Saturday, February 23, 2008

2/23 Live Feeds: 12:00-6:00 PM

Chelsia's father's birthday is tomorrow. Sheila claims that she will quit the game if Adam is "abusive" towards her again. Joshuah thinks that Sheila is crazy and doesn't trust her. Amanda wants Joshuah/Sharon to use the PoV so Sheila can be nominated. The hot water has returned! Sharon doesn't understand how Sheila can turn on Allison so quickly when they were best friends for two weeks. Allison told Natalie that she plans on voting to keep her this week because Amanda starts the most drama in the house. She made a pact with Natalie until the final three.

Joshuah doesn't want to use the PoV because he is worried that both Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie would end up staying this week. Adam wants Allison/Ryan to win HoH next week. Allison says that Adam and Ryan are her two favorite males in the house. Joshuah/Sharon now think that the PoV ceremony will be tomorrow. Allison says that if she wins HoH next week, she will nominate Adam/Sheila and Alex/Amanda. Allison claims that Sheila is clueless about the BB game. Chelsia thinks that Sheila is nearing her breaking point.

Joshuah told Amanda that he would not be using the PoV but will get the votes for her to stay this week. However, if she tells anyone about this, he will make sure she is evicted. He also got her to promise not to nominate him if she wins HoH next week. Natalie thinks that she has Adam/Sheila's vote this week. Amanda didn't think that she would want to make the jury at first, but now she is fine with it. Allison told Sharon that she (Allison) is the best person to take to the finals because nobody would vote for her.

Adam told Sheila that he wants Alex/Amanda out this week. They agree that they should try for HoH next week because they will be nominated if they don't win. They start bickering about Sheila being rude to everyone. Sheila blames it on lack of sleep. They agree that they need to start getting along so they can work together well during competitions.

2/22-23 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM Friday-12:00 PM Saturday

It seems that Amanda fainted because she had extremely low blood sugar. Since she was put on slop Thursday, she hasn't been eating very much, and a girl of her build needs to eat. The feeds were blocked for about 40 minutes while Amanda was being taken care of. During that time, Allison was also treated for an apparent hives breakout due to her eating a peanut that she apparently was allergic to.

James said that Amanda looked lifeless when he saw her following her faint. At first, Chelsia thought Amanda was faking since she is so dramatic. Joshuah says that he would rather have Alex/Amanda in the game now. Sharon is nervous about voting out Matt/Natalie after she just told Natalie that they would be safe this week. Sharon says that Alex promised never to vote against her if she saves him with the PoV. Joshuah thinks that Allison/Ryan could never win because everyone hates Jen, and if Ryan wins, Jen wins. Joshuah wants to win HoH, but Sharon doesn't because they would be winning two competitions in a row.

Ryan doesn't think that Joshuah/Sharon shouls use the PoV. He wants to get Matt/Natalie out this week and Adam/Sheila out next week. Ryan says that if Alex/Amanda win HoH next week, they will nominate him/Allison and Adam/Sheila. Sheila was upset that Adam didn't defend her during her fight with Allison. According to the house, the women have to wear their bathing suits Sunday and their margarita party is Monday. BB ordered flowers for Allison and Amanda, and some of the HG made cards for them.

Amanda returned at around 10:00 PM. She is off slop for the meantime and was instructed to eat some peanut butter. Natalie started to get sick and thinks she may have picked up a fever. Sheila thinks that being outside in the rain might have resulted in the recent sickness in the house. Sheila started crying because she doesn't like sleeping with Adam because he moves so much and snores while sleeping. She is missing her son and wants to go home this week. She hopes that PoV is used and she is nominated now.

Allison returned around 10:15 PM and has to return to the hospital later today for more testing. The doctors told her that she would have died had she waited any longer for medical attention. She is still shaken up by the whole situation. Sheila thinks that the slop diet needs to be returned back to peanut butter and jelly. Sheila continued to rant about Adam and how much she wants out of the game. James thinks that Sheila is bipolar. Joshuah/Sharon still do not plan on using the PoV. Ryan told Allison that she cannot talk with Sheila about the game anymore. Allison still cannot believe how Sheila hates her now. Allison wants her out next week.

Chelsia/James stayed up late into the night, making out and taking in between. They finally went to bed around 4:20 AM. Allison returned to the doctor at around 8:25 AM this morning. She returned shortly after and returned to bed. Joshuah was the first one up today around two hours later. He was informed that the PoV ceremony would be today. He told Alex that the house wants Matt/Natalie out this week since they are a bigger threat. Natalie seems to be feeling better today. Both Allison and Amanda claim to have bad headaches from their pain medication.

