Saturday, August 4, 2007

8/4 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Following the PoV competition, excitement has flourished the house! Will Daniele stick with her plan to nominate Eric now that Jen has won PoV? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

The PoV competition was very similar to the graveyard PoV competition from last year. Here are some of the prizes/penalties awarded:
  • Each of the PoV players will be woken up by wake-up calls each hour tonight.
  • Amber and Jameka get to be dumped on the head with goop (mixture of slop, water, and other garbage) each hour for the next 24 hours.
  • Daniele, Jen, Kail, and Zach must wear a bunny suit for the remainder of the week.
  • Jameka won $10,000.
  • Jameka and Kail cannot participate in any HoH competition for the next five weeks.
  • Jen will only be awarded $250,000 if she wins the show.
  • Jen and Kail are on slop for the next 30 days.

Those are some of what I have picked up. I'm not quite sure if they are all true, so we'll see for sure on Tuesday.

Jameka prayed for God's forgiveness for taking the $10,000. She is also upset that she cannot win HoH and see pictures from her family for the next five weeks. Kail thinks that Daniele should put up Dick in Jen's place. @@ - Like she will do that! Apparently, Dick vandalized some of Jen's clothes and property because she smashed some of his cigarettes. She plans on switching rooms so that she will not have to sleep near him. Dustin told Jen that if Dick causes her trouble from now on, that she can come to him (Dustin) for support.

Dick plans on telling everyone that Eric has been lying to them so that they will vote him out. Daniele thinks they should tell Kail as well. Daniele is worried that Jen might save Kail with the PoV instead of herself. She is sure that Amber, Dustin, Eric, and Kail are aligned. She thinks that Eric knows he is being targeted this week because he overheard her talking about him today. Daniele then becomes worried that they will not have the votes to evict Eric this week. They agree that the PoV competition was one of the most brutal competitions yet. Dick then says that they won't say anything to anyone about Eric until they make sure that Jen is using the PoV to save herself.

Jessica joins them, and they agree that Eric is a much better replacement than Zach because evicting Zach wouldn't help anyone. Dick went on about how Eric was the extra vote when he was trying to figure out who it was. Dick says that Eric has been playing both sides and giving Kail info all along. Jessica doesn't think that they will have the votes to get Eric out this week because they can't count on Jameka or Jen. Daniele and Dick tell her that they will cover for her if she is the 4th vote to evict Eric. Jessica is now having second thoughts on voting Eric out because it would be more beneficial to her if Kail went this week. Daniele doesn't want to nominate Eric if he won't be evicted. Daniele and Dick think that Eric has a deal with Kail, which is why he has been protecting her since week 3. Dick thinks they can win Jameka's vote if they call Eric out. Dick says that he will make a truce with Jen to make sure she votes out Eric this week. Everyone agrees that Jen is not a liar. Jessica is still worried and wants more time to think about voting Eric out. She doesn't want people coming after her next week.

Later, Jessica tells Dick that if Eric knows about the backdoor plan, then Daniele should go ahead and nominate him. Daniele told Jessica that Dustin has been pressuring her about nominating Zach. Daniele doesn't think Zach is after them but that he would nominate her (Daniele) before Jessica. Daniele asked Kail if Jen was going to use the PoV on herself. Kail said that she would be stupid not to. Kail goes on about how Jen wants to work with Daniele and be her friend. Daniele thinks that doesn't make any sense.

Jen told Daniele that Kail is getting on her nerves with her negativity. She told Daniele that Kail wants either Dick or Zach nominated this week. Daniele asks Jen if she is using the PoV on herself, and Jen said she was. Daniele made Jen promise that she would keep Kail this week no matter who went up. Jen asked if Daniele was nominating Eric, and she said that she might. Jen thinks evicting Eric is a great idea. Daniele goes on to tell Jen pretty much her whole plan. She thinks that Jessica will vote with them, so they would have the votes to evict Eric. Jen offers to talk to Amber and Dustin if she needs their votes. Daniele thinks she could sway Jameka too. They agree that Amber has been fake to everyone in the house.

Kail asked Eric why Dustin didn't nominate Dick last week since the LNC hates him so much. Eric says that Nick was a much bigger target than Dick because of his relationship with Daniele. Eric says that he thinks the extra votes came from Daniele and Dick the past two weeks. Kail said that Daniele told her that she was planning on evicting her last week. Eric thinks Kail should tell everyone that to turn the house on Daniele. Eric says that if anyone is nominated other than Zach, Daniele will pay for it next week. Eric wants Kail to try and get Zach nominated this week. He tells her that she will be evicted otherwise.

Jessica told Jameka that Daniele and Dick want to sway her to vote Eric out this week. Jameka says that she would never work with Daniele and Dick. Jessica says that Kail isn't a threat to her anymore since she can't win HoH in the near future. Jessica says that Daniele and Dick were very convincing, but she is sticking with the other LNC members until the end. They comment on how dumb Jen and Kail are for believing Daniele and Dick since they are the ones who nominated them. Jessica says that Daniele will not nominate Zach, but they might decide on Amber or Dustin instead. She is glad Daniele won HoH so that she could see her and Dick's true colors this week. Dick joins them and tells Jameka that he has a lot of respect for her and Daniele for stepping it up in the PoV competition.

Daniele again promised that Kail would not go home this week. Kail is nervous that she is being played this week by Daniele. Kail then tells Dustin that Daniele keeps telling her that she is safe this week. She says that she did not make any deals with Daniele. Dick made a truce with Jen, saying that if she stopped badmouthing Daniele, then he would stop being mean to Jen. They agreed, and Jen said that she and Daniele have worked out their issues. Daniele, Dick, and Jen formed an alliance with Kail and Zach to take down the rest of the house. Dick and Jen agreed that nobody should know about that alliance. Dick says that nobody would suspect that they are working together because of the animosity between Dick and Jen. Jen told Dick that Kail received info from the LNC. Dick thinks that Kail is running her alliance with Jen the same way she ran the MRA - through other HG. Dick and Jen agree that the house will freak out when Eric is nominated. He told Jen that the biggest problem he has with Kail is that he cannot trust her since she campaigned against him during week 2. Jen tells Dick that she has never lied, but Dick isn't buying it.

Eric told Jessica that even if he goes home this week, people will still target Daniele and Dick next week. Jessica reminds Eric that he has the votes to stay this week. Eric wants to make a truce with Zach in exchange for his vote this week.

Whew! That does it for the afternoon. At this point, it does look like Eric will be nominated in Jen's place. I'm not totally sure if he will be voted out though. Dick, Jen, and Zach will all vote Eric out, but they need one more, and Jessica is not reliable. I guess we'll see. In the mean time, anyone loving the Daniele, Dick, Jen, Kail, and Zach alliance?

8/4 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After about 90 minutes of trivia, the feeds have returned, and Jen has won the PoV!

8/4 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

The PoV competition is nearing, but it won't begin without a little strategizing! The HG practiced all last night, but will it be enough? Here's the morning events coming from the BB house!

BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM. Nobody was up before then. Dustin warned Kail about not trusting Daniele and Dick. Dick told Daniele that he wants to get Kail out this week. Daniele said that they will talk after the PoV competition, but she gave Kail her word that she would be safe this week. Dick says that if they cannot get Eric out this week, Kail is the next best thing. Daniele thinks Jen is because the majority of the house wants Jen out this week. Zach told Dick that he wants Kail out this week because he has voted her out twice and she is still in the house.

Jen told Kail about Dustin telling her not to trust Daniele. They want to convince Daniele to throw the PoV competition this week. Jen then decides not to talk to Daniele before the PoV competition. Kail says that whatever happens this week is in God's hands, and she is okay with that. Dick told Jen that she should have practiced more for the PoV competition. Jen claimed she only practiced three times. Dick told Jessica that he wants Kail out this week if the nominations stay the same. He went off on Jen and Kail for most of the morning, trying to shake them up before the PoV competition. He told Dustin that Kail needs to go this week because she is in control of Jen.

Jessica told Jameka that she is planning on playing dumb today in regards to the backdooring Eric plan. Jessica told her that Kail wants to save Jen with the PoV this week. She also mentioned how Daniele and Dick think they have the votes to get Eric out this week. Eric asked Jameka if she thinks that he would have the votes to stay if he were nominated. Jameka said yes and talked about God's will some more. @@ Apparently, Amber is hosting the PoV competition. Wonderful.

Daniele told Dick that she wants Dustin and Jameka out of the PoV competition first. Dick doesn't think that it matters. They agree that either Eric or Kail leaving this week is good for them. They suspect that Amber, Dustin, and Eric might be working with Kail.

The feeds have just been blocked for the PoV competition. Expect them on in a few hours or so. I will have the result as soon as I know it!

8/3-8/4 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-8:00 AM

With the veto players already chosen, how will the HG strategize? Let’s find out!

Dustin tells Daniele he will fight for PoV because it’s Daniele’s week and she wants Jen out. Zach is going to fight hard because he thinks he will be nominated if the veto is used. He knows the only way to guarantee his safety is to win it.

