Friday, February 22, 2008

2/22 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for about 100 minutes, the feeds have returned, and Joshuah/Sharon have won the PoV! I'll let you know if anything changes.


bb5tonya said...

big brother is my all time favorite show i started watching it at #5 and havent stopped since but there will never be a greater season then 5 thru 8 those were awsome kaser james howie janielle dr will chicken george mike boogie those were the greatest and most memorable players of all time ohh i forgot eric and jessica i loved them to are they still together how about james and (i cant remember her name) this show this season is not so great the couple thing makes it hard the couples well lets say this..... you like one and not the other it isnt fair

Anonymous said...

Oh stop, Dick N Daniele were the best !!!

Anonymous said...

I would to see Dick/Daniele go up against Will/Janelle. I really miss hurricane howie and his peperoni pizza dog, and his jedi training sessions. Mike was nothing but the cheap generic version on Will, so I could care less if I ever saw him again. Maybe he could join the Nerd Herd and take Yvettes place. Its been hard to pick a favorite this season, the whole couple thing gets confusing at times, but I wont give up on the show.