Tuesday, July 31, 2007

7/30 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Drama in the house! Finally, we have a situation in the house similar to April and Howie in BB6. Dick and Jen are at each other's throats, so will the vote change to evict Kail to weaken Jen? Here's what happened this evening in the BB house.

Kail was upset that she didn't stand up for Jen when Dick was bullying her. She thinks she sent a bad message to her kids by not standing up for what she believed in. She is also upset with Dick, saying that no 44-year-old man should treat young women like that. Dustin tried to console her, saying how sincere she is for caring about Jen so much. Daniele isn't feeling well today and wishes that Kail would be the one going home this week and not Nick. Dick says that Kail is a mess because she thinks she's going this week. Dick then says that Jen and Kail will be nominated again next week.

Dustin says that Zach thinks that Nick will never be evicted over Kail. Eric thinks that Nick will eventually go off on everyone since he hasn't done it yet. Eric says that Nick told him that he has been trying to allign with Amber and Dustin all week. Eric thinks that Daniele doesn't like Amber because Daniele thinks that her relationship with Nick is more special than his relationship with Amber. He says that Daniele thinks the situation in the house is all about her.

Nick told Kail that he doesn't trust her in the game. He says that he likes Amber but isn't sure if he can trust her. He can't stand Jen and will never trust her. He says that Zach asked him for an alliance, but he doesn't really want to allign with him. Nick says that out of all the people in the house, he trusts Amber and Daniele the most. He tells Kail that he will do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Kail said that she has no idea that he would be the one nominated. Nick says that he thinks he is a threat, so it was a good move on Dustin's part. He also sees Kail as a threat.

Jameka is concerned because Nick didn't want her to use the PoV, and now he's the one nominated. Dustin tells her that she has nothing to worry about, but she is still sad that she had to do that to him. Dustin then says that today was the worst day yet, mainly because of Dick's latest rant. Jameka says that Kail thinks that Dick will get expelled. She goes on to say how everyone thinks he took things too far today with Jen. Jameka thinks that someone needs to talk to Dick about how he acted today. Dustin says that Jen won't take any crap from Dick and that she will never let him get to her. Jameka thinks that Dick played the mustard prank and voted to evict Kail last week to keep the drama alive.

Daniele told Nick that Amber told everyone that she thought that he voted to evict Kail last week. Nick immediately tells Dustin that he voted to evict Mike last week, and Dustin says that he didn't nominate him because of that. Nick says that he told Jen to vote to evict Mike as well. Dustin thinks that Jen and Nick have a secret alliance, since Nick told her how to vote. He still thinks that Dick voted the other way. Dustin tells Amber, Eric, and Jameka that Daniele should be the first one of the LNC to go. Jameka suggests that Kail be a pawn for Daniele or Dick to be evicted. Eric wants her to be a pawn for everyone they want out. Jameka says that she will tell Kail that they will keep her in the game as long as she never wins another competition. They then talk about how much they'd like to see Daniele and Dick go. They say that if Dick was ever nominated again, they would vote him out. They also would rather see Daniele go than Zach. Jameka thinks that Daniele is a bigger threat than Dick is. Eric says that Jen or Zach have to go next week though.

Jameka says that if Daniele is nominated, she will vote her out next week. Dustin and Eric think that they should tell Jen that she is not their target. Eric thinks it's odd that Dick would not think they would figure out how he has been offering everyone in the house an alliance with him, even Jen. Eric thinks that Daniele is the new Janelle (me too!) because of her competitive spirit. Eric agrees that their side (the LNC except Daniele and Dick) will control the house after this week. Eric thinks that they should tell Zach that he has no chance at winning the game. Jameka wants to nominate Jen and Zach next week instead of Kail. They agree that Zach needs to go next week. Jameka says if he wins HoH next week, that everyone should avoid him instead of talking to him. Dustin says that nobody would cheer for him if he won, much like when Jen won HoH. They agree to be mean to Zach in their goodbye messages to him. (They really do hate him!) Eric tells Dustin to suggest sexual favors to Nick in return for keeping him this week. @@ Eric hopes that Dick can get the other side to DOR from the game.