Jen goes up to the HoH and has a talk with Daniele. Daniele spills everything from Kail and Daniele’s conversation earlier and tells Jen to keep it herself. She tells Jen about the deal made with Kail. Jen wants to work with Daniele because they would make a great duo. Jen tells Daniele that if Dick wasn’t here, Daniele would be much better off. Jen keeps reiterating that she wants to be friends with Daniele before one of them leaves.

Amber and Jameka talk. Jameka tells Amber she needs to pull herself together and how Dustin said last week they didn’t do what he wanted so why should they do what Daniele wants. Amber and Jameka say they are together until the end and no one knows about them so it’s perfect.

The HG get oversized croquet mallets and balls with a note stating- “These may help you in a future competition”- assuming these are for the PoV competition HG begin practicing. Zach says he will do good in this competition and begins giving Daniele pointers.

Some of the LNC talk about Daniele’s supposed backdoor plan. Amber doesn’t think its true but Eric is certain it is because Daniele wants payback for Nick’s eviction.

Kail and Jen have a talk. Kail believes the extra votes were Eric, she also thinks Eric put mustard all over Jen’s shirt. Jen thinks it was someone else like Amber. They want to win PoV and convince Daniele to backdoor someone. They agree that Jen must come off the block this week in order for them both to remain safe for next week. Kail claims that she will submit her DOR if Jen is evicted this week. @@ Jen says that they need to work on not being the targets for next week. Kail says that Dustin and Jameka are the only two that she doesn't want to win PoV. Jen thinks the PoV competition will have something to do with knocking people out. Jen and Kail think that Dustin is definitely working with Dick.

Amber told Jameka that either her, Dustin, or Jameka will be nominated if PoV is used, but Jameka doesn't think so. Dustin told Amber about how Daniele and Dick wante either him or Eric gone this week. He says that if Kail wins PoV, she will use it on Jen because Kail thinks she is safe. He says they need to make sure Jen doesn't win PoV this week so they can get her out. They agree that Daniele and Dick have been really shady this week. They also agree that they don't have the votes to get either Dustin or Eric evicted this week. Amber, Dustin, and Jameka agree that Daniele and Dick need to be nominated if one of them win HoH next week. Jameka tells Amber that they need to step it up because they are seen as weak competitors.

Daniele and Dick agree that the vote is in Jessica's hands this week. Daniele says that she is screwed if Jessica screws them over. She tells Dick that he has to win HoH next week to ensure that they will be safe again no matter what happens this week. They agree that Eric is nervous about being backdoored this week. Daniele thinks she might be able to sway Jameka to their side if they need her. Dick goes on about how this week is the perfect opportunity to get Eric out of the house. Dick says that if someone came back, it would be Nick because America would vote for him and the producers would too. Daniele feels like everyone hates her in the house. Dick told Daniele that she needs to become really close to Jessica. Dick told Daniele that if she wins PoV, she needs to make sure she has the votes to get Eric out before nominating him.

Eric told Jessica that he has no regrets about getting Nick out last week. He thinks that Daniele and Dick are stupid for turning on the LNC this week because everyone except Dick will put them up next week. If Dick doesn't win HoH, Daniele and Dick will be nominated next week. Jessica says that Daniele and Dick think they have her vote, but they don't. Amber joins them, and Eric tells her and Jessica that Jen needs to stay this week so she can do their dirty work next week. Eric thinks that Daniele is the sneakiest person in the house.

Eric was the last one asleep at around 5:30 AM. Currently, the HG are getting ready for the PoV competition. I'll have the morning info up in about an hour!

Power of Veto Update

Just a note for the PoV Competition

Players: Daniele, Jen, and Kail, Zach, Jameka, and Dustin

It is to begin at 12pm BB time.

I will have a full recap of last night and this morning very soon. Expect blocked feeds at noon lasting hopefully no longer than 3 hours.

8/3 Live Feeds: 6:00-9:00 PM

With Jen and Kail nominated for eviction once again this week, will the house decide that this week is their time to go? Or will someone else become the target? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick thinks that the viewers must think it's weird that Jen and Kail have been nominated three weeks in a row. (You think? BB8 is becoming more boring than BB7!)

Amber hates to admit that Dustin has been the info leak to Kail. She says that Jen told her that she thought she was going to be backdoored this week. Amber thinks it's because Dustin told Kail who told Jen about all this. (Getting all that?) Amber thinks that Dustin, Kail, and Zach have some sort of alliance. Jameka agrees.

Dustin told Jameka that he is sick of Amber crying all the time because they evicted Nick last week. He says how evicting Nick was a group decision, so he doesn't understand why everyone is regretting it now. He then goes on about how he thinks Dick has been the extra vote since he keeps pointing the finger at everyone else about it. Jameka is embarassed about her performance in the HoH competition and wants to make it up in the PoV competition. Dustin is mad that Kail is once again the pawn this week. He thinks that Zach should have been nominated instead of her. Jameka is puzzled that Kail wants to be the weekly pawn. Dustin wants Jen to go this week, then Zach, and then Kail. Jameka would rather see Zach go this week. Dustin wishes he could have gotten Zach out last week like he wanted to. Dustin and Jameka think that Daniele will be evicted before Dick. Dustin thinks that Dick might leave voluntarily. @@ - Nobody ever leaves voluntarily. It has never happened before!

Dustin told Kail that she was too calm at this week's nominations ceremony. Dustin tells her that he clapped for her because her and Jen set a BB record at being nominated three weeks in a row. Dustin asks her if she wants to go this week or not. Kail says it depends what happens after the PoV competition. She wants to see Jen stay in the house more than herself though.

Eric tells Dustin that he thinks one of them will leave this week. Dustin says that if either of them are nominated, then they would have the votes to stay. Eric continued to deny being the extra vote the past two weeks. Dustin is sick of everyone thinking that him and Kail are really close. Eric says that he will save Jen if he wins PoV because he doesn't want Daniele getting what she wants this week.

Daniele told Jessica that the PoV must be used on Jen this week. If Kail wins PoV, Daniele will try to convince her to use it on Jen. (I'm sure she was planning on doing that anyway!) Daniele told Jessica that she told Jameka that she (Daniele) knows who the extra vote was.

That was pretty much it for the evening. I'll have another update in the morning!

Friday, August 3, 2007

8/3 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Like I said, Jen and Kail have once again been nominated for eviction. As for the afternoon, it was also pretty exciting despite there not being a PoV competition. Here's what went down this afternoon in the BB house!

According to Zach, he saw a nurse and she told him that his "ringworm" is only an abrasion. Jameka and Jessica didn't seem to believe him. Dick and Jen claimed that they have both lost some of their possessions while being in the house. Jen has lost both of her shower poufs, and Dick has lost his shampoo and toothpaste. Eric told Dustin that he is sick of Daniele and Dick being in the house together. Dustin said that he would nominate them if he won HoH next week. Eric said that he would rather have Dick go more than Jen. Dustin wants him, Amber, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica to be the final five. Dustin is mad that Daniele still never talked to any of the LNC (except Dick) about her nominations.

Jen and Kail talked about all the little groups within the LNC. Jen also told Kail that the LNC have been fighting over the second vote to evict Kail for the past two weeks. Kail asked Jen if Amber and Eric have voted her out the past two weeks since the banners told the HG that they were the liars in the house. Jen wants to talk to Daniele because she has some info that may be helpful to her. Kail wonders if she should talk to Daniele too before the nominations ceremony. Jen wants to be nominated again this week so that she can win another PoV. Kail told Jen that if she wins PoV and Jen is not nominated, then she won't use it so that Jen cannot be backdoored. @@ Jen told Kail that she will tell Daniele to nominate her (Jen) so that she can be nominated three weeks in a row.

Daniele's plan is still to backdoor Eric this week. She plans on talking to Zach later. Jen told Daniele that she was always negative around her because she reminded her of Dick. Daniele tells Jen that she is nothing like Dick, and she shouldn't hold that against her. Jen is upset that she is getting nominated without ever getting a chance to know Daniele. Daniele tells Jen that she had no reason to call her out on her personal life and her relationship with Nick. Jen agrees and apologizes to her. Jen says that she liked Nick but didn't want to get into a relationship with him because she didn't want to be the only girl to have a showmance within the house. Daniele wants Jen to tell her the truth about everything from now on. Jen told Daniele that she threw the PoV competition last week. Daniele tells her that was a smart move, but she should have told everyone that she threw it following the competition. Daniele and Jen both agree that they were not the second vote to evict Kail last week. Jen told Daniele that the LNC will fall apart because of all the mini-groups within it. Daniele told Jen that she needs to talk to her again following nominations.

