Thursday, February 21, 2008

2/20-21 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-12:00 AM

Alex is sure that he and Amanda will be nominated this week, while Amanda thinks they might not be nominated until after the PoV is used and is trying to be as optimistic as possible. Allison told the truth that she and Sheila are not really lesbians. Everyone seemed confused as to why they would lie about that. Joshuah says that Amanda will continue to be nominated until she is evicted. He hopes to win HoH next week.

Chelsia/James received their HoH bedroom. Chelsis got a bunch of candy along with her favorite wine and liquor. James got pictures of his mother, Bloody Mary mix, and other liquor. Natalie promised Chelsia/James that she and Matt would not nominate them next week if they did the same to her this week. Sheila got upset with Adam because she heard that he was telling the HG that she made the decision to vote Jen/Parker out and not him. She proclaimed around the house how much she hates Adam now and how he is ruining the game for her.

James is thinking about nominating Adam/Sheila as a pawn to get Alex/Amanda out this week. He says that he trusts Chelsia completely but doesn't want to take their relationship belong the "cuddling" stage. He confirmed that nominations are later today. Well, so much for not going beyond cuddling! Chelsia/James later made out in the HoH bedroom. The two got drunk pretty early in the night, so Chelsia was nearly out by 10:00 PM. James left to tell everyone about making out wit Chelsia.

Adam and Ryan discovered the "lesbian lie" but seemed to be okay with it. Ryan thinks that Allison just wanted some attention. James thinks that the other couples should play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes up alongside Alex/Amanda. Natalie gave James a massage and he seemed to then pass out on the table. It took the HG nearly an hour to get him off the massage table, and BB even had to step in. Finally, they moved him to the couch in the sauna room. Amanda and Sharon agree that Allison and Sheila need to be split up this week. Sharon thinks that she could convince Chelsia/James to get Allison/Ryan out this week.


Anonymous said...

I was watching After Dark last night and is just me or does Adam make some crazy looking faces.

Anonymous said...

You are right......Adam's eyes
look wild sometimes, but I sort
of like him. I am just getting
to "know" some of these people.
They really are a weird bunch. I
always thought BB was a sort of
"psychological" game....but this
new bunch are like a lot of silly
kids ! I hope the next BB will have a mix of 20-30-40 year olds.
There's just no real mix for this
season !

Anonymous said...

Adam has some messed up facial expressions!! Buggy eyes...

I love this site!

They'll go back to the previous format this summer, but I hope they have the mix of people! I hate it when they all look the same! Blonde & Boobs!

Sheila sure looks rough, though.

Anonymous said...

I agree adams eyes are freaky sometimes but he seems like he got a bum deal with Shelia as far as I can see she like Allison and is really sort of a coniving bitch to EVERYONE else, you think she would be kinda nice to adam but she isnt unless he does exactly what she wants. I think she is the most immature of everyone on here this season and that is saying Alot!!

Anonymous said...

I think the "kindest" person on
the BB show is Ryan.....especially
since that wacko Jen is gone. I
hope he and Allison win. She was
just having some silly fun saying
that she was a lesbian. But, as
far as normalcy goes...they seem
like 2 normal people. Time will
tell !