Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/19 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Jen/Parker from eviction? Let's find out!

Amanda says they nominated both Jen and Ryan to ensure that one of them will be evicted this week. Parker thinks that Jen is an idiot for being cocky about the game. Allison feels the same way. Ryan says that his actions need to speak louder than words for him to stay this week. Ryan assured Allison that he is with her but feels bad for Jen this week. Amanda apologized to Jen/Parker for nominating them but said that this was the only way to get Ryan out this week. Parker says that he trusts Amanda more than Jen. Neil left the game due to personal reasons, so Jacob got to choose between Jacob and Sharon to be his new partner. He chose Sharon. Everyone was thrilled when she returned. She was immediately told about Jen and Ryan's relationship. Sharon was pissed that Jen let her and Jacob be evicted when she knew someone herself. Alex/Amanda have been experiencing tension with each other, so Amanda has been spending more time with Parker. She claims that she likes Parker's bad attitude. Alex thinks that Parker is distracting Amanda from their partnership.

Jen and Ryan have been spending more time with each other since their secret is out. They were upset about not having sex in a while, so they decided to do it in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Parker caught them in the act. He was disturbed by it, knowing that she would be in bed with him tonight. Allison and Sheila continued their fake lesbian relationship to keep the target on them. Chelsia told James, and he realized why Sheila hated Adam. James decided to investigate the house for other possible twists. He discovered a four-colored rubix cube in the hamster cage and said that their are four couples in the house that know each other: Allison and Sheila, Jacob and Sharon, Jen and Ryan, and someone else. Alex thinks the fourth couple could be Amanda and Parker. Amanda was extremely upset that Alex thought she knew Parker when she swore on the Bible that she didn't. Of course, Amanda ran and told Parker about it. He confronted Alex about it. Alex says that James brought it up, so Parker then ran to James, who claimed that he said nothing. Amanda figured that Alex started all this just because he was jealous of Parker spending time with Amanda.

Amanda thinks that she is in a love triangle with Alex and Parker. Alex told Amanda that he has feelings with her but is bothered by her dressing like a slut. Amanda claimed that every girl in the house does that. Alex doesn't see anything happening with his and Amanda's relationship. Alex announces that only eight couples will compete in the PoV competition: the HoH, nominees, and a random couple. They chose Matt/Natalie. They also chose to Joshuah to host. Natalie was excited but knew that the pressure was on. Matt doesn't think that Parker will be evicted this week but says that he will use the PoV on him should he win it. Matt says that he said that just to shut him up and doesn't really want to use it. Time for the PoV competition! One member of a couple had to spin vertically on a heart-shaped wheel while the other member spun the heart. Whichever couple reached 300 revolutions first would win. In addition, the person spinning had to hold onto a button. If they let go, they were eliminated. Allison/Ryan were eliminated first by Allison letting go of the button. Amanda let go on purpose to avoid being an even bigger target. Matt/Natalie reached 300 revolutions first, so they win the PoV! Jen was pretty upset. Parker feels confident that he will be saved with the PoV. Matt isn't so sure.

Matt again told Parker that he would save him with the PoV as long as Natalie was fine with it. Parker still believed him. Alex told Amanda that he doesn't want to be physical with her anymore since she doesn't like him in return. Amanda got mad and complained to Chelsia about him. Parker got mad that Alex was hating on him and probably wants him evicted now. He says that Matt needs to save him with the PoV now.

Natalie wants to do what is best for her and Matt regarding the PoV. Matt wants to save Parker but doesn't want to save Jen. Ryan knows that he will be evicted if Jen/Parker are saved with the PoV. Matt announces that if he and Natalie cannot agree on the PoV decision, then it will not be used. They decided not to use the PoV and leave the nominations as is. Matt hopes that Parker isn't mad at him now. Parker claims that he doesn't care about it. Jen says that she will be okay with Ryan leaving this week. Ryan says that he wants to stay this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

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