Jen leaves, and Dick confronts her about why she was talking to Daniele. Jen says that they weren't making deals and that she told Daniele to nominate her. Dick starts going off on her, telling her that she will be going home this week. Dick told Amber that someone from the LNC is the leak to Kail. That person has convinced Kail that she needs to go after Amber, Daniele, and Dick. Amber and Dick agree that evicting Nick was a bad move last week. Dick was being very open to Amber and even told her that he thinks Eric was the leak. He says that they should go after him this week and not Jen, Kail, or Zach. He hates that Kail's spirits have been revived because of Eric. He repeats that Amber better be honest with him because he is being honest with her. Dick says they could have had the votes to evict Kail last week, but they were afraid of going against the rest of the LNC. He continues to trash the LNC, saying that he wants all of them out now.

Eric told Jen and Kail that Daniele's plan is to backdoor either him or Dustin this week. He says how Daniele thinks it will work, but they don't have the votes to evict someone from the LNC this week. He says that the whole house is now against Daniele and Dick. They are all tired of them running the house.

The LNC had their meeting before nominations. Daniele said that no matter what, Jen or Kail will go home this week. The target is Jen, but if she wins PoV, Zach will go up and Kail will go home. Dustin plans on clapping for Jen and Kail at the nominations ceremony (because they will break a record as the only two to be nominated three times in a row). Daniele then talked to Kail and told her that no matter what happens this week, she will be safe. If Jen wins PoV, the other person will go home. Daniele tells Kail that Jen has done some things in the house that she cannot be forgiven of. Kail wonders if she will be nominated next week too. Daniele asked Kail if she knew who the second vote came from last week, and Kail said she thought it was from either Daniele or Dick. Daniele says that neither of them did it.

Jameka told Amber that Nick told her that she (Amber) played the mustard prank. Amber told Jameka that she thinks that Dustin is the leak to Kail because he wanted to make sure him and Amber were safe with Kail. Amber thinks that if she and Dustin were ever nominated, that Dustin would be the one evicted. @@ - I REALLY hope not! Jessica told Eric that she completely trusts him more than anyone else in the house. They talk about some HG not doing dishes and cleaning in the house. They think that they do their share of cleaning each week. Eric and Jessica really want the next HoH so that they can nominate Daniele and Dick. Eric thinks that Daniele and Dick's plan to evict him this week will fail because they are doing it too early. Eric wants to go against whatever Daniele and Dick want him to do this week.

Zach told Daniele that he thinks Jameka could have been the extra vote because she has been playing all sides. Daniele tells him to act nervous at the nominations ceremony and that she will explain more to him later. Zach says that he will fight for the PoV and do whatever Daniele wants him to do with it. Daniele appreciates that and is excited that she is playing for Nick this week. She apologized to him for being rude towards him the first few weeks. Zach tells Daniele that he really wants to work with her and Dick in the game.

When the feeds returned, it was obvious that Jen and Kail were nominated again. They were both laughing at how they have been nominated three weeks in a row. Dustin congratulated them on making BB history. Kail pranced around the house, saying that Jen needs to be taken down with the PoV so that Zach can go up and out. Dustin seemed confused that Kail wanted Jen to stay more than herself. Kail can't wait to show Dick that he still can't get what he wants after three weeks of trying. Kail is a complete nutcase, saying that she hopes they will be nominated again next week. (I'd hope she was being sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure she was serious during this whole talk!) Eric is nervous about being backdoored this week, but he assures Kail that Daniele and Dick will be nominated next week.

That does it for the afternoon! At this point, Daniele and Dick still hope that their plan to evict Eric will work, as do I! I guess we'll see what happens. I'll have more later!

8/3 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds were down for an hour and have just returned. Jen and Kail have AGAIN been nominated. @@

8/3 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

So much for a luxury competition today! The HG spent much of the morning on an outdoor lockdown waiting from anything from BB. Here's what happened this morning in the BB house!

Kail was the first one up today at around 8:15 AM. Dustin arose some time later, and he talked to Kail about the possiblity of an America's Choice today. BB woke the HG up a little before 10:00 AM. Jen told Kail that Jessica is good at faking that she likes people. She goes on about how she doesn't like Daniele, but she will this week. Jen thinks that Daniele used Nick because it's obvious how in love she is with her boyfriend.

Daniele and Dick talked about how Eric has lied to them throughout the entire game. Dick thinks that Eric knew about his and Daniele's alliance from the beginning. He tells Daniele that he told Jessica everything he knows about Eric. Daniele seems annoyed by this because people already want her out, and this gives more incentive for that. Dick thinks that Eric and Kail are the two biggest threats in the house, while Daniele thinks that her and Dick are. The two agree that outing Nick was the worst move they have made so far in the game. Dick mentions that Jessica feels the same way about Eric as they do. He then talks about Jen and Kail being nominated three weeks in a row, yet neither of them have been evicted yet. Daniele and Dick are sure that the house will try to get Eric out of the house with them.

Eric warned Jameka that Dick may be trying to get one of the LNC out this week. He says that Daniele has been giving him weird looks lately. Eric says that they need to stick with the plan to get either Jen or Kail out this week. He thinks that Daniele and Dick are trying to make a deal with Jen so that she remains safe this week. Eric has caught on that something is up because even Jessica acted weird around him last night. Him and Jameka agree that Dick needs to go next week if he doesn't win HoH. Eric thinks that either Daniele or Dick voted against Kail last week to try to cause drama in the house. Eric hates that Daniele and Dick are bullying everyone around now just because Daniele won HoH this week.

Dick told Eric that they need to know who the other vote was. Eric says that the vote causes drama within the LNC, and they don't need any dissention within the group. Dick continued to be very defensive to anything Eric has to say. Dick says that Jen and Kail will go up again this week. Eric is sure that the extra votes have come from Kail's side. Dick says that Nick would never lie to him because of the situation with Daniele. Eric says that the vote doesn't matter. Dick confronts him about why he keeps dismissing the situation. Eric is asking Dick why he is believing Nick over the LNC. Dustin comes over and reminds Dick that the vote could have come from him, so he can't accuse people. Dick then goes off on Eric, running around the backyard, calling him names and the like. Meanwhile, Jen is enjoying herself, knowing that Dick is going off on someone else now.

Dick calms down, and the LNC talks about who the votes could have came from. Jameka thinks that it was a different person each week, maybe Nick and Jen. Dick thinks it came from someone in the LNC for sure. Jameka says that everyone needs to calm down because their emotions are high, and the group doesn't need that. Dustin asked Daniele if she was going to have a meeting regarding her nominations tonight like he and Dick have done in the past. Daniele said that they would have one later this afternoon. Eric volunteers to play PoV this week since he hasn't played in one yet. Eric then says that if someone in the LNC is working with someone on Kail's side, then it's important that either Jen, Kail, or Zach go this week.

Apparently, Zach now has ringworm. Amber, Jen, and Jessica freaked out because the disease is very contagious. Jen says that if she gets it, her life will be scarred. @@ They agree to stay away from him and not go near anything he touches from now on. The HG talk about how Zach never washed his hands or tries to stay clean. Zach spent much of the morning in the DR so he could get checked up on.

That does it for this slightly more exciting morning! At this point, it looks like Daniele and Dick might not go after Eric this week since the LNC doesn't seem to be on board with it. As it seems, Jen and Kail will be nominated this evening. We'll know for sure a little later!

8/2-3 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was an exciting and late night for the HG! Will Daniele stick with the plan to nominate Jen and Kail tonight? Here's what happened last night in the BB house!

Daniele is mad that nobody believed her about Nick last week. Her and Dick exchanged "I love you's" before their talk. (I think this is the first time I've heard Daniele told Dick that she loved him.) Daniele told Dick that she thinks Eric was the one that voted against Kail the past two weeks. Dick says that they cannot leave Jen and Kail in there for a third week in a row. Daniele says that Jessica is also worried about Eric. She thinks she will get closer with Jessica this week. Dick says that he thinks he can trust Jessica, but that he and Daniele can trust each other totally. Dick doesn't like that people see the LNC as the Nerd Herd. He wants to do something soon to change that.

Dick talks to Eric about the other vote to evict Kail this week, and Eric says that it couldn't have been him because he was the most avid to get Nick out of the house. He tells Dick that they should just forget about that vote again and move on to getting Jen out of the house this week. Dick then went outside to smoke by himself, and he WENT OFF on Eric (without him there though)! He talks about how he shoul not have ever trusted him. Jessica joins him and tells him that Daniele told her about Eric. They are shocked that he would lie to them like that. Meanwhile, Eric tried to convince Daniele that he was not the extra vote, but Daniele didn't seem to be buying it.

Amber is still upset about the banner plane. She thinks that her and Eric are the only two that haven't lied yet in the game. Eric says that the person who ordered it had to have been a Nick fan. He then goes on about how he couldn't have been the extra vote. @@ (So basically, Amber and Eric are lying to each other regarding the banner plane that said they were liars!) Eric doesn't think that America could like Jen, Kail, and Zach. He still thinks the extra vote was Jen because they shouldn't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. He then complains about getting disqualified from the HoH competition and how guilty he felt to leave Daniele and Jessica to fight for them. He then goes off on Dick, and Amber agrees with him there. Eric mentions how Jameka and Jessica have been acting weird around them lately. He thinks it was odd that Jameka talked to Jen and Kail after the HoH competition. He suggests that maybe they should start arguing with people so it doesn't look like they are flying under the radar. Amber thinks that Dick will be on a power trip again since Daniele won HoH.