Apparently, the HG are now having their margarita party tonight. Joshuah/Sharon still are planning not to use the PoV. Amanda worked to get them to use it, but they don't seem to be budging. Joshuah told Allison to be nice to Sheila but not to trust her. Sheila now doesn't want to be nominated and cried to Chelsia, saying how sorry she was for starting a fight last night.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Emergency in the BB House

There was an emergency in the BB House. A supposed hypoglycemic Amanda passed out after telling natalie she needed some sugar. Freaked out Natalie went and got some other HGs when Amanda started having seizures. Feeds cut but have now returned. It seems Josh pressed the Panic button and an ambulance came. I am not sure if Amanda will be returning to the game. I will update once I hear more.

Here is a video: Warning its kind of disturbing

It also seems as if Allison isn't at the house either after her face broke out in hives. I am not sure whether Allison has also left or if she is in the DR for treatment.


Allison and Amanda have returned. Amanda was taken to the hospital and has been given glucose pills. She is supposed to take 2 a day and should make a full recovery. She seems to be very weak and sick. Allison also returned after leaving because of a bad break out in hives. She also went to the hospital and the nurse told her she is severly allergic to something she ate. The nurse told her if she would have waited 10 more minutes she could have died---luckily she was in the BB house. Allison said she would be getting tested tomorrow. The houseguests made get well cards and had flowers ready for the sick HGs. They all went into the DR where they were told everyone would be off slop for the night.

A full update coming soon

2/22 Live Feeds: 3:00-6:00 PM

Chelsia/James would rather see Matt/Natalie evicted this week while Joshuah/Sharon want Alex/Amanda out. Apparently, Alex/Amanda nearly won the PoV this week. Chelsia/James think that Alex/Amanda won't be likely to win HoH next week since they are on slop this week, which is why they would rather have Alex/Amanda stay this week. Joshuah/Sharon do not plan on using the PoV this week. Amanda wants Joshuah to use the PoV on her, then vote with her to keep Matt/Natalie, saying that he "owes" her after belittling her last week. Joshuah seemed to agree. He told Amanda not to worry this week but wasn't any more specific.

Sheila is upset that Allison told the entire house about her yeast infection and acted like it was a big deal. Natalie wants to call Allison out on this in front of the house. Amanda thinks that they should wait until after the PoV ceremony before starting a fight with her. Sheila agrees. Natalie and Sheila think that they should tell Chelsia/James about Allison so that they can nominate her and Ryan as a replacement. Amanda thinks that Joshuah will use the PoV on her now.

Allison decided to come down from the HoH room to talk with Sheila about everything that is going on. At first they talk very civilly about allegations but then it turned into an all out shouting match. Sheila saying Allison has turned on her and is telling everyone Sheila has an STD. Sheila feels Allison has used Sheila through and through for her vote and now that she doesn’t need Sheila’s vote, Allison is back stabbing Sheila. Allison feels all Sheila has done is destroy all of her relationships in the house and Allison says that’s OK because she will be able to restore them. Allison tells Sheila that she is making a target for herself but Sheila says Allison is manipulating everyone in the house. This goes on for awhile when Ryan and Adam come in and start yelling at Sheila. They tell her to stop lying etc and then leave. Soon after this, Sheila tells Allison she never wants to speak with her again. Allison leaves and as she is walking out of the room tells Sheila her “yeast” infection is more than a yeast infection, implying its an STD.

Allison heads to the kitchen where she finds Natalie. Allison claims Natalie said some dirty things about her while Natalie says that is a lie. Natalie tries to talk to Allison but Allison is pissed. Matt tells Natalie not to argue and to leave. Natalie does so. Natalie heads to the Sauna with Amanda to talk. They talk for a while when Ryan comes in. Natalie tells Ryan her whole issue and that everything has been cleared up

Matt tried to convince Josh/Sharon to use PoV. He said if Josh uses it and Sheila were to go, Josh would be safe next week because everyone would nominate Alex and Matt. I don’t believe Josh was convinced. As of now it looks like the PoV will not be used and most likely (as of now) Matt and Natalie will be evicted. There are still 5 days until eviction so ANYTHING could change. This house changes every hour.

2/22 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for about 100 minutes, the feeds have returned, and Joshuah/Sharon have won the PoV! I'll let you know if anything changes.

