Sunday, August 10, 2008

8/10 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Michelle was enraged that Jessie was evicted and that she didn't have time to say goodbye to him. Keesha was thrilled that she pulled off Jessie's eviction. April felt betrayed when Jessie was evicted. Dan knew that one of the sides of the house would be mad at him no matter how America voted. Libra was thrilled to see Jessie evicted. Dan felt very awkward being around everyone before the HoH competition. Jerry no longer has respect for Dan after he betrayed him.

Michelle was thrilled that she avenged Jessie by winning HoH. She is thrilled that she studied the wake-up calls. April loves that she can seek revenge on those that betrayed her last week. Dan knew that people would be upset at him for lying, so he stopped wearing his cross that he usually wears. He claims that was the first time in his life that he ever took the cross off. Keesha knows that Michelle will target her since she arranged Jessie's eviction. Dan didn't realize that people would be that upset at him, so he went to hide in his bedroom.

Renny got mad at Michelle for making a comment about Renny making fun of Michelle earlier for staying up late last night listening to the wake-up calls. EVERYONE then got into a huge brawl in the house! Libra called April out for being best friends with Michelle now that Michelle has HoH. Jerry told Libra that she would be evicted this week. Michelle thinks that Dan is lying about his religion because a Catholic person would never lie to anyone like Dan did. Memphis got upset because nobody should be offended on the basis of religion.

Dan hopes that Memphis can get Michelle to keep Dan safe this week since he voted to keep Memphis last week. Memphis trusts Dan after he voted Jessie out last week. Memphis is now playing both sides of the house and is finding it difficult to do so. Michelle confronted Memphis about having a deal with Keesha's group in order to keep him safe last week. Memphis says that the only deal he had was that he wouldn't put any of them up if he won HoH this week. Memphis told Michelle that he still has her back in the game.

Michelle asked Dan why he lied to her and voted Jessie out last week. Dan apologized and says that he is embarrassed for it now. Michelle told Dan that he shouldn't trust Keesha's group and that he made a mistake last week. Libra was worried that Michelle wouldn't let her see her HoH bedroom, but Michelle told her that she would be offended if Libra didn't see her bedroom. Memphis hated how fake April was being to Michelle when she saw her bedroom.

Michelle received a letter from her brother along with her bedroom. Renny got emotional while Michelle was reading her letter because she misses her family as well. Michelle wants to nominate Dan since he betrayed her last week. Jerry wants Libra out more than anything though. April and Michelle agree.

The house has been turned into a game show! Ollie was thrilled to play for food sitting inside. Previous BB HG have returned to the house! Brian hosted the competition, with special guests George, Bunky, Amy, Jun, Jase, Janelle, Mike Boogie, Jen, and Matt. The HG would play for food, while the returning HG would play for cash. The returning HG would ask one of the current HG a question about recent news events. If the HG guessed correctly on whether or not the news story was true, they would earn food for a certain day of the week. If they answered incorrectly, they would not earn food for that day and the returning HG would win $1,000.

Dan missed his news story (Brett Favre traded to Jets), making the HG on slop for Monday. Renny got her news story correct (Gas is not $6 a gallon), winning food for Tuesday. Jerry missed his news story (Jessie not being on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine), making the HG on slop for Wednesday. Memphis missed his news story (China banning bald cab drivers during the Olympics), not earning a grill for the house. Ollie missed his news story (China announcing that they can prevent rainfall), making the HG on slop for Thursday.

Libra missed her news story (Cheech and Chong reuniting), making the HG on slop for Friday. Michelle got her news story correct (BB did not fake the earthquake), earning a feast for this house this week. April missed her news story (Britney Spears not creating a country album), making the house on slop for Saturday. Keesha got her news story correct (Paris Hilton not urging Americans to vote for George Bush again), winning food for Sunday.