Jen thinks that Amber was the extra vote because she didn't cry after casting her vote. Her and Kail are trying to figure out what the banner said because they missed it. Meanwhile, Daniele and Dick talked once again. Dick is so upset that they evicted wrong leaks two weeks in a row instead of Eric. Daniele is still mad that nobody believed her about Nick. Dick apologizes to her once again. Daniele thinks they should backdoor Eric to ensure that he goes. Dick is EXTREMELY upset, and Daniele keeps telling him to calm down before people see him again. Daniele's plan is to nominate Jen and Kail, then backdoor Eric. She thinks she has Dick, Jessica, and Zach, but they need one more. Dick is through with the LNC and wants them all out now. They agree not to tell anyone about their plan except Jessica. Dick is excited to take Jen off the block to nominate Eric. Daniele knows everyone would have blamed her for the extra vote had she not won HoH.

Daniele and Dick tell Jessica about the plan, and she is shocked that Eric would have done that to them. They think that Eric has been in an alliance with Jen and Kail since week 1. Daniele mentions how he is always talking to Jen. They tell Jessica not to tell anyone about their plan. She agrees but says that Eric wants to talk to her later because he thinks something is up. Their plan is to make sure Jen is saved and Eric is nominated. Jessica says that Jen told her that there is a luxury competition later today. They say that the storage room is full, so there won't be a food competition this week. Jessica leaves and tells Dustin that she thinks the leak was Eric.

Eric pleaded his case to Jameka about why he was not the second vote. (He really needs to stop talking!) Jameka says that she is happy that Daniele and Dick can reunite this week, but she wants them gone very soon. He then talked to Dick, and the two did an excellent job acting and lying to each other. Dick told Eric that he would never suspect him as the other vote. Eric told Dick that Jen and Kail need to be nominated again this week, but they need to go after Jen. Eric thinks Amber might have been the leak and the extra votes if it wasn't Jen. Dick acted like he agreed. Eric continues to talk about how disappointed he was about his performance in the HoH competition. Eric said that he doesn't care who goes this week, just as long as either Jen or Kail do. He says that after Jen and Kail, they should take out Amber, Dustin, and Jameka. Dick thinks that maybe Jen has been telling Kail all their info, so they should take Kail out this week instead.

Amber told Dustin that they made a mistake about voting Nick out this week. Dustin thinks that Zach has been trying to turn Daniele and Dick against Eric. Dustin says that Eric doesn't have it in him to lie to them. He says that Zach has been telling the house that Eric was the leak. He then tells Amber that Jessica thinks Eric might be the leak too. Amber cries about them being wrong about Nick last week. She then cries about the banner and asks Dustin if he thinks she is a liar. Dustin tells her no. They also think there will be a luxury competition today. Amber wants Daniele and Dick to go soon. Amber says that Daniele will play the game so much harder since Nick is gone, and her focus is now on the game. She says that Eric hates Dick and wants him gone as soon as possible.

Dick tells Dustin that they should get Kail out this weke instead of Jen. Dustin agrees, saying that they have let her through two weeks in a row now. He is also suspicious of Jameka since she has been hanging around with Kail a lot lately. Jessica comes out and says how Daniele doesn't want Kail out this week since she gave her HoH.

Jessica completely sold Daniele and Dick out to Eric. @@ (I was just starting to like her too!) She tells him that he won't go home though because they have the votes to keep him. Eric is upset that Daniele and Dick think he would lie to them because he has been nothing but honest the entire game. He wants to bring the whole house with them except for Daniele, Dick, and Kail. Jessica agrees, saying that Jen could help them because she is good at competitions. Jessica tells Eric that she believes him and knows that he would never lie. Eric then relayed this info on to Dustin. They think that Dick is the leak and that he is trying to blame it all on Eric. Later, Dick talked to Jessica, enforcing his point that Eric needs to go this week.

Whew, that does it for the night. Dick was the last one asleep at around 6:00 AM. All HG are sleep as I post this. At this point, it looks like Jen and Kail will be nominated once again, with Eric planning to be backdoored. It doesn't look like there will be a food competition today, but there will be a luxury one instead. I'll have more info later!

8/2 Live Feeds: 8:00-11:00 PM

Like I said earlier, Daniele is the new HoH! Before I get into my next update, I'd like to bring up a few things regarding comments and the like.

Just to let you know, we had a record number of views tonight with numbers near 20,000. With these extra views came extra comments, as we had near 200 comments just from tonight. I'm thrilled of this, but please be aware of what you say in the comments. Please no negative talk against any other people outside the BB house. In addition, this blog is not affiliated with CBS or any other CBS-related production. Therefore, STOP sending me e-mails with complaints! Please send these to CBS and CBS only! I have relayed some of these over to CBS, but not all of them, so do it yourself if you'd like! You can e-mail them at

Now, on to the evening events inside the BB house!

The HoH competition lasted for a total of 140 minutes, beginning at 5:50 PM and ending at 8:10 PM, which was about the same length as last year's. Once Daniele and Kail were left, Daniele struck a deal with Kail, saying that she would not go home this week if she were to win HoH. Kail then dropped off, leaving Daniele as the winner! As usual, Amber cried. @@ Jen was disappointed that Kail gave up because she knows that Daniele will target her. Zach told Daniele that he voted to evict Kail. They think that Jen was the other vote, just like last week. Apparently, the HoH competition was in fact delayed do to ANOTHER banner plane! This one reportedly said "We love Nick! Amber and Eric are liars! The LNC is the new Nerd Herd!" Jameka was upset about it, but Dick says that if people have enough money to send them, then they must be telling them something worth while.

Amber cried AGAIN about voting Nick out. Dustin consoled her, saying that the whole group is upset about it. Dick wants Kail not to feel safe at all this week. He repeated to Amber that someone leaked info to Kail last week. Dick told her that Daniele thinks the other vote to evict Kail was Jen again this week. They really want Jen gone this week. Daniele and Jameka said that if Jen didn't vote against Kail, then someone on their side did. Daniele told Jameka that it's Dustin's fault that Nick went home this week, not Jameka's. Daniele went on about how hard last week was for her and Dick.

BB gave the HG pizza as their usual post-HoH feast. Jessica told everyone that she threw the HoH competition because she knew everyone else was in it to win it. Dick wondered why BB needed a 24-hour lockdown for just one contraption. Jen doesn't think that the same two people have been nominated three weeks in a row before. She thinks that BB hasn't given them beer in a while because Dick has been so rude to her lately. Jessica thinks that it's because they need to get up early for a food competition tomorrow. Apparently, Jen missed the banner plane, and the other HG refused to tell her what it said. (It really didn't say much. I don't know why there are being so secretive about it.) The HG think that the competition was not broadcast over the feeds. (Well, the first half wasn't!)

Amber is shocked that America thinks she is a liar. She is convinced that she has been honest the whole game. @@ She thinks America wants her and Eric to look bad. (Yup, we definitely want our player out!) Apparently, Dick said something about religion and the like during the HoH competition which set Jameka off. He later apologized to her.

Daniele received her HoH room. Daniele gave a short speech before going in, saying how hard it was to see Nick go last week and how happy she is now to be HoH. The room didn't change at all, but the HG were thrilled to see pictures of her boyfriend and family. She received a lot of snacks as well. She received a letter from her boyfriend, grandmother, and best friend that she will read later. Daniele and Dick then tell a story about when Dick dropped Daniele off at school and how the crossing guard would always get mad at Dick for running over the cones.

That does it for the night! I'll have more in the morning!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

HoH Competition Review

Here is a review of the HoH events.

  • The HoH Competition began at approximately 5:52 BB time.
  • The feeds were blocked for a little over an hour- coming back at 7:10 BB time
  • When they came back Amber, Eric, Jameka, Zach were out and the immediately following Dick fell- leaving Jen, Jessica, Kail and Daniele
  • Some time later Jessica fell. This left Jen, Kail and Daniele
  • They were steady until Eric and Dick complained that Jen put her hands on the crossbar. Feeds were blocked however it is assumed she was DQ'd
  • Kail and Daniele remained
  • Kail then struck a deal with Daniele. Daniele promised that Kail might be nominated but would not go home this week.

Post HoH

Everyone congratulated Daniele. Daniele and Dick had an emotional conversation. Dick repeatedly congratulated her and told her they were after Jen. Dick talked to Kail reiterating that she was safe and the target was Jen. Daniele went inside and Amber consoled her. Dick somewhat confirmed Amber was first out- as for the others we don't know who dropped when- quite yet.

As usual I will provide an update at 11:00 BB time.

HoH Winner

Kail dropped. Daniele has won!!

HoH Update 1

Jessica has fallen. 3 remain- Jen, Kail, and Daniele. I will post when one more person falls off!

Update: No one else has fallen. Eric went off on Jen for getting into Daniele's personal business. Dick continues to yell at Jen and Kail. It seems Eric was Dq'd because he put his head above the crossbar which is not allowed. Some Houseguests complained because they saw Kail do the same thing yet she didnt get Dqd.