2/22 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-3:00 PM

Nobody awoke before the 9:00 AM BB wake-up call this morning. Alex and Matt didn't want to play the PoV competition in the rain today. Amanda wasn't bothered by the rain. Allison says that Matt is talking to everyone, making sure that he doesn't go this week. Sheila wonders who would be nominated if PoV was used. Natalie says that she will nominate Chelsia/James if she wins HoH next week. Allison and Sheila agree to vote to keep Matt/Natalie if they remain nominated.

The feeds were blocked shortly for the picking of the fourth couple, and Joshuah/Sharon were picked to play PoV this week. Allison now wants Matt/Natalie out this week because they are stronger than Alex/Amanda. Adam made a deal with Matt that he plans on sticking to though. Joshuah thinks that Adam is aligned with Matt now. Chelsia thinks that Adam/Sheila fighting with each other is their plan so that they can fly under the radar until the end. Amanda says that she will do anything to win the PoV, including eating poop.

Sheila told Matt/Natalie about Allison's plan to get them out this week. The feeds have been blocked since around 1:40 PM for the PoV competition. Once they return, I'll have the scoop!

2/21-22 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

Matt thinks that if Alex/Amanda win PoV, then he will be evicted this week, but Amanda isn't so sure. Natalie told Matt that he needs to spend more time with her this week if they want to have any chance at staying in the house. Apparently, Sheila also has developed a yeast infection. Adam hopes that the PoV competition this week is mental because he doesn't think that the nominees would be very good at it. Alex thinks that Joshuah/Sharon will be nominated if PoV is used this week. Matt thinks that Adam/Sheila could be nominated. Amanda thinks that if Adam/Sheila are nominated, then they will be voted out this week.

Sheila says that Allison has gotten cockier about the game ever since she was saved last week. She wants to use the PoV on one of the nominees should she win it and then vote out the replacement nominee. (She is telling Amanda all this, so I'm not sure if it's true.) Amanda prayed to God, asking to win the PoV competition this week. Alex/Amanda fought yet again because Amanda claimed that she was still a virgin. Alex couldn't see how with the way she flaunts herself.

Chelsia/James made out again. They talked game for a while afterward and decided that they want to win PoV this week. They then would save Amanda/Alex and nominate either Adam/Sheila or Allison/Ryan. They then plan to make a deal with Alex/Amanda and Joshuah/Sharon to vote out Matt/Natalie. This would cause Alex/Amanda to "owe" Chelsia/James next week, so they would be safe next week as well.

Chelsia/James finally went to sleep at around 2:30 AM, and all HG are still asleep as I post this. The PoV competition looks to be later today, and many strategies are forming about this week. Who knows how the PoV could switch things up though!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

2/21 Live Feeds: Nominations

After being blocked for nearly two hours, the feeds have returned, and it seems that Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie have been nominated for eviction. I'll let you know if anything changes!

2/21 Live Feeds: 3:00-5:00 PM

Apparently, the food competition involved playing basketball with various types of fish. It looks like Adam/Sheila, Alex/Amanda, and Matt/Natalie are on slop this week. Chelsia thinks that she and James will be nominated next week. Joshuah wants to backdoor Matt/Natalie this week. Chelsia said that Amanda/Alex would definitely be nominated today. James told Matt that he would probably be nominated alongside Alex/Amanda but he isn't the target. Matt is still worried about being the pawn this week.

James suggested not agreeing with Chelsia so they would be nominated. Allison/Ryan would then win HoH since they placed second in the HoH competition. James wants them to take the heat for nominating Alex/Amanda. Chelsia isn't so sure. They cuddled prior to the nominations ceremony. The feeds have been blocked since 4:45 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

2/21 Live Feeds 12:00AM - 3:00PM

After an alcohol filled night what does today have in store for the houseguests? Chelsia woke up at 4:30 and didn’t know where James was. She went downstairs to find him passed out in the Sauna Room. She tried to wake him but he wouldn’t budge.

BB woke the houseguests up at about 9am and told them to get ready for a competition. It was assumed to be a food competition. Everyone did the usual morning stuff …….make up, showers, eating etc……a rather boring morning if you ask me.