Memphis told Michelle not to align with anyone from April's group. Michelle knows that she is alone in the house but still thinks that Memphis is with Keesha's group. Michelle still wants to take Memphis to the finals. Memphis doesn't understand why Michelle likes April after April nominated Jessie in the first place last week. Renny wants April out this week, so she tried to convince Michelle to nominate her.

Memphis has tried to become Michelle's new Jessie this week, so he feels safe. Renny really hopes that April is nominated and would do anything to ensure her eviction. Dan will be shocked if he isn't nominated. Libra knows that she is Michelle's biggest target, and she is okay with that. Michelle is going to nominate two HG that have overstayed their welcome in the house and plans to destroy their game.

Order of keys: April, Memphis, Ollie, Jerry, Renny, and Dan, making Keesha and Libra nominated for eviction. Michelle claims that her decision isn't personal because Keesha and Libra are good competitors. Dan hopes that his strategy of appearing weak has earned his safety this week. Jerry is referring to Dan as "Judas" now. Keesha doesn't want to be evicted before certain people in the house. Libra thinks that Michelle was nervous during the nominations ceremony because she expected more of a speech out of her.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Keesha or Libra from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I HATE cum face (April)she bitches that others go around sucking up to the HoH but she was the first one up in the HoH bedroom and celebrated when Manchelle won! She is a too face bitch and needs to go home!

Anonymous said...

She is a fake ass bitch. Memphis is a threat to her because he saw through that ho. When she asked Michelle wear you can get a shirt like that I almost pissed my pants laughing Michelle must be a blind ass dumby if she cant see through her.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else feel sorry for Dan?? Yes he accepted the AP mission but I don't think he would have had he known how much s**t he would receive. Jerry is a first class JERK. He has lied his way thru the entire game and he is going to do the cross symbol when he sees Dan,,,give me a friggin break!!! He is such a fine upstanding service man..wonder what his service buddies think of him?? I agree with Memphis,,throwing Dan's religion in his face is going beyond the game.

Anonymous said...

I agree 10:20.

He was one of the first to break his word in the game with the first eviction. I CANT STAND HIM. BB sure isnt getting the empathy vote for him.. "Oh the poor old man" Bullshit-whatever. I put him in the same class with April and Ollie, the lowest of the low. Ollie is a little weezle, please what has he done in this house, besides the obivous??? He has NO game at all, get him out!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The weird group....
The normal group....
The "whatever" group....
I hope one of the normal group
people take home 1st and 2nd prize
money ! ! ! I hope the weird group
goes home one by for Jerry, who really gives a shit
if he stays or goes !

Anonymous said...

Jerry Wants To Talk S#@t About Dan, But He Takes Off His Marine Wear When He Lies. Cant Stand That Man.

Anonymous said...

April thinks she is prettier than Keesha, I think she is dreaming, I would take Keesha over that Slut. Maybe after the show is over she will go work at the Ranch in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

i agree with 11:11

Anonymous said...

I agree 10:20 PM. I think that Dan should consider stepping up his game soon or he will be out on his ass, and I DON'T want to see manchelle or cum face (april) win the money.

Jery is one of the BIGGEST jerks on BB, Dan took of his cross before he voted for evictions, and Jery took off his service hat before he did nominations so how is that different. I HATE when people think that one thing is ok for them to do, but another person does it and they get in shit. I LOVE Dan and hope he goes all the way, he deserves the money more then anyone in the house.

Anonymous said...

Dan, Memphis and Renny are the only three I can stand out of this group. I toggle daily on who I hate the worst out of the rest. Today, it's a toss-up between April and Jerry, the two biggest hypocrites in the house.

Anonymous said...

Jerry thinks he's so badass using all those curse words on after dark last night. He just sounds ridiculous. He's a joke.

Anonymous said...

I agree 11:07 AM

But the sad thing is they think they are "cool"

Cum face April still thinks that America/Canada loves her. I can't speak for American's but I am sure fellow Canadians will agree that she makes me sick, and is a very disgusting human being

Anonymous said...

11:33 ... count me in as another Canadian who thinks April is sickening.