Update (8:10 PM): The feeds have gone off again after some of the HG were complaining that Jen put her hands on the crossbar, which is not allowed.

Update: Jen is out!

HOH Competition Update

Feeds have come back!

Only 4 remain- Kail, Jen, Daniele, Jessica. I will update you when someone else falls. Just a side note- there were no technical difficulties that we know of.

Competition Update

Rumor has it that there are technical difficulties with the competition. They will turn feeds on as soon as everything is resolved.

HoH Update or lack there of

Feeds have yet to come on. We still have trivia and lovely music. I will update you once they come on!

8/2 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Nick thinks that he was nominated because he was seen as a threat. Kail was surprised that Dustin lied to her all week about the replacement nominee. Dustin says that this week was the perfect opportunity to get Nick out of the house. Kail was shocked that Amber was okay with Nick being nominated. Nick was disappointed that Daniele never told him that he was being nominated. Amber cried for hours on end, while Nick tried to support her. Daniele told Nick that she fought for him to not be nominated. Daniele told Nick that everyone thinks that he voted to evict Kail last week. Nick told Dustin that he understands that it is a game but wishes that Dustin would have told him that he was nominating him beforehand. Dick went off on Jen, calling her every name in the book. Jen basically brushed him off. She then told Daniele that she feels bad for her for having to deal with Dick for her whole life. Daniele thinks that Jen is rude and that she deserves everything that's coming at her. Daniele proceeded to go off on Jen, calling her out on how rude she has been to her lately. Jen tried to defned herself, pulling off her dumb gameplay. Dick then poured a glass of tea on her head as he walked by. Nick then told her off before heading off to the backyard. Drama in the house!

Nick told Amber that he would not campaign to stay this week. Nick says that he thinks he has votes from Amber, Daniele, Dick, Jameka, and Zach, which is what he needs to stay. Eric is happy that Nick will be leaving this week since he feels threatened by him. Eric was disappointed that America told him to evict Kail this week. He told Jessica that he can't stand Kail because she's pulling off an act. Jessica completely agree. The LNC had a meeting, and Eric opened up by saying how much he hates Kail and that she is still a threat. Dick doesn't like her getting comfortable in the house. Daniele and Dick are sick of voting with the group because evicting Nick this week is a bad move strategically for them.

Dustin told Julie that he had no regrets from his selfish ways in the PoV competition. He said that Dick's strategy is to intimidate everyone in the house and agrees that he has taken things too far lately. He is glad that Dick hasn't been taunting him though. Kail told her fellow HG that she has enjoyed spending time with everyone in the house. Nick told Daniele that he has enjoyed spending time with her during his stay. Gag. Time for the live voting! The votes are as follows: Jen - Nick, Zach - Kail, Jameka - Nick, and the rest will be back in a bit!

The vote is 2-1 to evict Nick so far. Here's the rest of the votes: Eric - Kail, Jessica - Nick, Amber - Nick, Dick - Nick, and Daniele - Nick. By a vote of 6-2, Nick has been evicted. Nick was informed of Eric being America's Player. Amber was hysterical in her goodbye message. Boo-hoo.

Time for the HoH competition! The competition is called "Time's Up." Everyone has to climb on to a pendulum and sit on it. If you fall off, you are eliminated. The pendulums move back and ts the HGforth like clocks. The last person wins! Julie instructs shortly later that they must hang upside down. The birds above them then poop on them. How interesting.

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!

8/2 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Oh my, I have huge news for you this afternoon!

Amber BLEW UP on Kail because she wasn't cleaning the house when everyone else was. Kail was shocked at this and told Jen that she now wants to go home this week. She then went into the DR and requested for her DOR! BB tried to talk her out of it, and I have no idea what will happen. The feeds have been blocked since 2:30 PM.

Dick also went off on Jen this afternoon, complete with throwing golf clubs and the like. Tonight's show should be thrilling!

I'm guessing the feeds will be blocked until further notice. I'll have any news when I get it.

UPDATE: The feeds returned, and Kail is still in the house. We'll see what happens I guess!

8/2 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

How I love Thursday feeds, not! This morning was accompanied with a wondrous supply of feed blocks as well as HG sleeping. Snore. Here's the little that went down this morning in the BB house.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:40 AM, telling them that there would be an HoH lockdown. They were let out shortly later so they could clean up the house in preparation for tonight's live show. Shortly after 12:00 PM, BB reminded the nominees that they needed to pack as soon as possible.

Dick told Dustin that Kail knows she is a pawn because her behavior has changed since Nick was nominated. Dick thinks that Amber and Jameka leaked out info to her this week. Dustin says that Kail should realize she's a pawn because she has been offering herself up each week since Dick nominated her last week. Dick is sick of Kail and wants her out next week. He wants the LNC to give something back to him by keeping her the past two weeks. Dick then says that if Jen or Kail wins HoH next week, they will nominate him and Daniele. If PoV is used, either Amber of Dustin will go up in their place.

That's pretty much it for the morning. In other news, don't forget about tonight's show! It will entail this week's eviction as well as the HoH competition. Expect Nick to be evicted tonight, probably by a 6-2 vote with Eric and Zach being the only votes against Kail. As for the HoH competition, if it is endurance, I will provide hourly updates until the end of the competition as I did last year.

8/1-2 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

With an indoor lockdown until further notice, the HG have gone nuts! Pranks galore, but surprisingly, no drama. Here's the late-night info from last night in the BB house!

Zach decided that he was going to where the same color shirt as Dick was, no matter how many times Dick changed. Because of this, Dick threw flour on Zach. He then proceeded to jump on Zach's bed, thus breaking it. (I thought Dick was smarter than this...) Zach said that everything was all in good fun and wasn't really bothered by the whole situation. However, Zach later is seen talking to Nick about plotting his revenge on Dick. He wants to dump somthing on his bed, but he doesn't know what. He then says that he could just jerk off on it instead. Zach decides to create some sort of itching powder to dump on Dick's bed. It contains black pepper, cinnamon, flour, hot sauce, and oil. Eww! Unfortunately, Zach couldn't bring himself to dump the mixture on Dick's bed and proceeded to throw it away.

Jen boiled some eggs and wants to have an easter egg hunt during the lockdown. Dustin made fun of Mike giving flowers to all the girls last week. Jameka and Jessica thought that was sweet. Eric told Dustin that he would be doing the same next week. Jameka said that five minutes after Mike left, Amber was putting the flowers back in the pot. Jameka wants everyone to say "Hey babe!" to Julie when she talks to them tonight. (They said "Hey girl!" to her last week.) Eric told Jen that he doesn't think she will win tonight's HoH. Jen seemed a little annoyed by that. (Who wouldn't?) Eric says that he doesn't want an endurance competition where they press a button or something like in BB6. (I LOVE those! I hated the one from last year. It only lasted two hours - how is that endurance?) Jen mentioned how they haven't done a food competition where they win food for each individual day.

Dick complained about how boring the house is. He thinks that the BBAD viewers have gone down since the season began. Dick says that he will commit suicide if the house doesn't become more entertaining. @@ Daniele and Dick complained about how loud Dustin, Jameka, and Jessica are at night. Dick hates how Dustin has become so annoying. Eric tells Jameka and Jessica that he will try to get everyone to vote out Kail to make the meeting fun. He then says how he is afraid of death. Dustin admitted that he is a public nose picker and that his dad is too.

The LNC meeting took place at around 2:30 AM. Eric began by telling everyone how sick he is of Kail getting comfortable on the block every week. Dustin says that he doesn't care and wants her up there again next week. Dick doesn't want Kail to feel safe every week. Dustin says that they can remind her next week that she has been safe two weeks in a row and she won't be safe next week if she is nominated. Eric wants all of the LNC to be on the jury. Eric says that if they don't get rid of her this week, then she will coast to the finals without them noticing. Eric says that they need to rattle Jen and Kail tomorrow so they do bad in the competition. Eric says that he will throw the competition once Jen and Kail are out of it. He predicts that either him, Daniele, or Zach will win the competition tomorrow.

The HG spent much of the night telling stories involving the chess pieces. They were quite entertaining, but like all things in the house, they became old quick. Daniele feels bad about not being able to pick up the votes to evict Kail this week. Dick repeats how he hates everyone in the house. The two then head off to bed at around 4:20 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

8/1 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The feeds have become more exciting as the day as progressed, thankfully. Will the vote change at all with the eviction less than 24 hours away? Here's the evening news from the BB house!

Daniele and Dick that tomorrow's HoH will be endurance. (It should be - the endurance HoH usually happens the week before the jury begins.) Daniele says that everyone will really fight hard if it is endurance. (Yay! I'm excited to see a long battle for it!) The HG were put on a 23-hour indoor lockdown in preparation for the HoH competition tomorrow. (That should say it all!)