James finally woke up and went upstairs and talked with Chelsia about nominations. James wonders if they should make an alliance with someone that wouldn’t be on the block with them should they be nominated. Chelsia said that would be Matt/Natalie or Amanda/Alex and she doesn’t want to align with either pair. James is afraid he may have said something last night while he was drunk that he shouldn’t have said. Josh comes upstairs to join in on the conversation. He tries to push for a Sheila/Adam nomination but James/Chelsia don’t seem convinced. It seems as if it will be Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie nominated.

Nominations have yet to occur but feeds were blocked for quite awhile during which houseguests participated in a food competition. When feeds returned it seemed as if Sheila/Adam and Amanda/Alex were nominated. It is not know what the competition was except for the fact that it was extremely physical and Sheila did terrible.

That’s about it for now. I will post when nominations are known! But as of now it looks to be an Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie nomination!

2/20-21 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-12:00 AM

Alex is sure that he and Amanda will be nominated this week, while Amanda thinks they might not be nominated until after the PoV is used and is trying to be as optimistic as possible. Allison told the truth that she and Sheila are not really lesbians. Everyone seemed confused as to why they would lie about that. Joshuah says that Amanda will continue to be nominated until she is evicted. He hopes to win HoH next week.

Chelsia/James received their HoH bedroom. Chelsis got a bunch of candy along with her favorite wine and liquor. James got pictures of his mother, Bloody Mary mix, and other liquor. Natalie promised Chelsia/James that she and Matt would not nominate them next week if they did the same to her this week. Sheila got upset with Adam because she heard that he was telling the HG that she made the decision to vote Jen/Parker out and not him. She proclaimed around the house how much she hates Adam now and how he is ruining the game for her.

James is thinking about nominating Adam/Sheila as a pawn to get Alex/Amanda out this week. He says that he trusts Chelsia completely but doesn't want to take their relationship belong the "cuddling" stage. He confirmed that nominations are later today. Well, so much for not going beyond cuddling! Chelsia/James later made out in the HoH bedroom. The two got drunk pretty early in the night, so Chelsia was nearly out by 10:00 PM. James left to tell everyone about making out wit Chelsia.

Adam and Ryan discovered the "lesbian lie" but seemed to be okay with it. Ryan thinks that Allison just wanted some attention. James thinks that the other couples should play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes up alongside Alex/Amanda. Natalie gave James a massage and he seemed to then pass out on the table. It took the HG nearly an hour to get him off the massage table, and BB even had to step in. Finally, they moved him to the couch in the sauna room. Amanda and Sharon agree that Allison and Sheila need to be split up this week. Sharon thinks that she could convince Chelsia/James to get Allison/Ryan out this week.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2/20 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Joshuah says that Amanda's big problem is because she gossips more than anyone else in the house. Chelsia agrees. Natalie thinks that Amanda is just looking for attention and says that Amanda's gossiping tends to get Natalie in trouble too. Chelsia was upset that Amanda thinks that she wants Alex/Amanda evicted. She confronted Amanda about it, and Amanda of course denied it. Joshuah decided to chime in, claiming that everyone in the house hates Amanda. He says that he really enjoyed venting on Amanda and thinks he turned the whole house against her. Joshuah made a comment about Amanda hanging herself just like her father, which set Amanda off. Alex and Sharon thought it was completely out of line. Allison comforted Amanda and thinks that Joshuah did everything he could to hurt Amanda. Parker felt bad and wanted to care for her.

Jen feels that the odds are against her this week and is willing to do anything to stay. She told Sheila that Ryan is racist in an effort to win her vote. She claims that Ryan gets upset when Jen talks about her old boyfriend who was black. Sheila told Ryan about this. Ryan got upset with Jen and broke the news that she would be evicted this week. He made sure to tell Parker that he wasn't a racist. Jen claimed that she never told Sheila that Ryan was racist when she clearly did. Sheila wasn't going to have any word of it though. Allison thinks that Jen thrives off her lies. Ryan thinks that Jen wants to win the game so bad that she is ruining their relationship for it. Jen continued to deny her comments about Ryan's race issues. Time for questions with Julie! Sheila claims that she and Adam are a "match made in heaven" now. Adam likes Sheila as well. Jen told Ryan that she doesn't have any regrets in the game and got nominated for him. Ryan says that he will be thinking about her until they are reunited after the game. Only three HG think that nobody else knows another HG. What have the couples been saying in the DR? Matt/Natalie have been allies with Jen/Parker since the beginning of the game. Chelsia/James want to keep Allison/Ryan around to use them and think that Jen/Parker are bad roommates.

