Thursday, August 14, 2008

8/13-14 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-5:00 PM

Memphis is seen here in one of the bedrooms this afternoon.

April thinks that Craig Ferguson is getting higher ratings because of the HG's weekly appearance on his show. @@ April says that she is the biggest female threat when it comes to physical competitions. Another @@ here - April wins one physical competition and she thinks she is the best, and Keesha wasn't even playing in that! Memphis cannot wait to see April and Ollie nominated together and wonders if they would still sleep together if pitted against each other.

April, Jerry, and Ollie tried to convince Michelle that Keesha was the one responsible for Jessie's eviction and not Libra. Michelle still wants Libra to be evicted. Dan told Michelle about Libra telling him that she already had three votes to stay this week. Michelle told Dan that Libra still needs to be evicted, so he should vote that way.

Memphis hopes that Renny wins HoH next week. Michelle thinks that Renny would nominate April and Ollie if she won. Memphis thinks that he would be evicted if he was nominated next to Keesha next week. Michelle hates that she cannot play for HoH next week. Keesha doesn't think that anyone would take her to the finals because she would win. Libra and Renny were the last ones asleep last night at around 3:40 AM.

BB woke the HG up about six hours later. April and Michelle think the HoH competition will involve questions about each other. Michelle quizzed April to help her prepare. Jerry flirted with Renny quite a bit this morning, which annoyed April. The feeds have been blocked since just after 2:00 PM in preparation for tonight's live show.

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