Jen and Kail talked about Daniele and Nick's relationship. Jen says that Daniele really loves her boyfriend, so she would never do anything to harm that relationship. Kail is surprised at how far they have already gone if Daniele doesn't want to really harm her relationship with Kris. Jen said that according to their contracts, American would play a part in the game this year. Dustin and Jessica were surprised because they really didn't read their contracts that well. Some of the HG think that the finals will have three people in it instead of two and that America will be the 7th juror. (I like that idea!)

Amber really wants this week to be over because she is sick of crying over Nick. Amber talks about her goodbye message to Nick and how hard it was. Jameka says that the house will go nuts when Dick goes up. Amber says that Dustin wants Kail around for a while now and that she won't go until after Jen and Zach. Amber says that Kail wouldn't put her, Dustin, or Jameka up. Amber and Dustin want Jen in the house as long as Dick is in there. Amber says that Jen needs a friend really bad. She thinks that Daniele and Dick have really made her look bad this week. They want to get rid of Daniele next week. They think that Dick would be better off without her here.

It looks like America did vote for Kail to be evicted, as Eric has been going off on her lately. He is trying to convince Amber and Jessica that maybe she should go this week instead. (The LNC meeting tonight should be exciting!)

That was pretty much it for the evening. Like I said, the LNC will be having a meeting regarding tomorrow's vote once Kail's side heads to bed. I'll have the news on that in a bit!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mike Dutz answers a couple questions

I recently asked Mike Dutz to answer a couple questions about being a houseguest in the BB House. Here were his responses:

Was BB what you expected? Why/Why not?
1. I didnt really know what to expect going into Big Brother so I cant honestly say it was something I did or didnt expect. One thing I can say is I thought it would really feel like we were being filmed all of the time but not once did I feel like America was up close and personal with us.

Who do you think has the best chance of winning and why?
2. I think Eric has a great chance. He has positioned himself in the house in such a way that everyone likes him and nobody has mentioned his name for eviction.

What do you think of America's Player?
3. I thought Americas player was a great twist. It was something I was totally unaware of! It could catch up with him though when the votes start dwindling and he has to cover himself for possibly going against the house.

What do you regret doing if anything?
4. I regret getting into an alliance. I wanted to reamin solo for as long as possible in the house but was pressured into the alliance when Kail won HOH and sought me out to be in one with her. I feared if I didnt, she would view me as a threat to her and put me up on the block the first week

8/1 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Before my next update, I'd like to bring up Eric's latest AP task. I'm not completely sure who America told Eric to vote out, but he has shown no signs of wanting for Nick to stay as of late. As far as I know, Eric was told who he was voting out last night, but I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to know for sure. Now, on to the afternoon events from the BB house!

Amber told Kail that she should be fine this week. Kail says that Jameka can get to the end without lying. Amber says it's hard for people to trust Kail because of the MRA. Amber asked Kail if she nominated her week 1 because she was a single mother. Kail said no and that she had every intention of getting Carol out that week. Amber asked Kail if her and Zach get along, and Kail says that she only likes Amber and Jen. Kail sees the final four as her, Amber, Dustin, and Jameka if Dick doesn't kick Kail out first. She thinks that Jen and Zach will go before her though. Amber thinks the final four will be her, Dustin, Eric, and Jameka.

Jameka and Jessica slept until almost 2:00 PM before BB woke them up. Dustin received his HoH camera and spent much of the afternoon taking pictures with it. Daniele tried to convince Amber to change her vote to evict Kail instead. Amber told Jameka about this, and she thinks evicting Nick only helps out Daniele. Amber says that she will not change her vote because she couldn't do that to Dustin. Amber wants Zach out next week and Kail to win the next HoH. Amber is excited about the LNC meeting tonight because she can't wait to team up on Daniele and Dick.

Apparently, banners on planes have been flying overhead. BB calls them in the house before they get a chance to read them though. Some of the HG think that America is trying to tell them something. Eric says that no plane can change his mind about voting Nick out. He and Dick agree that there will be one final LNC meeting tonight before the eviction tomorrow. Daniele doesn't want Amber to win HoH next week. Dick says there is no way she will win it because she doesn't even want it. He tells her that she needs to get close to Jessica so that they can team up with her and Eric.

Kail told Jen that Nick would never have nominated Dustin because Amber would have freaked out. She's still surprised that Nick was nominated this week. She was sure Zach would be the one nominated. Jen says that nobody wants to waste an HoH on Zach. Jen says that she will be a target from here on out no matter what she does. Kail doesn't think that Daniele and Dick are with Amber and Dustin because of who Amber said would be her ideal final four. Kail thinks that Jameka would never nominate Amber, but Jen thinks that Jameka would vote against the LNC.

That does it for the afternoon! It seems pretty clear that Nick will be evicted now. I'll have another update later!

8/1 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Snore - another morning full of nothing. Before getting into my next update, I'd just thought to let you know about the latest in the fantasy league ( I recently updated the standings, and it's time to begin the week 5 picks! Please e-mail for your weeks for week 5. If you are new to the league, just e-mail your picks as well as your first name. Thanks! Now, on to this morning's events in the BB house.

Nick was the first one up today at around 10:00 AM. Dustin posted his latest entry in his HoH blog. Kail asked Amber if she was sad about Nick going, and Amber said that she was doing better today. Amber then went up and asked Dustin if he told Kail how she was voting, and he said no. (She freaked out because Kail assumed she was voting to evict Nick.)

Kail told Amber that she was never a target of the MRA and that they were planning on getting the six enemies out of the house first. Kail went on about how she is here to help people out in the game and that she is a team player. Amber told Kail that she should try for the next HoH. Kail thinks so too and says that Dustin told her that as well. She tells Amber that she would never nominate Eric, Jameka, and Jessica as long as Dick is still in the house. Amber says that she likes Dick but hates how negative he is all the time. She tells Kail that she needs to watch out for herself and not worry so much about everyone else in the game. They talk about how Jameka gained a lot of respect by sticking to her word to save Jen with the PoV.

That's pretty much it for the morning! It seems pretty clear that Nick will go this week, especially since America seems to have wanted Eric to evict Nick this week. My guess is that the vote will be 7-1 for Nick to be evicted, with Zach being the only vote against Kail.

7/31-8/1 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

The night became a little more exciting as the hours went on, especially since the HG once again stayed up way into the night. Will America tell Eric to vote Kail or Nick out? Here's the late-night info from last night in the BB house!

The night was packed with small talk: Jessica said that she lost her virginity at 21 because she was drunk. She had planned to wait until she was married since she was raised Catholic. Jen complained about a very miniscule gap in between her two front teeth because she lost her retainer shortly before the show. Kail told her that it's almost impossible to see. Jen claimed that people would notice it in pictures. (I will since I know you have it now!) @@ Dustin told Dick that he can pick up women just as easily as he can.

Nick talked with Amber, and Amber made it look like she was going to vote for him. They said they would talk again tomorrow. Nick feels confident that he has the five votes to stay. He repeats that he will not campaign and has no problem with going home this week. Amber promised Nick that she would stay truthful to him because she knows others will lie to his face.

Dustin still thinks that Nick and Zach are together since Zach wants Nick to stay. He and Jessica think that Thursday's HoH will be endurance (it should be). Jessica thinks that everyone in the LNC will vote Nick out this week. She says that if anyone does, then it would show their true colors. Dustin says that Zach will vote Kail out, but Jen will vote Nick out. Eric joins them and talks about how sick he is of Dick. He tells Jessica that Nick must go this week. (This was after he was in the DR for about 45 minutes, so I'm guessing America wants Nick out this week!)

Dick thinks that it would be better for Amber and Daniele in the game if Nick left the house. He hopes that the next HoH competition will not be endurance, but Daniele wants it to be because she sucks at the questions competitions. Dick doesn't want it to be endurance because Jen would have a good chance at winning it. Daniele says that Zach really wants to win the next HoH. Dick thinks that he would put him up. Dick tells Daniele not to get her hopes up about Nick staying this week, but he's sick of making decisions for the best of the LNC. Daniele says that ousting Nick is a bad move strategically. Dick says that he will do everything he can to make sure Jen is the next one to go. Daniele hates almost everyone in the house. Dick thinks that something is up with Eric because he is in the DR longer than anyone else in the house. (Hmm...he's figuring it out!)

Amber says that she will be a wreck on Thursday with Nick leaving. Her and Dustin want Jen or Kail to win HoH so that they can nominate Daniele and Dick. Amber thinks that her, Dustin, Eric, and Jessica are safe for a while. She wants Jessica to win an HoH soon so she isn't seen as a floater. They then talk about how Daniele is just as mean as her dad is and how they are so alike. Eric, Jameka, and Jessica think the vote this week should be either 7-1 or 6-2 for Nick to be evicted. If it's anything else, they will know that someone flipped their vote. They agree that Daniele and Dick are really shady and that they need to go soon. They agree that Dustin really screwed up this week.