Jen doesn't want to be left alone in the house with Daniele or Dick. Kail says that if Dick started attacking her like that, then she would submit her DOR. Jen says that nobody has ever voluntarily left the house. Jen says that she might if Dick attacks her again, then file a restraining order against him after she gets out. @@ They agree that CBS wouldn't air the fight because too many people would call and complain asking for Dick's arrest. I'm sure.

Dick went off on Jen again, and Nick joined in this time. (It wasn't as good as the first time. Nick tried to act all tough, and he did a horrible job.) Daniele later joined in and finally stood up to her for her jealously against her for her situation with Nick. Dick then dumped a glass of tea on her head, which was hilarious as Hell! Jen whined to Eric and Jameka about it. Eric thinks the producers are going to step in now. Jessica said that if Dick talked to her like he did Jen, that her family would kill him.

Daniele cried, saying that she doesn't want to be in the house anymore. She says that Amber hates her and that she's sick of everyone. Dick tried to comfort her. Daniele said that it annoyed her when Dick and Nick butted in to her conversation with Jen. She suggests voting Kail out this week so Nick will be on their side. Daniele said that Amber is mad at her because she thinks that Daniele said something bad about her to Nick. Nick tells her that she told Amber that the LNC made a mistake by saying Jen because she's not a good person. Nick thinks that the house will vote him out this week. He tells Zach that he can vote him out if he wants to. Zach says that Dustin wants Kail out this week, so if Nick goes, he will know that Dustin lied to him. Nick said that he's not going to campaign to stay and that he doesn't care if he goes home this week. Daniele told Nick that he needs to work on Eric, Jameka, and Jessica if he wants to stay in the house this week.

Dick told Amber that her and Daniele should be friends in the house. Amber says that she has tried, but Daniele doesn't want to talk to her. Amber says that Daniele has called her out on her constant crying. Amber thinks that Nick knows that she knew about the plan to nominate him beforehand. Amber wants to tell him the truth herself. Dick continues to try to get Amber to like Daniele, but Amber continues to say how Daniele won't give her a chance. Dick says how Daniele wants to leave, so she needs someone to talk to once Nick leaves. Amber thinks that Nick hates her now because he knows that she knew about the plan to nominate him all along.

Jessica thinks that Jen shouldn't start drama in the house that she can't finish. Dick says that Kail thinks that Nick is nominated as a pawn to get her out of the house. Jessica is surprised that Daniele wants to quit the game. Dick thinks that she should use this situation to make her a stronger person. Jessica agrees. Dustin thinks the situation between Dick and Jen has gone too far. Nick says that Dick will continue to antagonize Jen if BB continues to let it happen. Kail asked Nick if Dick feels bad about it, and Nick said that he doesn't know. Nick told her that he isn't going to campaign and that he is going to enjoy his last days in the house rather than be angry all the time. He says that Daniele has made his experience in the house worthwhile and that he will spend his last days in the house with her. Kail told Jen that Nick will try to protect her from Dick. Jen doesn't think that is true because he yelled at her just as bad as Dick did. Dick went off on Jen AGAIN and told her that she will be gone next week because nobody likes her anymore.

Whew, that does it for the night. I'm sure more drama will await us as the night continues!


dgh1965 said...

Well does everybody see what Jen is up to?

Yesterday she sits down with the rule book to see what it takes for somebody to be kicked out. Then she starts stuff with Dick and keeps coming back for more, then whines to the other HG after the tea episode. She has started a whole new game with Dick. She also knows his biggest weakness, Dani.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- but what doe DOR mean?

BB13 said...

DOR - Drop out Request or Voluntary Exit as Dick says.

habeas corpus said...

I think jen should file charges against Dick. He's loud and rude and totally disrespecful. I hope Jen are Kail wins HOH and put Dick and his daughter up again!!!!1