Monday, February 18, 2008

2/17-18 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-9:00 AM

Matt told Natalie that he is flirting with Allison to bring her on his side since she will not be evicted this week. Both Alex and Matt now suspect that Jen/Parker will be evicted this week. James thinks that Jen/Parker should go this week so Amanda can focus more on her partner than Parker. Alex agrees. Natalie is upset because Amanda is spreading a rumor that James will nominate Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie if he wins HoH next week. She wants Amanda out now since she is trying to make Matt/Natalie a target. Chelsia also gets upset when she hears about this.

Time for our first big fight of the season! Chelsia confronts Amanda about the rumor, but of course Amanda denies saying anything. Joshuah then gets into it, saying that everyone in the house hates Amanda, including her own partner. He said that everyone thinks she is a slut because of the way she acts and dresses. Alex then started yelling at Amanda, while she continued to deny saying anything wrong to anyone. Alex says that she just needs to keep her mouth shut, and nothing like this will happen. Joshuah sarcastically said that they should give Amanda a halo since she didn't do anything wrong, and Chelsia said that they should give her a noose instead. Joshuah returned with a "just like her dad" remark. Amanda immediately left the situation crying.

Amanda says that she doesn't mean to look like a slut. Chelsia says that when she barely dresses, it makes it obvious. Allison was pretty upset about the whole fight, especially how Joshuah acted. Earlier, Jen made a comment about how "the tables will turn next week," which ticked off Allison. She hates how Jen makes comments about her plans next week when she might not even still be in the house.

Alex called a house meeting to talk about recent events in the house. Amanda was in the DR, so she was not present. Natalie confirmed that the situation where she was in bed with Alex and Amanda walked in on them was set up by Amanda. Alex is sick of Amanda's actions of trying to make him look bad. Everyone agrees with Alex. Parker says that he likes Amanda but is staying away from her because of the way she acts.

Amanda finally exited the DR and said good night to everyone. Joshuah replied with a "F*** you." @@ BB gave her a picture of her father, and Amanda told everyone who didn't attack her that they could see it tomorrow. Allison and Jen joined her in the HoH bedroom, and Amanda was back to her old tricks. She told them how Joshuah has gonorrhea and has slept with over 200 guys. She told Jen/Parker that Alex said that they would be in for a surprise on Wednesday. Amanda is still upset about everything said tonight and wants to quit the game but claims BB won't let her.

Apparently, Jen had made fun of Allison in the DR, then told people about it. Of course, word got around to Allison, so she confronted Jen about it. She hates how Jen acts like she is a good person when she makes fun of people in the DR. Then she goes off on Ryan, saying that he is shady for not telling her about what Jen said when she is his partner, not Jen. Matt/Natalie want to make a new alliance with Adam/Sheila and Allison/Ryan after this week.

Alex/Amanda made some new rules for Amanda: Don't bring up her father anymore, Don't talk about others behind their backs anymore, Try to make up with Joshuah, Don't hide from anyone anymore. Alex told Jen/Parker that they will try to ensure their votes for them to stay tomorrow. Alex thinks that they can bring Joshuah to his side because Alex knows that Joshuah likes him, just not Amanda.

Adam and Matt poured water all over Allison/Ryan's bed as a joke, but of course, it backfired on them. Ryan thought that Jen did it, which pissed Jen off. Jen/Ryan are now fighting. Ryan says that Jen accused him of being racist since he doesn't agree with interracial relationships. Chelsia and Joshuah bragged about all the drama they caused tonight. Joshuah is thrilled about evicting Jen this week and hopefully Amanda next week. Adam and James think it would be wise to throw the HoH competition to Allison next week. They agree that more twists are to come. Adam was the last one asleep at around 6:30 AM.

Another thrilling night! I will be posting the videos of last night's fight in just a bit.


Anonymous said...

The fight last night was epic. Amanda is so fake it makes me sick. I am now rooting for Josh / Sharon to win. It is clear to me that he knows more about the game than anyone.

Anonymous said...

I saw it on Showtime and it was insane!! Amanda is playing the game all wrong..but unfortunetly she is taking Alex with her. But I have to made for AWESOME tv...the fight was epic..I totally agree!

M :)

Anonymous said...

I also saw the epic fight. Josh's comment was harsh about hanging herself like her dad. he shouldn't have said that, but it was in the heat of the moment and he was pretty fired up. It was a great Showtime show.