra. Michelle thinks that she will be evicted next week if Libra stays this week.

Dan hopes that Jerry doesn't get picked for PoV because if he wins it, he would probably use it so Dan can be backdoored. Libra knows that nobody will save her with the PoV, so she is on her own this week. PoV players: Michelle picked April, Keesha picked Memphis, and Libra picked Jerry. Michelle picked Ollie to host.

Jerry likes seeing someone else nervous this week for a change. April is glad that she doesn't have to talk to Libra anymore. April believes that Libra orchestrated Jessie's eviction and wants her out because of it. April thinks that Keesha should be nervous if Libra wins PoV though. Jerry thinks that Dan is a bigger threat than Libra. Michelle plans on nominating Dan if PoV is used. Jerry and Michelle think that Dan is AP, so he is running things in the house. Jerry really wants to win PoV so Dan can be backdoored. Dan knows that the house has been tense lately, so he and Memphis decided to scare Keesha, Libra, and Renny while they were asleep.

Time for the PoV competition! The HG walked out to a backyard filled with onions. Michelle hates onions and started to get teary-eyed because of them. Libra loves Keesha, but she will fight for herself to win the PoV. For the competition, the HG had 45 minutes to chop as many onions as they could. After they chopped the onions, the HG would place them in their mystery box or their PoV box. The HG with the most onions in their PoV box would win PoV. The two HG with the most onions in their mystery box would win the mystery prize.

Memphis went for the mystery prize only so that he wouldn't feel the pressure to go against Michelle should he win the PoV. April placed half her onions in each box to avoid seeming greedy. Keesha had a hard time cutting the smelly onions without crying. Dan noticed that Jerry was really trying to win the PoV, so he knew that Jerry wanted to win the PoV to backdoor Dan. Libra felt the pressure since everyone playing was trying to make sure that Libra didn't win the PoV.

Results: Memphis' Mystery: 33.2 pounds, April's Mystery: 27.4 pounds, Michelle's Mystery: 19.4 pounds, Keesha's Mystery: 17.4 pounds, Libra's Mystery: 0 pounds, Jerry's Mystery: 17.2 pounds. April and Memphis won the mystery prize! Memphis won a onion necklace to wear for the next 24 hours. April won 5 designer outfits to wear in the house and take home. April was thrilled that she won in order to make the other women in the house jealous. Memphis' PoV: 25.8 pounds, April's PoV: 27.4 pounds, Michelle's PoV: 31 pounds, Keesha's PoV: 29.8 pounds, Libra's PoV: 32 pounds, Jerry's PoV: 36.8 pounds. Jerry wins the PoV!

Keesha felt sick after not doing well enough to win the PoV. Libra was hoping that she would have enough to beat Michelle. Libra is done with the game knowing that she lost the PoV competition. Dan feels very uneasy knowing that Jerry has the PoV.

Time for the feast! Keesha decided that everyone should say something nice about everyone else. Renny told Jerry that she appreciates how hard he tries in the game. Jerry started to cry and claims that he has felt alone in the house until now. Renny told the women that they are all beautiful and unique in their own way. Dan told Jerry that he treats Jerry like a grandfather and says that all his talks have been genuine. Jerry replied by saying that he has treated Dan like a grandson but will always feel betrayed by what he did last week. Keesha hates that her and April have issues with each other.

Libra joked that Keesha is only being nice to April because she wants one of her designer outfits. Michelle heard and thought that Libra was being serious. Libra confronted Ollie about calling her a scalliwag and a ho after Michelle won HoH. She cried and told Ollie that she would never think that he would talk that way to her. Libra then tells Ollie that Keesha was the one who gathered the votes to evict Jessie last week and not Libra.

Michelle told Keesha about the comment Libra made about her during the feast. Michelle wants to turn Keesha and Libra against each other, so she brought Libra into the conversation to call her out. Keesha confronted Libra about her comment. Libra said that she only made that comment as a joke and didn't mean it as a rude comment. Fighting then erupted between the two women. April and Michelle got into it as well.