Surprisingly, Jessica was the last one in bed tonight at around 6:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

7/31 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The evening was somewhat more exciting than the afternoon, but not by that much. Will Nick be able to get the other vote for him to stay? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Zach told Jessica that he made a major error regarding the MRA. Zach tells her that he doesn't talk much because he fears that people will twist his words and use that against him. Jessica says that she would never do that to him because she doesn't like hurting other people. Jessica told him that she felt free in the house once Carol was evicted. Zach thought it was strange how Carol was so easy to leave. Zach regrets having streaked in the backyard a few weeks back. Zach wants Kail to go this week since she betrayed the MRA. They are both annoyed by Kail. Jessica doesn't like Kail because Kail didn't ask her for her vote last week. Zach continued to push for Jessica's vote, but she never committed to anything.

Nick told Daniele that his relationship with her is more important to him than staying in the house. Daniele says that this week has been the hardest for her so far. Nick agrees. Daniele says that he really needs to talk to Amber and Jameka because he needs their votes to stay this week. Nick said that he will talk to them but won't campaign for their votes. Nick says that he was nominated because everyone approached him with an alliance and he agreed to all of them. The two then fight because Nick keeps talking about how he wants to spend the rest of his time in the house with her. Daniele thinks that he should be more focused on the game if he really wants to stay.

Nick asked Jameka if she was part of the group that wanted him out this week. Dick tells him that everyone was a part of it. Dick tells him not to trust Dustin if the vote is tied. Nick says that he plans on really working Amber soon. Nick tells Dick that he trusts him and Daniele totally. Dick tells him to not trust anyone totally. Dick tells him that he would love to see Kail go this week and Jen next week. Dick tells him that Zach will probably go next week, and Nick is okay with that. Nick really wants Jen out of the house though.

The HG have gotten into a new game involving the keys on the Memory Wall. It works like this: Someone switches the keys on the Memory Wall up, and the HG try to guess who's key is in what hole. It is pretty entertaining but gets old quick. Jessica is pretty good at it!

That's pretty much it for the night! I'll have another update in the morning!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

7/31 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

So much for an exciting afternoon! I waited a little bit longer to do this update in hopes that things would become more interesting, but that wasn't the case. Here's the little news coming from this afternoon in the BB house.

Zach told Nick that he thinks the house is split between the males and females. He thinks that Daniele is on the guys' side and that Eric is getting played by the rest of the girls. He tells Nick to really work Amber and Eric when campaigning. Daniele told Nick that she will nominate Jen and Kail again if she wins HoH. She hopes that Jen will go so that she can spend time with Nick outside the house. (She jokes as she says this of course.) Daniele says that she can't take much more of Jen anymore. She hates that Jen is accusing Daniele of things that are completely false.

Dick talked to Eric about possibly voting Kail out this week. Dick says that Nick could work with them if he stays. Eric doesn't want Nick in the house unless he plans on working with all of the LNC and not just some of them. (I'm sure America will want him to vote Kail out anyway, so he will be campaigning for Nick to stay soon enough!) Dick asks Eric to think about it, but Eric thinks the group will still want Nick out this week.

Dick tells Daniele that the group may not want Nick to go out this week, but Daniele thinks he should talk to someone other than Eric about it since Eric feels threatened by Nick. Daniele thinks that they should backdoor Eric when they want to get him out. Dick thinks that Eric would freak out when they do it. Daniele thinks that Dick should talk to Jessica about voting Kail out because she hates Kail. Dick will do everything he can to make sure Jen goes home next week. Dick tells Nick that Jameka is on the fence about voting him out. Dick tells Nick to try and work on Amber. Nick said that he needs Amber and Jameka in order to stay this week. Zach told Nick that he would fight for him to stay. Nick told him to try to work Jessica. Zach said that he would try to work Eric too.

Dick told Dustin that they should go after Jen next week instead of Zach. Dick leaves, and Dustin tells Jameka that he thinks that Daniele, Dick, Nick, and Zach are aligned. Dustin tells Kail that he is sure she will stay this week because there isn't five people that would vote her out.

That was pretty much it for the afternoon! As of now, the only sure votes Nick could have to stay would be from Daniele, Dick, and Zach. He could get Amber and Jameka, but it will hard to get either of them. I think Eric and Jessica are out of the question (unless America tells Eric to vote Kail out). If I had to make a prediction now, I would say that Nick is going. But anything can change in the next two days!

7/31 Show Recap

As always the show started with a recap of Mike being evicted, Dustin winning HoH and Dustin nominating Kail and Jen. Dustin then tells Kail he is taking her pawn deal and she won't go home. Dustin says as long as one of the four goes home he could care less who. Jen then cries about being nominated.

Dustin and Amber talk and think they should nominate Nick if PoV is used. They believe he is in an alliance with Zach and Jen.

Its time to pick PoV Players!

Dustin picks Daniele
Jen picks Jameka
Kail picks Jessica

Jameka tells Kail she thinks god chose her to help Jen in the competition. She says God already knows whats going to happen, they are just playing it out. Jameka then tells Jen she will use the PoV on her if she wins it because she feels God chose her to play for a reason and since Jen chose her she will save Jen

Jameka then tells Dustin and Dick. Dustin doesn't say much but Dick believes its a big mistake and completely disagrees

Power of Veto time!!! House guests have to dress up. They are taking a trip to the BB art gallery!

They will earn money for each picture they interpret into a BB phrase. The person with the most money in the end wins!. If they mis-interpret any picture they are eliminated.

First Picture: Worth 500 dollars. Daniele gets it- Head of Household.
Second Picture: Worth 500 dollars. Daniele gets it- Memory Wall
Third Picture: Worth 750 dollars. Kail gets it- Diary Room
Fourth Picture: Worth 750 dollars. Daniele gets it incorrect.

Now for a prize!

1st prize: 6 night stay in Barbados for two goes to Dustin

5th Puzzle: Worth 1000 dollars. Kail guesses incorrect. She is eliminated
6th Puzzle: Worth 1000 dollars. Jameka gets it- Alliance
7th Puzzle: Worth 1000 dollars. Dustin gets it- Julie Che
8th Puzzle: Worth 1500 dollars. Dustin gets it- Chopping Block

2nd prize: 5,000 Dollars in cash goes to Dustin.

9th Puzzle: Worth 2000 dollars. Jen gets it incorrect!

With that, the winner of the Power of Veto is JAMEKA!

Dick confronts Dustin about being so greedy. Dustin says it was a selfish move. He feels terrible and believes everyone hates him. Everyone talks about how Dustin is so selfish. Jameka says she will stick to her word of taking Jen off- Amber doesn't speak.

Amber and Jameka talk. Jameka says she could've been greedy but wasn't. Amber tells shes a beautiful person and a good person. Daniele is mad about everything. Eric thinks Dustin has lost the trust of all his ally's. Dick confronts Jen about throwing PoV because Jameka would use it. Jen :says she was trying to win- Dick disagrees. Kail wonders why Dick cares.

America's Player: Eric must get 3 house guests to say "I'd do that for a dollar" on 5 different days. He starts saying it. He tells Dick he is tired of Amber's expressions so he is beginning his own. He continues to say it and other house guests are confused.

The Late Night Crew:

They are talking about who to nominate when Jameka uses the Veto. They come to agreement to nominate Nick because he is more of a fierce competitor. Daniele wants to Jen to go home because she lies. Amber say Nick does the same thing and Jessica says its not their job to follow Daniele's personal agenda. Daniele cries because she believes Amber is personally attacking her. Jameka wants Zach to go up

Time for the PoV Ceremony. Everybody to the living room. Jen says she believes things happen for a reason and Kail says its hard to campaign against a friend. With that Jameka saves Jen. Dustin nominates Nick in her place.

Who will be evicted and who will win HoH, find out Thursday at 8!

7/31 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

The feeds were ULTRA-boring once again this morning. Most of the HG just woke up within the last hour or so! Here's the little news coming at you from this morning in the BB house.

Kail was the first one up at around 10:40 AM today. Daniele and Dick that Dustin has been on a power trip this week. (I'm starting to see that, but nobody was worse than when Dick was HoH last week!) Dick told Amber not to tell Nick about her knowing all along about his nomination. He said that she can do what she wants, but telling Nick might be a bad decision for the group. He then went off on Jen for a little bit, calling her an idiot and saying how she follows him around all the time. @@

That's pretty much it for the morning! Like I said, most of the HG have only been up for an hour or so, and they haven't really said much. Maybe things will heat up as the day goes on.

Videos of Evil Dick and Jen arguements

Here are some videos of Evil Dick and Jen going at it. These are not my videos however. What do you guys think, should Dick we reprimanded or is Jen bringing it on herself?

7/30-31 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Despite the drama of the evening, the night calmed down and was overall pretty low-key. Did Dick go off on Jen some more? Here's the late-night info from last night in the BB house!

Nick thinks that Dick will be expelled from the house after this week. Nick asked Daniele if he knew that he would be going up today. Daniele starts to tell him that Zach was supposed to be nominated this week, but everything changed when Jameka won PoV. Instead of wanting Zach up, people then wanted Nick up. Dick was called into the DR several times last night, but he told everyone that he was told that he has not crossed any lines with Jen. (I figured as much. Like I said, look at Howie from BB6! BB never told him that he was crossing the line either.) Jameka argued with Dick, saying that his behavior towards Jen is wrong. Dick says that Jen brings it on herself regarding her comments toward Daniele mostly. Dick says that he hasn't crossed any lines yet, so he doesn't see what the problem is. He wishes they had gotten rid of Jen last week instead of Mike. They agree that Nick shouldn't be the one going this week.

