Saturday, February 23, 2008

2/23 Live Feeds: 12:00-6:00 PM

Chelsia's father's birthday is tomorrow. Sheila claims that she will quit the game if Adam is "abusive" towards her again. Joshuah thinks that Sheila is crazy and doesn't trust her. Amanda wants Joshuah/Sharon to use the PoV so Sheila can be nominated. The hot water has returned! Sharon doesn't understand how Sheila can turn on Allison so quickly when they were best friends for two weeks. Allison told Natalie that she plans on voting to keep her this week because Amanda starts the most drama in the house. She made a pact with Natalie until the final three.

Joshuah doesn't want to use the PoV because he is worried that both Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie would end up staying this week. Adam wants Allison/Ryan to win HoH next week. Allison says that Adam and Ryan are her two favorite males in the house. Joshuah/Sharon now think that the PoV ceremony will be tomorrow. Allison says that if she wins HoH next week, she will nominate Adam/Sheila and Alex/Amanda. Allison claims that Sheila is clueless about the BB game. Chelsia thinks that Sheila is nearing her breaking point.

Joshuah told Amanda that he would not be using the PoV but will get the votes for her to stay this week. However, if she tells anyone about this, he will make sure she is evicted. He also got her to promise not to nominate him if she wins HoH next week. Natalie thinks that she has Adam/Sheila's vote this week. Amanda didn't think that she would want to make the jury at first, but now she is fine with it. Allison told Sharon that she (Allison) is the best person to take to the finals because nobody would vote for her.

Adam told Sheila that he wants Alex/Amanda out this week. They agree that they should try for HoH next week because they will be nominated if they don't win. They start bickering about Sheila being rude to everyone. Sheila blames it on lack of sleep. They agree that they need to start getting along so they can work together well during competitions.


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