Dan loves how the feast made the women fight again and kept the target off him. Libra told Michelle that she wasn't the one who orchestrated Jessie's eviction. Keesha says that she orchestrated it only because she knew Jessie was coming after her. However, April was the one who nominated Jessie in the first place, and Michelle should realize this. April claimed that she had nothing to do with Jessie's eviction, which sent Keesha reeling. Keesha paraded around the house, telling everyone how fake April is and how much she cannot be trusted.

Jerry knows that there are a lot of scenarios with using or not using the PoV. He could use it so Dan can be backdoored or not use it to respect Michelle's nominations. Keesha doesn't care how many times people tell her that she will be safe this week because she still feels uneasy being nominated. Libra doesn't understand why she is getting blamed for Jessie's eviction. Dan knows that Jerry wants him out this week.

During the PoV ceremony, Jerry went on and on about how much he wants Dan nominated this week. Jerry said that Dan will always be "Judas" to him. Everyone pretty much rolled their eyes throughout Jerry's speech. In the end, Jerry didn't even use the PoV. @@ Dan doesn't understand why Jerry talked forever when he didn't even use the PoV. Keesha isn't going to be evicted without a fight. Libra plans on laying low for the rest of the week but plans on letting everyone know that Keesha got the votes for Jessie to be evicted.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

8/12 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Jerry seen here looking absolutely thrilled to death. Wouldn't you agree?

BB woke the HG up at around 8:00 AM this morning. Jerry claims that he has lost 10 pounds since entering the house and will be in great shape by the time he leaves. Today is Keesha's parents' anniversary. April complained about Ollie snoring again last night. Libra wants to do The Amazing Race now that she has conquered BB. She wouldn't race with anyone except her husband though. Memphis would do The Amazing Race with his girlfriend.

Keesha and Libra liked Ollie when they first met him. Keesha doesn't anymore since he is always around April, and Libra doesn't like Ollie anymore because of things he said to her earlier in the week. Libra doesn't think that Ollie will win because everyone will think that if he wins, April wins too. Libra says that she feels uncomfortable around Jerry because he grew up in a racist society.

Dan can't believe that Libra wants to be evicted when thousands of other people would love to be in the house. Another fish has died. Dan rubbed yogurt on Keesha's leg as a joke, so she rubbed it in his pillowcase. Dan then started chasing Keesha around the house with honey, so Keesha called for a truce. Dan then hid Keesha's dog toy that she received when she was HoH. He is planning on creating a mystery tonight in order for her to find the toy.

Jerry thinks that the next HoH competition will be physical. Jerry is also fed up with Keesha's screeching laugh. Jerry thinks that he will be nominated next week unless he wins HoH. Jerry told the HG that he was married to his first wife for about a year and then claims that his children don't even know about his first wife.

8/11-12 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-7:00 AM

Memphis and Michelle seen here enjoying themselves in the house for a change.

Keesha claims that she has lost 10 pounds since entering the house. The HG ate a big meal at midnight since they were on slop during the day yesterday. Keesha wants to turn the game around by winning HoH next week. She hopes that Renny wins since she hasn't won it yet; plus, Renny would nominate the same people that Keesha would. April and Ollie had sex again last night. (First time in a while!)

Other than that, little happened last night. The HG are being much more cordial with each other than earlier in the week, and I would expect it to stay that way until after the eviction. Keesha and Libra were the last ones asleep at just before 3:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

8/11 Live Feeds: 12:30-9:00 PM

Renny seen here doing a midget impression.

Jerry seemed to have gone overboard on his speech like expected. Michelle didn't like how he only talked about Dan when Dan wasn't even nominated. Michelle reminded Jerry to keep the focus on Libra this week since that is who she wants out. They can take care of Dan next week. April and Ollie think that either Jerry didn't take his medicine today, or he needs to see the psychiatrist. I say both.

Dan told Michelle to see how much April, Jerry, and Ollie are around her when she doesn't have HoH next week. Dan thinks that those three are only being friendly to her because she has HoH this week. Michelle told Keesha that Jerry has taken things too personal in the game and wants to see him evicted soon. Another banner plane flew over the house, but noone was able to make out what it said this time.

