Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/19 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-2:00 PM

Adam was the last one asleep at around 4:10 AM this morning. BB woke the HG up today around five hours later. Over the last few days, Parker "went on strike" from the DR, but today he says that he has ended that strike. @@ Parker says he will be more cheerful today. Sheila was glad. Sharon said that Joshuah was yelling in his sleep. Joshuah claims that he had a bad dream where he was in a house with 13 people that he cannot stand. Get it?

Jen complained some more about her rash, saying that BB still has done nothing about it. Parker told Sharon that he and Jen are no longer aligned with Alex/Amanda. Sharon says that she still doesn't know how she and Joshuah are voting this week and needs to talk to him more. Joshuah told Allison that the vote will be 3-1 for Jen/Parker to be evicted. Amanda thinks that Adam/Sheila will vote to evict Allison/Ryan, but Parker isn't so sure. He repeats that if he stays, he will target Chelsia/James next week.

Jen was sick for most of the morning, and some of the HG joked that she had morning sickness from being pregnant. Ryan freaked out, saying that she had her period and is on birth control and can't be pregnant. Sheila says that you can still get pregnant though. Parker says that today is his mother's birthday. Natalie and Sharon think that Adam/Sheila need to be nominated since Sheila has gotten cocky about the game ever since she realized Allison was staying this week.

Parker confronted Allison about talking trash about Jen. Allison says that Jen has been talking trash about her regarding her body and the way she dresses. Sheila then yelled at Parker for attacking Allison. Parker gets mad at Sheila for not voting to keep him this week. Sheila claims that she has not made up her mind yet and that she still has to agree with Adam.

It seems that the HG voted today since BB was calling couples into the DR. Matt licked Allison's neck. Sheila faked-cried following her vote to make it seem like she had to vote Allison out. Allison told Sheila that she completely fell for it. She seemed pretty mad about it because she thinks others may believe that Sheila was faking it. Joshuah is worried that Sheila wasn't faking it and that the vote may be tied this week. Chelsia claimed that she and James did not vote when they were called into the DR, so nobody has voted yet.

Sheila continued to be emotional throughout the afternoon. She told Jen that she is doing the right thing by voting out Allison/Ryan this week, which is why she is crying because she likes Allison so much. Meanwhile, Allison worked for Matt/Natalie's vote, but Matt doesn't think that she needs his vote since she has the other three couples. Allison is nervous because she isn't sure if she has Adam/Sheila's vote or not.


Anonymous said...

Did you realize that your pics are not matched up right! The two gay guys are not together. And the blonde girl is out of the house with her ex.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 9:18, wake up! Didn't you see where Neil left and Sharon is teamed up with Josh?!
Please stop wasting space.