Amber, Dustin, and Jameka talked about Dick wanting Jen out next week instead of Zach. Dustin is getting angry with Dick because he is starting to fracture the LNC. Jameka said that she would not be using the PoV to save anyone anymore. Dustin dyed and cut Eric's hair into a faux-hawk type of style. His hair is now a darker black. Eric told Jen that she was never their target. He tells her to law low, and things will stay that way. He mentions how everyone hates Dick and that Amber and Daniele have issues. Jen tells him that she wants to stick with him, Jameka, and Jessica.

Dick tells Daniele that Dustin and Jameka showed their true colors this week, Amber is an idiot, and that Kail is a wreck. Daniele and Dick agree that Jameka is a hypocrite because she said that she won't play PoV for anyone again, when she said that she always would a few days ago. Daniele thinks that Amber, Dustin, and Jameka are plotting against them. Jessica thinks they are being rude by excluding them. The three talk about how nuts the house is. Daniele and Jessica think that they are the only normal ones in there. @@ Dick says that evicting Nick this week isn't the best move for him but will do it for the group's sake. He tells Jessica to let him know if anyone decides to change their vote.

Dick was the last one asleep at round 5:40 AM. All HG are still in bed as I post this! As for the Dick and Jen arguing, nothing will really happen between these two. It's mainly just bickering because they hate each other. Jen brings it on herself most of the time, but luckily she isn't whining about it like April did in BB6. Dick won't get expelled from the house unless he physically harms her, which is extremely unlikely to happen. I'll have more later!

7/30 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Drama in the house! Finally, we have a situation in the house similar to April and Howie in BB6. Dick and Jen are at each other's throats, so will the vote change to evict Kail to weaken Jen? Here's what happened this evening in the BB house.

Kail was upset that she didn't stand up for Jen when Dick was bullying her. She thinks she sent a bad message to her kids by not standing up for what she believed in. She is also upset with Dick, saying that no 44-year-old man should treat young women like that. Dustin tried to console her, saying how sincere she is for caring about Jen so much. Daniele isn't feeling well today and wishes that Kail would be the one going home this week and not Nick. Dick says that Kail is a mess because she thinks she's going this week. Dick then says that Jen and Kail will be nominated again next week.

Dustin says that Zach thinks that Nick will never be evicted over Kail. Eric thinks that Nick will eventually go off on everyone since he hasn't done it yet. Eric says that Nick told him that he has been trying to allign with Amber and Dustin all week. Eric thinks that Daniele doesn't like Amber because Daniele thinks that her relationship with Nick is more special than his relationship with Amber. He says that Daniele thinks the situation in the house is all about her.

Nick told Kail that he doesn't trust her in the game. He says that he likes Amber but isn't sure if he can trust her. He can't stand Jen and will never trust her. He says that Zach asked him for an alliance, but he doesn't really want to allign with him. Nick says that out of all the people in the house, he trusts Amber and Daniele the most. He tells Kail that he will do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Kail said that she has no idea that he would be the one nominated. Nick says that he thinks he is a threat, so it was a good move on Dustin's part. He also sees Kail as a threat.

Jameka is concerned because Nick didn't want her to use the PoV, and now he's the one nominated. Dustin tells her that she has nothing to worry about, but she is still sad that she had to do that to him. Dustin then says that today was the worst day yet, mainly because of Dick's latest rant. Jameka says that Kail thinks that Dick will get expelled. She goes on to say how everyone thinks he took things too far today with Jen. Jameka thinks that someone needs to talk to Dick about how he acted today. Dustin says that Jen won't take any crap from Dick and that she will never let him get to her. Jameka thinks that Dick played the mustard prank and voted to evict Kail last week to keep the drama alive.

Daniele told Nick that Amber told everyone that she thought that he voted to evict Kail last week. Nick immediately tells Dustin that he voted to evict Mike last week, and Dustin says that he didn't nominate him because of that. Nick says that he told Jen to vote to evict Mike as well. Dustin thinks that Jen and Nick have a secret alliance, since Nick told her how to vote. He still thinks that Dick voted the other way. Dustin tells Amber, Eric, and Jameka that Daniele should be the first one of the LNC to go. Jameka suggests that Kail be a pawn for Daniele or Dick to be evicted. Eric wants her to be a pawn for everyone they want out. Jameka says that she will tell Kail that they will keep her in the game as long as she never wins another competition. They then talk about how much they'd like to see Daniele and Dick go. They say that if Dick was ever nominated again, they would vote him out. They also would rather see Daniele go than Zach. Jameka thinks that Daniele is a bigger threat than Dick is. Eric says that Jen or Zach have to go next week though.

Jameka says that if Daniele is nominated, she will vote her out next week. Dustin and Eric think that they should tell Jen that she is not their target. Eric thinks it's odd that Dick would not think they would figure out how he has been offering everyone in the house an alliance with him, even Jen. Eric thinks that Daniele is the new Janelle (me too!) because of her competitive spirit. Eric agrees that their side (the LNC except Daniele and Dick) will control the house after this week. Eric thinks that they should tell Zach that he has no chance at winning the game. Jameka wants to nominate Jen and Zach next week instead of Kail. They agree that Zach needs to go next week. Jameka says if he wins HoH next week, that everyone should avoid him instead of talking to him. Dustin says that nobody would cheer for him if he won, much like when Jen won HoH. They agree to be mean to Zach in their goodbye messages to him. (They really do hate him!) Eric tells Dustin to suggest sexual favors to Nick in return for keeping him this week. @@ Eric hopes that Dick can get the other side to DOR from the game.

Jen doesn't want to be left alone in the house with Daniele or Dick. Kail says that if Dick started attacking her like that, then she would submit her DOR. Jen says that nobody has ever voluntarily left the house. Jen says that she might if Dick attacks her again, then file a restraining order against him after she gets out. @@ They agree that CBS wouldn't air the fight because too many people would call and complain asking for Dick's arrest. I'm sure.

Dick went off on Jen again, and Nick joined in this time. (It wasn't as good as the first time. Nick tried to act all tough, and he did a horrible job.) Daniele later joined in and finally stood up to her for her jealously against her for her situation with Nick. Dick then dumped a glass of tea on her head, which was hilarious as Hell! Jen whined to Eric and Jameka about it. Eric thinks the producers are going to step in now. Jessica said that if Dick talked to her like he did Jen, that her family would kill him.

Daniele cried, saying that she doesn't want to be in the house anymore. She says that Amber hates her and that she's sick of everyone. Dick tried to comfort her. Daniele said that it annoyed her when Dick and Nick butted in to her conversation with Jen. She suggests voting Kail out this week so Nick will be on their side. Daniele said that Amber is mad at her because she thinks that Daniele said something bad about her to Nick. Nick tells her that she told Amber that the LNC made a mistake by saying Jen because she's not a good person. Nick thinks that the house will vote him out this week. He tells Zach that he can vote him out if he wants to. Zach says that Dustin wants Kail out this week, so if Nick goes, he will know that Dustin lied to him. Nick said that he's not going to campaign to stay and that he doesn't care if he goes home this week. Daniele told Nick that he needs to work on Eric, Jameka, and Jessica if he wants to stay in the house this week.

Dick told Amber that her and Daniele should be friends in the house. Amber says that she has tried, but Daniele doesn't want to talk to her. Amber says that Daniele has called her out on her constant crying. Amber thinks that Nick knows that she knew about the plan to nominate him beforehand. Amber wants to tell him the truth herself. Dick continues to try to get Amber to like Daniele, but Amber continues to say how Daniele won't give her a chance. Dick says how Daniele wants to leave, so she needs someone to talk to once Nick leaves. Amber thinks that Nick hates her now because he knows that she knew about the plan to nominate him all along.

Jessica thinks that Jen shouldn't start drama in the house that she can't finish. Dick says that Kail thinks that Nick is nominated as a pawn to get her out of the house. Jessica is surprised that Daniele wants to quit the game. Dick thinks that she should use this situation to make her a stronger person. Jessica agrees. Dustin thinks the situation between Dick and Jen has gone too far. Nick says that Dick will continue to antagonize Jen if BB continues to let it happen. Kail asked Nick if Dick feels bad about it, and Nick said that he doesn't know. Nick told her that he isn't going to campaign and that he is going to enjoy his last days in the house rather than be angry all the time. He says that Daniele has made his experience in the house worthwhile and that he will spend his last days in the house with her. Kail told Jen that Nick will try to protect her from Dick. Jen doesn't think that is true because he yelled at her just as bad as Dick did. Dick went off on Jen AGAIN and told her that she will be gone next week because nobody likes her anymore.

Whew, that does it for the night. I'm sure more drama will await us as the night continues!