Thursday, August 2, 2007

8/1 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The feeds have become more exciting as the day as progressed, thankfully. Will the vote change at all with the eviction less than 24 hours away? Here's the evening news from the BB house!

Daniele and Dick that tomorrow's HoH will be endurance. (It should be - the endurance HoH usually happens the week before the jury begins.) Daniele says that everyone will really fight hard if it is endurance. (Yay! I'm excited to see a long battle for it!) The HG were put on a 23-hour indoor lockdown in preparation for the HoH competition tomorrow. (That should say it all!)

Jen and Kail talked about Daniele and Nick's relationship. Jen says that Daniele really loves her boyfriend, so she would never do anything to harm that relationship. Kail is surprised at how far they have already gone if Daniele doesn't want to really harm her relationship with Kris. Jen said that according to their contracts, American would play a part in the game this year. Dustin and Jessica were surprised because they really didn't read their contracts that well. Some of the HG think that the finals will have three people in it instead of two and that America will be the 7th juror. (I like that idea!)

Amber really wants this week to be over because she is sick of crying over Nick. Amber talks about her goodbye message to Nick and how hard it was. Jameka says that the house will go nuts when Dick goes up. Amber says that Dustin wants Kail around for a while now and that she won't go until after Jen and Zach. Amber says that Kail wouldn't put her, Dustin, or Jameka up. Amber and Dustin want Jen in the house as long as Dick is in there. Amber says that Jen needs a friend really bad. She thinks that Daniele and Dick have really made her look bad this week. They want to get rid of Daniele next week. They think that Dick would be better off without her here.

It looks like America did vote for Kail to be evicted, as Eric has been going off on her lately. He is trying to convince Amber and Jessica that maybe she should go this week instead. (The LNC meeting tonight should be exciting!)

That was pretty much it for the evening. Like I said, the LNC will be having a meeting regarding tomorrow's vote once Kail's side heads to bed. I'll have the news on that in a bit!

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