Time to talk with Alex/Amanda! Amanda forgives the people who attacked her the other night. Alex says that he draws strength from his deceased father daily. Amanda doesn't regret sharing her father's suicide and admits that it has strengthened her. Alex says that he and Amanda have to work as a team in order to succeed in the game. Amanda has a lot of faith in Alex and agrees that they are a strong couple. Back to the DR! Joshuah/Sharon don't trust Jen/Parker because they are so cocky. Adam/Sheila think that they are positive and negative aspects with keeping Allison/Ryan.

Ryan is thankful for the BB opportunity. Allison thanked the HG for getting to know her and hopes to spend more time with them in the future. Jen apologized for putting the HG in a tough situation regarding she and Ryan. Parker thanked the HG for not judging him. The votes are in! By a vote of 3-1, Jen/Parker have been evicted from the BB house. Time to talk with Julie! Jen thinks that her biggest mistake in the game was having Ryan tell Allison about their secret. Parker doesn't regret telling everyone about the secret because they couldn't trust Allison. Time for the goodbye messages! Allison says that Jen played the game too risky. Ryan says that he will continue to be thinking about Jen as the game continues. Julie perked the two up by announcing that they still get $5,000 each from the first competition.

Time for the HoH competition! Alex/Amanda cannot compete for HoH this week. The competition is called "BB Democracy." Couples had to answer questions based on what the majority of couples thought. Each questions involved a reward or consequence that the house had to follow according to the majority. Consequences/Rewards: No hot water for the next 72 hours, women wear bathing suits for the next 24 hours, no drinking cups for this week, a margarita party (without drinking cups), women cook dinner, and no washing machine for the next two weeks. By answering all six questions correctly, Chelsia/James win HoH! They were thrilled, especially to get a private bed. Allison is excited to be able to spend more time with Ryan this week.

Who will Chelsia/James nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday!

2/20 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-5:00 PM

Sheila was the first one up today at around 8:10 AM. BB woke the HG up early about 30 minutes later so that they could clean the house and themselves in preparation for tonight's live show. Jen told Joshuah that she is counting on his vote today. Josh nodded. Parker is upset that Joshuah was campaigning for him to leave the house this week. He continued to rant about how James needs to be evicted soon.

Natalie confronted Matt about ignoring her lately. She thinks that every time she is around him, he ignores her. She also thinks that other HG think that Matt/Natalie are against each other, so they may be a target for nomination next week. She also wants him to stop spending so much time with Allison. Matt apologizes and says that he will be more cooperative with her.

Other than that, the feeds have been blocked for most of the day while BB prepares for tonight's live show. Don't forget about the show tonight at 8:00 PM! It should entail this week's eviction and live HoH competition. Once again, American Idol is on tonight, but I'll have the show recap up around 10:45 PM tonight. I would expect Jen/Parker to be evicted by a probable unanimous vote.

2/19-20 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Joshuah/Sharon agree that if they kept Jen/Parker, the whole house would be after them next week. They agree that Alex/Amanda need to go next week. Allison and Sheila agree not to share their "secret" until one of them wins HoH. Jen now decides that she has a yeast infection, so she decides to show everyone. Natalie complained about Matt not talking to her lately. James says that could hurt her especially if a future competition involves how well you know your partner. She confronts Matt about it, but he doesn't take her seriously.

Amanda still thinks that the vote will be 3-1 for Allison/Ryan to be evicted. Parker hopes the vote is a tie, so he doesn't freak out when he hears that the vote is 3-1. Allison told Alex and Matt that she and Ryan would be the best couple to bring to the finals. Joshuah overheard and doesn't know if he can trust Allison anymore. He suggests nominating her next week to Adam and James.

Adam was the last one asleep tonight at around 2:50 AM. Little happened overall this evening. The HG all wished the nominees good luck at dinner and shared what they enjoyed most about them while they were in the house. It looks clear that Jen/Parker will be evicted this week, perhaps by a unanimous vote. We'll know later today!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/19 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Jen/Parker from eviction? Let's find out!

Amanda says they nominated both Jen and Ryan to ensure that one of them will be evicted this week. Parker thinks that Jen is an idiot for being cocky about the game. Allison feels the same way. Ryan says that his actions need to speak louder than words for him to stay this week. Ryan assured Allison that he is with her but feels bad for Jen this week. Amanda apologized to Jen/Parker for nominating them but said that this was the only way to get Ryan out this week. Parker says that he trusts Amanda more than Jen. Neil left the game due to personal reasons, so Jacob got to choose between Jacob and Sharon to be his new partner. He chose Sharon. Everyone was thrilled when she returned. She was immediately told about Jen and Ryan's relationship. Sharon was pissed that Jen let her and Jacob be evicted when she knew someone herself. Alex/Amanda have been experiencing tension with each other, so Amanda has been spending more time with Parker. She claims that she likes Parker's bad attitude. Alex thinks that Parker is distracting Amanda from their partnership.

