Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/12 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Keesha or Libra from eviction? Let's find out!

Keesha thinks that she was nominated because she voted Jessie out last week. She thinks that April convinced Michelle to nominate her though. Libra isn't surprised because she made Michelle wear a unitard, took her Hawaiian vacation, and voted her best friend out. Dan is shocked that he wasn't nominated and knows that Michelle thinks he is weak, so she didn't nominate him. Jerry believes that Dan wouldn't betray him like he did last week unless he is AP. Michelle wanted Keesha and Libra to feel like her alliance has for the past few weeks: campaigning against an ally.

Keesha is upset that Michelle pulled April's key first at the nominations ceremony. Keesha doesn't understand how April and Michelle can be so close all of a sudden when April nominated Jessie in the first place. Libra told Keesha that she will not campaign against her this week. Michelle assured Keesha that her target is Libra this week because she has had a hand in everyone's eviction thus far. Keesha is thankful that Michelle doesn't realize that Keesha orchestrated Jessie's eviction and not Libra. Michelle thinks that she will be evicted next week if Libra stays this week.

Dan hopes that Jerry doesn't get picked for PoV because if he wins it, he would probably use it so Dan can be backdoored. Libra knows that nobody will save her with the PoV, so she is on her own this week. PoV players: Michelle picked April, Keesha picked Memphis, and Libra picked Jerry. Michelle picked Ollie to host.

Jerry likes seeing someone else nervous this week for a change. April is glad that she doesn't have to talk to Libra anymore. April believes that Libra orchestrated Jessie's eviction and wants her out because of it. April thinks that Keesha should be nervous if Libra wins PoV though. Jerry thinks that Dan is a bigger threat than Libra. Michelle plans on nominating Dan if PoV is used. Jerry and Michelle think that Dan is AP, so he is running things in the house. Jerry really wants to win PoV so Dan can be backdoored. Dan knows that the house has been tense lately, so he and Memphis decided to scare Keesha, Libra, and Renny while they were asleep.

Time for the PoV competition! The HG walked out to a backyard filled with onions. Michelle hates onions and started to get teary-eyed because of them. Libra loves Keesha, but she will fight for herself to win the PoV. For the competition, the HG had 45 minutes to chop as many onions as they could. After they chopped the onions, the HG would place them in their mystery box or their PoV box. The HG with the most onions in their PoV box would win PoV. The two HG with the most onions in their mystery box would win the mystery prize.

Memphis went for the mystery prize only so that he wouldn't feel the pressure to go against Michelle should he win the PoV. April placed half her onions in each box to avoid seeming greedy. Keesha had a hard time cutting the smelly onions without crying. Dan noticed that Jerry was really trying to win the PoV, so he knew that Jerry wanted to win the PoV to backdoor Dan. Libra felt the pressure since everyone playing was trying to make sure that Libra didn't win the PoV.

Results: Memphis' Mystery: 33.2 pounds, April's Mystery: 27.4 pounds, Michelle's Mystery: 19.4 pounds, Keesha's Mystery: 17.4 pounds, Libra's Mystery: 0 pounds, Jerry's Mystery: 17.2 pounds. April and Memphis won the mystery prize! Memphis won a onion necklace to wear for the next 24 hours. April won 5 designer outfits to wear in the house and take home. April was thrilled that she won in order to make the other women in the house jealous. Memphis' PoV: 25.8 pounds, April's PoV: 27.4 pounds, Michelle's PoV: 31 pounds, Keesha's PoV: 29.8 pounds, Libra's PoV: 32 pounds, Jerry's PoV: 36.8 pounds. Jerry wins the PoV!

Keesha felt sick after not doing well enough to win the PoV. Libra was hoping that she would have enough to beat Michelle. Libra is done with the game knowing that she lost the PoV competition. Dan feels very uneasy knowing that Jerry has the PoV.

Time for the feast! Keesha decided that everyone should say something nice about everyone else. Renny told Jerry that she appreciates how hard he tries in the game. Jerry started to cry and claims that he has felt alone in the house until now. Renny told the women that they are all beautiful and unique in their own way. Dan told Jerry that he treats Jerry like a grandfather and says that all his talks have been genuine. Jerry replied by saying that he has treated Dan like a grandson but will always feel betrayed by what he did last week. Keesha hates that her and April have issues with each other.

Libra joked that Keesha is only being nice to April because she wants one of her designer outfits. Michelle heard and thought that Libra was being serious. Libra confronted Ollie about calling her a scalliwag and a ho after Michelle won HoH. She cried and told Ollie that she would never think that he would talk that way to her. Libra then tells Ollie that Keesha was the one who gathered the votes to evict Jessie last week and not Libra.

Michelle told Keesha about the comment Libra made about her during the feast. Michelle wants to turn Keesha and Libra against each other, so she brought Libra into the conversation to call her out. Keesha confronted Libra about her comment. Libra said that she only made that comment as a joke and didn't mean it as a rude comment. Fighting then erupted between the two women. April and Michelle got into it as well.

Dan loves how the feast made the women fight again and kept the target off him. Libra told Michelle that she wasn't the one who orchestrated Jessie's eviction. Keesha says that she orchestrated it only because she knew Jessie was coming after her. However, April was the one who nominated Jessie in the first place, and Michelle should realize this. April claimed that she had nothing to do with Jessie's eviction, which sent Keesha reeling. Keesha paraded around the house, telling everyone how fake April is and how much she cannot be trusted.

Jerry knows that there are a lot of scenarios with using or not using the PoV. He could use it so Dan can be backdoored or not use it to respect Michelle's nominations. Keesha doesn't care how many times people tell her that she will be safe this week because she still feels uneasy being nominated. Libra doesn't understand why she is getting blamed for Jessie's eviction. Dan knows that Jerry wants him out this week.

During the PoV ceremony, Jerry went on and on about how much he wants Dan nominated this week. Jerry said that Dan will always be "Judas" to him. Everyone pretty much rolled their eyes throughout Jerry's speech. In the end, Jerry didn't even use the PoV. @@ Dan doesn't understand why Jerry talked forever when he didn't even use the PoV. Keesha isn't going to be evicted without a fight. Libra plans on laying low for the rest of the week but plans on letting everyone know that Keesha got the votes for Jessie to be evicted.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Okay, there are officially three people in this house that I wouldn't mind seeing win: Dan, Renny or Memphis. The rest are self-centered a-holes.

Anonymous said...

August 13, 2008 10:33 AM

I TOTALLY agree....I HATE April more then ANYTHING else

Anonymous said...

Keesha got rid of Angie and Jessie so she could flirt with Memphis. She loves having the men around her.

Anonymous said...

wtf is up with jerrys speech calling dan judas wtf pops should keep his mouth shut