Jerry thinks that all Catholics will hate Dan after they hear his PoV ceremony speech. @@ - Get that guy out of there! Ollie told Jerry that his speech wasn't that impressive, but Jerry didn't agree. Jerry continued to rant and rave about Dan, much to the annoyance of the house. Memphis is worried about nominating April and Ollie and one of them winning PoV because he doesn't want to nominate Jerry since Jerry would probably be evicted instead of April or Ollie.

Monday, August 11, 2008

8/11 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

After being blocked for just over 30 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Jerry did not use the PoV. I'll let you know if anything changes.

8/11 Live Feeds: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Some of the HG seen here outside waiting for the PoV ceremony to begin.

BB woke the HG up at just after 9:00 AM this morning. Libra wrote "OLSM" with eye liner under Dan's eye for "Orchard Lake St. Mary's," the school that Dan coaches for. She did it since the team starts practice today. Jerry plans on calling Dan out during the PoV ceremony, but he still won't use the PoV. Jerry wants Dan out this week but will respect Michelle's wishes. Jerry told Michelle that he has liked her ever since he met her.

Ollie is worried that Jerry will embarrass himself during the PoV ceremony. The feeds have been blocked since around 12:15 PM for the PoV ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return.

8/10-11 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-9:00 AM

Dan and Memphis seen here relaxing in the living room last night.

Memphis got to take off his onion necklace. Dan and Libra think that Memphis has the best shot at winning the game. Dan and Libra talked for quite a while, mainly about personal topics. Keesha and Renny then became suspicious of Dan because of his long talk with Libra. Keesha is worried that Dan is AP and America will tell Dan to vote Keesha out. Memphis thinks that maybe Dan is working Libra for a jury vote.

Renny confronted Dan about his conversation with Libra. Dan said that he was only trying to cheer her up about this week. Keesha knows that someone from her side needs to win HoH next week or she will be nominated again. She thinks that Memphis would be nominated alongside her. Dan thinks that he and Memphis would be nominated if Jerry won HoH next week. April thinks that BB10 is probably the most watched BB season yet. (False.)

Michelle and Renny still think that Dan is AP because he talks to the mirror frequently and says strange things to the HG. Michelle thinks that Dan and Libra are secretly aligned. Michelle thinks that America hates Libra because she always gets bad viewer questions. April claims that she would bake a cake for Memphis if it was his birthday even though she doesn't like him. Ollie told her that her heart is huge because of that. @@

April thinks that she will be evicted if Keesha's group wins HoH next week. April, Jerry, and Ollie agree that they will nominate Keesha and Memphis if one of them wins HoH next week. April really wants Keesha out next week. Jerry thinks that Libra will vote for him to win the game since they live so close to each other.

The whole house seems to believe that Dan is AP now. April says that if Dan votes to evict Keesha, then he is obviously AP. Michelle thinks that Dan is trying to get others to vote Keesha out to prevent that from happening. Dan and Memphis are worried about Jerry winning HoH next week. They would rather see Keesha or Renny win it. Memphis wants to evict April next week so that they can bring Ollie in. Dan says that the only person he will throw the next HoH to is Renny.

Libra told Keesha that she was hurt when Keesha told Libra that she didn't want to talk to her anymore. Libra would vote for Keesha to win and hopes that they can be friends after the game. Memphis and Michelle agree that April and Ollie need to be split up next week. Michelle thinks that she would be safe no matter who won HoH next week. Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 2:40 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8/10 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Michelle was enraged that Jessie was evicted and that she didn't have time to say goodbye to him. Keesha was thrilled that she pulled off Jessie's eviction. April felt betrayed when Jessie was evicted. Dan knew that one of the sides of the house would be mad at him no matter how America voted. Libra was thrilled to see Jessie evicted. Dan felt very awkward being around everyone before the HoH competition. Jerry no longer has respect for Dan after he betrayed him.

Michelle was thrilled that she avenged Jessie by winning HoH. She is thrilled that she studied the wake-up calls. April loves that she can seek revenge on those that betrayed her last week. Dan knew that people would be upset at him for lying, so he stopped wearing his cross that he usually wears. He claims that was the first time in his life that he ever took the cross off. Keesha knows that Michelle will target her since she arranged Jessie's eviction. Dan didn't realize that people would be that upset at him, so he went to hide in his bedroom.