Jen and Ryan have been spending more time with each other since their secret is out. They were upset about not having sex in a while, so they decided to do it in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Parker caught them in the act. He was disturbed by it, knowing that she would be in bed with him tonight. Allison and Sheila continued their fake lesbian relationship to keep the target on them. Chelsia told James, and he realized why Sheila hated Adam. James decided to investigate the house for other possible twists. He discovered a four-colored rubix cube in the hamster cage and said that their are four couples in the house that know each other: Allison and Sheila, Jacob and Sharon, Jen and Ryan, and someone else. Alex thinks the fourth couple could be Amanda and Parker. Amanda was extremely upset that Alex thought she knew Parker when she swore on the Bible that she didn't. Of course, Amanda ran and told Parker about it. He confronted Alex about it. Alex says that James brought it up, so Parker then ran to James, who claimed that he said nothing. Amanda figured that Alex started all this just because he was jealous of Parker spending time with Amanda.

Amanda thinks that she is in a love triangle with Alex and Parker. Alex told Amanda that he has feelings with her but is bothered by her dressing like a slut. Amanda claimed that every girl in the house does that. Alex doesn't see anything happening with his and Amanda's relationship. Alex announces that only eight couples will compete in the PoV competition: the HoH, nominees, and a random couple. They chose Matt/Natalie. They also chose to Joshuah to host. Natalie was excited but knew that the pressure was on. Matt doesn't think that Parker will be evicted this week but says that he will use the PoV on him should he win it. Matt says that he said that just to shut him up and doesn't really want to use it. Time for the PoV competition! One member of a couple had to spin vertically on a heart-shaped wheel while the other member spun the heart. Whichever couple reached 300 revolutions first would win. In addition, the person spinning had to hold onto a button. If they let go, they were eliminated. Allison/Ryan were eliminated first by Allison letting go of the button. Amanda let go on purpose to avoid being an even bigger target. Matt/Natalie reached 300 revolutions first, so they win the PoV! Jen was pretty upset. Parker feels confident that he will be saved with the PoV. Matt isn't so sure.

Matt again told Parker that he would save him with the PoV as long as Natalie was fine with it. Parker still believed him. Alex told Amanda that he doesn't want to be physical with her anymore since she doesn't like him in return. Amanda got mad and complained to Chelsia about him. Parker got mad that Alex was hating on him and probably wants him evicted now. He says that Matt needs to save him with the PoV now.

Natalie wants to do what is best for her and Matt regarding the PoV. Matt wants to save Parker but doesn't want to save Jen. Ryan knows that he will be evicted if Jen/Parker are saved with the PoV. Matt announces that if he and Natalie cannot agree on the PoV decision, then it will not be used. They decided not to use the PoV and leave the nominations as is. Matt hopes that Parker isn't mad at him now. Parker claims that he doesn't care about it. Jen says that she will be okay with Ryan leaving this week. Ryan says that he wants to stay this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

2/19 Live Feeds: 2:00-6:00 PM

Allison thinks that Sheila has been playing the game too much. She thinks that Sheila was acting when she was crying and that Jen totally bought into it. Sheila told Allison/Ryan that she was crying because Adam wasn't agreeing with her on the vote this week. Matt agrees that Parker needs to stay this week. He says that Parker needs James/Chelsia's vote to stay. He does not want to win HoH next week though. Matt and Parker do not believe Sheila's crying. Parker says that he wants James out really bad because he knows that James would target him.

Alex/Amanda received their computer to do their HoH blog and their camera to take pictures. Sheila assured Joshuah that she was acting earlier because she doesn't want Ryan to tell Jen that she is going to be evicted this week. Joshuah/Sharon want Matt/Natalie to win HoH next week so that they stick to their word about nominating Alex/Amanda. Joshuah says that he will fight with Amanda prior to the PoV competition so that she will be too rattled to compete. They want to keep Allison/Ryan until the end because they (J/S) could beat them (A/R) in the finals.

