Wednesday, August 1, 2007

8/1 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Before my next update, I'd like to bring up Eric's latest AP task. I'm not completely sure who America told Eric to vote out, but he has shown no signs of wanting for Nick to stay as of late. As far as I know, Eric was told who he was voting out last night, but I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to know for sure. Now, on to the afternoon events from the BB house!

Amber told Kail that she should be fine this week. Kail says that Jameka can get to the end without lying. Amber says it's hard for people to trust Kail because of the MRA. Amber asked Kail if she nominated her week 1 because she was a single mother. Kail said no and that she had every intention of getting Carol out that week. Amber asked Kail if her and Zach get along, and Kail says that she only likes Amber and Jen. Kail sees the final four as her, Amber, Dustin, and Jameka if Dick doesn't kick Kail out first. She thinks that Jen and Zach will go before her though. Amber thinks the final four will be her, Dustin, Eric, and Jameka.

Jameka and Jessica slept until almost 2:00 PM before BB woke them up. Dustin received his HoH camera and spent much of the afternoon taking pictures with it. Daniele tried to convince Amber to change her vote to evict Kail instead. Amber told Jameka about this, and she thinks evicting Nick only helps out Daniele. Amber says that she will not change her vote because she couldn't do that to Dustin. Amber wants Zach out next week and Kail to win the next HoH. Amber is excited about the LNC meeting tonight because she can't wait to team up on Daniele and Dick.

Apparently, banners on planes have been flying overhead. BB calls them in the house before they get a chance to read them though. Some of the HG think that America is trying to tell them something. Eric says that no plane can change his mind about voting Nick out. He and Dick agree that there will be one final LNC meeting tonight before the eviction tomorrow. Daniele doesn't want Amber to win HoH next week. Dick says there is no way she will win it because she doesn't even want it. He tells her that she needs to get close to Jessica so that they can team up with her and Eric.

Kail told Jen that Nick would never have nominated Dustin because Amber would have freaked out. She's still surprised that Nick was nominated this week. She was sure Zach would be the one nominated. Jen says that nobody wants to waste an HoH on Zach. Jen says that she will be a target from here on out no matter what she does. Kail doesn't think that Daniele and Dick are with Amber and Dustin because of who Amber said would be her ideal final four. Kail thinks that Jameka would never nominate Amber, but Jen thinks that Jameka would vote against the LNC.

That does it for the afternoon! It seems pretty clear that Nick will be evicted now. I'll have another update later!


Bree said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all your posts and updates. Im very sad about Nick. I would have liked to see him end up in final four. And the people voting him out are the ones he has been very honest with. The other thing is the group made a huge mistake with the veto and allowing Jen and Kail to stay. They are huge threats and if Amber believes Kail wont put her up again she is living in fantasy. Kail has no reason to keep her. She is ties with many in the house its obvious. As for Amber I loved her at first but wow her true colors came out. She is a hypocrite,she reads the bible qoutes it but gossips more than anyone had says horrible things about others. I may not agree with how Dick is at times but at least he is consistent and doesnt flip flop. I am not a fan of AMBER at all!! I also dropped when Jameka used the veto on Jen and her reasons for doing it but I respect her at least for being honest and true to her faith which I cannot say about Amber. The more I know and see of her the less I like. She has thrown Dustin under the bus and is ready to toss him at the end and I think if and when he figures it out and sees the clips he will be SHOCKED!! As for Eric he is nice but a villian none the less. He makes money no matter what for his completed tasks and he is going againsthis word to his fellow houseguests. I cant wait to find out when Julie Chen will drop the bomb like she did whe the 2 twins were revealed! That will be one uneasy house and all trying to figure out who it is..will make this a very INTERESTING twist!!! Well im for Danielle,Dick,Nick and undecided on final 4th, the way things are going their next can only hope they get HOH and stir up the house!

BB13 said...

No problem, thanks for reading them and coming to this site for all your feed updates :)

Anonymous said...

I'm for EvilD an Dani, Nick too but if they don't get rid of Kail or Jen soon I'm afraid EvilD or Dani might be going home soon..I think Dani would be out before EvilD cause then there wouldn't be any drama in the house an BB likes the drama...Im interested in hearing everyones goodbye messages to Nick if hes the one to go tonight.