Renny got mad at Michelle for making a comment about Renny making fun of Michelle earlier for staying up late last night listening to the wake-up calls. EVERYONE then got into a huge brawl in the house! Libra called April out for being best friends with Michelle now that Michelle has HoH. Jerry told Libra that she would be evicted this week. Michelle thinks that Dan is lying about his religion because a Catholic person would never lie to anyone like Dan did. Memphis got upset because nobody should be offended on the basis of religion.

Dan hopes that Memphis can get Michelle to keep Dan safe this week since he voted to keep Memphis last week. Memphis trusts Dan after he voted Jessie out last week. Memphis is now playing both sides of the house and is finding it difficult to do so. Michelle confronted Memphis about having a deal with Keesha's group in order to keep him safe last week. Memphis says that the only deal he had was that he wouldn't put any of them up if he won HoH this week. Memphis told Michelle that he still has her back in the game.

Michelle asked Dan why he lied to her and voted Jessie out last week. Dan apologized and says that he is embarrassed for it now. Michelle told Dan that he shouldn't trust Keesha's group and that he made a mistake last week. Libra was worried that Michelle wouldn't let her see her HoH bedroom, but Michelle told her that she would be offended if Libra didn't see her bedroom. Memphis hated how fake April was being to Michelle when she saw her bedroom.

Michelle received a letter from her brother along with her bedroom. Renny got emotional while Michelle was reading her letter because she misses her family as well. Michelle wants to nominate Dan since he betrayed her last week. Jerry wants Libra out more than anything though. April and Michelle agree.

The house has been turned into a game show! Ollie was thrilled to play for food sitting inside. Previous BB HG have returned to the house! Brian hosted the competition, with special guests George, Bunky, Amy, Jun, Jase, Janelle, Mike Boogie, Jen, and Matt. The HG would play for food, while the returning HG would play for cash. The returning HG would ask one of the current HG a question about recent news events. If the HG guessed correctly on whether or not the news story was true, they would earn food for a certain day of the week. If they answered incorrectly, they would not earn food for that day and the returning HG would win $1,000.

Dan missed his news story (Brett Favre traded to Jets), making the HG on slop for Monday. Renny got her news story correct (Gas is not $6 a gallon), winning food for Tuesday. Jerry missed his news story (Jessie not being on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine), making the HG on slop for Wednesday. Memphis missed his news story (China banning bald cab drivers during the Olympics), not earning a grill for the house. Ollie missed his news story (China announcing that they can prevent rainfall), making the HG on slop for Thursday.

Libra missed her news story (Cheech and Chong reuniting), making the HG on slop for Friday. Michelle got her news story correct (BB did not fake the earthquake), earning a feast for this house this week. April missed her news story (Britney Spears not creating a country album), making the house on slop for Saturday. Keesha got her news story correct (Paris Hilton not urging Americans to vote for George Bush again), winning food for Sunday.

Memphis told Michelle not to align with anyone from April's group. Michelle knows that she is alone in the house but still thinks that Memphis is with Keesha's group. Michelle still wants to take Memphis to the finals. Memphis doesn't understand why Michelle likes April after April nominated Jessie in the first place last week. Renny wants April out this week, so she tried to convince Michelle to nominate her.

Memphis has tried to become Michelle's new Jessie this week, so he feels safe. Renny really hopes that April is nominated and would do anything to ensure her eviction. Dan will be shocked if he isn't nominated. Libra knows that she is Michelle's biggest target, and she is okay with that. Michelle is going to nominate two HG that have overstayed their welcome in the house and plans to destroy their game.

Order of keys: April, Memphis, Ollie, Jerry, Renny, and Dan, making Keesha and Libra nominated for eviction. Michelle claims that her decision isn't personal because Keesha and Libra are good competitors. Dan hopes that his strategy of appearing weak has earned his safety this week. Jerry is referring to Dan as "Judas" now. Keesha doesn't want to be evicted before certain people in the house. Libra thinks that Michelle was nervous during the nominations ceremony because she expected more of a speech out of her.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Keesha or Libra from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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Memphis seen here wearing his onion necklace.