Allison thinks that she has Matt wrapped around her finger. Sheila continued to act like Adam is the one making the decision about the vote this week to Ryan. Amanda suggested an alliance between her/Alex and Joshuah/Sharon. Joshuah says that he isn't sure about it. He did apologize to Amanda about his comments a few nights ago. Amanda says that she doesn't trust Jen/Parker anymore and wants them out this week. Joshuah relayed the conversation to Natalie. She was surprised that Amanda wanted to align with him.

Don't forget about tonight's show, which starts shortly here on the east coast. Since American Idol is on at the same time, I will be recording tonight's BB episode. Therefore, expect the show recap around 11:00 PM instead of immediately following the show. It should entail Neil quitting, Sharon returning, Matt/Natalie winning the PoV, and the PoV ceremony.

2/19 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-2:00 PM

Adam was the last one asleep at around 4:10 AM this morning. BB woke the HG up today around five hours later. Over the last few days, Parker "went on strike" from the DR, but today he says that he has ended that strike. @@ Parker says he will be more cheerful today. Sheila was glad. Sharon said that Joshuah was yelling in his sleep. Joshuah claims that he had a bad dream where he was in a house with 13 people that he cannot stand. Get it?

Jen complained some more about her rash, saying that BB still has done nothing about it. Parker told Sharon that he and Jen are no longer aligned with Alex/Amanda. Sharon says that she still doesn't know how she and Joshuah are voting this week and needs to talk to him more. Joshuah told Allison that the vote will be 3-1 for Jen/Parker to be evicted. Amanda thinks that Adam/Sheila will vote to evict Allison/Ryan, but Parker isn't so sure. He repeats that if he stays, he will target Chelsia/James next week.

Jen was sick for most of the morning, and some of the HG joked that she had morning sickness from being pregnant. Ryan freaked out, saying that she had her period and is on birth control and can't be pregnant. Sheila says that you can still get pregnant though. Parker says that today is his mother's birthday. Natalie and Sharon think that Adam/Sheila need to be nominated since Sheila has gotten cocky about the game ever since she realized Allison was staying this week.

Parker confronted Allison about talking trash about Jen. Allison says that Jen has been talking trash about her regarding her body and the way she dresses. Sheila then yelled at Parker for attacking Allison. Parker gets mad at Sheila for not voting to keep him this week. Sheila claims that she has not made up her mind yet and that she still has to agree with Adam.

It seems that the HG voted today since BB was calling couples into the DR. Matt licked Allison's neck. Sheila faked-cried following her vote to make it seem like she had to vote Allison out. Allison told Sheila that she completely fell for it. She seemed pretty mad about it because she thinks others may believe that Sheila was faking it. Joshuah is worried that Sheila wasn't faking it and that the vote may be tied this week. Chelsia claimed that she and James did not vote when they were called into the DR, so nobody has voted yet.

Sheila continued to be emotional throughout the afternoon. She told Jen that she is doing the right thing by voting out Allison/Ryan this week, which is why she is crying because she likes Allison so much. Meanwhile, Allison worked for Matt/Natalie's vote, but Matt doesn't think that she needs his vote since she has the other three couples. Allison is nervous because she isn't sure if she has Adam/Sheila's vote or not.

Neil Speaks!

Neil Speaks! Neil left a message on his myspace about his current situation. He does not go into much detail but says his family was having issues. Scroll down to read or click the link to see his Myspace. Why you're at it you can add BBtalk as a friend. Our myspace is

Thank you so much for the outpouring care, support, and concern from all the BIG BROTHER fans. This has been a difficult time for my family, which I am dealing with privately. The drama is slowly being resolved, and all is headed to a brighter place. I am now happy to say, that I am spending time with close friends and family.

I wish Joshuah the best of luck and hope that he keeps up our brilliant strategy to win the big prize with my replacement, Sharon. Please know that I will NOT be back to the BIG BROTHER house and contrary to some web speculation, I was not let go for health reasons. Eeek! Again, thanks to each and every one of you for your support during all of this Big Brother business.
All my Love,
Neil Garcia, BIG BROTHER 9
P.S. -Shit Happens- >: O

2/18-19 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

Joshuah thinks it's funny how Amanda doesn't understand why Josh blew up on her last night. Sheila says that if Jen/Parker aren't evicted, then she will target Alex/Amanda and blow up at everyone for lying to her. Adam says that his strategy of not being the "hottest" guy or the loudest is working, and Sheila complimented him on it. She thinks that it's also good that they don't always see eye to eye so people think they aren't totally together.

