Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/16-17 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-8:00 AM

Allison thinks that she may have figured out some sort of puzzle because there was a picture in the house of a man in a boat on the first day, but now the picture shows only the boat. She thinks that the quotes in the bedrooms deal with the people sleeping in them. Allison says that if the nominations stay, then Jen/Parker will be evicted this week. Natalie feels bad for Allison since she knows that she will be evicted this week. Or does she?

Joshuah and Sharon are thrilled for this week's eviction since it will be a total blindside to Jen/Parker. Sharon thinks Amanda might go off at the eviction so she suggests telling her beforehand. Joshuah wants Chelsia/James to win HoH next week so they can take the heat for them (Joshuah/Sharon). Jen/Parker are worried because Matt wants to use the PoV on them but Natalie does not.

Amanda is almost sure that she has the votes to evict Allison/Ryan this week. She apologized to Alex for throwing the PoV competition but didn't want to become a bigger target. She says that she is starting to get annoyed with Parker but still wants to keep him because Allison hates her more. Amanda is shocked that she and Alex are the only ones in the house that have not done drugs. Alex says that they are in a house with a bunch of crackheads. Amanda cannot believe that Allison smokes pot. (They discussed this at dinner tonight.) Amanda says that Josh had gonorrhea and gave it to eight other people. She goes on to say that he has slept with over 200 people.

Allison was annoyed by the dinner conversation tonight and doesn't know if she can deal with the people in the house much longer. Sheila agrees and that the house is turning into high school all over again. I agree! Natalie said that she had an abortion when she was 19. BB gave the HG alcohol, and it didn't take long for them to have some fun. Natalie offered to teach the HG some stripper moves. Joshuah joined her. They then started to tell some "Yo Mama" jokes.

Adam and James agree that Matt would be dumb to use the PoV this week. Amanda dared Matt to kiss her, so he did, pretty roughly in fact. Everyone seemed confused at the scenario. Alex told Sheila that he wants to like Amanda, but she doesn't like him as much as he likes her. He hopes that he doesn't have to cast a tie-breaker vote because he likes Allison, unlike Amanda. Some of the HG decided to get naked in the hot tub: Amanda, Chelsia, James, and Natalie. Parker said that all of the girls in the house are ugly except for Amanda and Jen.

Jen is upset that the whole house knows about her and Ryan having sex. Allison is upset that Parker doesn't think she is attractive. Sheila was upset too. Allison started asking all the guys in the house if she is. Joshuah told Allison and Sheila that they were both beautiful, but Allison was still mad because Joshuah is gay. Adam said that since Parker is acting like an ass, maybe they should vote him out. (Adam still thinks they are voting out Allison/Ryan.) Allison told some of the HouseGuests that she makes over $100,000 a year.

Many of the HouseGuests cuddled tonight: Alex and Natalie, Allison and Matt, Amanda and Parker, Chelsia and James, and Jen and Ryan. (Notice that most of the couples have strayed from their original partners.) Jen stuck her hand down Ryan's pants and claimed that he had sweaty balls. Amanda walked in on Alex and Natalie cuddling and stormed out of the room. This prompted another night of fighting between the once lovebirds. Parker is nervous that he will be evicted because of their bickering. Amanda assures him that he is safe.

Natalie gave Matt yet another blow job. Following the event, Matt bragged to Alex and Parker, saying that he has gotten so much action without even kissing her. He went into great detail about it, but I won't mention that here. Alex told Matt that Natalie is upset that they never talk, so he should go talk to her. Parker is dying from not having sex in a while. Matt says that Natalie wants to win HoH so they can go "all the way," but Matt says that he won't do that with her. He claims he isn't as "easy" as she is. The guys want to get Allison out because she doesn't need the money.

What a night! Matt and Parker were the last ones in bed at just before 4:30 AM. Thankfully, the feeds increased in excitement as the night went on. However, that means that any sign on life won't be likely until late the afternoon since BB lets the HG sleep in on Sundays. Joy.


Anonymous said...

I am very disgusted with the houseguests for various reasons. I don't understand why people would act so distasteful on national T.V. It's not cute, it's embarrassing. They show no dignity for themselves or integrity. The houseguests also seem like amateurs. The houseguests in BB8 had more skill and strategy. These guys are idiots. Why the hell would Ryan tell Allison (girl=emotional/jealous) that he had a girlfriend in the house. Parker (guy=player/whore) didn't care that Jen had a bf because he could move on to the next girl. He only cared that Jen had a bf for game purposes. Jen and Ryan should have kept the secret and persuaded their teammate and other houseguests not to vote the other out in the most strategic way. Dummies

Anonymous said...

So, if I am keeping track correctly. Matt has hooked up with three of the girls in 5 days! This season is crazy and seems disjointed already. Is anyone else as confused I am by the couples thing?