Monday, August 11, 2008

8/10-11 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-9:00 AM

Dan and Memphis seen here relaxing in the living room last night.

Memphis got to take off his onion necklace. Dan and Libra think that Memphis has the best shot at winning the game. Dan and Libra talked for quite a while, mainly about personal topics. Keesha and Renny then became suspicious of Dan because of his long talk with Libra. Keesha is worried that Dan is AP and America will tell Dan to vote Keesha out. Memphis thinks that maybe Dan is working Libra for a jury vote.

Renny confronted Dan about his conversation with Libra. Dan said that he was only trying to cheer her up about this week. Keesha knows that someone from her side needs to win HoH next week or she will be nominated again. She thinks that Memphis would be nominated alongside her. Dan thinks that he and Memphis would be nominated if Jerry won HoH next week. April thinks that BB10 is probably the most watched BB season yet. (False.)

Michelle and Renny still think that Dan is AP because he talks to the mirror frequently and says strange things to the HG. Michelle thinks that Dan and Libra are secretly aligned. Michelle thinks that America hates Libra because she always gets bad viewer questions. April claims that she would bake a cake for Memphis if it was his birthday even though she doesn't like him. Ollie told her that her heart is huge because of that. @@

April thinks that she will be evicted if Keesha's group wins HoH next week. April, Jerry, and Ollie agree that they will nominate Keesha and Memphis if one of them wins HoH next week. April really wants Keesha out next week. Jerry thinks that Libra will vote for him to win the game since they live so close to each other.

The whole house seems to believe that Dan is AP now. April says that if Dan votes to evict Keesha, then he is obviously AP. Michelle thinks that Dan is trying to get others to vote Keesha out to prevent that from happening. Dan and Memphis are worried about Jerry winning HoH next week. They would rather see Keesha or Renny win it. Memphis wants to evict April next week so that they can bring Ollie in. Dan says that the only person he will throw the next HoH to is Renny.

Libra told Keesha that she was hurt when Keesha told Libra that she didn't want to talk to her anymore. Libra would vote for Keesha to win and hopes that they can be friends after the game. Memphis and Michelle agree that April and Ollie need to be split up next week. Michelle thinks that she would be safe no matter who won HoH next week. Dan was the last one asleep last night at around 2:40 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

April thinks that BB10 is probably the most watched BB season yet. (False.)

Jesus Christ this girl is full of herself!

Anonymous said...

I hope the next time Nelly Olsen and Anna Nicole Smith decide to scream at eachother they're at least sober. I needed Advil after their last bout.