Amanda says that she is going to let Alex make all the decisions for their team now. Joshuah and Natalie think that the vote will be unanimous for Jen/Parker to be evicted. They agree that Alex/Amanda need to go next week, then Allison/Ryan the following week. Allison knows that she is not going to win since everyone hates Jen and Ryan, so she is trying to push the people that she likes to the end, like Joshuah and Sheila. Parker told Natalie that she and Matt deserve to win the game and will root for them if he is evicted this week.

Sharon says that Jen threatened Adam about keeping her in this week. She thinks it's funny how Jen came into the house thinking she was going to win, and now she is being voted out. Joshuah told Sharon about Allison and Sheila being "lesbians." Sharon was floored and wasn't expecting it. Jen thinks that she and Parker will be voted out because of Parker's bad attitude lately. The two think the vote will be tied, so they want to bring another couple over to their side to ensure their safety. Jen feels bad for Amanda since nobody deserves that kind of attack. Parker hopes that they stay this week so they can nominate Chelsia/James next week.

The HG were much more upbeat than last night. They spent the night playing around with each other and even held a mock talk show. I'll have more later!

Monday, February 18, 2008

2/18 Live Feeds: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM

Joshuah was the first one up today at around 10:00 AM. He called Jen a whore to Sheila and hopes that Ryan breaks up with her after the show. He thinks that Amanda will be in the HoH bedroom all day but is glad since he doesn't want to see her. Sheila doesn't know who is more hateful between Amanda and Jen. She doesn't understand how Jen/Parker can be close to Amanda if they made no attempt to defend her last night. Alex expects Joshuah to nominate him once he wins HoH. Joshuah says that Chelsia/James want Amanda out. Alex knew that being HoH this week would make himself an immediate target. Joshuah claims that he rarely blows up like he did last night.

Joshuah prayed in the backyard, asking God to help Amanda because she clearly has some issues with her. Sheila told Joshuah that he needs to win HoH soon. They both feel sorry for Alex for being paired with Amanda. They also both miss Neil. Sheila did tell Joshuah that he called Amanda a c**t too many times last night. Parker complained once again about being paired with Jen since he knows he will probably be evicted this week.

Amanda finally rolled out of bed shortly before 2:00 PM. She and Allison trashed Jen for not comforting Amanda last night when Jen is supposed to be Amanda's friend. They also commented on her calling Ryan a racist on national TV. Amanda said that she was watching the spy cam, and Joshuah flipped off Amanda's Memory Wall picture every time he passed it. Allison says that she is closest to Joshuah in the house, so she will talk to him about it. Allison says that Jen plans on staying this week and target Amanda next week. Amanda forgave Joshuah for the things he said last night, saying that she knows it was in the heat of the moment. Joshuah thanked her. Amanda told Natalie that she never called her a whore, and Natalie says that she knows that. Amanda says that the only people she is close to now are Alex and Natalie.

BB woke the rest of the HG up at around 3:20 PM. Jen apparently has a pretty bad rash. Natalie told Joshuah and Sharon about her conversation with Amanda and doesn't believe that she didn't call her a whore. Honestly, who cares anymore? BB gave the HG a scale, so they spent time weighing themselves. Everyone looked pretty somber, claiming that they have all gained weight since entering the house. Allison and Sheila are still playing it off like they know each other in real life, which I have no idea why. Only Chelsia and Joshuah seem to know, so Allison and Sheila made it clear that their "secret" cannot come out. They also said that they do not share finances, even though they live together. (Again, this is all false. I'm still confused as to why they are claiming they know each other.)

Jen now thinks that she will be evicted this week, so she is now going to sleep with Ryan instead of Parker. Allison told Chelsia that Parker threatened to kill Adam if he didn't vote for him this week. (I'm sure that is false.) Chelsia is shocked that Parker is threatening people to vote for him now. Parker has been saying all day that everyone against him better hope that he doesn't come back because they will pay. @@ Natalie thinks that BB will split the couples up when they get down to the final four. Amanda told Adam that Alex will be upset if he and Amanda are nominated next week. Amanda says that Chelsia and Joshuah were the only ones that said anything bad about her last night, so she is only mad at them.

Chelsia/James don't believe that Allison and Sheila are really a couple since they have both talked badly about each other behind each other's backs. They also think that Adam could be America's Player or something to the extent of that because he is so different from everyone else.