Jerry was the first one up today at around 11:40 AM. Libra says that she is ready for some peace and quiet after all the fighting yesterday. Keesha regrets drinking yesterday since it made her turn into a crazy person. She doesn't want to drink for the rest of her time in the house. Ollie says that he has never heard so much screaming in his entire life. Keesha doesn't want anyone to jinx her by telling her that she will be safe this week.

Libra told April that she was in the DR for three hours last night and wants to be evicted. Libra apologized to April for her actions yesterday. Libra wishes that she would have been evicted last week so she wouldn't have to go to the jury house. Apparently, BB took the steak knives away from the HG during the fighting last night. Renny complained about someone using the wipes in the bathroom to wipe themselves and then throwing them away instead of flushing them. Jerry said that he has been doing that and didn't know the wipes were flushable.

April thinks that America will love her for not starting any drama last night. @@ Jerry told Michelle that he wants Dan out more than Memphis now. April got mad at Ollie for not sticking up for her last night. Dan and Memphis agree that Jerry cannot win HoH next week because one of them would be evicted. Ollie told Jerry that he would nominate Memphis if he won HoH next week.

NOTICE: Due to golf, tonight's show won't begin until around 8:45 PM ET.

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Keesha seen here taking a break after yet another round of fighting in the BB house.

During the feast, everyone said something nice about another HG, which made both Dan and Libra emotional. Jerry told Dan that he thinks he is AP, so Jerry will nominate Dan because of that if he wins HoH next week. Memphis claimed that he gained over 5 pounds after eating the feast. Jerry seems really upset that the HG have been ignoring him recently, especially Dan. @@ - Dan has been trying to talk to Jerry, but Jerry doesn't want to hear from Dan.

Libra confronted Ollie about calling her a "ho" on Thursday night. Ollie apologized, saying he said it in the heat of the moment. Libra claims that the whole plan to evict Jessie last week was Keesha's idea, and Libra is getting blamed for it. Libra then says that she likes April more than Keesha now. Meanwhile, April and Keesha are both sick of Libra and agree that she needs to be evicted this week. Keesha also apologized to April for her actions last week.

Libra walked in on April and Keesha talking and then stormed back to Ollie, saying that Keesha has always hated April, yet she is sucking up to her now that she is nominated. Ollie enjoys this recent event and wants BB to give the HG alcohol every night. Keesha is now upset with April because April basically traded her for Ollie as the person April would take to the finals with her. April and Keesha quickly made up and hugged though.

April told Dan that she loves Ollie and would even marry him. Apparently, during the feast, Libra made a comment about if Keesha wanted designer clothes, she could just use April for them. Keesha got very upset at Libra for this comment. April and Michelle also yelled at Libra, since Libra tried to deny saying it. Keesha then stormed out and cried to Renny, saying how much she hates the fighting and wants to leave the house this week.

Michelle comforted Keesha, saying that she doesn't need to fight when she is in no danger of being evicted. Michelle then started crying because she doesn't want to deal with the fighting anymore. Libra says that she is done lying and will leave the house with her moral values in tact. She tells April that she would nominate her if she stayed and won HoH next week.

Jerry assured Keesha that she has nothing to worry about this week. Keesha explains that she hates this game and the way everyone treats each other. She told Jerry that April is targeting him as well. Jerry knows and says that he isn't aligned with April. Keesha wants someone good like Dan to win the game. Keesha is mad that Libra is going to be the one evicted this week instead of April.

Michelle ranted about being sick of everyone telling her who to nominate this week when she is HoH. Libra thinks that BB won't give them alcohol again after all the fighting they caused. Michelle then went off on Libra again, saying that she was responsible for everyone's eviction thus far. Libra says that Michelle will understand after Libra's eviction that there are bigger threats in the house besides her. Libra told April that she doesn't want to talk to her ever again if she doesn't vote her out this week.

Libra is upset that she has to go to the jury house after her eviction instead of her own house. April told Michelle that she will vote Libra out this week, but she wants Keesha out next week. Libra was the last one asleep last night at around 3:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. (FYI - since the fights tonight were so long, I won't be posting video of them. BB will have a condensed version for us on the show.)